House Votes on the Republic Agenda…

…with a majority. But Nepal is not a republic yet.

Update: The parliament passes left parties’ joint motion on republic declaration tabled by the CPN-UML after the CPN-Maoist and a few fringe left parties supported the proposals. The declaration seeks the Interim Legislature-Parliament’s directive to the government to immediately determine all necessary procedures to proclaim the country a republic and to take concrete steps in this regard. The proposal also seeks a new date for the CA elections after finding out the reason as to why the election could not be held on the previous dates. The special session has also endorsed the Maoist proposal for a fully proportional representation (PR) system for the Constituent Assembly elections. The proposal was backed by the UML and some other left parties in the parliament. Nepali Congress voted against both proposals.

These parliamentary approvals (with simple majority) won’t have constitutional validity because the republic can only be declared by two-third majority of the parliament. Same applies with the fully proportional system because that’s been stated in the constitution and the constitution can only be amended by two-third majority.

Earlier in a super dramatic move, the Maoists had withdrawn their motions that they had tabled in the special session of the House calling for an immediate declaration (and implementation) of the republic order in Nepal by the parliament and using the fully proportional voting method in the election of Constituent Assembly. They have decided to support the motions tabled by the CPN UML, an amendment to their proposal: declaration of republic after the CA elections and elections be held on fully proportional method.

Background: The Maoists had tabled two motions in this special session of the parliament. The first motion called for an immediate declaration (and implementation) of the republic order in Nepal by the parliament while the other motion called for using the fully proportional voting method in the election of Constituent Assembly.

Prime Minister’s party the Nepali Congress was firm on its stand that the country should be proclaimed a republic by the parliament but the decision should be endorsed only by the first meeting of the elected Constituent Assembly, the idea that the party floated only two days ago in its late ditch effort to avoid voting. NC would not compromise on the mixed proportional electoral system that the parties have already agreed upon.

CPN UML, the third largest party in the parliament with one seat less than the Maoist, had originally brought the idea of fully proportional system several months ago when the Maoists happily agreed for the mixed proportional system. Being a communist party, UML also favors the republican motion but it had tabled separate proposal amending the Maoist’s proposal hoping to be the middle ground for the NC and the Maoist. UML had registered two motions in parliament on Oct. 15 as to amend Maoist proposals that said the country can be declared a republic after the Constituent Assembly (CA) elections and that the elections should be held on proportional representation.

Parties worked hard to avoid the voting in the parliament which, they feared, would further worsen the already deteriorating relationship between NC and the Maoist. They lengthen the special parliamentary session to provide more time for the leaders to solve the issue through conscious. That couldn’t happen because both parties were firm on their stands.

Today: Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala, while responding to the Maoist proposals in today’s session of the House, presented the government’s and his party’s view on the republic agenda. “The whole nation is a republic now,” he said. He also talked about right procedures and stressed on the need of holding the CA election as soon as possible so that the country could formally be turned into a republic. Koirala also welcomed the voting as a democratic exercise and thanked the Maoists for having faith in such practice.





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  1. WEB DESIGNER Avatar

    The maoists are not turning up to their name. They are saying one thing and not even doing what they are saying. They are not even following the mainstream government rules. They are still now implementing their own laws.

    So, is Nepal is a republic country now? But it was first promised by the leaders that the faith of the king would be judged by the people of nepal through their votes? where is all the promise gone?

    After it was the leaders and the politicians who said it?they once again proved by their do’s not to believe them.

  2. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Despite what you think of the Monarchy, how can this parliment decide the republic issue or any other issue for that matter? This parliment does not have the mandate of the people and it has no legitimacy.

    As far as I am concerned this parliment exsits because several hundred rowdy youths, coericed by the Maoists, came out to the streets and caused chaos. Well I should just say rowdy youths. Of course amongst the rowdy youths there were also some of our half-as*ed civil society leaders and so called journalists (like our very own Wagle here). But really that still doesn’t give this parliment any kind of mandate.

  3. Sangesh Avatar

    Hey, so do u mean that nepal is now officially republic?

  4. Hamal Avatar

    Sanesh, No. If I am to trust this blog, it says:
    These parliamentary approvals (with simple majority) won’t have constitutional validity because the republic can only be declared by two-third majority of the parliament. Same applies with the fully proportional system because that’s been stated in the constitution and the constitution can only be amended by two-third majority.
    That means today’s parliamentary decision will only wrok as moral pressure to the government to go for republic.

  5. Hamal Avatar

    sorry, I meant to write Sangesh. Yea, Nepal is not republic as yet.

  6. suresh Avatar

    These political parties are just taking the people of Nepal for a ride. They will fix a date for the CA and then again postpone it.
    Why hold CA when you have power without the people’s mandate.
    Now the drama will start for the inclusion of Maoists in the cabinet.

  7. GAESO Avatar


  8. Kirat Avatar

    I think NC just lost a lot of votes for the CA elections…if that ever happens. The UML and Maoists working together…hmm…could really change the present dynamics. Very interesting.

  9. xnepali Avatar

    Looks like they are going in right direction.

    But it is true that nobody gained anything!

  10. Yatri Avatar

    Whatever this interim decides will have no legitimacy. The bums there don’t have a mandate and India and the US will not buy into the declaration of “the republic” by these clowns.

    Maoists don’t want CA elections for they’ll be thrashed like anything.

    I heard that Shyam Saran as the special envoy of Man Mohan had already made it clear to Prachanda that Maos better shape up or else Big Brother will personally deal with Prachanda.

    Bhudai got it right………….these loonies paid and incited some youth at the fringes to go all out against the curfew and provoke and get themselves killed so that they could gain the moral high ground and get the common man’s backing to topple King Gs reign.

  11. Mero Avatar

    This circus is so predictable.
    1. Maoists have already bullied their way into parliament.
    2. Maoists bully NC and other clowns into declaring Nepal a republic.
    3. Maoists bully parliament into declaring Puspe Dahal the president of Nepal.
    4. Maoists try to take Nepal Army under their control.
    5. All hell breaks loose.

  12. S1:17 Avatar

    who gave them the right to decide??????????
    thukka to all the journalist who support this decision.
    what is democratic about it???????
    hold the election or are the republicans too afraid that they will loose. i dont think the royals are so afraid and most of the royals i know are willing to accept the results of the election be it in their favour or against. me myself would like nepal to be a republic but not this way.
    once again the real ppl of nepal are marginalized and the rich and the powerfull are deciding. bloody facists.
    jatti jogi aaye pani kaan chireyko.

  13. teen pate Avatar
    teen pate

    Declare CA polls date immediately…
    … (so that it can be postpone again)

  14. teen pate Avatar
    teen pate

    When krishna sen was killed, maoist made an issue and are still making an issue….

    When Wagle will be killed, congress will make an issue..

    When Birendra Shah, Dekendra thapa were killed, no one made an issue..

    The reason is.. “Birendra shah/Dekendra thapa were not affilated to any parties”…

    Being a journalist is not enough in Nepal, you have to have political links, to have your rights and to safeguard you after your death.

  15. teen pate Avatar
    teen pate

    Wagle, you should be concerned on Birendra Shah’s death not on this bloody politics.

    Shame on you being a journalist…

  16. Pin Avatar

    Good development. Congrats to UML friends
    for having Prachanda as new leader.

  17. hope Avatar

    A non binding motion which has little or no relevance, a total defeat for the republicans and an olive branch for dying monarchy.

    The stupid SPAs had once again,though expected,showed their incompetency and childishness in issues of huge importance. People had already rejected their legitimacy once they deferred the CA polls scheduled for Nov 6. So, this is the failed attemt to regain the lost credibility ,not surprisingly, fell flat on face!!

  18. sagarmatha Avatar

    Where do Girija stand at ? If he has any moral and political ethics, he should resign because he lost the majority in the parliament.

    Regarding this decsion, it can be considered as nothing but drama shown in the stage called parliament. The actors announce something and deviate again dramatically, support, claps and conclude…..In this drama they themselves make PM, appoint parliament members, stick on power how far they like without election, announce head of the state and make decisions whatever they like…..but they don’t know that people are laughing at them and thinking their activities and decisions as drama of the stage..for this kind of political drama, there is no need of public mandate through election…the directors can change the story and acting however he likes….

  19. Gaurav Avatar

    To the best of my knowledge, this wasn’t the vote for the No Confidence Motion against the Prime Minister. That is why there is no question of the PM loosing the majority. Moreover, if we are to follow the constitution, only the two thirds majority in the House can remove the PM. Mr Koirala, during yesterday’s voting, stayed neutral because, he said, since he was the common leader of all seven parties (which is true) he should not take sides. He also welcomed the democratic exercise that the Maoists wanted to practice in the parliament.

    Yes, you are right when you say this is a drama and in “this drama they themselves make PM, appoint parliament members.” After all, as Shakesepare said centuries ago, the life itself is a great drama. And yes, parliament is the place to appoint the PM and yes, in the situation where Nepal was, it was absolutely normal that the parliament appointed its members as well. Again, life is a drama…all the world’s a stage.

  20. teen pate Avatar
    teen pate

    leave the drama and come to the reality..

    Arrest Prachanda and Co. for murdering Birendra Shah.

  21. Gaurav Avatar

    And those who interpret the voting as the defeat of the republican agenda, they couldn’t me more wrong. Nepali Congress has in principle decided to go for the republic. It’s only about procedure. Since the Congress holds the prime ministerial portfolio, it has the responsibility to defend the decision of the parliament to declare the republic.

    As the country is dominated by the agenda of the CA election, which is expected to eliminated the monarchy, crossing that procedure would mean not giving the people chance to have their say in the decision making process. Otherwise, why would Girija decide to vote against the motion that would almost certainly make the first President of the republic of Nepal? Arrogance and hurry don’t really work in politics. You just have to go step by step. Girija is doing exactly the same.

  22. WEB DESIGNER Avatar

    I agree with “Mero’s” comments.

    We have heard all about the maoists. what about the other parties and their voices? the maoist have done only one thing and that is bullying whoever is in their way.

    shouldn’t the other parties voice this issue?

  23. sagarmatha Avatar


    World is a drama…but how long this drama can be carried on. The drama has certain time limit, you should rembember where people just come to see it and feel it, not to implement it in total.

  24. nana Avatar

    well thats a good news to hear and nice to even know that those are not going to be prosecuted. for this days we were waiting and chanting for the loktantra.

  25. me no understand Avatar
    me no understand

    in plain english the fear of mao is greater than the love for my country, or instead of going on forever like this let’s solution any way or our way
    undemocratic and rid of what they want to rid of, knowing it is a mistake, yet not knowing why and because we are responsable, we need to do something wrong.
    At least collectively say it is wrong. It is not good. I am not calling for a movement Prachandra is a looser which what his friends want?

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