Sorry King, Time Has Run Out For You

By Ameet Dhakal
News Editor, The Kathmandu Post

Finally, time has brought King Gyanendra to people’s custody. As the world speculates about the final verdict, the Nepali people are just waiting for the inevitable to happen; for them, the verdict is a foregone conclusion. They don’t see any outcome other than a republic. Sorry, king, time has run out for you.

We, in this newspaper, had cautioned the king of this eventuality many times, as many other well-intentioned people had done. We had warned him that no monarchy had ever won a war against its own people. But the king’s sullied ego blocked his conscience, and the view of the rapidly shifting ground reality.

King Gyanendra lost the final call of history to save his dynasty on the Nepali New Year’s day (April 14). That was the last opportunity he squandered. He could have used the auspicious day to reconcile with his own people. Instead, he misused it to replay his old arrogance.
Since the New Year day, people have come to the streets with new vigor, braving bullets, tear gas and, of course, the brutality of the mediaeval age. The brutal suppression has only been responded by increasing defiance. On Thursday, some three to five hundred thousand protestors hit the streets of the capital city defying shoot-at-sight curfew orders. Hardly any other popular uprising in modern times has been so defiant, so fierce. The Nepalis have indeed secured a unique place in the history of “people’s power”.

This uprising has also shattered two myths about Nepal: First, a western belief that many Nepali people see their king as the incarnation of Lord Bishnu. The West has always failed to see Nepali’s faith in monarchy in the right perspective and has portrayed it as a cult worship. Such portrayal denies the Nepalis the rational side of their faith. True that some Nepalis see the king as god, but then any good person in the society is also often referred to as bhagawan ko avatar. So linking human being to god is an idea, an acknowledgement of good character. It’s not a blind faith that elevates human beings to god.

This king-god concept was hyped by the western media especially during the Royal Palace massacre in 2001. The parachute journalists landed in Kathmandu to cover a massacre that was so bizarre that it had no logical explanation. The nation itself was in shock and disbelief. The god-king theory became handy to report a nation in a shock.

The truth was, in King Birendra’s death, the Nepalis hadn’t lost a god but a king who had accepted democracy and had bowed down twice before people’s wish. I too had shaved my head, as thousands of other youth had done, not to mourn a god’s death but to pay tribute to a king who had shown courage to dump his father’s legacy and arrogance. In the current uprising, the Nepali people are rising against a king who sees his brother’s rule as a weak aberration and wants to thrust tyranny upon the Nepali people once again.

This has also shattered the second myth: Nepal is rapidly becoming a failed state. A nation becomes a failed state not when its leaders fail to deliver during a crisis but when its people lack the courage and enthusiasm to intervene in it. It’s the hopelessness of the people that pushes a country down the abyss. Nepalis seeming indifference to the crises coupled with the Maoist insurgency and the king’s ambition to rule the country with iron-fist had definitely given such an impression. But a different reality has dawned during the last two weeks. Nepalis from all walks of life have come to the street risking their lives to save the fate of their nation. Even during such a hopeless time, people haven’t lost faith in their collective capacity to redeem their society. This country can never fail. Instead, people’s continuous belief in democracy and freedom and their intervention during the crisis has shown that this country has a future. Thus, this country’s long term prospects are a certainity.

But in the short run, there are still worries. The archaic monarchy is down, but not yet out. It will try to craft a compromise for itself, which now seems a daunting task. More and more angry protests will pour in in the days to come and there will be more violence. Between two to three million people have already marched in the streets across the country in the last two weeks. These people will not back off, for this is a rage of the silent majority that woken up saying enough is enough.

Here comes the role of the international community, particularly India, the United States and the United Nations. The US and the Indian armies should exert their influence and start talking to army generals in Kathmandu to get ready to accept Nepal without monarchy, if that’s the price of saving this country. The indiscriminate firing by the security personnel, particularly the Royal Nepalese Army (RNA), should no longer continue against the soaring protestors. For, that will bring a human catastrophe in the country.

If the RNA fails to understand the gravity of the situation, India and United States, with consent of China, should be ready for a UN intervention in Nepal to save the imminent bloodbath in this country. Rest, leave upon god.

Courtesy: The Kathmandu Post

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46 thoughts on “Sorry King, Time Has Run Out For You

  1. UN Intervention must require if RNA and KING’s force deny accepting people’s voice. But at present we must have to serious about to protect National Treasury also.
    People living around Thapathali Nepal Rastra Bank must have to cautious to monitor any huge movement of vehicle from NRB during curfew they can use there cell phone to send such picture and messages to media houses.

  2. I wish you could have said the same to the Murderous Maoists…But you won’t dare!

  3. Honestly, if the people settle for anything less then exile and confiscation of his property (which doesn’t belong to him anyway), I will be very disappointed.

  4. Great writing..
    The Maoist are in Nepal because large sections of society were ignored by the 7-Parties and the King .

    The Maoist, like it or not, will be part of the new Republic… Let us hope they stick to the 12-Point Agreement and lay down their arms..

  5. I completely agree with Melissa about Gyanendra. There were a lot of articles about Maoist atrocities. So I don’t agree with Sarki ko chhoro. Yes, Maoist must come together and work with the movement and work with people. They must become a 8th party. They should give up the arms asap. If they continue to do what they were doing (murdering, extortion etc) which are against the norm of democracry and freedom, people have to fight with Maoist after they finish their job with Gyanendra. I hope and pray that as soon as Gyanendra is gone, Maoist will give up their arms and join democracy as a political party. I hope the Maoist leaders are intelligent enough to do that.

  6. We all hope Maoist can lay down their arms and come to the democartic process. They are welcome to form a Government if they have the majority or be part of a Govt as a coalition.

    But they perpetrate atrocities on innocent civilians, slit their head and hammer them to death.. people seems to have forgotten that in a matter of 2 weeks.
    About a week ago they severed head of a traffic inspector in Bara and nobody squick a word against that. What a selective conscience we have!

  7. “So linking human being to god is an idea, an acknowledgement of good character. It’s not a blind faith that elevates human beings to god.”

    AMAZING AMAZING writing. Just simply too nice.

  8. Hi friends,

    Looking at the atrocity this cruel king has been showing, and the dumb RNA and police are carrying his orders, it looks that we should not call the Maoists to lay down arms. We need them in some time I guess. We need to bring the Maoists soldiers into Kathmandu – and help them seize the SinghDurbar and corrupt Narayanhiti. We should get the King the punishment he deserves: Like in Romania. These RNA are not any brave solders anymore. Maoists easily kill them with their half-baked army. RNA can only shoot at peacefull people, not the one who comes for war. RNA runs away when they are in front of Maoists soldiers. So, when we get the maoists soldiers, most RNA will be urinating with fear – and will shun their gun and run away. REPUBLIC OF NEPAL. With Janasena – but mind it – committed to multiparty democracy. Kamal Thapa needs a good bashing and he should be embedded to the shi*t’s pond until he dies. Shree samsher etc will also need to be suffocated with shi*t in his mouth. Their all property seized and nationalized. There will be presidential system. Narayanhiti will be museum – will collect revenues – to see how once upon a time kings used to live. This KG will be history by then (with his family).
    GET UP FOR last battle! We will win the war!!

  9. Now is the time for all the 7 parties and the maoist to fullfill their committments. Otherwise we might not have another chance.

  10. I totally agree with Amit Dhakal. Yes Gyanendra has dugged his own grave and day by day he is walking closer to that grave. This is what we have been waiting for. He had many opportunities where he could have saved the royal institution and remained a true incarnation of Lord Vishnu. BUT IT’S TOO LATE GYANENDRA. Your people are going to celebrate your end. There was a rumour a few years ago that an astrologer had predicted that Paras would never become the monarch of Nepal and now looking at Gyanendra’s deeds past couple of years, it is coming true. Instead of negotiation with the Terrorists to bring peace in the country GYANENDRA deployed RNA. Instead of bringing good and far sighted people to form a government GYANENDRA brought corrupt and criminals like Jagat Gauchan, Tulsi Giri. And to create more chaos and disaster GYANENDRA gave full power to MANADALE’s like Kamal Thapa and Shrish Sumshere and look what you have now. Curfews, blockades, price hike, food shortages, anger, suppression of human rights, blood from your own innocent people. The peace loving people who had once worshipped and welcomed your move have now turned their backs against you. There is not a single society or organization that think you are needed. GYANENDRA and HIS FAMILY are now taken as a diseases which cannot be cured. You have done everything against your people’s interest and it is going to cause you so much in the near future. Soon RNA will get tired and will stop listening to your command and then what will you do? Where will you go?
    If you (GYANENDRA) correct your mistakes and pull out soldiers from the street and return the power you greedily confiscated last year from an elected government, you will still save your face and remain a real incarnation of Vishnu. No, not at al. You can’t be an incarnation of Vishnu anymore becuase you have been bathing in the pool of blood of your own innocent people. SORRY IT IS TOO LATE NOW! YOU HAVE NOTHING LEFT AND SOON PEOPLE WILL SURROUND YOUR PALACE, SURROUND YOUR HOUSE AND THEN WHAT WILL YOU DO?


  11. Everybody says King should go, King should go etc. Time has come he should leave etc. But it is very difficult unless and untill the Revolution grows more and more and a leader give direction to an appointed target.Now our C grade leaders at our disposal may be thinking which Ministry I should get, what ministry I should give to Sujata etc.The leaders are also not concerned about the life of the people. Have you seen Girirja and Makune among the people in the Kalanki or in Gongabu ? Now we must refuse the leadership of these people after we get deomcracy restored. Give leadership to Narahahri or Gagan or Oli etc. Do not accept again the Girrija as you leaders.

  12. Maoists are in Nepal because the top bosses abandoned the democratic system that was put in place after 2046.
    What do we know now, they are very close in taking the whole country in thier grips, thanks to all the SPA leaders.

  13. Yes~ today’s People hate King~ (oops! killer of Birendra) We need Peace, We need democracy!

  14. I have never read anything better than this in my life. Kudos to Amit Dhakal, you spoke my mind, you spoke for the millions

  15. Amitji,

    Many thanks for purttting up the perspective very well. Our only alternative not be trapped by the Maoists now is to drive out KG and cronies from Nepal. If KG is given a lifeline Nepal is doomed for a long time. If any of the SPA leaders play a game of power mongery at this time they are bound to be massacared. I salute the denial of premiership by Bhattaraiji. Republic of Nepal Jindabaad

  16. To the brave and determined people of Nepal keep united and keep demanding ‘your’ freedom and democracy. This royal individual has proven the sick extent of his egotism by instructing an unrepresented police force to fire live rounds on unarmed protestors. No one deserves this type of tyranny! What democrat would want anything to do with him now – is he simply deranged? The democracy movement that is ready to take Nepal back to a democratic future must continue and keep a united front. This united spirit is vital to inspiring all people to work ‘together’ towards a more free, democratic; prosperous and inclusive society. The best thing Nepal has now are the UNITED citizens supporting each other to bring about a better and happier Nepal. Good luck everyone

  17. WIsh I may, wish i might
    have i this wish tonight
    are you satisfied
    dig for gold, dig for fame
    you dig to make your name
    are you pacified
    all the wants, you waste
    all the things you’ve changed
    then it all crashes down
    and you BREAK YOUR CROWN
    and you point your finger
    but there’s noone around
    just want one thing
    just to play the king
    and you’releft with just a name
    where’s your crown KING NOTHING

  18. Yes indeed hope is still alive…

    Let us have peace, let us have life,
    Let us all fight the cruel night.
    Let us have time, let the sun shine,
    Let us beware the deadly time.

    Prajatantra Jindabad! Janta Jindabad!Nepal Revolution Jindabar!

  19. oops…..i’m sorry i missed to write the courtesy of above verse-it’s taken from MEtallica’s KING NOTHING

  20. The worse is yet to come!!
    After king steps down, the SPAs will be whipped by the maoist and the Nepalese will be under the hegemonious rule of the maoist and it will be too late for people to come out on the street because for maoist it will be only too easy to kill the protestors.
    and mark my words!The first to complain will be people like amit dhakal who is nothing but an anti-establishment.
    amit dhakal is nothing but the cronies of the seven parties who took the country to this state that it is in today.
    His analysys is too lopsided and does not have any foresight.

  21. Yes in all the protests in the last two weeks, the one missing component has been talk of the maoists and what will happen when the king is deposed…i fear you are all fooling yourselves and will one day rue listening to the seven party alliance. the leaders of the maoists have never once backtracked in their stated end goal and they have yet to give up violence. I firmly believe the parties got in bed with the maoists for their short term political survival. but what about the long term? in your excitement over getting rid of the king, no one seems to ask the question, what next? the parties failed you for so many years. The maoists have not given up their arms and still maintain control of huge parts of the country. What do you think, all of a sudden they will come running into the arms of the parties and all kiss and make up? it is not that simple. I hope that I won’t have to come back one day and say, “i told you so”.

  22. Do people still believe Royal Palace massacre was by Dipendra? It is no one but blood hungry Gyane. It is the time to rewrite the massacre history.

  23. When a Sudra becomes King, the people suffer. So one can read in the Mahabharata.
    May the new leaders be blessed with wisdom, may the country where Lord Buddha was born, revive his path to overcome suffering. May Nepal become a shining example for a nation in harmony and peace.

  24. Dear UWG, You look very coward somehow. It seems you are Bloodthirsty King’s lathait. If not why there is a message “Your comment is awaiting moderation”. From your write up earlier, you can be easily exchanged for a piece of McDonald. While you bla bla for press freedom, but can’t see the unnecessary censorship in your own site. just be logical

  25. shadowrati-that is my exact fear. I don’t trust the Maoists though their help in toppling the King is immeasurable. I hope our fears turn out to be baseless and no one has to say ‘I told you so’. That’s why I have advocated UN intervention as soon as the King is toppled-who cares about India’s objections(if they have any).

  26. Kirat,
    you say you dont trust the maoists although their help in toppling the king was immeseaurable. Well I feel that they had no choice but to help as they were getting more and more cornered. I would say they should thank the people for helping them and should in reponse and thanks lay down their arms. If the protests were by maoists alone, the army would not think twice to shoot at sight, let us not forget. I wont thank the maoists for anything but more death and destruction.

  27. Kirat, at last a voice of reason! Good to know others share my fears. I, too, agree, to hell with what India thinks. We need UN intervention IMMEDIATELY. It was also so sad when Jimmy Carter was not able to come to Nepal. The former US President through his Carter Center has done so many great things in terms of mediation and election monitoring around the world. Let’s hope that the UN and the Carter Center play a role in the aftermath. Let’s pray that the aftermath is not a further long running bloodbath, thanks to the Maoists.Like you, Kirat, I fear for the worst. Its one thing to get rid of the king. its another to figure out, what the hell do we do now?

  28. India is important for trade and business, but when it comes to national sovereignity and politics even I agree and say we can give them an ear now and then but if it does not serve our interests to hell with them. Let us believe in working together with India and using each other but not getting abused by each other.

    A TV poll yesterday asked the pollers to SMS a response to who would it benefit the most if the King was removed:

    70% said the Maoists, Naxals and China
    only 27% said the people of Nepal and the rest said India. It goes to show that India’s take on the situation here is very different from our’s. Therefore, they respond to our issues keeping their interests first, which is their right, but we have to learn to keep our interests first as well.

  29. shadow,
    The UN’s offer of mediation is still valid…so once the leaders are in charge all they need to do is accept it. This is no time to be nationalistic and say we don’t need outside help.

  30. If we were accept UN mediation we have to have a govt. team who can communicate well with them and the maoists as well. It is alright to have these politicans as ministers but the team of go betweens has to be educated. We cannot afford leaders who say we will send hydropower by e-mail to China, if you know what I mean.

  31. I hear Gyanendra is saying something on TV at 7pm. Also hear from Kantipur that some have resorted to destruction of public property, but Kantipur is saying we dont know who these people are???????

  32. thanks UWB team,
    Pls not have a hard feeling, but my assertion was the reflection of people’s outcry, sentiment and belief. It is not Tara Nath Ranabhat to authenticiate such bizzare crime. After new loktantra, there should be a special commission to reinvestigate the unpopular Palace massacre

  33. I don’t know why you people dread and despise maoists to such an extent. IS it sensible to say that they will slay down everyone after they assume the full control of authority(which is less likely)?They are not invaders who have waged war in a foreign land that they can be merciless to so much degree. Yes during the 10 years long war(rebellion actually) some serious mistakes have been made from their side too which may seem heinous and unforgettable. But during a red-revolution like this, such crimes should not be over-analysed. Besides, the state is more responsible for HR abuse than maoists.
    HAve u ever heard of any major sexual offence or rape case by maoists ? This shows that they do not lack marality to an extent what u feel.

    Now most of u also hesitate to credit maoists for the unexpected success of the movement. Just observe the demonstrators-majority of them are not local kathmanduites but dwellers ourside the valley. Who do u think encouraged them to come here for protests, SPA???
    And, remember that some years back most people in the rural areas considered king as avatar or at least had a deep respect dor their ‘raja’. Who do u think made them realize the actual nature of the king and evenmore, filled them with a deep abhorrence towards the same king, SPA?? Well there are many other facts which will manifest that maoists have contributed so much for the political awareness of people and thereby political progress which we are noticing at the present.
    Moreover, we have already experienced the multy-party system twice with the same parties that are on the streets now. But, we haven’t gotten the oppertunity to taste maoist type of government then why get so utterly incredulous? It is just like throwing away the the candy in ur hand without tasting it just because someone says it’s bitter.

  34. The protest continues till the nepalese people get the absolute
    power to choose their representative and for that the ultimate and
    supreme power should rest on peoples verdict, not even on leaders of
    seven parties or maoists leave aside the king who doesn’t exist

    Whosoever comes to ruling front should now fear the UNPF whose
    awareness on their fundamental rights has heightened way beyond
    Mount Everest peak. So any move against the newly emerged Powerful
    force “Unified Nepalese peoples Force”(UNPF)would be punished with
    deletion of such ruler be it congress,communist,maoist,royalist or
    security forces.

    So UNPF Apeals all who have yet to Join this force to come and Join
    UNPF before it is too late.


    are you fools– taking the side of a Killer King (KK)who would
    either die or run away leaving you all and your ill fate in the
    hands of United Nepalese Peoples Force (UNPF) before its too late
    join this supreme force, be their security instead of KK’s and
    confirm yours for the coming future.

    ALL of you who have also cultivated “autocracy” within your own
    party by making the power concentrate within ownself and their kin
    and those who have committed hinious crimes and frauds against UNPF
    in the past should come forward making the announcement and to face
    the consequences decided by the UNPF thereby making this
    movement “TRULY LOKTANTRIC”. You should also learn to step down from
    your respective supremecy from within the parties and let the “NEW
    GENERATION” who actually are the real force to take a lead and
    should learn to stay in “CEREMONIAL POST” showing a
    true “AGRAGAMAN”. Then only UNPF would forgive you for you past deeds

    UNPF IS THE ULTIMATE FORCE because without UNPF there is no
    existance of the country and any one for that matter

    Note: UNPF request all its 2.5 crore members to propogate this
    message all over the media to let know world the birth of this



  35. These Maoists are not true Maoists. The SPA are not true democrats.
    When SPA leaders were in power they were CORRUPT.

    The Maoists also want to enjoy the things that CORRUPTION brings in. SPA leaders have promised them their share of corruption and told them they can get wealth without fighting.

    BUT AFTER KINGs announcement the Maoists are worried that SPA may not give them their share of the loot.

    PEOPLE will need the King to save from the WOLVES and WOLVES in sheep clothing.

    Maoists killed 12500 people but SPA said nothing. They are shouting about 12 killed during this movement.


  36. This movement in Kathmandu was supported by the MAOSTS who did actual stone that RNA and Police are forced to fire..they had left their guns behind.

    NOW they will want to capture complete power..they will come again with guns …..

    THEY WILL not massacre people..BUT they will TAKE AWAY ALL WEALTH from the CITY people and distribute all the WEALTH among their own leaders and CADRE….


  37. LONG LIVE RNA…..

    RNA has been most moderate when the MAOISTS were throwing stones at them in Kathmandu….

    RNA will save us from the BLOOD THIRSTY MAOISTS..for whom MAO is GOD…

  38. dear shanti
    hamro itihas pida dayak aabasya chha. bigat ma je bhaye pani tyo bata patha siknu parchha.. tara hami optimistic hun parchha we have to give power to somer ruler after all…. we cant live in chaos or ruler less situation be it SPA or KING or MAOIST..
    but optimistism plus proper feedback from us in proper time shud be there so that they cant freak out with power we confer to them..
    if we take in our way,wats thwe way out?? obviously we remain solutionless.. but take this in this way
    now SPA has reralised and king too that they cant remain in power with out popularity and substantial investment in ppl.. and maoist also knowin the feelin of ppl and delicacy of situation,they’l cooperate in neo nepal foundation.. then dream nepal isnot so far..
    thinkof post world war japan!!!
    so please change ur views,be optimistic and convey ur feedbacks and feeling everytime poossible.. i wud do it and urge my frens to do so.. u also do it.. and we can feel the change very soon..

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