Historic House Session Begins in Nepalese Capital

Protesters and Prithvi Narayan Shah

Yes, this is real: As their leaders were discussing the future of Nepal inside the Parliament building in Singha Durbar, pro-democracy people ghearoed the country’s administrative center (where parliament house is located) to pressurize parliamentarians to take bold steps for constituent assembly. Activists went up to the statue of Prithvi Narayan Shah, who according to history books, unified Nepal some two hundred fifty years ago. Pic by Shaligram Tiwari

Blogger Tilak Pathak, who was in parliament this afternoon, reports:

Chitra Lekha Yadad read out the written message of Prime Minister Giirja Prasad Koirala. He proposed the parliament to hold an election to constituent assembly stating that his first commitment would be to implement the seven parties’ roadmap and the 12-point understanding. When Yadav read out the following lines, the house erupted in joy: “As per my commitment to go to constituent assembly to resolve the problems facing the country, I have registered a proposal to hold constituent assembly elections at the Parliament today itself.”

The first meeting of reinstated parliament became historic not only because of the circumstances but because of some procedures as well. There was no crown in the Gallery Baithak. The meeting convened at 5: 30 PM. Deputy Speaker Chitra Lekha Yadav chaired the meeting. Members welcomed her by with the thunderous applause. She welcomed all MPs and they raised to mark a two-minute silence to remember the martyr of second edition of the People’s Movement. “This meeting is historic,” she said. “International community were also surprised by the power of Nepal’s Peoples’ Movement.” She also said that people’s power has established the participatory democracy by defeating the power of gun.

– When former Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba entered inside the Gallery Baithak at 3:45 PM, all MPs began to laugh. I couldn’t hear what he said but they might be talking about that day when Deuba recommended the dissolution of the same house four years ago.

-Many people expected Prime Minister Koirala to appear in the meeting. He didn’t come because of deteriorating health. In the written message Koirala hoped to assume the responsibility of Prime Minister because of the improving health condition.

-Indian communist leader Sita Ram Yachuri came inside the Parliament at 5:30 PM. Yadav informed the MPs about his arrival and welcomed him.

Original Post:

Update3: Okay, the session is over now till Baishak 17 (April 30).

Update2: Oh my God, its historic. The rare scene from inside the Gallery Baithak is that every MP is approving this announcement from the prime minister via Deputy Speaker in unified manner: To go for constituent assembly.

Update: Yadav is reading out the written message from Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala in which he has tabled the proposal for the constituent assembly. He has mentioned that his first priority is to work as per the lines of the Seven Party Alliance and the 12-point understanding between the SPA and the Maoists.

Earlier we wrote: The historic first session of the parliament that was restored last week as per the popular demand of Nepali people has begun. Deputy Speaker of the House Chitra Lekha Yadav is in charge of the session. She is currently addressing the session as members of the parliament are approving her remarks. Nepali people were anxiously waiting to see the newly reinstated House of Representative in action this afternoon. The session began nearly four hours after the scheduled time. Earlier in the afternoon Kantipur Television was (and now too) constantly feeding live footage from inside the Gallery Baithak (the Parliament House).

Members of Parliament from all parties were appearing in front of the KTV cameras turn by turn from inside the meeting hall explaining the purpose of the today’s meeting. People in Kathmandu were (and are) glued to their TV sets. Seeing Chitra Lekha Yadav now on TV running the session reminds me of that day when these parliamentarians went to the courtyard of Patan Durbar Square to hold the special session of the House after they were denied the hall in downtown Kathmandu. Minutes after that special session began, it started raining. Parliamentarians didn’t seem to be caring about that. They continued the program even as the water from high above the sky started pouring in heavily.







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  1. well Avatar

    I think nepal should give up all its drama of parliament. Hand over [icd].

    UWB: We strongly reject the idea that undermines the sovereignty and integrity of our country Nepal. We would like to clarify that this is not a forum to speak against the country Nepal.

  2. Layman Avatar

    Who is this idiot called well ?.You agent of India, do not bark here. If you are ready to give your address we would like to take care of you, for your information.

  3. JC Avatar

    Looks like the idiot “well” dont have brains in its head.

    Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!!!! feel like kicking this well

  4. gita Avatar


    Nepal belongs to Nepalese. It does not belong to Gyanendra and his family. You are angry because, you are a losser.

  5. gita Avatar

    You lost your mind , you are not in senses. You are not feeling well and vomiting because your dreams of sucking Nepalese people is shattered.

  6. Layman Avatar

    It is a historic occasion indeed to have our parliament back. But the time is running out soon for the swift act of punishing those who oppressed the people.Even in Ministries, some files are being made disappeared by the former ministers. Because of illness of Senior Koirala, everything is stalled. I think a DPM can be appointed and he can look after all the affairs till PM recovers. We cannot have the luxury of loosing time at this historic moment.

    Recall all the Ambassadors immediately because no host Govts can give any credibility to the envoys appointed by the dictator King any more and they are all Mandales.

  7. coke Avatar

    Mission NEPAL: Go Home

    Let the politics settle down, then we should unit to work for the betterment of the country.
    We have learnt lessons from our past mistakes.
    Professors, doctors, engineers and all others working outside the country should come home to help the country prosper.


    Let us together make this country a better place to live.


  8. well Avatar

    What better a country deserves where people kill their own people for power. Nepal doesn’t deserve to be a free country. When all the beams of a house is eaten by termite the best thing to do is to bring the house down. IT’s about time. All the structure of nepal is eaten by termite, it is a failed country. People have been let down .Damage is irrepareable. It won’t be a better country for few century to come. Sadly to say nepal deserves to be part of india. Nepal deservs to be second sikkim. Sorry “uwb” I though freedom of speech is there in nepal. I am just having my opinion. everyone has full right to agree or disagree with it.Removing information that you don’t like is what Kg been doing. So lets have a free debate while we can.

  9. Layman Avatar

    Your name itself suggest that you are not a Nepali. And doubt about the patriotism of Nepalese diaspora to that extent. May a very very few people can go back to Nepal for politcal reasons. But I doubt. They only take the credit that they were instrumental in bringing back democracy saying that they went in procession on the main street where they are staying and wrote many aricles. These actions were helpful but the people who fought in the streets and villages are the major contributor, everybody knows it.So, I doubt if anybody will go to build Nepal by sheer patriotism.

  10. well Avatar

    Just a small note Nepal was a part of inida for thousands of years that’s why we say even buddha was born in india..not modern but ancient india

  11. Avinashi Avatar

    i m just over the moon…..just before a few mo..i came passing through singhdurbar gate…oh! the anxiety of ppl, their hope, optimism, their deep love for change….oh my god! it’s indeed a rare scene…..

    but then as a curious human being, i would like to read out what WELL said…coz u know democracy is not bout eliminating the ppl with different conviction but its bout bringing ppl together, juxtaposing the pblms ppl facing, churning up the ideas, tolerating the beliefs n opinions, forgiving the wrongdoers or ill-thinkers n making them search rationale of their opinion n action….n providing a common ground for everybody with a clear role for everyone… with diversing n contrasting ideas….ok..i understand that what WELL said was worth undermining the soveringhty n integrity of nepal…but then his was also a belief or an opinion…had u (UWB boss) not discarded his idea..it wud be so intresting to discuss here what made WELL think whatever he thinks…what motivated him to speak against soveriengty of a sovereign country..coz u know he is a human being with right to express too….diversity is a power but not a pblm u know…..from my lil knowledge what i m gathering is, u r commiting STRUCTURAL VIOLENCE against poor WELL ..covering ur ear is just a temporary solution of escaping from babaling bogus..we gotta n oughta put our logic to change his conviction n speak him differently… if u wanted to proove WELL wrong, u didnt need to just wipe out him..we,the ppl(reader) would definitely raise objection in his idea n would proove wrong…n i strongly demand a logical clarification from the accountable member of uwb regarding


    LETS JUST ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Avinashi Avatar

    no offence plz… i made my previous comment just being based on initial 5 comments….

  13. coke Avatar

    Then we should convince them for coming back home by creating favorable atmosphere.
    Pls don’t go after my name.

  14. BISHAL NEPAL Avatar

    Seems like We have to declare A Bishal Nepal (Grand Nepal) by recovering the parts Nepal lost to British India after Sugauli Sandhi. Sugauli agreement is invalid since 1947 and Nepal has all rights to claim those lands back.

    Then Nepal has to make a unified military strategy to fight empirical india. This means launching an assymetric war in hills and in inaccessible areas where Indian army can never win due to geography. Following strategies need to be pursued at the same time-

    -We have to help declare Kashmir Independant so that people of Kashmir have right to their statehood.
    -Support Independant Panjab Movement
    -Collaborate with Tamil Tigers to create independant Tamil homeland in south of India
    -Help to create independant Jharkhand
    -Detach North east india from india by supporting ULFA/BODO and all east indian nationalists
    -Help naxalities to create instability in India

    And give proper response to RAW agents who are advocating for hawkish indian positions. F@#$ the B@stards!!!!

  15. kalupande Avatar






  16. well Avatar

    Thanx Avinashi I see a true patriotic nepali in you. If you believe in your democracy in your country there is no need to jump on a band wagon of one person’s onion. There are incidents in Nepal where people are fighting and killing just because of what an Indian actor said. This is the mentality of nepali. They jump to conclusion too quickly without hearing the whole scenario. So it is so easy for autocrats to play with the integrity and sovereignty of Nepal. This needs to be understood by every nepali . Why we are fighting for same democracy every 10 years. We should be benefiting from fast economy of India and china instead fighting for basic right again after more than 10 years of having democracy .Most of the country fought once and they are done with it. If nepali people are not careful we will be fighting for it again if not from shah dynasty could be form dahal dynasty of bhattrai dynasty

  17. kabita Avatar

    “well” – well, your history is a little off. However, I’m not going to dwell on that right now.

    I am so excited for Nepal. The past week has been exhilarating. The Maoists have to – and will – come to the mainstream. Baburam’s interview with Rabindra Mishra was frustrating – it showed his complete lack of scruples – but in a way, I guess he had to say it for the sake of the lower-ranking (oh, ranking. the irony.) cadres. I got a huge lump in my throat hearing about what happened during the reconvening of parliament today, and the decision to hold a constituent assembly. I *almost* couldn’t believe it – it was believable because democracy is not elusive (it does, however, need to be something more than just a word or abstract concept), and because I knew we, the Nepali people, could do it.

    We have so much left to do – and it is all attainable.

  18. BISHAL NEPAL Avatar

    Apologies for talking extremist. The approach i suggested would be tit for tat approach. But this idea of selling country of well is simply too much.

    hey well,
    Talk sense and if you are indian, think about how nepal and india can co develop together, now how we fight against each other. if you are kathmandu based people of indian origin, just go to india and try saying you are indian, you will realize that you are nepalese

  19. well Avatar

    just a small note for Avinashi .I do same thing on many nepali chat rooms and message board but i haven’t seen anyone who has a logical thinking. Cheers for that . You are the first nepali I have come across who have can think before acting. nepal needs a lot more people like you

  20. kabita Avatar

    “You are the first nepali I have come across who have can think before acting.”

    at the risk of distracting this thread even more, I will say this: that is an insulting, fallacious comment. Unless, of course, Well, you have not met very many Nepalis, or not spoken to them for very long. This holds true whether you are Nepali or not, because frankly, I don’t think a person’s nationality necessarily creates their opinions.

  21. hari sharma Avatar

    I agree there should be freedom of speech but you should be aware that freedom comes at a cost, the cost being the responsibility that comes with freedom. If you want to ensure your freedom, you should respect the rights of other people too. You should ensure you respect the decision of the Nepalese and not just bark around. Not that many people here care about your insane and redundant writings but still you might want to talk something sensible before people start pouring on you.

    I am a strong advocate for globalization. I would like to see no borders around the world. However, this does not mean I enforce my views on other people. You talk about annexing Nepal to India. Why not talk the other way round? Why not annex India to Nepal? We would be a large nation, won’t we?

    So Well,
    Stop bitching around with nonsensical arguments. Be down to earth and understand the ground reality.

  22. artha Avatar

    Proposal for new national anthem.

    Rato ra Chandra Surya

  23. Lahure Avatar


    You talk of ANCIENT INDIA so you talk about hundreds of years ago when India didn’t exist.

    I won’t go that far because just 60 years ago Indians were still England’s bitches. You washed their clothes and cleaned their toilets and made them tea in the morning. Nepalese never did that.

  24. gita Avatar

    “…forgiving the wrongdoers…” that is the reason nepal is in the present state.
    I do agree to certain extent to Avinashi but not at all with WELL,
    If WELL is ready to sell his mother, sister and wife in Bambay; then he may entled for any discussion, but we must include a renowned Phychiatrist in the discussion to anylyse his sickness.

  25. hope_still_alive Avatar

    who’s this b*s*t**d WELL , i think it’s spell error….should be hell
    Well the way he’s so easily speaking against the sovereignty of his motherland(if it’s so), i guess i know his breed and where he might have born-a wh*rehouse and grew up watching his mother getting f*c*ed by thousands of clients till now. Maybe he himself got that oppertunity, the m*th**efu*ker……I’m sorry to use such obscene jargon and i have no intention to offend anybody here but i really got p*ssed off by the mf incestor.

  26. well Avatar

    whatever british didn’t took nepal just because it wasn’t worth it. who really needs a piece of barren land when you have a grand india. Well just to let you know nepali are living off india . If we just stop supply nepal will be worst than somalia. You haven’t finished paying oil bill. And the guns used to kill are donated by us … it is in our religion to donate what we have more of or what we don’t use to more needy people than us. Just to keep tradition.

  27. well Avatar

    See Just me is enough for all of you nepali in this room….isn’t that incredable
    and one more news rajanikant says he doesn’t like nepal
    may be you all sould be out in street killing each other…hahahah what a pity and it’s nepali who sell their mothers and sisters in bombay

  28. sulav Avatar

    what is going on?????

  29. justice Avatar

    You know what’s the problem with dumb ass like ‘Well’, we Nepalese are too kind and give generous space foreigners. Talk like that in the US, or other European counrty, your ass will be in the FBI list and kicked out of the country in a few seconds.

    Just for you education,

    There was no such country as India until the British enslaved you Indians. Before the Brithis, the south Asian continent had thousands of kingdoms, including Lumbini, and was not part of anything. The idea of India as a geopolitical entity developeled after British enlaved Indian people for the purpose of commercial use, and became what we know as India after the British left. To say Nepal WAS a part of India is a heneous propanda that some malacious Indians have been inflicting to other countries. You shut up your ass or we’ll come get you. Even states like Nagaland, Lhadhak many others neither share Indian sentiment nor want to be part of ugly dirty-looking Indians.

    Freedom of speech has the responsibility to respect the soveriegnity of people of the land. Why don’t you call your father- mother [icd], and your mother- your father’s [icd] if you think that’s freedom of speech you have.

  30. Indian Avatar

    Let the WELL bark,

    I think it will be better to let him bark, why r u all just running behind him. Kutte ko bhokne do.

  31. RSS Avatar

    Proposal for new national anthem.

    “Rato ra Chandra Surya ” good choice

    but the 2nd line “Jangi nishan ne hamro” should be removed. it again glorifies the fcking kg

  32. RSS Avatar

    i dont agreee what you say, but i think you should think what what nepalese people want.What most of them(not all)want for Nepal is a independent country while they go to US on DV lottery to clean toilets and wipe asses

  33. hope_still_alive Avatar

    i think a new national anthem should be written which not only glorifies war and warriors but includes all aspects of nationality. So, anything but ones like ‘jungi nishan’. Also, the melody must be symphonic….maybe i can help.

  34. justice Avatar

    Indian, no disrespect to you, but what ‘WELL’ said was out of the board, and will make all the Indians look stupid and senseless.

  35. Rabin Avatar

    Interview with Mr. Baburam Bhattarai in today’s Nepali Times if you have not read it.

    NT: Why do you call the parties’ decision to welcome the reinstatement of parliament a betrayal?
    Baburam Bhattarai: It is a betrayal of the movement. When we signed the 12-point agreement, we agreed that none of the sides (the parties and the Maoists) would hold talks with the king or reach an agreement with him. But the parties talked to the king by themselves, thus violating the agreement. The minimum meeting point of the 12-point agreement was election for the constituent assembly, but the parties went for the reinstatement of the parliament.

    NT: The 12-point agreement had clearly stated that the power of the movement would reinstate the parliament through which an all party government would be formed and that in turn would hold talks with the Maoists to move toward the constituent assembly. That was the demand of the seven parties who had conducted this movement and you had only supported it. So, how was that a betrayal?
    BB: The first thing to be made clear is that this movement was not led by the seven parties. We had fears that the demonstrators would be called terrorists if we had called it a joint movement. Therefore, we had agreed that the parties would call for the movement and we would support it. As per the parties’ demand for the reinstatement of the parliament, we had expressed our disagreement just when the 12-point agreement was signed. We had then said that we need to proceed towards constituent assembly through political conference and an interim government.

    NT: If it was a joint movement of the parties and your party, why have people been bringing out victory rallies in the streets? Shouldn’t they have intensified the anti-king agitation?
    BB: The rallies you are talking about actually went to surround the place where the leaders of the parties were holding a meeting. They had then demanded that the movement had to be continued until the election for the constituent assembly.

    NT: The parties have been saying that they would go for the election of constituent assembly by the means of dialogue and agreement and the same has been stated in the 12-point agreement as well. Even after reassurances by the parties in that regard, would you create any obstacle or not?
    BB: It is not about creating obstacles. What we have been saying is that it is still not clear under which law or article of the constitution the king reinstated parliament. Reinstatement through a royal announcement means the parliament now is equal to the royal privy council (Raj Sabha).
    NT: But it was you who had been saying that the present national crisis is not a constitutional problem but a political one and therefore it should be solved politically. And now that they are trying to solve it through politics, you are coming up with constitutional objections?
    BB: Exactly, what we have been saying is there no constitutional way now. But they took the way of the parliament which was not a constitutional course but a political one.

    NT: You seem to be in the habit of talking negative all the time if things don’t go your way. When the Sher Bahadur Deuba government wanted to hold talks with you, your party said it would not hold talks with a puppet government and that it would hold talks with the king directly. When the king took direct power, you backtracked and said you would talk to the parties only. And now that the parties have come to power, you are still having problems?
    BB: The main point here is the monarchy should come to an end and there should be the establishment of republic. Our saying has always remained the same.

    NT: See, you just contradicted yourself again. Your party and leaders have been saying that they would accept any result of constituent assembly even if that means active monarchy. Your Chairman Prachanda had said that and now you are saying that you have no other goal than the end of monarchy?
    BB: What our chairman had said and what our party’s policy has been is that we would in principle agree to the result of the constituent assembly. But we have not said that we would accept monarchy. Agreeing to the result of constituent assembly does not translate into acceptance of monarchy.

    NT: When the parties have been saying that they would go for the election of constituent assembly, why have you been creating obstacles by announcing blockades against the capital and district headquarters?
    BB: We have not said that we would obstruct the road to Parliament. They (the parties) can go to Singha Darbar, we will only create blockades in highways.

    NT: That means you will continue your military activities.
    BB: They are being continued now.

    NT: And that means you will carry on fighting with the army under the parties.
    BB: As long as there is no forward looking political outlet and people’s democracy, we will be in war, and everyone is clear about it.


    Reading this interview looks like the SPA has done a great job by not going for the unconditional CA election. SPA & people be aware, any reliable 3 party mediation(except India) if needed should be provided but, the maoist should lay down the arms and renounce violence before joining the mainstream politics and before going to the CA election… these should be the minimum requirements needed. There should be no threats to people while going for the CA election… we should be ready to accept the results whatever it be if people have voted with freedom.
    My conclusion on this interview, ukhan in Nepali “Baandar le na aafno ghar banauchha na arkaa lai ghar banauna dinchha)… they don’t want to live in peace nor do they want others live in peace.

  36. Rabin Avatar

    correction, 3rd party mediation not 3 party mediation.

  37. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Hold on a second .. this interview must be old because the Maoists announced a 3 month long ceasefire.

  38. Rabin Avatar

    Sorry, this interview is from last week article #295, April 21st of NT but, BB does not seem to be truthful in this interview.

  39. Rabin Avatar

    Once again sorry, the subject of the interview “We will not accept monarchy” is in today’s NT taken by Rabindra Mishra of the BBC Nepali Service on 25 April.

  40. anuj Avatar

    the basic problems with us nepalese is that we seem to have developed a inferiority complex and i am afraid that it is not the best way to move forward in a democratic nepal.

    the best way to shut up people like well is to ignore them therefore i request all fellow nepalis to let a street dog be where he is!

    this site is meant for greater and better things and lets hopw to acheive that rather than wasting all our time and enrgy on WELL who by the way seems not VERY WELL to me!

  41. anuj Avatar

    baburams interview is all crap.the NT person is right.he is just contradicting himself over and over again.he just wants to let confusion reign supreme otherwise he and his party will also be exposed!

    his ultimate aim is to be in power and all this talk of goodness and idealogy has always been manipulatd to suit his convenience!

    i think if any body has the power to rend this peoples movement a failure it is the maoists themselves.

    their statements and actions after the second royal proclamation are a point in case!!!

    a second peoples movement is called for to keep the maoists in check or else we might just end up with an even more dangerous situation!!!!

    absolute democracy is what we fought for and i am afraid but the fact is that our definition of absolute democracy does not match those of the maoists!

    maybe i am being a little sceptical but then again the maoists have not given us any reason not to be so!

    keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best!

  42. Layman Avatar

    Actually Maoists of Nepal has no relations whatsoever with China. China has already disowned it. Then who are they ?

    They are some bunch of people or youths who are unemployed,uneducated and were frustrated by the work of our so called democratic leaders for twelve years. They also frustrated to see that the fruit of development did not reach to the villages. Leaders were concentrated mainly in Kathmandu and other city centres. They did not care about the welfare of the poors.

    And I tell you frankly that those leaders who are now at the top did nothing to stop it.They were invovled in amassing money including through commission on hiring the helicopters to oppress the Maoists.When congressis were killed, UML said that Maoists are our friendly force-Mitra Shakti-because they share the same ideology. When they started killing UML cadres, they opened their eyes.It was also reported that some old guns from Indian Army were also sold to them by former Indian army generals. Thet’s how it came to the present shape.

    Now it would be a dangerous situation in Nepal if they do not agree to lay down their arms, even if the unconditional CA elections were announced on Sunday. After that only we able to realise the real intentions of Maoists. In such a worst case scenario, our Govt. should immediately ask for help with neighboring countries India and China and international community to help fight the scourge of terrorism. If not, these Maoists will takeover the power by force and are bound to kill thousands of people in Nepal.

  43. Rijan Shrestha Avatar
    Rijan Shrestha


    well, after reading ur comments, I feel like kicking ur ass. After all, i guess there is freedom of speech in Nepal. Please dont interfere in our matter.

    Get out of here, and get out now.

  44. Layman Avatar

    As far as I guess, I think this “well” is nobody but a die hard supporter of the King, who is frustrated because King is losing all his powers.He is a Nepali and he is in a big post now till the new govt. start functioning.He is frustrted because he also has to leave that post.

  45. Rohit Avatar

    I do understand why you are saying this. There was no country like India as of now before British captured and ruled small states.

    If you go further back to your history then you will find that Mugals were from the Middle-east who conqured your states even before British came in.

    India was slave for more than 200 years. Those 200 years of slavery have made you what you are. You people were crushed by the foreigners for a long long time. And that is why you people could not rise up. Your language says it all.

  46. hari sharma Avatar

    Stop all those useless arguments. It is not worth the time. There is no point discussing how the countries came into existence.
    Be more creative, sensible and of course rational.

  47. Reply to Layman Avatar
    Reply to Layman

    You did good job, describing the problem, but failed in providing a solution. No matter, how dangerous Maoist may be, they are the products of Nepal and its society. I can see you cannot see any solution to stop their growth, but calling India and China for help is inviting more trouble, then we will have to fight the Maoist, the Indian interest and the Chinese interest in case they accept this hypothetical proposal. If you read Indian history you will understand, how bad a foreign invasion is.
    I believe, you wrote this solution without actually giving a thought.

    This is an ocassion to celebrate. See the pictures, the young lad of Nepal, with dreams in their heart are singing the freedom songs. See their activities. The picture so very beautiful. I miss those young lads who fought for this day and could not see it otherwise, they too would be hanging around here.
    UWB good job. Keep it up.

  48. Indiansuker Avatar

    I am Indian too. But we don’t need to bullshit about our tiny neighbour. We always bully and prick on our little neighbours, while we watched helplessly when china invade northern indian territories. half or our population of over a billion live in dirt poor conditions. if nepal were to recall all it’s citizens in Indina who are in the armed forces, indian millitary would be filled with only cowards.

  49. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Rohit what is your point?

  50. Prithivi Sharma Avatar
    Prithivi Sharma

    Girija’s grand design is working. All the parties were in touch with maoists, baburam and prachanda (RAW’s Top agents). KG himself stalled by CIA. Just changing the covering skin of monkeys will not make them human, is equally true for all the parties and leaders. Believe, things will get more worse than easier it seems.

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