Is Nepal Going to Fail?

It is really hard to believe that Nepal has a democratic government. By Krishna Giri Instead of mocking Nepali leaders, this time my thoughts were going towards the country and countrymen. Bulldozed by the political and leadership changes; besieged by living and security conditions; aggravated by the false hope for water and electricity, people areContinue reading “Is Nepal Going to Fail?”

New Nepal, New Thoughts

By Bhupendra Khanal Efforts to form the first ever Maoist-led government in Nepal are going on. The new government will have many challenges going forward and they will have to work actively and aggressively. It is challenging but not impossible. Here are my suggestions for the new Nepal Government. 1. Integration to Global Economy FreeContinue reading “New Nepal, New Thoughts”

Let’s Give Maoist A Chance!

Maoists are winning the election. There are various reasons for that. The most prominent reason is people’s need for a change. They want something different. They have tried congress and they have tried UML. By Tilak KC in Bremen, Germany I am usually a political pessimist. I never thought that Maoist would come to dialoguesContinue reading “Let’s Give Maoist A Chance!”

Nepal in UAE: Experience of a Nepali Worker

Nepalis have very good reputation here in the UAE. If we can have the balance of hard work and talent, no other nationals can beat Nepali workers in the labor market By Sudip Adhikari I have been working in United Arab Emirates for the past seven years. Before coming here in this rapidly developing countryContinue reading “Nepal in UAE: Experience of a Nepali Worker”

Non Resident Nepali and Double Standards

The election has been avoided and Dr. Mahato is allowed to continue as the chair of the Non Resident Nepali (NRN) movement despite his apparent unwillingness. This clearly indicates that NRN, which boasts of Kul Chandra Gautam and Prof. Surya Subedi as advisors, is no different from a political party where a personality dominates theContinue reading “Non Resident Nepali and Double Standards”

Save Nepali Congress From Corrupt Leaders

Is NC so weak that it can not find an alternative of Khum Bahadur Khadka, Govinda Joshi, and Chiranjivi Wagle? By Puskar Magar (The writer is a Nepali Congress party cadre) It is sad to see Nepali Congress (NC), the party of Prime Minister, which led all the democratic movements in Nepal, is gradually movingContinue reading “Save Nepali Congress From Corrupt Leaders”

Dear Nepali Congress Leaders and Cadres….An Open Letter

Morang district branch of Nepali Congress (NC) on September 13 sent Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala’s name to contest Constituent Assembly elections based on first-past-the-post electoral system from Constituency No1 of Morang. As the district committees of the party are gearing up for such nominations, Puskar Magar, a Nepali Congress cadre writes an open letterContinue reading “Dear Nepali Congress Leaders and Cadres….An Open Letter”