Prime Minister Defends Sitaula (America vs Maoists and Nepalgunj Curfew)

Sitaula’s resignation won’t resolve nation’s problems: PM

Finally, Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala has publicly defended his Home Minister. This comes a day after the Parliament decided with two thirds majority to amend the constitutions as per the demands of Madhesi people. Madheis Janadhikar Forum, a group that claims to fight for the interests of Madheis has been demanding the resignation of Krishna Prasad Sitaula. The group is currently holding its meeting in the wake up yesterday’s parliamentary decision. Here is what Koirala said in Biratnagar today:

BIRATNAGAR- Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala on Saturday said that Home Minister Krishna Prasad Sitaula’s resignation would not resolve the nation’s problems, adding that he himself would tender his resignation if it helped solve the issues. The PM, who had made a surprise visit to his home town Biratnagar Saturday morning, told reporters, “If it can resolve the problems, I will ask for the Home Minister’s resignation this instant … but the Home Minister’s resignation is not the answer.” Informing that he himself was holding talks with the agitating sides in the Terai, PM Koirala expressed hope for a peaceful resolution to all the grievances through talks. Koirala urges Maoists to ‘behave’ before joining government. (more)

Prime Minister Koirala also said the Maoists would be brought into an interim government only when they correct their behavior. Koirala said the Maoists must start behaving according to the agreements signed with the SPA government and return the properties seized by them during the insurgency. He, however, did not give any tentative timeframe for the formation of a Maoist-included cabinet. Koirala’s statement came three days after an ‘understanding’ between the Nepali Congress (NC) and the Maoists to form interim government before March 15. (more)

Other Headlines:

Royalist plot to kill US officials will be clarified soon: Prachanda

POKHARA- Maoist Chairman Prachanda Saturday morning said that the evidence about the “plot to kill US officials by the royal palace” was being collected and that it would be revealed soon.The former rebel chief also said instead of being grateful to him for warning them to remain cautious, the US officials were raising an outcry over his statement to disrupt the ongoing peace process. (more)

>>Before this, the US Embassy in Kathmandu showed it’s concern over Prachanda’s remarks in Pokhara the other day.
>>> Maoists don’t deserve membership in govt if they continue violence: US

12-hour curfew clamped in Nepalgunj; MPRF strike on fifth day

NEPALGUNJ- Following yesterday’s clash between locals and Madhesi People’s Rights Forum (MPRF) cadres in Nepalgunj, the Banke District Administration Office today extended its curfew orders from 7 am to 7 pm. The local administration had imposed a 13-hour curfew yesterday following the killing of Tula Ram Tripathi, a local from Khajura in the district. At least a dozen people were seriously injured in the clash. (more)


25 responses to “Prime Minister Defends Sitaula (America vs Maoists and Nepalgunj Curfew)”

  1. XYZ Avatar

    well Said Mr. Koirala “If it can resolve the problems, I will ask for the Home Minister’s resignation this instant … but the Home Minister’s resignation is not the answer.”

    Seems, Koirala has suddenly realised the problems of Nepal.

    Mr. Koirala, can you list down the Problems in bullet points?

    Hope he will also realise the solution ?

  2. Kirat Avatar

    How about asking for Sitaula’s resignation for gross incompetence? law and order? that’s a big joke.

  3. Captain Crash Avatar

    Maoist have nothing but to start propaganda… now the most senior leader from USA is visiting they started to throwing shit on the royal family about killing of American. Prachande no one is going to believe you coz you are the killer who killed 14000 people… and It is you who is planning to do any thing to make royal family look like f@$# head, you are paranoid.

    Prachande should realize they cannot always rule people with fear.

    Of course sitaula’s resignation is not going to solve the problem. He is the one who negotiate with maoist to bring them to the parliament.

  4. dhanush Avatar

    there is never ever a new creation of UWB. It is always Ctrl C and Ctrl V from the kantipur publications.
    shame on to UWB.

  5. Jay Nepal Avatar
    Jay Nepal

    The PROBLEM IS INCOMPETENCE level of all politiciians in Nepal.
    They only know how to stick with chair. PM is the total failure and
    WORST leader NEPAL has ever produced. If someone says he has this or that
    quality then he must say the same to Maoists. The politics of character is lacking
    be it A or B party. Statemanship is lacking. The result is we stand at the tail
    of worlds worst.
    All the leaders GIRIJA, Makune, Deuba, Prachande, Bhattarai and so on
    Gooooooooooooo to hell.

  6. Paribartan Avatar

    PM Koirala is right that home minister’s resignation alone is not solution to Terai’s problems. But, he must also realize that home minister’s resignation is sought not for resolving Terai problems. This is for his failure to control law and order in Terai and for his bungling in Terai. As a Pahadi, I strongly feel that Krishna Sitauala is the one who fanned separatist desires in Terai movement. So, Sitaula must go for his gross mistakes which has led to such a polarized situation in Nepal.

    As far as Madhesis coming to negotiation table is concerned, why should they come? How they will answer their support base for joining negotiation without scalp of Sitaula. So, Situala’s exit is logical precondition for holding parleys.

  7. shekhar mayavi Avatar
    shekhar mayavi

    Prachanda has now stooped down to dirty politics and rumor mongering out of his desperation to grab power. He is pushing Nepal towards chaos and anarchy. I don’t understand why he is so scared to hold CA elections, and comes up with new claims and demands every week. Indeed no one has understood that everything is fair in war better than him.

  8. Patriot Ravi Avatar
    Patriot Ravi

    I am now confirmed that these groups as MJF are really acting honestly to try to Disrupt the CA POLLS.

    And also to sideline the Maoists just by parroting & “neutralising the Maoists demands of federalism and right to self-determination”.
    They have proved that they the Traitors are really fking our Mother Nepal in the hands of Foreign Forces” USA mainly “.

    Y they doing all these ??
    For $+$. Hah selling our own Mother for money !

    Hope u mother_fkers will be identified and wiped out soon from Nepal by Nepali People.
    All the best for it.
    Regards ‘
    Patriot Ravi.

  9. sagarmatha Avatar

    This is usesless government in our history looking at the present scenario regarding terai crisis. Girija seems to be total failure in resovling the Madheshi andolan. It is already more than 50 days the crisis is going on and the government neither accepting their demand to make the enviroment for table talk nor can able to control it. The sentiment is not going to work in the politics when it comes to day to day surviving. How many days this situation is going to prolong is the question mark of today…

  10. ck2 Avatar

    I do agree with the Prime Minister when he says that the Home Minister’s resignation will not resolve the nation’s problems, however, him remaining in the office has made things worse as well, therefore he should resign. Then we will know how serious the Madhesi Forum is about talks and about their demands.

  11. sagarmatha Avatar

    KATHMANDU (Reuters) – A top U.S. official said on Saturday that the failure of Maoists to renounce violence in Nepal and growing unrest by ethnic groups were threats to the Himalayan nation’s progress towards democracy.

    U.S. Under Secretary of State for Management Henrietta H. Fore said the U.S. government welcomed the progress Nepal had made in striking a peace deal with the Maoists and ending a decade-old civil war in which some 13,000 people died.

    Under the November peace deal, the Maoists will join a multi-party interim government before this year’s elections for a constituent assembly that will draw up a new constitution.

    Fore, the most senior U.S. official to visit Nepal since the peace process began last year, said challenges remained.

    “In following events here, my government has become worried by two trends that, if unresolved, threaten Nepal’s democratic progress,” she told reporters, condemning the Maoists for continuing violence, extortion and intimidation.

    “The Maoists themselves must finally renounce violence and begin acting like a mainstream political party,” Fore said.

    “If they cannot, then the United States believes they do not deserve membership in a coalition government whose other partners play by the rules of civility and non-violence,” Fore said.

    She said Washington was also worried over growing unrest among various ethnic groups in the Himalayan nation and asked the government to engage in talks with them.

    At least 31 people have died in protests and many areas were crippled by strikes this year by Madhesis, an ethnic group from the southern plains, other lower-caste Hindu groups and poor highlanders demanding greater shares in government jobs and parliament.

    Authorities imposed curfews on two south-western Nepali villages on Saturday, a day after one person died in clashes between ethnic Madhesis protesting for more autonomy and villagers defying their strike.

    More than a dozen people were also wounded on Friday in the clashes in Khajura and Kohalpur villages during a general strike called by the Madhesi People’s Rights Forum, police said.

    The Madhesis live along the narrow strip of the Terai region which is home to nearly half of Nepal’s 26 million people and share closer cultural links with neighbouring India than with Nepalis residing in the Himalayan mountains of the north.

    So to make more worst Mr. Situala should resign immediately and form the commission for terai suppression. Then after invite them in the table, if they don’t come then make second thought.

  12. sagarmatha Avatar

    read as “not to make more worst”

  13. pontiff Avatar

    Just read and feel proud:
    The Indian Embassy in Lainchour, these days, has emerged as the only most powerful embassy which actually is the remote control of the Nepal government. The Embassy is busy in dealing with very big and very small business – whether it is political or commercial in nature, among others. Our readers may know what very big deals the Embassy is involved in, but many may not be aware about very small deals also in which the Embassy is poking its nose. At the time of renewal of the trade treaty between Nepal and India, the Indian ambassador was busy in consultations with the then commerce minister Buddhiman Tamang. These consultations were related to an Indian joint-venture company and the Indian ambassador had put forward a pre-condition for the renewal of the treaty. That condition was giving a huge amount of the government revenue exemption to an Indian joint-venture tele-communication company, UTL. The then cabinet was compelled to give such discount for this particular company. Yes, we have another joint-venture company in communications, Spice Nepal Pvt Ltd. But, this company was not given such a discount. It is interesting to know, later, the Rayamajhi Commission interrogated Tamang and asked him about giving such a heavy discount. Later when Tamang said, it was the business of the Lainchour Durbar, the “powerful” Rayamajhi Commission didn’t mention a single word about this discount in its report.

    Our readers may be aware that most of the print as well as electronic media are directly or indirectly supported by the Lainchour Durbar and thus media persons are very cautious while producing any report that might irritate their bread giver, the Lainchour Durbar. Our borders are encroached by the Indians; our soil is inundated by the construction of Indian dams which is in violation of the norms of international borders; anti-national citizenship bill was endorsed unopposed by the parliament, among many, many other anti-Nepal activities. But there was no newspaper — except some patriotic but small weeklies – which dared to write about these vexing issues. Perhaps, these daring newspapers hurt the “feelings” of the Lainchour Durbar, therefore, this Durbar, now-a-days, is running after these small newspapers which dared to go against it. The business of the senior diplomats at the Lainchour Durbar these days is to ask those officials of the Indian joint-ventures to not “support” the patriotic newspapers by giving them commercial advertisements. Just recently, as per the Indian Embassy instruction, the Salt Trading Corporation stopped giving the “Aayo Noon” advertisement (an Indian product marketed by Salt Trading) to this newspaper, although the advertisement amount was very little. This could be an attempt of enforcing an economic blockade against those newspapers which dared to go against the embassy of the ‘largest democracy’. And this is the practical censor of media in Nepal. No matter, those leading media can write everything about Nepal but cannot write anything about India, this is the reality and the state of freedom of press in Nepal.

    We don’t mind, we know, we cannot get the advertisements of those multinational companies having Indian investment. Thus far, we have requested to our friends for financial contribution and the response has been very much encouraging. Considering the sentimental attachment of those respected contributors towards our efforts, we are determined for the proper utilization of this fund and we have deposited the sum in a fixed deposit account and we wish to spend the interest that we receive from that fund for bringing out our newspaper without any financial hurdle.

    Yes, dumped Indian products dominate our market and our country is suffering a huge deficit in its trade with India. Although the Indian industrialists earn profit from their dumped products, they invest very little portion of their profit in advertisements here. Getting advertisement is our right. If they do not invest in advertisement, it is wise to discard their products and it is our request to our friends to avoid those Indian products and consume local products and if local products are not available in the market, then try for the third country quality products, which are better compared to the dumped Indian products. Our small efforts may help to give a positive trend in creating a balance in our trade with this bully of a neighbour. Let’s think about this!

  14. mahesh cumar Avatar
    mahesh cumar

    Why on the hell GP wants to defend this Shutgulla minister.

  15. guyfromktm Avatar

    the fact of the matter is that the problem of Nepal is unresolved and so far “asksham” situala hasn’t resigned. We will never know until he resigns if the problems would be resolved through his resignation. If for nothing, Situala needs to go for the 37 people that were killed in the recent Terai uprising at the hands of security forces. We don’t even have to bring the issue of total lawlessness that is happening under his nose to showcase his inability to hold the home minister’s position any longer. Just because he is close to the Maoists and increasing looking like he was one the Maoists to begin with, it gives him no right to cling on to power. He should go… whether Koirala likes it or not!

  16. replytoall Avatar

    country deserves the government it deserves. Nepal deserves this.

  17. Nepali People's Rights Forum Avatar
    Nepali People’s Rights Forum

    It seems everyone is caught up with the catch22 statements.

    Prachanda will have hard time to find the evidence. Even he has found it will lack the evidence to proof it with first hand proof.

    US ambassador has reacted too much to get safe guard Americans. But if Prachanda fails to prove his statement then what?

    Government has taken proper action for the security of American people in Nepal. PM now must understand that formation of the interim government has come to choice less state. This is what is going to cool down the Madhesi and other ethnic movements.

    Amendments of the Interim Constitution with the promise of federal governance structure and proportional electoral system might pave the way to begin constructive talk with MPRF.

    Moves need very careful decission making procedures with the SPA and the Maoists.

    NPRF is behind supporting the moves

  18. tarai2280 Avatar

    Mr. Sitaula must go for two rasons:

    1. To show nepali people that this govt. will not work as the previous govt. had and nobody is above law. Criminals wll not go unpunished and they will have to face the consequences of their irresponsibility.

    2. It will calm the movement in terai so that environment will be conducive to talk.

  19. Bahadur PKC Avatar
    Bahadur PKC

    The strike should be continued or not is not the important question
    The government has already changed the interim constitution and address the voice of taria movement but still u r in the road?

    “Every problem can be solved via round table nut not form violence “

    In the beginning days of the medehsi movement I have also supported them thanking that they are fighting for the freedom, but now i m also felling that the movement is moved towards violence and destruction

    But listen this story of a boy form Nepal Jung


    “Innocent villagers of khajura , near NepalJung, who have never faced curfew and the strike in their whole lives , are afraid and leaving their village. The people who are putting fire in our huts are not from our village or our neighbors “the identified people may call form India of other places” “We have talked to the maeeshi movement leaders also but they denied that their carders are involved in?

    “Some people {like Bhagat } are playing role in this destruction . ????????????

    I m seeing your site regular and find out that u just want to see violence in tarai but u be sure ( ParmendarBhagat ) your nightmare never comes in the true . What do u want to see in the country? Please be sure all problems can be solved by sitting on the table, but not by violence, which we have seen in the last 12 years.

    Writing is one of the powerful weapons to change the world and bogs /journalism plays vital role, plz stop propaganda which brings nothing but just conflicts and violence in the nation .

    [I am sorry, I have translate the page with out taking prior permission of the writer. This content is taken form]

  20. KS Avatar

    Krishna Sitaula: Appeaser, Not Peacemaker

    The biggest formal reason being put forth for Krishna Sitaula not
    resigning is that he has played an important role in bringing the
    Maoists into the peace process. To my mind Sitaula’s handling of the
    peace process is the number one reason why he should be sacked. He has
    been an appeaser.

    That is not the number one reason why he should resign, but that is
    the number one reason he should be sacked. The number one reason he
    should resign is because his Home Ministry and the Maoists who work in
    collaboration with that Home Ministry have killed 40 Madhesis during
    the course of the Madhesi Movement. That is why he should resign.

    Kamal Thapa and Gyanendra Shah killed 21 during the April Revolution.
    Their entire regime collapsed and the monarchy is about to get
    demolished as an institution. 21 deaths have that much power.

    40 deaths will not go in vain. Sitaula will resign.

    But what if it were true that he has played an important role in the
    peace process, and this really was a peace process and not an
    appeasement process, and the Maoists truly had become a political
    party, which they clearly have not.

    Even then Sitaula would have had to resign. His resignation is not a
    progress report on his career. The demand of his resignation is
    strictly about one thing: 38 deaths during the 21 days of the Madhesi
    Movement, and two plus deaths in the aftermath during the second
    ongoing round of that same movement.

    The call for his resignation is nothing to do with the fact that he
    has botched the peace process by acting like he has no spine. It is
    nothing to do with the fact that his own party cadres are having to
    live in fear of the Maoists in the villages. The Maoists beat up his
    party cadres in Kathmandu.

    The call emanates from the 38 deaths during the 21 glory days of the
    Madhesi Movement.

    Krishna Sitaula has to go. Or there will be no constituent assembly elections.

    Krishna Sitaula has to go. Or the peace process is going to come unstuck.

    Krishna Sitaula has to go. Or the country is going to stay paralyzed
    for days, weeks, as long as need be.

    The Madhesi are awake. The Janajati are awake. They are not about to
    go back to sleep.

    The Maoists don’t want him to resign. If he resigns, the probe
    commission will have to be formed. The Maoist who murdered the 16 year
    old Mahato in Lahan will have to go to jail for life. The Maoists
    don’t want that. In the Maoist lexicon, a murder is not a murder. In
    the Maoist worldview, if the Maoists disrespect the peace agreements,
    you are supposed to act like you did not see, you are supposed to look
    the other way, and act like there is a peace process going on in the

    Those who are thus scared of the Maoists need to get inspired by the
    Madhesi Movement. Krishna Sitaula has lessons to learn from the
    Madhesi Movement. If he wants his party cadres to no longer fear the
    Maoists, but he does not know how to make that happen, he needs to
    look at the Madhesi Movement. The Madhesi Movement has ended the
    jungle raj of the Maoists in the Madhesh. The Janajati Movement will
    end the jungle raj of the Maoists in the Pahad.

    The Madhesi Movement is the peace process that Nepal has been begging
    for. Krishna Sitaula’s has been an appeasement process. He gave
    everything the Maoists asked for and got nothing in return. The
    Maoists have taken a ton of money from the government. And there is no
    accountability. Where did all that money go? Did the Maoists save it
    for electoral purposes? Is that the money the Maoists use to organize
    their fancy, elaborate mass meetings? Is that the money they use for
    the upkeep of their militia that has its presence in every nook and
    corner of the country?

    The Madhesi Movement is the urgent alarm bell the country needed. The
    Pahadis need to be thankful to the Madhesi Movement. Or they were all
    heading towards the cliff.

  21. XYZ Avatar

    Wonderful Gyan on the the display

    “Every problem can be solved via round table nut not form violence “

    Were those 19 people fool, who sacrified life in April movement ?

    Keep it up guys, your gyans are inspirational.

  22. sagarmatha Avatar

    13,000 people…Maoist jungle rule
    21 people…royal rule
    35 people…Girija rule

    How many more….?

  23. HIV Avatar

    propagandist prachanda and his progressive reactionarism!!!!!!!!!

  24. no name Avatar
    no name

    yesterday prachanda claimed one thing today another ? I think in medical term he became insane ! prachanda is proagandist ! dont believe him. girija babu !


    Do u agree for our indian minister

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