King's Deceptive Message

The much awaited address by king has only solidified his ambition to remain in power. Royal Message inside In his 5 minute long speech, king has tried to take credit for his direct rule and seems reluctant to give power to the people. He has cited article 35 of 1990’s constitution and asked SPA leadersContinue reading “King's Deceptive Message”

General Strike Day XVI

Down with Autocracy: Protesters in Baneshor 5:45 pm Update I am just back from the Baneshor area. People in unprecedented numbers have thronged in the streets. Army’s mini-tanks are plying in the street. People are walking in the streets defying curfew while the security personnel have turned into mere spectators. This is an utter failureContinue reading “General Strike Day XVI”

Sorry King, Time Has Run Out For You

By Ameet Dhakal News Editor, The Kathmandu Post Finally, time has brought King Gyanendra to people’s custody. As the world speculates about the final verdict, the Nepali people are just waiting for the inevitable to happen; for them, the verdict is a foregone conclusion. They don’t see any outcome other than a republic. Sorry, king,Continue reading “Sorry King, Time Has Run Out For You”

Brutal security persons

BY PREM DHAKAL The ongoing movement against autocracy has been throwing out several awkward questions all the while even as it is making certain things, like the cruel intentions of chairman Gyanendra, clearer. The most irksome question has been the one regarding the sanctity of our security persons, if they can still be called so.Continue reading “Brutal security persons”

General Strike Day XII Updates

General Strikes continues for the XIIth Day in Nepal By UWB! Team 1:30 PM, Palace Gate The gate was abuzz with ex-premiers’ meeting the king. Report has it that Surya Bahadur Thapa was granted audience. Krishna Prasad Bhattarai is also rumored to be consulted. But, the latter could not be verified.

General Strike Day IX Updates

Seven Party Alliance (SPA) vows to continue the people’s movement more strongly amidst call from the King for dialogue By UWB! Team King Gyanendra called the political parties for dialogue in his New Year’s message but the leaders of the various political parties called it ‘old wine in old bottle’ claiming that the call keepContinue reading “General Strike Day IX Updates”