Madhesi Forum, Ignoring the Parliament, Sends Agitation Out of Control

Even if these latest round of protests were part of pressure tactics, they must now be stopped because the parliament has addressed the demands of Madhesi people.

As Madhesi Janadhikar Forum (MJF or MPRF) continues claiming that the movement is going out of its control, violence created by its cadres has significantly grown in some parts of Terai. This escalation in protest comes at a time when the parliament has amended the interim constitution to include the demands made by the recent Madhesi movement. Today’s amendment, first of two phases, was as per the commitment made by Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala in his address to the nation a few weeks ago.

The amendment aims to determine a federal system as the future model of governance, ensure proportional share to Madhesis, Dalits, ethnic groups, women, laborers, peasants, disabled and people from backward classes and regions in all the state organs and revise the current electoral constituencies. According to amendment, the proposed Constituency Delimitation Commission will revise existing electoral constituencies. The Commission is to be headed by a retired Supreme Court justice which will recommend the number of constituencies to be added in the Terai region based on its proportion of population. In the hilly and mountain districts the increment will be based on the population growth. The bill also proposes amending Article 138 of the interim statute to ensure that future model of the state would be federal.

But in Nepalgunj MJF cadres clash with police, Administration orders 13-hour curfew from 3 PM this afternoon in the Nandalmill-Khajura road stretch and surrounding areas. A clash had broken out between forum cadres and security personnel in Piparwaha in the Nepalgunj-Kohalpur stretch. The scuffle first broke out when the security personnel -deployed to provide security to the vehicles plying on the road -went to remove the obstacles put by the members of the forum in the highway running through Piparwaha. Around 14 persons were injured from both sides in the clash.

According to police, the forum cadres also pelted stones at them while they were trying to clear the road in order to let emergency vehicles like ambulances pass. The police had opened a round of blank fire and used tear gas shells. The forum cadres accused the police of opening fire and also of beating up a local woman. District chairman of the forum Sarvadev Ojha claimed that some unruly forces were trying to make the MPRF movement violent and accused the administration of not being able to maintain security. (more)



31 responses to “Madhesi Forum, Ignoring the Parliament, Sends Agitation Out of Control”

  1. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Before making a judgement can someone maybe enlighten me wheather this MJF is truly representitve of the Madeshi people on the whole? I don’t doubt the Madeshi people’s cause, but somehow I find it difficult that they would succumb to this kind of violence. If there is a popotional representitive system the Madeshis are going to dominate so I don’t even see the need for this violence.

  2. minuteman Avatar

    I think forum’s goal now is somehow “kill” their own cadres so that the movement takes off like Lahan . They are becoming more and more desparate and going to attack APF. There will always be some young mind they can corrupt to take such fool action.

    Immorals, low grade politicians.

  3. Captain Crash Avatar

    What is all this about? These people don’t want to see stability in Nepal.

  4. Nepali People's Rights Forum Avatar
    Nepali People’s Rights Forum

    What is going on with Madhesi Janadhikar Forum is very dangerous for Nepali peopl and embroynic democracy. MPRF has greater numbers of royalist regressive elements infiltration in the movements.

    MPRF might get lost through such infiltrations. Palace is trying to hinder the democratic development. It is very hard for the Palace and the royalists the the monarchy is gone in the wind.

    People have not kicked the illegimate family of the monarchy from the palace but after the CA elections and the first meeting of th CA Gyane, his mom Ratana and rest of his family must leave the Narayanhity. However, it seems this like the dream for them of what’s going in Nepal.

    However, through goverment talk team JTMM-Jwala Singh has agreed to sit for the talk and the government has withdraw the cases against the JTMM cadres.

    Now it is time for the MPRF to accept the amendament of the interim constitution by the House of Representatives and cool down their emotions. Rather if they are serious help nation to grow with democracy and establish peace.

    If things go worst they must be accountable. The result will be bitter.

    MPRF must stop strikes now and stop vandalizing the public property and harrassing the ordinary people on the street.

  5. guyfromktm Avatar

    just be reminded that the ammendment made regarding the federal set up is not effective right away.. according to the corrupt thugs, they are only “ensuring” that the new constitution written by the CA will have federalism as a political structure of the country. Firstly, how can this parliament give orders to the constituent assembly and tell them what is to be ensured and what not. Secodnly, why can’t the corrupt thugs be bold enough to decide on federalism right away rather than pretend like they normally do. But more importantly, why do these thugs even bother on this issue as it is really up to the CA so why can’t the thugs come out jointly as say it is not really for this “tikay” parliamnet to pre-empt what is solely the responsibility of the CA so that it then becomes people’s decision. What this tikey parliament decides can never be people’s decision.

  6. JC Avatar

    The National Language of Nepali is not integrated into the villages of the interior Terai. Most of them speak Maithali, Bhojpuri, Awadhi and Tharu languages. It is the first natural demand of these communities for their children to have been taught in their mother tongue up to primary level education. Then they want to give priority for the national language, i.e. Nepali. With Nepali language rarely integrated into a village community education system of the interior Terai, the possibility of educational progress and prosperity for future employment becomes most challenging and almost unreal. Moreover, integration with the entire parts of the Terai is possible only if the people, their language, dresses, religion, tradition and culture are given justifiable privileges in the national identity and history.

    Governance is the way in which public power and authority is formed and used to control and manage society’s resources. Good governance rests on four pillars:

    1. Accountability meaning that public officials can be called to task for their actions;

    2. Transparency meaning that relevant information is accessible at low cost;

    3. Predictability meaning that policies, laws and regulations are clear, known in advance and are uniformly and effectively enforced; and

    4. Participation meaning that the public is consulted on government actions that affect them

    Corruption, commonly defined as abuse of public or private office for private gains, is a key symptom of weak governance. Corruption – the misuse of entrusted power for private gain – has a severely debilitating effect on the economic, social and political environment in which it occurs. Corruption hampers economic growth, burdens the poor disproportionately, and undermines the effectiveness of investment and aid. Thus, anti-corruption strategies need to be an integral part of a development framework designed to help the country eradicate poverty and stimulate economic growth. A good governance program needs to focus on in-depth analysis of the institutional factors behind corrupt practices and behaviour and should help the nation’s understanding of the shortcomings of its policies and institutions and design its own strategies to improve governance.

    The Terai desperately needs a firm and Internationally committed 10-Year Development Roadmap to:-

    1. Improve the Education and Social-Equality Conidtion
    2. Control Corruption and Improve the Governance Condition
    3. Catalyse Industry and Infrastrucutre Development

  7. telic_op Avatar

    so called national language nepali is not spoken even in hills n mountains where indegeneous nationalities lives, they don’t even call it nepali language rather they call it parbate vasa. some bad conspiracies……..

  8. Shaman Avatar

    Yes, let’s replace Nepali by English, better French, much better would be German…

  9. Kirat Avatar

    Though it is very appealing to the individual community concerned it is totally impractical to have each community embarking on their own official language-that would be like the tower of babel. We must acknowledge our history to some extent especially where it makes practical sense. Nepali should remain the official language and maybe English be made a second language (inorder to integrate better with the global community). Ethnic dialects can be promoted by each community amongst themselves. But no state aid should be provided. Only Nepali and English should be encouraged. However it is important and urgent to simplify the Nepali in official use as soon and by as much as possible. Right now it is too sanskritized and should be simplified so that it is easy to learn and easy to communicate in both orally and in the written form.

  10. replytoall Avatar

    Hindi should be the national bhasa of Nepal. Everybody talks hindi and all we need is in India making it the most important country in the world, so use their bhasa.

    From FM to PM , every body uses Hindi Language,,, radio kholyo hindi geet, char chimek ma gayo hindi serial, chowk ma gayo hindi filim kai gufff, bato ma hinyo hindi upanyas………. hindi nai hindi byapta jata pani. Lauda baru Hindi nai hamro mul bhasa banai diyo.kurai khatttam.

  11. pontiff Avatar

    The days of lunatic fringe is here and blame should go to SPAM. The bad part is it is being integrated as a normal thing in Nepal- so change with time. Praise be SPAM for they enlightened us all- to be or not to be a lunatic is not the question but a reality to survive. Many more MJF, Terai Cobra etc., will see it as a valid course to take – being a lunatic gives respect and an ear whereas proper dialogue and discourse is a passe.

    I see no wrong in MJF agitation- no agitation can be termed unjust when you are excluded from all aspect and just given a scant consideration. The option they have utlized may be wrong but surely as a former sister concern of maoist they know how it all works.

    It is quiet unjust to preach one as right and another as wrong even though it is all wrong in the first place. When you get appeased by doing wrong then wrong will be used to get the end means.

    The future of this nation is at stake- some may prefer disintegration on the lines of community, language and even religion and there are some who would prefer being a part of India. These are the fact- we can act patriotic or use foul language to counter all this but that is not going to take us anywhere. Some may forcast a prosperious nation under a banner of Loktratra but I do not even see a glimmer of that- there is so much acrimony based on communities, haves and have nots and caste that it is like opening up a Pandora’s box. We will never have Nepal as we knew it and hotair of loktrantra will never be a binding factor so the only hope is hopelessness.

    Welcome to a nation that was. In zeal to prove oneself more Loktrantric we have begun the process of killing of a nation.

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  28. eklabay Avatar

    The best way to tame these unruly Madese thugs is by depolying The Nepali army in terai and a declration of martial law there.

  29. locallanguage Avatar

    Federalist republic of multilanguage


    I speak french thats all today. It does not seem to be going much anywhere boli talk to all of you soon I am going to start my real day.

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  31. Tshering T Sherpa Avatar

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