Mr Chairman, CA Is More Important Than Republic

By Dinesh Wagle Wagle’s Web Log I am a diehard republican but I am dead against Maoist Chairman Prachanda’s views that proclamation of republic is more important than holding the Constituent Assembly elections. I have been saying in these columns that, yes, republic is a very important issue but it can’t be the alternative toContinue reading “Mr Chairman, CA Is More Important Than Republic”

House Votes on the Republic Agenda…

…with a majority. But Nepal is not a republic yet. Update: The parliament passes left parties’ joint motion on republic declaration tabled by the CPN-UML after the CPN-Maoist and a few fringe left parties supported the proposals. The declaration seeks the Interim Legislature-Parliament’s directive to the government to immediately determine all necessary procedures to proclaimContinue reading “House Votes on the Republic Agenda…”

On Nepali Congress Party and Communist Parties of Nepal

By Prakash Bom in Queens, New York(UWB received this article in email) History of the Final Preference: The Nepali Congress party was originally established on the principles of the socialist democracy or social democratic. Since then it has been a member of the Socialist International – a worldwide organization of social democratic, labor, and democraticContinue reading “On Nepali Congress Party and Communist Parties of Nepal”

Understanding Nepalese Politics: Playing the Game of Peace

The Maoists have adopted a simple strategy and are exploiting the current situation to the hilt. By Chattra Bahadur UWB received this article in email The great ‘peace-ball’ has finally started rolling with the declaration of the 8-point understanding between the SPA and the Maoist leadership before the Prime Minister flew to Bangkok for medicalContinue reading “Understanding Nepalese Politics: Playing the Game of Peace”

Maoists and Main Stream Politics of Nepal

Instead of joining the mainstream the Maoists intend to define the mainstream. By Neil Horning (Updates on Peace Process- inside) A Maoist guerilla plays with children in a village in Myagdi. Pic by Neil Horning About a year ago, while trekking in Nepal I took a photo of the distant Annapurna mountains framing a precariouslyContinue reading “Maoists and Main Stream Politics of Nepal”

Analyzing Current Scenario in Nepal

By Chattra Bahadur The role of intellectual class, which had played prominent role in providing impetus to the pro-democracy movement, has not been commendable after reinstatement of the Parliament. Rather than urging and allowing the government (and the reinstated Parliament) focus on the immediate task of initiating the stalled peace-process, they are pushing forward agendasContinue reading “Analyzing Current Scenario in Nepal”

Maoist Mass Meeting: City Girl’s Perspective

By Zade 15 After attending the Maoist Mass Meeting in Khula Manch, Kathmandu. …I see no reason for the crowd to get so excited. So the Maoists will be closer to our doorsteps, how happy should one feel? Who can you trust? The same applies to the SPA (Seven Party Alliance). The mass meetings inContinue reading “Maoist Mass Meeting: City Girl’s Perspective”