Mark These Numbers: 205 + 35 + 240 + 17= 497 in Constituent Assembly

497=Total number of seats in Constituent Assembly Here is how it works: 205= Existing constituencies (for the Parliament) 35= To be added (recommended by the Election Constituency Delimitation Commission.) Of the 35, the commission has added 28 constituencies in the terai and 7 in the hill regions. But it hasn’t changed the number of constituenciesContinue reading “Mark These Numbers: 205 + 35 + 240 + 17= 497 in Constituent Assembly”

India on Election: Nepal Could Set Its Own Example

At a time when certain embassies are casting doubts on the fate of CA elections, India has supported Nepali Prime Minister’s position that election must be held at any cost. This is important because elections must be held on time. To differ the election date means to give time to play dirty games to theContinue reading “India on Election: Nepal Could Set Its Own Example”

Constitutional Monarchy in Nepal: Shift (to republicanism)+Delete!

Select ‘Constitutional Monarchy’ and press the Shift and Delete keys: Ultra-monarchists are advocating for ceremonial monarchy, constitutional monarchists are advocating for republicanism and republicans want Nepal to be declared republic state right now! In the past few days, unthinkable are happening in Nepal. It’s not that frogs are falling from the sky or dead menContinue reading “Constitutional Monarchy in Nepal: Shift (to republicanism)+Delete!”

Campaign For Democratic Republic Nepal Continues

Human Rights and Peace Society of Nepal organized a program in Jorpati, Kathmandu as part of the organization’s nationwide campaign for democratic republic. In 2006’s April Revolution that began today (or tomorrow by Nepali date), Jorpati had seen some of the intense demonstrations against the despotic royalist regime. Jhyamma..Jhyamma Ganatantra: In the democratic republic tuneContinue reading “Campaign For Democratic Republic Nepal Continues”

Prime Minister Defends Sitaula (America vs Maoists and Nepalgunj Curfew)

Sitaula’s resignation won’t resolve nation’s problems: PM Finally, Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala has publicly defended his Home Minister. This comes a day after the Parliament decided with two thirds majority to amend the constitutions as per the demands of Madhesi people. Madheis Janadhikar Forum, a group that claims to fight for the interests ofContinue reading “Prime Minister Defends Sitaula (America vs Maoists and Nepalgunj Curfew)”

Madhesi Forum, Ignoring the Parliament, Sends Agitation Out of Control

Even if these latest round of protests were part of pressure tactics, they must now be stopped because the parliament has addressed the demands of Madhesi people. As Madhesi Janadhikar Forum (MJF or MPRF) continues claiming that the movement is going out of its control, violence created by its cadres has significantly grown in someContinue reading “Madhesi Forum, Ignoring the Parliament, Sends Agitation Out of Control”

On the National Flag of Nepal

Some Nepali people think the current national flag of Nepal, triangular and only such in the world, needs to be changed while others think it’s unique and it’s okay. UWB received an article by Prakash Bom about the necessity of the new flag and a photo of “a model flag for the People’s Republic ofContinue reading “On the National Flag of Nepal”