Maoists Rally In Kathmandu

Maoist Rally in Kathmandu
The banner reads: Shahi ghosana dhoka ho [Royal proclamation is a Betrayal].

Maoist student organization is organizing a mass meeting in the heart of Kathmandu as we are writing these lines. Rallies from different parts of the city have reached Khula Manch, the mass meeting venue. Pics by Wagle

Shahid ko ragat ke bhanchha
Ganatantra le bhanchha

[Blood of the martyrs demands republicanism in Nepal]

That was the most chanted slogan in a rally that went from Tinkune half an hour ago. The destination of the rally? Khula Manch (open air theater) of course where a pro-Maoist student organization is holding a mass meeting. I saw a Nepali Congress flag in the rally in which participants were shouting slogans like Nisart sambidhan sabha ghosana gar [Declare unconditional Constituent Assembly], Shahi sena kharej gar, rastriya sena ghosana gar [Scrap the royal army, announce the national army]. My personal guess is that the char tare (four star) flag carrier was not a Nepali Congress activist. The rally was different form that of the previous one- organized by the Seven Party Alliance. And that is obvious because today’s rally is organized by All Nepal National Free Student Union Revolutionary (ANNFSU-R).

Maoist Rally in Kathmandu

The placard reads: Announce all party government, announce unconditional constituent assembly.

Journalists and observers are talking about how Maoists manage to get into the recent spectacular protest programs that forced King Gyanendra to restore the Parliament that he dissolved in suspicious circumstances. “In many places,” an editor with in depth knowledge about the insurgency told me. “I saw Maoist cadres managing the crowd and organizing rallies.” Then the editor talked about an incident in Ghattekulo where pro-Maoists activists organized an ‘all party’ corner meeting where their own cadres represented the other political parties!

Maoist Rally in Kathmandu
Messenger of Comrade Prachanda: A few people like this man were distributing pamphlets with appeals from Maoist chairman Prachanda and leader Baburam Bhattarai.

All other flags in the rally were Sickly and Hammer communist ones. A few determined activists in the rally were distributing pamphlets that have two appeals on two sides direct from the Maoist party. At the end of one side is jointly signed by Maoist chairman Prachanda and Baburam Bhattarai. On the other side is signed by Prachanda alone. The title of the appeal reads: “Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)/ Central Committee/Appeal.” Date for the joint signature appeal is 12 Baishak 2063 (25 April) where as the other is dated 26 April. One banner in the rally read: Shahi ghosana dhoka ho [Royal proclamation is a Betrayal].

Maoist Rally in Kathmandu
Char Tare in the ANNFSU-R rally?

Maoist Rally in Kathmandu
Reading the message from the comrade.

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68 thoughts on “Maoists Rally In Kathmandu

  1. Layman, none of us Nepalis who have pride in themselves for being a Nepali liked the Indian intervention, the problem is that our foolish leaders including Gyane,Girija and Prachanda keep on dithering till such a situation comes around for the hypocritical Indians. You are right, if these guys listened to the cries of the Nepali people India would never have such a stranglehold on Nepals politics-and we would definitely be better off for it.

  2. Why Mao?
    Tragedy on hold in Nepal. Why it matters beyond Kathmandu.
    By Thomas A. Marks

    In Nepal, the last-minute restoration of parliament by King Gyanendra has temporarily put on hold the street drama that threatened to become a tragedy of Shakespearean proportions. In scenes that could pass for Paris of several weeks ago, mobs dominated by rootless young men threw themselves at the security forces in support of “democracy.”
    Even the interested powers found themselves helpless, none more than India, which actually set the present riots in motion through an alliance it brokered between the main legal parties of the Seven Party Alliance (SPA) and the insurgent Maoists (collectively known as “SPAM” no kidding). Other key players (the United States, Britain, and China) likewise found themselves sidelined.
    The Players
    The goals of the SPAM leadership are confused with the motivation of these mobs. Leaders of the SPA, universally vilified in their previous lives as corrupt and ineffective, have risen, Phoenix-like, as champions of democracy. They have done this by making a bargain with the devil, the insurgents of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist).

    It is the Maoists who have most to gain should the SPA falter. The former have played both internal and external foes like a fiddle. Having built their bloody insurgency by exploiting weakness of the reforming but imperfect ancien regime, they now plan to present themselves as the forces of the restored parliament.

    Completely forgotten is that it was the politicians of SPA who created the constitutional crisis by dissolving parliament — a consequence of their endless feuds. They then proved incapable of holding elections to restore the status quo. When the monarch endeavored to do so, polls were boycotted by SPA and attacked by the Maoists. Foreign embassies and organizations, pursuing their own narrow designs, encouraged this boycott.

    Now galvanized with false calls to action is the parliament of the streets, the disenfranchised masses of a desperately poor country whose population (25 million) has exceeded the carrying capacity of the land, yet remains overwhelmingly rural, under 19 years of age, and without options. As the urban lumpen riot, their rural counterparts are mobilized by the guerrillas. What all share is a misguided notion that somehow their struggles will bring them better lives.

    A bandwagon effect has brought even the gainfully employed but politically adrift onto the streets. “Peace now” and “republic” are the cries. What will happen when they discover it’s all a shell game is anyone’s guess.

    Facing them is the remnants of a regime not nearly the cads of the charges but guilty enough of political ineptitude and strategic miscalculation. Possibly the best of the bunch are the security forces. These, however, have been thoroughly tarred by the human rights cartel as the main enemies of the people, which they most certainly are not.

    No matter what happens, the current chaos and destruction has produced only two winners: the Maoists and India, both of whom played key roles in setting events in motion.

    From the Maoist Playbook
    Having declared a “ceasefire inside the Kathmandu Valley,” thus to gain the media “spin” that necessarily comes from “peaceful protestors” being “attacked,” the Maoists have proceeded elsewhere in the country to attack positions. Though rebuffed thus far, they see this as their moment.

    Maoist cadre have been prominent in insuring that urban protest daily turns to riot. Large caches of explosives have been unearthed by the security forces, and Maoist combatants have been apprehended — and revealed their marching orders to insure that the violence escalates and that no compromise is successful.

    That the foreign media (with the help of the anti-government sectors in the Nepali media) persist in calling what has occurred “peaceful protest” only demonstrates how thoroughly detached they are from the reality of the people’s war approach. The same might be said of the various INGOs, who have not so subtly worked against the government.

    From the Maoist perspective, they have adopted a “win/win” course of action: no matter what actually happens, they will benefit. They expect the restored Parliament to bring them into the governing structure, though they have not been tested at the polls. And their blockade of Kathmandu and other urban centers continues.

    Role of India
    India’s role in the present upheaval remains to be untangled, but no one who was in Sri Lanka in July 1987, as I was , can overlook the startling similarities. Then, the Indian invasion, conveniently disguised as the IPKF (Indian Peace Keeping Force), was but the culmination of half a decade of support for Tamil insurgents/terrorists that New Delhi thought it could “manage.”

    This time around, in last half of 2005, New Delhi’s shaky ruling coalition (in a parliamentary system) allowed left wing and irredentist members to hijack its Nepal policy. The Seven Party Alliance (SPA) and the Maoists (M) were brought together in New Delhi, promised Indian support, and given the green light to pursue a coordinated assault upon the Nepali government.

    The motives for such conduct were several. Most importantly, the parties of SPA owe their very existence historically (and apparently slices of their funding) to India. They toe the line when required to do so.

    In contrast, the present king, Gyanendra, has increasingly rebuffed Indian positions and advice while simultaneously inviting assistance from other powers, particularly the US, Pakistan, and China. By exploiting strategic unease of hegemonists in the Indian ruling party, ideologues, notably those of the legal left (who are important swing votes), were able to assist their Marxist comrades in Nepal in ways they dream of doing (but dare not) in India itself.

    Certain elements of the Indian power structure, notably the military, have been astonished at the strategic myopia involved in destabilizing Nepal further even as India itself grapples with its own growing Maoist challenge. Ultimately, they may have interjected just enough common sense into the process to change the equation. India did play a salutary role in damping the escalating street violence.
    Where to?
    As irony would have it, it is the growing amicability of India and the U.S. which has served as the strategic cover for New Delhi to bring Kathmandu to heel. This leads directly to the obvious question: Why should the U.S. care what happens in Nepal?

    Any number of tangible reasons could be advanced, from geostrategic position smack in the midst of India, Pakistan, China, and Southeast Asia/Bangladesh; to the world’s second-largest-proven hydropower reserves in the same power-hungry neighborhood.

    More important, though, is the intangible. That Nepal is so poor only highlights the reality that a democratic market economy has been ripped asunder by Maoist insurgency and terrorism. It sends a powerful negative message when other democracies do so little to assist, or, as with India, actually profit from (and exploit) the bloodshed.

    For the moment, this is water under the bridge. Recriminations must not drive events but action, are willing to come into the fold if certain conditions are met. to include negotiations to test the sincerity of Maoist propaganda (echoed by Indian fellow travelers) that they

    Time and again it has been the fact that the Maoists could not preordain the outcome of democratic rough and tumble that led to them to return to their terror. If they now take a genuine step to participate in the compromise at hand, that is well. If not, the powers should throw their weight squarely behind Nepal’s battered but still struggling democracy.

  3. ola,

    SPA and all democracy loving people are the mainstream. You are totally wrong.Do not try to judge from Norway.Die hard Maoists are about 20,000 only in a population of 25 millions.

  4. The fact is no one knows how much support the Maoists have. 20-30,000 is the number in the PLA, not the number of people who support or agree with the Maoists. Remember that they control about 80% of the country, and it is mostly remote areas (if I recall correctly, around 70% of Nepal’s population live in remote areas, which is to say, several days walk from the nearest road). From an urban area like Kathmandu it is very difficult to judge the level of support for the Maoists in their base areas. I think even the Maoists do not know what their current level of support is.

    The only thing that will reveal this is a properly held constituent assembly election. The Maoists are betting that 10 years of grassroots organising, provision of services and running of local government in the remote areas will give them a large amount of support. Obviously some people who live in urban areas think they are wrong in thinking this. Only the election will tell–but when it does happen, all sides must respect the result.

  5. m, if you took their guns and intimidation tactics i think you find that the Maoists have very little support.

  6. Yes election will tell that Ola. But as Johan Petter Andresen has already made clear in his book how Maoists CONTROL 80% of Nepal and how majority of the people actually support Maoists movement, it should be a piece of cake to your nepali comrades if they ever decide to go for election.

    I have nothing against the like of Olas and their ideas of experimenting the revolution in other countries. At the same time they keep on forgetting their own situation in their own countries. I am very curious about the position of AKP in Norge. Do you have any representation in Stortinget ? Does your party participate in the elections ? If you take part in election, how is the result ? Do Norwegians take you guys seriously ? Well you have such bright ideas and Norewgians being educated, well informed people, you should be in the driving seat of Norwegianpolitical movement ? Or you still are fighting for the revolution in Norway ? Again Norwegian people are sensible people, so you shouldn’t have any problems as everyone should be behind you.

    I don’t know I am just confused.

  7. the maoists number not more than 0.5%( dont go by the hoardes of people in their rallies – they are there more by compulsion than by choice) of the entire population and yet have the power to hold the entire population to ransome!

    is this what loktantra is all about!!

    i hope the end of one autocrtaic ruler has not opened the doors for rule by an autocratic regime!!!

    keep your fingers crossed guys>>>

  8. neutral ji

    I think people like you are the true rumour carriers and justify Poet Bhupi’s Yo Hallai Halla Ko Desh Ho. I guess you didn’t go to the procession that’s why you are spreading such a bad rumour as the people raising the tree branches were maoist. I was in the Koteshwor julus and we were some 10 friends. we don’t belong to any political parties. we went there to oppose the autocracy of the king. when we saw other people from our neighbourhood puliing the branches and waving them, we thought it could be the best thing to wave for as we didn’t belong to any party and we could equally look contributing to movement as the flag bearer cadres. I denounce Maoist for their war but I appreciate their cause of fight. So, friend stop Hawadari Kura and try to be serious for your country. We are on the gate of great change. Maoist need to be brought to the main stream, otherwise we will suffer more.

  9. Really this country will need some time to change with people like this in this blog but I hope there are better people outside.I thought you guys will look things in a good way based on ground reality and historical understanding. I hoped that I would never have to write again in this blog site and continue with the aandolan for total rights of Nepali people.But you guys who have access to internet must be educated and well informed but the way you are giving facts and talking…I now know why there is a war in this country. In village a person who sells Nepali Girls in india by showing her the fantasy of city and they belive so easily as they are so less educated and so less informed..And it wouldn’t be any hard for the brilliant orator and theorist of the maoist who know how to spread THE DREAM OF REVOLUTION to catch those innocent folks and make them as they wish too..And the irony of situation of this nation is that the ones who should understand this fact and proceed to destroy that myth are more biased. 14000 killed by PLA and so on..Comon people can’t you guys wake up.

    Yes the ones who have been involved in killing innocent people must be punished…doesn’t matter who it is..maoist…army…party people…and even the king…but will this happen if the war continues? And about Yechuri…well he is doing all this from the Indian side in order to show the Naxals the way to come to multiparty democracy as it is really growing day and night and this is really troublesome then anything more more the India wanting to be the superpower in 2020. And you guys start hatch conspiracy when Indians come and you try to prove how patriot you are..And one person said that the maoist cadres were the ones carrying the branches…Where are you brother?Just that “fact” of yours proves your credibility…labelling everyone maoist for some weird reasons…

    I used to go to aandolan and I saw people carrying flags of Congress and the branches..I saw little kids carrying the branches….Now they are all maoist for you…You are the people who used to shout everytime…This aandolan is carried out by maoist and this will not succeed and they will come with guns to overtake the parties and so on..Well we have seen how true you are and look like Paras is still commiting mistakes and putting people in jail for the mistkaes he commits as this is his habit from childhood…you guys also can’t leave this habit…Of never beliving in things as they should be seen…you can’t know the truth seeing things from a single angle…and you guys are all doing that…you are either seeing it from parties angle, maoist angle, king angle and so on…and you proudly call yourself neutral…

    Just see people like Dr. Devandra Raj Pandey,Krishna Pahari and people like that to know what truly neutral people look like and try to be involve in making things good then shout out your baseless complexioned statement….Try to be a real Nepali and at least see the glass half full and you don’t need to worry about the nepali people being ruled by some autocract or some foreign nations….We can’t take the liability of leaders but the nepalese have shown what they wish and in a grand way… just worry about yourself to see things in different way and then observe the truth by yourself……..

  10. This Maoist Phenomenon in Nepal is short lived.
    When a saffron Government comes to power in New Delhi. We will make every attempt to undermine the Maoists.

    We are already raising a special task force of 2 million armed soldier trained in mountain warfare.

    When the people of Nepal get tired of the Maoists and when we face a refugee problem on account of their insane policies, We will march in and ANSCHLUSS Nepal to India. Hindu Nepal will become PERMANENTLY part of Hindu India.

    The world will not lift a finger to protest this.

    Jai Hind.

  11. The Maoists will be dead meat within the next two years. The Saffron government In New Delhi will kill this python for good.

    The Nepalese people are better of being part of “Akhand Rashtra” or Greater India.

    When Nepal becomes part of India then their economy will definitely receive a fillip.

    Nothing can prevent the inevitable from happening.
    Anschluss will occur. It is just a matter of time.
    In the mean time two million Indian Jawans (A special Task force) seperate from the Indian army and the Indian Airforce (Vayu Sena) are being primed for the take over.

    A good Maoist is a Dead Maoist !!!
    That is our policy and that is out declaration.
    The disease of Marxism should be expunged forever from the Indian Subcontinent.

  12. I agree with the demands of Maiost which they had put (Republic Ghoshana and Samanupathik Nirbhachan pranali) on the table of Seven Party Alliances. They should not leave their demands at any cost. They should now make good relationship with other group such as Limbhuwan, Khumbuwan, Janajati, Tharuwan etc so that they can win election, otherwise, it is difficult for them. And also they had to make their habits slightly better. All international forces specially, US, India are trying to degenerate maiost from Nepal because rise of Maiost in Nepal is harm for them.

  13. Yes, Mr. Ram I do agree with your pathetic statement that you viewed as positive the demand put by terrorist (Maoist). Few thousands terrorist and their kept hyenas like you ratify positively demand as “relevant”. It sounds to us that those thugs who can not believe in hardworking toward constructing strong country for her prosperous civics. Those innocent civics practice their religion rights since century long, what those terrorist do to them, beaten up to death, who against their meanness, they receive death rewards. This is terrorist version of republic. These terrorists have vision for a nation is destruction of infrastructures, mass slaughters, forcefully donations, these sorts of atrocities terrorizes whole nations since more than two decades. Instead of we all unite for cleansing to those who terrorize whole nations from Nepal, you viewed as positive to the terrorist’s demand. It is no doubt that you seem thirstier for fresh blood of innocent civic. Believe me Mr. Ram, Truth always win, it takes time.

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