Constitutional Monarchy in Nepal: Shift (to republicanism)+Delete!

Select ‘Constitutional Monarchy’ and press the Shift and Delete keys: Ultra-monarchists are advocating for ceremonial monarchy, constitutional monarchists are advocating for republicanism and republicans want Nepal to be declared republic state right now!

In the past few days, unthinkable are happening in Nepal. It’s not that frogs are falling from the sky or dead men are walking on the Kathmandu streets but we are witnessing something similar in nature. Maoists are giving donations and Surya Bahadur Thapa and Pashupati Shumser Rana are deleting “constitutional monarchy” from their “club” parties’ statues (see box item). You know what; even the diehard royalists are trying to portray themselves as revolutionaries by stressing the need of “ceremonial monarchy”, mind it, not “absolute monarchy”, in Nepal. Democratic republicans are amused. The latest situation that there are three kinds of folks in Nepal right now:

1. Those folks who spent most of their lives praising and serving the autocratic monarchy are now either ceremonial monarchists or “neutral”! [Even Rabindra Nath Sharma is not advocating for absolute monarchy. He is for ceremonial! Publicly, at least.]

2. Those guys who demanded constitutional monarchy all their lives are now on the verge of turning into republicans. [Do I have to tell what Nepal Congress will do in the next few months to survive the election? This party deleted “constitutional monarchy” months ago when Gyanendra Shah was using police to baton charge the agitating Congress folks. There is intense pressure within the party to for the next reasonable step: republican.]

3. And those who always advocated for the abolition of monarchy want to declare the country a republic Nepal right now. [Oh…yea, Prachanda and company is just an example.]

To sum of the situation, one must say the wind is flowing towards republicanism. Politically speaking, Nepal is progressing for sure. It’s very unlikely that the monarchy could retain powers in any constitution that it lost on paper in the past several months. The only question that is lingering around is how the “wind of republicanism” does away with the monarchy. -by Wagle

Background: RPP and RJP Write Off Constitutional Monarchy

Kathmandu (9 April): Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) -one of Nepal’s pro-royal parties- has decided to drop constitutional monarchy from its party statute. According to RPP spokesperson Parshu Ram Khapung, the party was rewriting the RPP manifesto and dropping constitutional monarchy as per the aspirations of the Interim Constitution-2063. Khapung further informed that the RPP -which is registering itself at the election commission for the upcoming constitutional assembly elections -had decided to omit constitutional monarchy after “grave discussions” within the party. “We are removing the constitutional monarchy since it was not envisioned in the interim constitution,” he said, adding that those points in the party statute which conflict with the interim constitution had been removed.

The RPP’s decision comes following Rastriya Janashakti Party’s (RJP) -another pro-royal party -decision to drop constitutional monarchy form its statute. Former prime minister Surya Bahadur Thapa-led RJP’s Central Work Performance Committee meeting on 7 April decided to drop the term “constitutional monarchy” from the preamble and related clauses of the party statute. It is a decision aimed at pushing the party forward while remaining neutral over the issue of monarchy, a party central leader said. Dropping the term constitutional monarchy has cut the party’s relations with the monarchy in the new context where a new constitution has been promulgated and the House of Representatives has stripped the king of all his powers, the party leader said. (detail)






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  1. sonam Avatar

    Congress will be the torch bearer for ceremonial Monarchy and other parties in favor of ceremonial will follow it.
    Congress will not abdon the policy of BP Koirala and lately KP Bhattarai also said that he is for ceremonial. The Communists were always for republic and the other absolute monarchy parties are just plain opportunists.

  2. tax-evader Avatar

    Hye Wagle,
    How about we give a “Full Format” to your barbaric mao-terrorism.

  3. Kirat Avatar

    Yeah I agree with sonam. I can’t see Congress giving up the ghost of monarchy.

  4. Truee Avatar

    MR wagle
    Abolition moanrchy is not absolute solution. i sometime watch Sai baba is start plus and sai baba on that serial repeatetly utter one word ” Sabka Malik Ek hai”. Simmilarly in nepal, Sabka Malik is INDIA. From nepali congress to maosit, mahesi forum or king they all funtion in the intrest of india. After SAARC summit, somehting may have fed to GIRija he started saying only gaynendra. Unless and untill we united nothing would happend to our country.
    So its worthless to argue on monarchy or republican or support any political party or king.

  5. Chandrama Avatar

    Sonam bewafa,

    Ke bhaneko testo, mori? Talk some sense. Koirala will not be able to hold the bhel of republicanism in the party. That’s next to impossible. BP? Congress already forget him. BP was the man of 50s, 60s and 70s. It’s 2007, dear. Did you say KP? Ah, wake up to face the reality. Bhattarai hardly chews paan, he can’t speak politics these days.


    First declare your income, pay the tax and I will talk to you.

  6. sonam Avatar

    The only barrier between nepal being a ceremonial or republic, is the GOOD People of NEPAl.

    This right to decide the fate of the King rests with the people and none of the political parties should deprive the people of this right. Any party that attempts to do it, will be wiped out by the People.
    A couple of newspapers and a party that has never been tested in elections are shouting for republic, but they do not represent the majority of the people. So let the people decide in a fair & free manner.

  7. Chandrama Avatar

    Sonam bewafa,

    now you are talking something. Yes, the GOOD people of Nepal. People want Nepal to be a republic. That is exactly why these parties are deleting monarchy from their bhidans. If people were not for republic, why would people like Thapa and Rana delete monarchy? These old boys have sensed the public opinion and they know that if they have to survive in politics, they must act as per the public sentiment. They all want vote in the election and the only way to get some is of course to distance themselves with the dying donkey called monarchy.

  8. sonam Avatar

    Congress has not forgetton BP. When in problem the Congress always brings back BP. Only in good times they forget BP.
    KP Bhattarai still has say in the Congress matters. Without his consent, the two congress will not unite.
    Other variables in ceremonial include 1) US Policy, 2) India Policy and above all BJP Policy.
    All these variables indicate towards ceremonial, because none of them want another STALIN in Nepal.

  9. sonam Avatar

    Just because the royalists parties are remving the king from their bidhans does not mean they are anti king. Come elections and they will back the ceremonial, remember 2036, the communits at that time supported the king and only the Congress fought for Multi Party.

  10. namenot required Avatar

    The Indian agents in Nepal’s politics really want the king to go. Because that will make the job of Nepal’s subjugation into India will be easier. Go ahead. It is the time of Lendups. The day will come when the people who love their country will open of these accounts. Good luck !!!

  11. hell_supreme Avatar

    It may be a time to rejoice if whatever republicnism symbolizes functions properly..

    ……if it goes haywire….it may be more deadly than the consti/ceremonial brand of rule……

  12. sonam Avatar

    If Republic does not work then the options we have:
    1) Get the King to come back: Like in cambodia, Afganisthan etc.
    2) Join the Indian Union like Sikkim
    3) Have a civil war in Nepal and eventually be eaten by India
    4) Have 20-30 new countries and each one will eventually be taken over by India.
    5) Military rule in Nepal
    6) One party rule and a new STALIN will rule nepal.
    Whatever happens Nepal will be doomed and the lines for the DV will get longer and hope Uncle Sam increases the DV quota for Nepal.

  13. pawan Avatar

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  14. sonam Avatar

    The press statements of Mahara and Prachanda said that their struggle has not ended but the they have changed their methods:
    Their methods are now the YCL and the indirect threats of the gun.
    these guys should shut up and start running their ministries. Lets see how they run their ministries. By election time they will also be corrupt like all the other parties, and then the YCL will be after their blood.
    Watch out My. Prachanda and Mr. Mahara and other maoists ministers.

  15. Neil Horning Avatar

    It may be hard to accuse the Maoist ministers of coruption when they have no personal property. Just sayin…

  16. Kirat Avatar

    Neil..look at the modern day communists in China, West Bengal, Vietnam. Look at the economic policies they practice (after all communism is essentially an economic policy)…what chance it will prosper in Nepal? A big fat zero methinks! It’s never worked anywhere else…

  17. Patriot Avatar

    I agree with Kirat’s assertion on communists track record on ecomony management, except China where they’ve done great and WB where they’ve screwed everything. Vietnam – not much idea. Will it work in Nepal? It might, but not in isolation but in collaboration. Nepal was a system for the rich and feudal class because of too much rightists controlling state power. The untra leftists in Maoists will hopefully bring the balance. But we the citizens need to be watchful not to make either of them too strong. lest they make the other irrelevant, neither too neck-to-neck else they will always create checkmates.

    That perfect balance I think is the answer for which a strong leftist like Maoists might work.

  18. Narhari Avatar

    I can see the progressive change of faith of political parties in Nepal. let me remind all of you that now days nepal is rule by foreigner. THe present PM Mr. GP Koirala is the indian nation, who born in india and have the indian idology.

    There is the question why india advocate the Republic of Nepal, is not because of the They wanted to see nepal as the democratic country, but all because of the Kind Gynandra has not supported the Indian Idology. Out the regult, they given protection to Maoist and gather all indian idologist like GP koirala to advocate aganint Monacrcy.

    If King Gynandra has followed the indian voice, there could not have any change in political faith in Nepal.

    Unfutunately, now days nepal rulled by indian citizen and there is nothing surprized to see the changes in Nepal to made nepal as one of the indian state.

  19. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Which economic system is better or wheather having a leftest party in the government will bring a balance is really only relavent if the Maoists were indeed following a true communist economic ideology. The Maoists are more of a bunch of opportunist goons then champions of communist ideals.
    I see many disturbing signs namely the YCL and Maoist affliated wokers union. If such groups are not nipped at the bud they will prove to be a major obstacle in the future. Frankly I don’t see Prachanda doing anything to control these groups either because he needs to appease his core bain washed constituents and he can use these rowdy groups as a bargaining chip in th future.

  20. Patriot Avatar

    You are right Bhudai – but in a nation of beggars, we dont have the luxury of choice. You and I cannot force Maoists to disappear from the face of the earth. The best option is to hope for an equally strong & united SPA so both of them check each other. Unfortunately, Maoists are full of illeterate fools and SPA of erudite scholars who have proven to be more detrimental to this country than good. So its really difficult for me to decide on whom should I put my bet on. For democracy to truly thrive, we must have strong & gutsy opposition which only Maoists can provide.

    Again, for them to coexist is wishful thinking, but thats all the luxury we can afford right now.

  21. shekhar mayavi Avatar
    shekhar mayavi

    wagle bhai, hurray hurray gajjabai hune bhayo. Has Mahara stamped a hammer and sickle tattoo on your butt yet ? Can you please post a picture of that as soon as you get one. You know you can extend your masterpiece article by saying that uncle prachanda still insists that his final goal remains the same as what he started with. When will you start celebrating communism in Nepal ? Man….I favor ceremonial monarchy, but just to shake the ghost of republicanism euphoria off idiots like you I want to see Maoists take over Nepal as soon as possible.

  22. noname Avatar

    So according to the game plans of SPAM…there are 2 parties in Nepal…SPA and M…

    SPA consists of Seven Parties…and M consists of rebels…And then SPA and M join hands together. But wait, SPA and M are opposition parties. And within SPA there are 7 parties who fight with each other. But no no, SPA is One party and M is another One party. But hey, SPAM is one party. So ummm, okay, there is Democracy and in SPAM democracy all parties are together but divided and divided to be United!

    I am kind of confused!

  23. sonam Avatar

    In Nepal everyone is confused.
    The political parties, the people, the govt, the police, the army, the palace and all the players are confused. This confusion will carry over to the CA elections and another confused Parliament will be formed. This confused parliament will bring another confused consitution and again some party will start a revolt and the people will again be confused.
    No political parties want to remove the confusion, because if it is removed and the people see clearly, then a lot of political parties will have problems.

  24. sagarmatha Avatar

    The sad thing is CA election itself being made confused by spaM. No body knows where we are heading ?? Goalless mission of Girija…

  25. Abhishek Avatar

    I truely agree what Mr Narhari has expressed.The fate of monarchy,democracy ,and republic all depends on the India.Its the political party are saying but the Indial views and ideology with what they are comming forward in the nepal as their fresh and renewed political agenda.

  26. sagarmatha Avatar

    I also truly agree with Abhisekh, neither Prachanda nor Girija have any power to keep or demolish the monarchy without Indian conscent.

  27. Deadonarrival(DOA) Avatar

    By the way, have you guys heard Mr. Pasang ( one of the top leader of Maoist) categorically state that Nepal is on process of Sikkimization. Tck,tck- didn’t I say so, long ago.

    By the White trash (Neil) reasoning that the communist cannot be corrupted sounds as a defence- or a sick joke. C’mon, we ain’t one of those rednecks who got looted blind by Enron- speaks what you know,not what you suppose. By the way Bhaun Trash (Wagle) never acts like a journalist with thinking mind-he comes across as a person who has been heavily doctored, even his writing does not looks like his own, and for his depth- its mother of all shallow. Stop getting spoon fed, grow your own brain, and learn to be critical with substance rather than misplaced angst.

    As for Monarchy- it ain’t dead yet, just look for sign of resurrection as these SPAM shoots itself in its foot pretty soon. India may be the culprit but we are the stupid ones to let them shove us from behind. But many of us still feel wonderous for a being a whore of India and all the goods they have done in the name of Loktrantra- guess only thing India forget to put on was condom- now the plague (unruly, lawlessness, secterian violence, extortion and killings) is spreading like wild fire.

  28. sagarmatha Avatar

    “Hawa na aii pat hallidaina”

    All the agreement and strategies developed in Delhi Durbar.

  29. Captain Crash Avatar

    “Constitutional Monarchy in Nepal: Shift (to republicanism)+Delete!”

    hey what is with the title of the article? Are we formatting and reinstalling the same old program or is it new… The old one had lots of bug and torzan horses name maoist which has spread and affected whole country may be we need some young virus cleaner.

  30. noname Avatar

    Wagle is the new young virus cleaner. He is Norton. Bhudai Pundit, Patriot, Kirat, etc. and their gang here are McAfee.

    There was this Gagan Thapa last year. The SPAM warlords used him and abused him and then threw him away. He may resurface. He is AVG Antivirus.

    LOL. I am being sarcastic. They are all viruses infact!

  31. noname Avatar

    Damn. My post got marked as SPAM. Wait for sometimes till wagle filters out.

  32. noname Avatar

    Constitutional Liberalism
    (Courtesy: Siddhartha Thapa)

    The peace process so far has been built on wishful thinking, hope and trust. The induction of Maoists into the interim government is also no exception – they were inducted purely with the hope and trust built over the last year with the SPA.

    However, by inducting the Maoist into the government without the completion of credible arms management and a total renunciation of violence, the government has embarked on a high risk gamble. Unfortunately, the most worrisome aspect is that Girija has played his last card by inducting the Maoists into government. Implicit in this action is the realization that all options to mainstream the Maoists have been exhausted – we can only now hope that the Maoists will “walk the talk.” But what if the Maoist fail to relinquish the violence that has been the number element of their so-called “political” campaign?

    Democracy is a process and elections a part of this process (not an end in itself). At present, 118 out of the 193 countries in the world have embraced a democratic setup (of some sort), encompassing 54.8 % of the world’s population.

    The real challenge however, remains the transition to sustainable constitutional liberalism. For instance Iran holds elections on regular intervals, but its constitution legalizes the muzzling of press freedom. Zimbabwe has elected Robert Mugabe who in return has eliminated political opponents. And Saddam Hussein held elections, and that in turn legitimized his audacious brutality. Even Gyanendra claimed his fifteen month rule as a democratic one. The question of course, is whether these are examples of democratic exercises of democratic elements used to forward undemocratic designs?

    Examples of a democracy gone awry are aplenty; often the end result is a tyrannical (illiberal) democracy. Given the continuation of Maoist violence and the ideology it supports – a one party communist republic – what is the guarantee that elections to a Constituent Assembly will not result in an illiberal democracy?

    The real challenge to Nepal’s peace process is the institutionalization of an inclusive democracy through constitutional liberalism. There is truly no alternative to constitutional liberalism.

    But like other countries that have undergone difficulties during their own transitional phases, Nepal too is faced with gargantuan challenges that are hindering the prospects of a permanent solution. The first of these challenges is extremism.

    Over the years, Nepal has witnessed the most adverse political circumstances. Each is directly correlated to the lack of skilled, quality leadership. With the political leadership’s failure to guarantee a functioning democratic platform, individuals collectively resorted to extremism to fulfil their aspirations. As a result, the notion of ‘self-determination’ gained prominence as a catalyst to muster individual rights.

    Extremism, however; in any form, has no ethics. It is based upon completely destroying state infrastructure and cleansing all social associations. Plainly speaking, the focus of extremism is on rewriting history. For extremists, the end always justifies their means, regardless of the suffering, loss of life. Events, atrocities, body counts are all relegated to lifeless statistics, later to be showcased to “honour” the “scarifies” made for extremist visionaries to come to power.

    Yet another challenge to Nepal’s peace process is guaranteeing individualism that is the bedrock of constitutional liberalism. Individualism is a vital theme that contributed to the changing politics of Nepal. With the advent of the internet and the media boom, communication barriers have been broken, making people increasingly aware; and, as a result the expectations of the common people have soared.

    Today, in this ever-increasingly transparent society, individual freedom is the hypothesis through which the future of Nepal will be charted. Where morality and ethics will be based on individual perception, essentially meaning that the ‘goal’ in life is the attainment of a sense of individualism, that distinguishes one human from the next.

    On the political front, the another serious challenge (to Nepal’s peace process) is that of containing the armed Maoist militia. The rebel militia which numbers anywhere between 10,000 – 25,000 possesses small arms.

    The distinction between the PLA and the militia is critical. While the PLA has fought the security organs of the state, the militia has been responsible for staging kangaroo courts, patrolling villages, abducting, extorting and canvassing Maoist ideology through the country. If the government chooses to continue ignoring the importance of disarming the militia, the forthcoming Constituent Assembly election results will overwhelmingly tilt in the favour of the Maoists.

    For the greater Nepali population to participate in the Constituent Assembly elections, it is essential that all legitimate voters are roped into the electoral process – not just those that favour a particular ideology or fear a particular group. Therefore it is extremely critical for the government and the Maoists to prioritize the issue of rehabilitating displaced people prior to the election of constituent assembly.

    But the rehabilitation of displaced people may not be desirable to the Maoists. The majority of displaced people fled their homes due to pressure from the rebel militia. And during the early phase of the “people’s war,” the Maoist militia had specifically targeted members of opposition political parties. As most political opponents of the rebels fled in an exodus to Kathmandu and other safety nets, the void created by the abrupt exodus was filled by ardent rebel sympathizers and the militia in villages throughout rural Nepal – the returnees could upset the balance of Maoist hegemony throughout the countryside.

    Given the volatile situation of the country, in is inevitable that the SPA-M leaders will mutually consent to postponing elections, leading to an era of ‘eight party rule with unachievable bogeys (once more). Elections are an important facet of a functioning democracy but holding them does not guarantee democratic discourse.

    Democracy can only work if it guarantees freedom and accommodates divergent views. If the elections to a constituent assembly do not progress in the direction of constitutional liberalism, the whole exercise will lead to yet another political collision. So instead of falling over each other, congratulating the ruling parties on the “progress” of the peace process, we would be doing ourselves an even larger favour by logically questioning (and working towards) what is more important – the sustenance of the peace process (for sure), but simultaneously, the envisioning of an achievable set of goals, associated timelines and ultimately, a process that yields not just “peace and democracy,” but also authentic constitutional liberalism.

  33. Monarchy Dumped Avatar
    Monarchy Dumped

    Monarchy is Dumped ! Says an editorial in the Kathmandu Post.

  34. noname Avatar

    If it was not for Monarchy and RNA…I am sure all of us would have been killed by Maoists and SPAm…Around 300 have already been sent to heaven by SPAM.

  35. Patriot Avatar

    noname – wht do you have to say abt the editorial above

  36. shantikumar Avatar

    INDIA …SONIA. Maine..DECIDEs for Nepal….

  37. Crizmoe Mef Avatar
    Crizmoe Mef

    All this debate about republic by the communists and the new founded extreamists is just pathetic. Let me first start by saying that the present king has made many mistakes. But an indivisual king and the institution of monarchy are two different things. I support the institution of monarchy not only because it has historical significance but also it is the single most uniting force for us patriotic Nepalis. And also if Nepal turns into a republic then either the Maoists will burn our great country to ashes or the other option is that we will be forced to denounce our nepalese citezenships and would be forcefully given indian ‘ration cards’.

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