Quarrelling Politicians of Nepal

It’s not the time to quarrel, SPA leaders should know, but to take bold action to establish democracy in the country. Pradeep Nepal and Arjun Nar Singh KC aren’t talking about principle, they are running after power.

Pradeep Nepal resigned from the Standing Committee of CPN UML saying that his party didn’t get respectable position in the cabinet. Arjun Nar Singh KC didn’t accept the post of spokesperson of Nepali Congress saying that the party didn’t discuss about the formation of cabinet with its members. Both Nepal and KC are top leaders of two biggest parties in the alliance and if you go by what they have said you tend to believe that they are indeed raising the issues of principle and justice. NO. These two folks represent the power-hungry and always quarreling groups in the Nepali political scene who always create problem out of nothing which, as we have seen in the past decade, defames democracy as a whole.

It is not unusual for any party to try to take control of attractive and powerful ministries. But the way Pradeep Nepal has raised the issue will only defame the political leadership and do harm to the coalition. In the name of principle, leaders like Pradeep Nepal and Arjun Nar Singh KC are encouraging the dirty game in the Seven Party Alliance (SPA). They seem to have forgotten that this is not a government that will be in power forever. It has certain objectives and responsibilities and it will work directly under the guidance of SPA. Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala has already clarified so in his first address to the parliament. If he ignores the agendas of SPA he is certain to fail. All parties of the alliance are free to introduce their agendas in the government via the meetings of SPA. If Pradeep Nepal thinks that Nepal Congress will save the oppressors of Jana Andolan by controlling Home Ministry, he should be able to raise his voice in the meeting of SPA. There is no need of staging the drama of resignation which many feel is done to increase the bargaining capacity of UML in further expansion of the cabinet.

What can I say about KC? Narahari Acharay, leader of Nepali Congress, says it all in today’s Himalayan Times: “[C]ertain party leaders have the tendency to hold informal meetings when they feel their interests are being undermined by some one else.” Acharya further says, “[W]hile they were waiting for announcement in their favour, they could have decided to call a formal meeting once they saw their interests have been quashed.”

What a brilliant observation.

Now is the time to act. Not the time to quarrel. People want to see the government take bold decisions. They want to see real actions from the government.– Wagle

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79 thoughts on “Quarrelling Politicians of Nepal

  1. Hari
    If you start something up I am in. I am sick of this moderation and BS articles. What pisses me off even more is that so many people come here and voice their disstisfaction with this site and Wagle/Acharya just don’t give a rat’s ass!

    Man at times I have been involved in a heated discussion here. When I responded one time after writing a long comment that took me like 45 mins it didn’t post because it needed moderation. By the time my comment was posted the discussion had gone a different direction!
    I just felt like punching Wagle or Acharya in the face that time. Often I just keep my comments short because it might need moderation and then I would have just wasted my time.

    So Hari if you start something up I am in!

  2. Guys,
    My response has been moderated again. I wrote something on how to start it. Please do shoot me an email with the topics you want to start with a little bit description too.
    email me at sharma.hp(at)gmail.com
    Thanks again…hope this passes through the damn moderation…

  3. Prakash,
    As you know Ambassadors are the spokespersons for the government. They are also a State apparatus like Chhetriya Prasasak and Anchal Prasasak. So there is an urgent need to recall them because present ones are anti seven party and pro king. They do not have any legitimacy.To make adecsion and call back should not last more than two weeks.

  4. Hari,
    Great job man. But what I had in mind was something of a breakaway faction of UWB established by people like us. Its a great job that you’ve started a new blog, but it would have been better if it could have a ‘United’ feel about it rather than a personal one, I mean, formed by a group of people and things like that.
    You guys must have heard of FC United. Its an English football club, established by the disgruntled fans of Man Utd. who were unhappy with the Glazers taking over the club. We should be following them.

  5. Again I was moderated. Damn it.
    Guys, I am going to change the name to Freedom Lovers and I have one topic posted. Visit the site…address is right above..response #53

  6. Sherlock
    How are we going to start that? Like create a website you mean?

    Not all ambassadors are spokeperson for the government. There are many career diplomats who are not necessarily supporters of the King.
    When you say ambassadors you should specify that ones appointed by the Royal government.

  7. Sherlock,
    It is a good idea to create a website. But, lets move on with the dreams nepal right now. We will think about that later. By the way, I changed my name to Freedom Lovers(so we all are there now).
    Pundit being the first ever to comment(without moderation!lol) on our site…congratulations pundit..hehe

  8. Not all the career diplomats are like “Dudh le dhoyeko”. They had gone extra miles to serve the King. For example, Kedar bhakta Shreastha in Washinton DC who was a foreign secretary also. Could you count him in the same catagory as career diplomat ? Now today I saw in NTV news the same Under Secretary,Private Assistant of Ramesh Nath Pandey, who was reported to have helped transporting all important files of the Foreign Ministry to the home of Pandey, smiling and working for DPM KP Oli as well. What do you say ? Political leaders should be very much aware of such people and things in their surroundings..

  9. Hari:
    Looks like no one is coming to the site right now. You have to sgin on etc. with this blogspot and that can get annoying sometimes. Plus the format is unappeling.

  10. Thuldai:
    What do you want the government to do? Proscecute them? I mean these workers at the Foregin ministry are just working and doing their jobs… Just think in the last 15 years how many different bosses they must have had. And its not like they were helping supress the People’s movement…

  11. Pundit,
    What I meant was to create a new site altogether.
    Something that could be named:
    www dot hamroblog dot com
    or something like that.

  12. Prakash,
    I donot want to weaken our own democracy by criticising leaders in such a vulnerable situation.

    I give my full support to Girija for he is the representative of we democratic people at this point of time.(however, he is undemocratic himself).

    But I cannot feel relaxed and releived and confident with him in the driver’s seat.
    I am not clear about his vision and his ways.

    I know I should wait and see but I can’t help myself worrying.

  13. Taaya,

    You are not worrying.. without giving him a chance you are baying for his blood.. all i’m saying is do not make such vengeful statements.. give him time.. and yeah, none of us are relaxed or confident. we share your concern, but i disagree with your methods of showing concern… that i think is irresponsible.. that’s all

  14. Prakash,
    ‘you are baying for his blood’…please donot use such clauses.
    I am not saying dethrone that guy immediately and chop his head.
    I simply worry and have my eyes of suspicion on him.

    U(including me) r not relaxed with maoists and always have your suspicion.

    I am also not releived with Girija and have my suspicion.

    I rather say, this is a very vulnerable point for Nepali people and Nepali politics.

    So many games are going to be played.

    So every citizen should keep our keen eye on Royals, maoists and politicians and international community.
    No time to get relaxed and leave all in the hands of politicians.
    We have to interfere and intervene again and again because it’s our future that is going to be drawn.

  15. Dear Mr. Pandit,
    At least the Minister should not use his services in his sedretariat. There so manytalanted under secretaries in the Ministry. That man was always travelling with Pandey and suggesting Pandey to issue such and such statements against the international community and ambassadors. All these statements were ridiculous and outragious.He was right handman of pandey and oppressing other offcers in the Minstry.

    Then what is the use of doing such a revolution against the Royal Regime. I have not demanded that all Foreign Minstry people should be prosecuted ?

    At least, such people should be sidelined or stopped of one Grade, or cautioned against such activities. And most of all, he must be transferred to other sections for the time being.I feel shame when I see same person with DPM who came to that post through revolution.Understood ?

  16. Just becuase of Girija (congress party’s president), our country in such a critical position just becuse of Mr. Girija, he is the dangerous person for the country because of Congress’s Girija there has been biggest problem at UML and even congress party.

    So we Nepal people beware with This bullshit Giring and Congress party.

  17. Thuldai:
    I don’t want to make a big deal out of this since this really is a very inconsequential issue. But if you are just taking about that one gentlemen yea that’s fine I guess the government can look into that. However, I don’t agree with you that Ramesh Nath Panday – who I have heard is an arrogant mofo would just follow the recomendations of his subordinates very easily. The entire Royal Cabinate were full of loonies who made outrageous statements!

  18. I am just saying that if somebody doing exra efforts to support and promote the Royal Regime they must be booked. But for example, Foreign Ministry guys are opposing the officiating FS Hira B Thapa and he is on home leave now like CS Karaki. Then do you think these two only are responsible, They were also ordered by VC Tulsi Giri and Ramesh Nath. I liked the statement made by the Finance Minister Dr. Mahat today in Nepali BBC that the ultimate responsible person is the King. The Commission of Rayamajhi or for any organ of the Govt. for that matter can not do anything to him although he is the principal culprit.

  19. thuldai and pandit,

    But they can not escape from prosecution pointing out to the King. Then what do you think about Tulsi Giri ? Let us not leave him by saying that King ordered him to repress the people.If tulsi is captured and tried in that commisiion, he will definately say the same thing but on Giri’s part he has shown extra interest to help the King like in 2017 and came all the way from hybernation for 20 years in a foreign country.

  20. Tulsi is just infront of Girija’s residence. they might have peaceful talk over a galss of Whisky about how to settle the problem. I tell you, congressis are so generous and magnanimous that they appointed Nara Shamsher as Police Chief even after 2007. He was the one who executed the four Martyres at that time.You shuold not think that they will punish anyone at the political level. They will only punish Madhab Thapa, Ramesh Basnet, Moktan, etc and close the commission. I doubt whether they will punish even Kamal Thapa. Forget about Securty Chiefs.At least, they dare not touch P J Thapa.

  21. Bhude Pundit,

    Bloggers wish you disappear for good. U R so unimpressive and imposing, no one would want to read your message. Learn from Taaya and Maya

  22. I would like to say thank you so much for all the information that you have put into your website. This has been very informative.

  23. In a kingdom long time ago, there lived a King who was very upset about the attitute of the people of his country. They always criticized one another and fought with each other. The king had no idea as to how he would get his people to have the right attitute towards their country.
    One day, the king thought of a brilliant idea. He asked few of his men to leave a huge rock on the middle of the busiest road in town early in the morning. As the day began to proceed, people began to to fill up the road. All the people noticed the huge unwanted rock in the middle of the road. “Our king is so lazy. He doesn’t do anything for us. He can’t even move this rock aside the road for the people’s convenience,” said one of the guys. “Yeah, he is a thief. All he wants is his own happiness,” another person shouted. “And how does he earn his happiness? Through our money,” said another one. “The king is a thief…… the king is a thief!”shouted the people.
    Days went by, and the big rock stood right where the king had left it.
    After a fews months past by, the king decided that it was useless and that his plan wouldn’t work.
    The next morning the king sermoned all the people of the town to the street where the rock stood. When everybody had arrived, the king ordered a few men to move the rock aside. To the people’s surprise, there lay a huge pot of gold underneath the rock. The king looked at the people with dismay, took the pot of gold and left. Nobody spoke a word for about 10 minutes.
    I think you guys got the moral of the story. Dont just learn to criticize other people. DO SOMETHING USEFUL INSTEAD.If anyone of the people would have the courtesy or the willingness to move the rock own his own, so that the people and he, himself wouldn’t have the problem the next day, he would have earned the pot of gold. But they were just like us. Who was awarded in the end? Not one of the people, not even the king. Why do you even criticize people when you dont know what is the truth? Is it so much fun to lower someone else’s personality just cause he is well known? I still see some people criticizing Girja P. Koirala as well. Are you guys the insane? I dont love Koirala. But at the same time, I dont think I have the balls to say anything bad about him. You know why? Because I have never ever been in his shoes. I have never stood where he stands. How can I judge him even before I know how it is like to be in his position?
    I once heard a wise man say, “If someone angers you, he conquers you.” I’m not angry with you guys. Hell, I dont even know anyone of you guys. Why are you guys just angry with the leaders? Haven’t you seen anything good? Maybe atleast one good thing out of ten??
    Ma pani Nepal ma hurkeko euta Bir Nepali ho. I want the best for my country too. But criticizing the people, who are atleast trying their best, wont help at all. If you think you have a real point, why not do something real about it? Like I said, sitting in front of the computer and writing away bad things about someone will not do any good. Not for you, our country or the leaders. If you think you got the guts and are telling the truth, step outside your house and DO SOMETHING! Get out of your room atleast and DO SOMETHING WORTHY!!!!

  24. I wonder on what basis are you calling Mr Arjun N KC ,a politician,hungry for power.Then what would you call politicians like Mr Ram sharan Mahat, Ms Suja ta Koirala.Well ,u call the people who stand for truth ,quarelsome????????…well what is it that you actually want in the country.A hanful of people ruling the country and everybody else living ignorantly.If mR KC was hungry for power ,qhy would he reject a position given to him by the president of the congress????????obviously he did not want a position where he would have to bootlick a handful of people all the time.Its alwys better to be on your own to express what you feel right?and besides this new cabinet from the congress party is merely like old wine in a new bottle,I think we nepalis are capable of more than that.We people have leaders who can do better than these people have been doing in the last 15 years…….so why not give them a chance?????????

  25. guys,
    i think the statement whoever has written i suppose it’s mr. wagle . he has just jumped to conlcusion by not speculating any other factors and this sort of statement is very very naive and not enought to argue and this is something you are trying to bring down the reputation of some one. if you do want to argue please get more concrete evidence. it s good to argue about politicains statement and view but not by somebodys opinion but by example.
    many thanks
    p.s i hope u have understood what i mean to say

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