Mr Chairman, CA Is More Important Than Republic

By Dinesh Wagle
Wagle’s Web Log

I am a diehard republican but I am dead against Maoist Chairman Prachanda’s views that proclamation of republic is more important than holding the Constituent Assembly elections. I have been saying in these columns that, yes, republic is a very important issue but it can’t be the alternative to the CA elections. Is Prachanda saying that we don’t need CA elections if Nepal is declared a republic? If yes, I don’t want a republic order at the cost of CA elections. When we talk about declaring Nepal a republic, we are talking about that only, nothing more. But the CA election doesn’t only include the republic agenda but also address many more issues that need to be dealt with. In addition to the republic agenda, the CA election is also about bringing out a new, inclusive constitution and restructuring of the state of Nepal.

Just look at the date, today is 12 November. The CA election was scheduled for 22 November. I am sure that by the end of the first month of 22 November (or two months at most) the first meeting of the CA would have taken place and Nepal would have turned into a republic. Now that’s not going to happen. Who are to blame? Maoists of course. Maoists deprived us from such a wonderful opportunity to turn Nepal a republic (and do much more like brining out new constitution and restructure the nation) by pulling out of the government and threatening to disrupt the election. When comrade Prachanda says that “there is no alternative to declare the country a republic before the elections” I only see a hypocritical thug in him. That’s the height of double standards, Mr. Chairman, I want to tell him in loud voice.

It’s an open secret that Maoists desperately want to avoid elections and, once again, raise the issue of ethnic division into the mainstream politics. That’s the theme of the line propagated by Badal and other ‘nationalistic radicals’ (and won the endorsement) in the Maoist party’s fifth plenum held in Balaju. There are only two options remaining for the Maoists: either go for all out street agitation (which might turn into a violent war and that’s exactly what the pro-military wing in the Maoist party led by Badal wants) or participate in the CA elections putting their demands of immediate declaration of republic behind. Continuing with the current situation will be like putting the country into hostage of the Maoists intra-party struggle. Does Nepal deserve to be the hostage of the feud between Badal and Prachanda gangs inside the Maoist party? No. Do the Maoists really want another war? So far they (the Prachanda-Baburam group) have been saying that they don’t want. If that is the case and if they want the safe landing of the pace process, Prachanda should start saying this: “There is no alternative to the CA elections.”





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  1. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Mr. Wagle:
    What can I say? Finally it seems you have come to your senses. I am glad you finally realized that the Maoists have no intentions of contesting in free and fair elections.

  2. Paribartan Avatar

    Dear Wagle Jee,
    Prachanda’s recent statements are not only confusing but also speaks of double standards they are maintaining. As you have pointed out, the most important issue in hand is to have CA election. To prevent bloodbath and letting ugly head of despotism rearing in a new avataar, we need to sort out things in the most democratic manner. For that listening to the choices and voices of the people in CA will be the best option. But, to utter surpirse to the majority of the population, the Maoists have deserted their earlier stand. Rather, they have started claiming with CA is meaningless without declaring the country republic rightnow.

    Why the Maoists are doing this? and what could be the raison detre? These are best known to the Maoists and Prachanda. But, as a common man, we can surmise that there is a political reason. The Maoists have reckoned that they would loose in CA because they have witnessed that they are growing unpopular day by day. And they are unpopular not because of overflowing popularity of NC or UML. They are being rejected because of their own wantonness, ruthlessness and highhandedness.

    Now, if Prachanda thinks that he can issue some other reasons to counter public sentiment, then he must be living in a fool’s paradise. People will never forget and forgive the Maoists if they further delay the CA election. Because in nations history, ones who call the shots and decide the political future are not a motley crowd of the so called leaders. It is the people who do it. So, if Prachanda is a real leader, he must understand public sentiment and stop giving baseless pretexts for avoiding CA election.

  3. ???? Avatar

    Simply,Don’t belive on maiosts…………….

  4. Madhesi Avatar

    Pol pot Prachande is a coward because he is scared to death to face CA election. These maoist thugs led by mass murderer Prachande are the most shameless, reckless, heartless, merciless, directionless, worthless, useless, brainless, faceless lowest graded animals on this planet created and fed by Gyane

  5. MMM Avatar

    In the forest, a fox always wants to avoid a lion, the king of the jungle. Thus, I want to liken murderer Prachande to a fox because he always wants to avoid the CA election. Just as the lion will kill the fox if it does not avoid the lion. Likewise, for prachande CA will kill him if he does not avoid CA election. What a coward!!!

  6. X2X2 Avatar

    What does maoist stands for?

    M means mass murderer because they killed 13,000 innocent people, including journalist Birendra Shah

    A means anarchist because they break prevailing rules of the country

    O means oligarchist because the power in the party belongs to a few persons and in their case to Prachande.

    I means illiterate because most of them are khate type of people
    S means stupid because they can’t see the fineline that divides what is wrong and what is right

    T means terroist because they want to grab power by terrorizing the people.

    Now, maoist => mass murderer, anarchist, oligarchist, illiterate, stupid, terroist.

  7. Vashir Avatar

    What I find important in today’s context are

    1) the common Nepali person should be able to exercise his basic rights- to get food, clothes, shelter, job, education, health care, free speech, freedom of activity, protection from harm, rule of law and justice

    2)the country should not suffer interference or face dictates from international powers, agencies, donors

    3) the country is respected, Nepalis are respected

    4) the people are united

    5) the country is stable- economically, socially, and politically

    So, I actually don’t care if Nepal turns into a republic or remains a monarchy. All I want is that the leaders deliver what they promised. And that would be the CA polls. We all thought things will become better if the King isn’t there. On the contrary, things have remained the same.

    How can Nepalis choose between a republic and a monarchy when both of them are equally bad? This situation needs to be changed.

    Let 30 million Nepali people decide on their future. How can Prachanda, or Madhav, or Girija, or the King decide for the people by themselves?

    How can they let India, US, UK, UN, UNMIN to dictate them regarding Nepal’s issues?

    CA should happen at all costs. I will, for one, support whoever the people chooses for- the monarchy or the republic. To me, Nepal is more important. Long live NEPAL.

  8. Kishan Avatar

    So far they can prevail and keep passing on their judgements to others, they will keep deciding on behalf of all mentally-, physically-, and tradtionally made-to-serve others. They will keep on ruling all while people are busy thinking of food, cloth, security and shelter. Nepalese worry about these basics, they worry about maintaining and even increasing their control and power. The more they can make people miserable, the stronger they become. This is the difference. These mafias of power-grabbers are smart enough and very well know how to govern the herds of desperates.

  9. Bhayankar Avatar

    CA elections will not happen now because:

    1. Not everyone wants it.

    2. Now, they know exactly what it takes to postpone or cancel it.

    hatti aayo hatti aayo fussa. The agenda is losing its steam.

  10. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    CA Election……CA…….Constitution…….

    It’s a long way to go. As of now we have not even begun the journey.

    Why don’t we just amend 1990 constitution?

  11. sankalpa Avatar

    Good Wagle, you do have a little spine on you mite..
    I liked you calling prachande a hypocritical thug, that guy is a big idiot, he proved he was a hypocrite the day he bought a house in koteshwor, i still wonder why he did not built a house in rolpa , the birth place of the maoists in Nepal.
    By the looks of it, Nepal will not have elections unless india steps up and divides power amongst these SPAM ass*****.
    And what’s going on in terai?

  12. mahila  sahu Avatar
    mahila sahu

    This shows the true color of Maoist and communist. Because communist never belives in free and fair election. They belive in sabotaging peace, propoganda and power by the gun. Therefore, they are saying that Republic is main agenda than CA. Because whatever some maha elites and maha stupid people say most of the Nepalese does not give shit about Republic or Monarchy, they care about their future and food in the table. and like Morning shows the day if these stupid are leading so called sham republic I will prefer thousand time rule of maha murkha Gyane than them. Remember it was far better then than now.

  13. nepal Avatar

    very good, MAOIST is the way what you defined it.

  14. hope Avatar

    Glad that Maoists support base is dwindling, a diehard fan had enough of maoists illusion. You are saying what everybody has been saying for couple of months.

    The politics sans people will not work in any case and the fact is totally ignored by maoists. You would be shocked by their sheer lack of knowledge and ignorance if you watch their interviews and speech.I wonder why it took so long for some people to change their love for maoists!!

  15. openborder Avatar

    I am not a republican look at United States two presidents out of one single family isn’t that just like a kingdom.
    all are fighting over same nothing again.

  16. closed border Avatar
    closed border

    It wa a mistake to postpone the elections for apparent democracy.
    Nepal deserves better.

  17. sagarmatha Avatar

    If one can rule without peoples aspiration i.e. election then why can’t AERE AND KHAIRE step up to power. Girija should be ashamed to lead the current government.

  18. nepali Avatar

    specially to Wagle.

    Wagle u were supporting these ppl some days ago n now u regret hehe.. due to u typpa illusioned journalists nepal is suffering. coz u support wrong ppl with biased eyes.

    We support king. King is a symbol of Nepali unity. For us, Nepal is more important. U journalists do more politics than the politicians. when will u rethink??

  19. nepali Avatar

    X2X2 ur defination will be famous.

  20. nepali Avatar

    hey blogger,
    do u just approve what u see correct?

  21. WEB DESIGNER Avatar

    Mr. prachanda always takes the main issue away and tries to do i don’t know what.

    Why is the maoists always trying to confuse the people?

  22. sagarmatha Avatar

    If bullet can work to topple the government then why anyone need ballot.

  23. WEB DESIGNER Avatar

    Why is mr. prachanda trying to take the main issue aside?

    The main issue is CA being held in nepal so that we nepalese can choose leader that we want, not like u, who say one thing and do other.

    btw, what about the person who was responsible for the death of :journalist sah”,

    aren’t u, mr. prachanda, going to take any responsibility for this?

  24. WEB DESIGNER Avatar

    where is what i wrote here?


    Dear Webdesigner,
    The WordPress spam filter is consistently sending your comments to the spam folder, not even to moderation section. Please do something with your username, email address and web address. May be changing them will do something. We regret for the inconvenience.

  25. Wagle Avatar

    Hey ‘nepali’,

    Please go and lick the boots of Gyanendra instead of giving journalists lecture on what they should do and should not do. It is you, the confused psychopath, who is desperately trying to distort what I have written and trying to enjoy out of that. We journalists don’t have mero goru ko barhai takka kind of agendas that you seem to have: in any case Gyanendra will do good for you. My criticism or support is based on issues. If you equate my criticism of Prachanda with that of my support of Gyanendra, you couldn’t be more wrong. So please kindly spare me from your enlightened suggestions.

  26. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Out of all the comments I find it suprising that you choose to reply to an obvious erratic right wing ‘nepali’. Such right wing views have no place in the present socio-political context. However, I find your statement “… instead of giving journalists lecture on what they should do and should not do” a little audacious. Wagle, I hate to break it to you but you aren’t a journalist. You are a blogger. A very opiniated, biased blogger. Your articles are written without research or the shred of journalistic inclination. And there is nothing wrong with that. In fact I like your blog. It’s a great place to post comments and debate issues with fellow bloggers. But let’s not get too carried away.

  27. Sangesh Avatar

    It does not matter who wants what,

    Not any of the parties or any single person, political leader, parties or whoever else. It the Nepalese people as a whole what matters first.

    what we really want is peace and stability in Nepal.

    That’s it nothing else.

  28. Wagle Avatar

    Thanks for your comment. I can heartily accept criticism of my writings and I welcome them very much but I can’t really stay quiet if someone says tries to distort my views and interprets otherwise. In this case, the person is trying to say that I am pro-Gyanendra which I am not! I feel that I must set the record straight so that other people who are new to this site and read such remarks don’t make an impression (of whatsoever) about me. About your view that I am biased in this web site, I would say you are kind of right! Let me tell you this: it’s all about medium. As you have said this is blog and I am proud to be a blogger. Bloggers by nature provide opinions and, I remember, many a times, I have done reporting for this site as well. As you have said, I mostly write my opinion (and I don’t think I have to say that they are not reporting) and opinions by nature are biased. They are not even analysis. While expression opinions, you must take side. But the same rule might not apply with analyzing. Analyzing can be doing without expressing opinions. But opinions are bound to be confronted with another opposing opinion. Anyway, I welcome your opinion about my “very opiniated, biased” blogging.

  29. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    I agree with what you say. You are a blogger, this is your blog and you have the right to express any opinion you please. My only point was that you shouldn’t pass this off as a journalist endeavor…
    Also, sure you can have opinions but people can have balanced opinions.

  30. sagarmatha Avatar


    Do you accept now that there won’t be any election for another 2-3 years. How do you consider the government ruling without election ? Democratic or Non-democratic ?

  31. k sharma Avatar
    k sharma

    well, the main point is that we need peoples verdict about the future of nepal, and the only way is thru the election of constituents assembly. so now, its crystal clear that maoists are afraid of people and thats why they will not let CA election happen.

    now, all the other political party should stop wooing maoists and decide to have a CA election without maoists. and lets not worry about maoists going back to jungle, let them go wherever they want, may be even better if they leave this country so that we can concentrate on more important agendas like development for the benefit of ordinary nepali people.

    my strong opinion is maoists are the only main factor which is stopping nepal’s development and progress.

  32. nepali Avatar

    Bhude Pandit,
    yo desh maa thorai matra ramro pandit chhan. aru sab pandit haru bhude nai hunchhan kinaki aruko khosera jo khairaako chha! aafno pet bhariye pugihaalyo. hehe…. You are proving this when u say right wings have no place in the present socio-political context.

    Wagle saathi, tyo bhude le ali ramro bhanyo bhandaimaa naak foollaai haalnu pardaina, ani ma aalochak dekhi narisau. haha… i wonder why u think my opinion as ‘mero goru ko barhai takka’!! because i see that in ur opinion!! khai k ho k ho.. timilai k laagchha? ki haami dubai haun? hahaha……

    this psychopath gives place to everyone unlike that bhude pandit. bhude pandit how much will u eat again to make ur stomach bigger?? futlaa hai futlaa…. ko kati ko thik ta samaya le dekhaulaa…..



  34. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Oh how witty and cleaver you are. Fcuking moron.
    I don’t even understand what the hell it is that you are trying to say with your half-as*ed Nepali. Either write in Nepali script or write in English so that your rambling will make some sense, Try that and then I’ll come back and pound you to the ground with my big stomach!

  35. nepali Avatar

    ok, dear wagle, bhudai pandit doesn’t understand what i wrote. He doesn’t even understand nepali !! You consider him a nepali??

    And Bhudai, look at your words. What typpa word u use and judge urself before u sleep.

    Shree Pashupatinath le haami sabaiko rakshya garun. Jaya Nepal.

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