Brutal security persons


The ongoing movement against autocracy has been throwing out several awkward questions all the while even as it is making certain things, like the cruel intentions of chairman Gyanendra, clearer.

The most irksome question has been the one regarding the sanctity of our security persons, if they can still be called so. Our some 200,000 strong royal force has in the past 15 days, time and again pushed the limit of its brutality to such extreme that even Hitler must be feeling embarrassed in his grave having been upstaged, in Nepal of all places.

There has always been skepticism about the rationality in keeping such a big army, the less we say about the corrupt police force the better. The critics point out that the army has been obsolete especially after warding off the threat of British colonialism some 200 years ago. The critics argue that the army has been a puppet in the hands of ambitious despots who have been pulling the strings for their personal gains.

Such unshakable has been the loyalty of this army that the clan of the tyrant has not made any difference in its functioning. It has carried out the orders with the same clinical efficiency be it while limiting the Shah kings to the confines of their palaces as per the wish of Ranas or orchestrating coups for the Shah kings.

And if you thought that its role (?) in the Royal Massacre – when the late King Birendra, guarded by about 10,000 of the best army men in his palace, was wiped out along with his family leaving Gyanendra’s family surprisingly unscathed – would really take the cake, you hadn’t reckoned with their gallantry in dealing with the common people.

The unified command, as the motley band of coward thugs is called, is losing its sanity even as the ongoing movement is approaching crescendo. The incompetent policemen who wet their undergarments on being confronted with the Maoists, seem to have found a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of redeeming their image.

The bravery of the persons – who cannot lift a gun, let alone pull the trigger against the armed Maoists – has to be seen to be believed. They show amazing dexterity in raining batons invariably finding the head if not the eyes of the protestors with the sticks and their flying kicks on the injured must be giving Jackie Chan a complex.

And their accuracy in getting the top half of the agitators’ body with the bullets will never be matched by the police force of any country. If only the Maoists had not wielded guns while attacking the police posts…

The mass shooting of the peaceful demonstrators in Chandragadhi, Jhapa has dashed even the faintest of hopes that the army, known for its legendary discipline, would be rational and show restraint.

It’s really amazing, how a few months of training can play havoc with all the human values instilled right from the day of birth. Or has the army found the human genes of the Stone Age for cloning?

It is high time the political leaders started to think about civilizing the army and not merely dwell upon controlling the army after the eventual end of the autocratic monarchy. The people can no longer afford to spend billions to be shot upon and looted by these goons.

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35 thoughts on “Brutal security persons

  1. I do not agree with you author. The security personnel at the ground are forced to obey the orders of their masters and it is their duty. They have been victimised out here. Why would they wish to shoot a brother of their own? They also do have families and have genuine concerns.
    So, do not try to instigate a feeling of hatred against the security people in the ground. Rather the genuine concern should be against those folks at the decision making table.
    Remember that the folks who are sent to ground are also from the poor families. They did not have the wish to face a risk to their life had it not been for the survival. So, please refrain from further breeding hatred against the security forces. What we need is a change in the top brass and everything will work out.

    hari sharma

  2. Q. What does “floccinaucinihilipilification” mean?
    A. It means “the estimation of something as worthless.”

  3. Let us not wait for King to handover the power.
    Why don’t Maoist and political parties form parellel govt. immidiately.
    And overthrow the King’s regime foreever.
    Long live Nepali and Nepali people.
    Loktantra jindabad

  4. That is bullshit. Most despots have been toppled when the army and security forces refuse orders. The Shah of Iran was deposed this way, and he’s just one of many examples in modern times. The police who are brutalizing people in the streets now are both trying to protect themselves, an instinctive reaction, i would assume, considering there are thousands who could harm then if they were not the ones with the hand on the trigger. And, also, it is human nature, I’m afraid, that when adrenaline surges, often police and army get quite brutal. It happens all the time, all over the world. I do agree that the protestors need to try somehow to gently urge the police and security to come to their side. It might be a chance comment as they pass by, a suggestion, mentioning to them, hey, guy, i know your mother and father don’t want you to die defending a king. they would be proud of you if you defended your own people…anyway, i am disgusted by their behaviour, but it is not at all surprising, and I do agree, we need to have some compassion for these guys. because it is only with compassion, yes, even when a few of them have committed brutal crimes, that we will be able to win their hearts and minds over to the side of peace and the side of ridding the country of this brutal despot…

  5. Hari Sharma,
    Alright they are following the orders and nobody is denying that fact. It is also a common knowledge that they are human beings and they are just doing their duty. But if you think they are proper trained and proper educated ethically, then my friend I have nothing to say to you. They are useless bunch of people who have lost all abilities to think and act upon what they are thinking.

    Rage. Have you seen the rage of a policemen in our country ? Have you seen the ways they act ? Have you ever heard their language ? Yes you can say they get frustrated, but again, hey they are policemen, remember ? They are supposed to keep it cool. They beat the crap out of a kid on the street… following the order ? They shoot the people who are indoor … following the order ? A bunch of policeMEN drag a helpless FEMALE … following the order ? Do you really think so ?

  6. My blood is boiling and I want to spit on someone like Hari Sharma who calls RNA, police AFP as security personals! They are criminals. They should be able to defy the orders if they have any sense. They are killing their own children and parents. RNA is the dumbest gropu of thugs in the world. Trying to protect the “King of none” for what? They lost the battle with MBs. you do not need a phD to undertand that. “3 Maoist killed, 33 army killed, 20 out of touch, 20 injured” is this news anything new?

  7. I agree with Hari Sharma. You cannot put the blame of the policemen squarely on their shoulder. I agree that at times they used excesive force… But they get caught up in the hyeteria … when people are throwing bricks and the atmosphere is charged up like that things get out of control.
    I agree that the top brass of the security agencies need to be held accountable… Protests are being shot to death now.. this is definetly the work of the top brass who have a say in what level of force to use..

  8. Glade:
    who are you kidding. the policemen in Nepal are neither trained properly nor educated in ethical values… They are severly underpaid and overworked… many of have died in the Maoist insurency – this “they are suppose to keep it cool” sounds great but if on the streets its a diffrent story.

  9. Then Pundit, this article does make sense. They are useless bunch of people without the proper training. Weren’t we just discussing the same thing ?

  10. Agree with Hari here.

    The security forces r not to be blamed necessarily for all the consequences. Do we not know that there are ppl. above them and they have to follow their orders during their duty? Do you think it’s fun to shoot around ppl, beat a living person to death?….it’s all the circustances they deal with. They are standing there as the last line of defence for KG, they just have to do what needs to be done. I’m not defending them but that’s their job.

    They are correct by duty but not fair by humanity.

    where do we really find military force fair? it could work against the ethical boundaries, that’s one of their dilemmas.

  11. Bhudai_Pundit

    what a FKD up name ! Birds of same feather flock together, anyway. Hari Sharma, Pundit and all RBS (Royal-Bahun and Slaves) will be on the defensive as their grip is being broken. Aadibai, Dalits, Untouchables, Poors, Workes, Farmerscwho constitutes 99% of Nepal’s population will rule this country. Is their anything wrong with that?

  12. Yes Dalits, untouchables, farmers, kisans, peasants, workers, majdoors, poors, garib, it does make 99%, and throw in Aadibai(?) you will have 100%. Then all birds of same feather will take their business somewhere else. Couldn’t have expected more from you reality Tv. By the way great name. Very unique.

  13. I thought u were going to say add guest_001 to 99 and then we are all happy.! 🙂

    I see his (reality tv) point but i still think it’s a bit of a wide stretch. I see some ppl are talking through their hearts by now instead of their brains. Given the situation, u just can’t help it i guess.

    back to the topic, i still agree with the author completely.
    Anyways, my prayers for peace!

  14. reality tv…
    Firstly I cannot believe that you out of anyone has the nerves to critisize my name! reality tv??? how pathetic and unoriginal are you?
    Hey I don’t know if you have heard of this thing called google. But if you have you might want to try and look up Nepal’s demographic make up.
    And no I am not scared about loosing grip on power… I don’t even live in Nepal so I don’t know what power you are talking about…

  15. Besides:
    People here are talking about procesuting security forces but then again what about prosecuting Maoist cadres and leaders… Imagine the amount of death and suffering they have caused.

  16. Messrs Baje et al,

    Hari Baje:

    Don’t compare Hitler with KG. Hitler killed 6 million Jews. KG is only trying to maintainn law and order which has unfortunately resuted in some deaths. This is highly regretable. Remember the aftermath of the riots in Kathmandu spurred by the killings of 12 innocent Nepalese in Iraq. You don’t want a repeat of that situation in Kathmandu (multiplied by a factor of 10), do you?

  17. ajhai bhukdai chha yo raja ko kukur…law and order bhdandai [icd]ajhai law and order? real aandolan or massacare hunu ko lagi stalin ra hitler haru le jhai millions marnu parne ho….[icd] stalin le more then 5 crores manche maryo..nepal ko population jamma around 2.50 crores chhaa…and besides every life counts for us. This brutal regime which is based just by taking innocent lives [icd]

    and about security guys being violent…yes the top brass are the ones mainly responsible…even the maoist who nobody likes has said if some 34 head officers are changed they don’t have any problem with the remaining guys…but isn’t this the time to show that the brave nepalese are on the side of people…din bhari dry food ko bharmaa janata marna pathune saarkar lai mane ki…uniharu kai pariwar lageko aandolan ma aune…..they are having that job in order to feed their their families are in aadndolan aba tyo jagir ke ka lagi?….and about the punishing the killers… must be done to the both sides…and it can be done also…becoz the government being the representative of nepal have signed all the human rights treaty and recently the maoist supremo prachanda has also published his party’s commitment on certain points of freedom and human rights…and this time they have not done it just by mouth but through a written statement…well basically it doesn’t matter what they say…their actions defines their words…but now people have got a strong document to bring the ones from maoist who have violated the human rights according to their own document too…which certainly gives people the more power……

  18. So far I was just taking all of your shit with a pinch of humour and laughing it off. But I guess it’s not even worth it.Timi haru sab kua ko bhyaguta haru, get out of your ltlle cozy website with handful of likemended fools and explore other websites an see what they are writing. I am no king supporter but neither do I support the SPAM ( seven party alliance against the king). When kathmandu turns into a riot zone, you all will rearise what I am saying.Yes, the king should restore the parliament and hand over full demcracy but he should also make sure that he leaves the country in an environment where peace talks are possible.If the mob over throws him and takes over,who is gonna rule – the maoists or the SPA.IF the SPA p congress or communist.If the Congress- GP or shere. rDemocracy, democracy bhandai bheda bakha jasto karaera ke garne. Think about it.

    Jai Nepal

  19. Well Seshyan, now you claim not to be a King supporter? That’s great. If you read your own posting you previously were. But that’s evolution for you. Glad that the light has not blinded you.

  20. had you looked at my posting with a slice of humour you would have known where I was coming from. Actually I believe in none of the three warring sides so it was easy for me to take any side. I was deliberately taking the kings side coz no one was.Deep inside i am pretty much worried about what will happen next to our Nepal and eagerly waiting for the king to make some announcement today, handing over power to the greedy power mongers ( like him and the maoists alike) before the cry for democracy turns into mobocracy. It’s amazing that people are taking this revolution at it’s face value.I am just worried about what’s gonna happen next.I just hope nepal is not gonna become another Sudan.

  21. Nepal has never experienced trur democracy, that what the country had before Le Chubby Despot wasn’t real democracy. Once the poor villagers get a taste of real freedom, I doubt they’ll revert to being Maoists.

    Sheshyan Nepal, you were taking the king’s side because no one was? What kind of reasoning is that? He’s ordered a shoot to kill order, on even women and children, and you were sorry no one was taking his side?

    And you know what? It’s easy to take that way out and say ‘I don’t like any of them.’ That means you have to take no responsibility to make the country how you want it to be. I’m sure not many people have faith in the current political parties, but if they seriously get together and rethink their values, maybe newer, nicer political parties can be formed!

    You can always vote for another party, and new parties can always be formed, if you don’t like what a certain party did. Or you can make your own party, your own platform…or would the work be too hard?

    How much easier it is to have a king who’s starving the people (as long as you’re not one of the starving) and live in a world where you don’t like any political warring side but aren’t willling to do something about it. It’s so much easier to live in a world with someone telling what to do because you can blame them for your sorrows. In a world where you make your own decisions, you’ll have yourself to blame if something goes wrong. I think this is the main reason so many people are afraid of democracy in Nepal.

    When writing a new constitution and making a new country, something can go wrong, something will go wrong, but we can fix it. We don’t have to have a Le Chubby Despot who likes to kill us.

    Wake up, Kathmandu is a riot zone. Le Chubby Despot is killing women and children with a smile on his Le Chubby face. They might not be related to you, but they didn’t deserve to die like dogs.

    He doesn’t deserve the money he’s taken so far for being a king because a king protects his people. All he’s done is cause problems.

    It doesn’t have to be either the King or the Moists or definitely not GPK and KPB (or any other old wrinkled alcoholics). Besides, GPK ko face so marna lageko jastai dekhincha, I doubt he’ll make it for a few years.
    If people have the courage to take responsibility for themselves and work together to form the country, they can do it. It’s time to be a leader for yourself instead of going ‘wah, I need me a leader or I’m lost.’

  22. The excessive use of force by the security force is unwarranted and brutal. But then we forget at out own peril that if they back up, only pashupati nath will be able to stop the carnage and the looting that is sure to follow.

    My dear friends, a mob without a head is dangerous. It has no vision, no direction and doesn’t know what it is headed towards. I can clearly hear 4/5 distinct forms of slogans in the streets and i wonder what is it that they really want. All seem to blaming the king, and agreed that he is partly responsible for lotsa of today’s problems but then my frens, do we really believe that all our problems and hardships will erased in few months time, or maybe few years time. Can we, if this anadolan is successful, sit back and confidently say that we have “democracy” at last!

  23. Bhudai Pundit …. Buddu Pundit.. talks about googling the Bhudai! What a magical name, you sure got a lots of whips on your arse while in school, if you attended the one in your life. Lest god save Bhuddu (Vodoo) pundit !

  24. Hello folks,

    Hey Kiratji, what happened to SN ? In one night only he changed so much… it’s funny.

    Soon you’ll see him in KTM’s streets hanging around carrying a communist flag !

    Well, after WW2 and Liberation, we had such “leeches” too in France. We called them “résistants de la dernière heure” (last hour resistants)…

  25. Hi Cyp, Power of blogging perhaps? Well I’m glad he has come to his senses. Things are really getting to a boil here in Nepal.

  26. Keep us informed as much as possible, please.
    UWB! is one of the rare source of information and we need to tell the world minute after minute about this Revolution.

    Just throw the facts.

  27. reality tv:
    HAHAH you crack me up! I did attend school because clearly I don’t write crap and have a name “reality tv” … plus I know I to use google and understand numbers.

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