General Strike Day XVI

Down with Autocracy: Protesters in Baneshor

5:45 pm Update

I am just back from the Baneshor area. People in unprecedented numbers have thronged in the streets. Army’s mini-tanks are plying in the street. People are walking in the streets defying curfew while the security personnel have turned into mere spectators. This is an utter failure of the state and a near-victory of people’s power. King is rumored to address at 7 pm. Every one is curious about what a beleaguered monarch has to say.

At 3:30 pm, around five thousand protesters defied curfew here in Tinkune. These protesters were a part of large mass of around fifty thousand in Baneshor. They arrived from Koteshor area and entered the main road bypassing a police beat in Tinkune. Few army men were stationed near Koteshor. We all Kantipur staffs either reached there or watched from windows, rooftops. It was a peaceful protest. But, leaders like Ram Kumari Jhakri were finding hard to convince the mass. After 10 minutes, another security enforcement arrived. But, as the mass was only chanting slogans, carrying banners and branches of trees, the forerunners were able to divert the mass towards alley leading them to Koteshor.

Here at UP Policlinic, people sprinkled water to the protesters. They looked jovial, were enthusiastic and very disciplined. The leaders were requesting them not to pelt stones. For a while, the area got tense, but it was soon over. Yesterdy’s massacre in Kalanki has given an impetus to fight for their rights. As I write this at 4:30, I can hear protesters wistling, yelling and cheering.

Protesters have lined up from Kalanki to Sanepa in Ring Road. This mass is estimated to be 2 lakhs. Similarly, according to co-blogger Saroj Raj Adhikari, people are stretched from Koteshor to Ekantakuna forming a huge human chain.

Police opened fire at protesters in Gwarko.

Half a dozen tanks are placed surrounding the Narayanhity Royal Palace. What does this mean? King is feeling insecure under his turf. He is trying to prevent the uprising from entering the palace.

Just a little away in Gongabu, the place of massive protest, now some 30 thousand protesters are peacefully marching towards Chabahil. Security force is heavily deployed but they have not yet disrupted. Big logs are placed in the Ring Road (from Gongabu to Kalanki). In Banasthali, where a police beat was demolished yesterday, peaceful protest is going on. In Kalanki, yesterday’s battle field, numerous foreign media have stationed; protesters have taken control of Kalanki. Two motorbikes were damaged by protesters today morning. Security forces are staying in Balkhu side of Ring Road. The protesters are demanding the dead bodies of martyrs whose bodies were taken away by the state.

As 25- hour-curfew ended today morning at 3am, people heaved a sigh of relief. Today, curfew starts at 9 am and ends at 8 pm. In the streets of Kathmandu, few vehicles are plying. In our office here at Nepal Magazine, (Tinkune, Kathmandu) staffs started arriving from the morning. Meanwhile, today’s Kantipur is only 8 pages (regular it is 12), The Kathmandu Post 4 pages (regular it is 8 pages) that too black-and-white, reminiscent of pre-color era. This is ironical while the king wants to rule in medieval way ie Dark Age.

Even Gorkhapatra is reduced to 4 page from regular 12. But, Kantipur and The Kathmandu Post are only printed in black. The Kalanki massacre has received international coverage. Nepali media too highlighted the police barbarism.

According to co-blogger Tilak Pathak, protests have resumed in Kalanki; people are hurriedly walking towards their home.

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176 thoughts on “General Strike Day XVI

  1. I say we strap him to a chair there and bomb Naranhity out of existence. Think fellows, Naranhity takes up so tens of acres of prime land.

    We can preserve a little bit of it for King Birendra’s memory, but its too valuable as real estate to be left as it is.

  2. Nepali Congress not happy according to CP Bastola in BBC. They’d expected more, they want more. They think there is no framework for what king häs mentioned.

  3. He said something about letting the seven parties elect their prime minister. And he didn’t say anything about a parliament forming etc.

    And the woman on BBC was like *blank* ‘are the people satisfied then?’ Even they were expecting something big. 😡

    Some guy from nepal , called bastola or something, is on BBC right now and he’s saying that the king was unclear. He seems pissed off as well.

  4. Hey someone who has recorded the speech plz convert into mp3 and put it somewhere in web

  5. Guys,

    Please use the new forum. This is already too crowded. There’s one just to discuss his speech.

  6. the only line that should be noticed was “?????? ??????? ??? ????? ?????? ????? ” when was that

  7. We are committed to multi-party democracy and a constitutional monarchy,” the king said in his address on Friday.
    But we do not want constitutional monarchy now…..The days of the Monarch are gone.We want Republican state.Did not he listen to slogans in the streets? Has he dared to come out to see what people are saying?
    There is nothing New and Seven Parties should not accept this one……

    “Executive power of the kingdom of Nepal, which was in our safekeeping, shall from this day be returned to the people.

    “We hope peace and order is restored to the country by protecting multi-party democracy.”

    He called on the seven-party opposition alliance to recommend a name for the post of prime minister.

  8. The declaration is on Nepalweb.
    Did you expect anything else from kg ?
    Do you still need to listen to this guy ?


  10. WTF Girija doesn’t want to comment. He wants to talk to SPA leaders first before saying anything. Fcking BS. Can’t he see this is wrong ? Can’t he just speak out his mind ? Yes people these are our leaders.

  11. King has said “Janata ko satta janata ma”
    SPA should come in conclusion for a PM now.
    Then they should go for a peace talk with Maoists.

    CNN has said clearly “New PM should have BLESSINGS OF INDIA”
    How much india has played us.

  12. This announcement is just a trick to fool and divert the movement. Gynendra [icd] still wants to be a cat forming a new rat called “new government”. No way!!

    He can take the executive powers tomorrow orchestring another inceden.

    Beware of this wolf!! He motives are really dangerous. No time to rest yet.

  13. Friends,

    Wait for second speech but don’t go home yet. The second speech will give:
    CA – but with ceremonial king’s option (I guess that shouold be OK to all including maobadi)

  14. man hope KG drops a bomb from that helicopter in response1’s house after he leaves. this guy is too irritating

  15. Guys, please please no more comments here.I guess my comment will be 167th comments.It is already crowded and New yopic has been already floated here.Please refrain commenting Here.It is very difficult to read ur comment and ur comment will go waste…..Go to homepage of this blog and comment there……
    Thank U for ur cooperation!!!!!!

  16. Dagger,
    U are KG’s Chamcha. U wish KG drop bomb on a Nepali’s home? U crazr bastar*d. KG’s Chamcha!! Let’s get him out!!!

  17. 1. Yesterday King said “I have taken the power in my hand”
    2. Today he said “ I am giving back it to people”
    3. Is there any guarantee that he will not say “I am again taking back my power” Because this coming government will be hanging on the air. He may easily kick that government out of his way as he did to Sher Bahadur Deuba.
    4. Suppose, the Interim government will go for election of Constituent Assembly, will he agree?? I think he will again use Article 127 to take power in his hand.
    5. From the past experience we have known him as a great liar and use to do just opposite of what he says.
    6. Otherwise UN should play a mediator role until the election of constituent assembly.

  18. Gyne is so arrogate and claver person. He tries to make foolish to international community. For example last night CNN live cast from Kathmandu. It was so nonsense reporting. People & Political party must go a head.


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