Non Resident Nepali and Double Standards

The election has been avoided and Dr. Mahato is allowed to continue as the chair of the Non Resident Nepali (NRN) movement despite his apparent unwillingness. This clearly indicates that NRN, which boasts of Kul Chandra Gautam and Prof. Surya Subedi as advisors, is no different from a political party where a personality dominates the organization.

By Paribartan
The writer is a NRN based in Japan

With ongoing 3rd Global conference, Non Resident Nepalis have decided to elect Dr. Upendra Mahato once again as president of International Coordination Council of NRN network. Though Dr. Mahato has shown his unwillingness to continue, reportedly there was unanimity in avoiding election and thus a request to Dr. Mahato to continue was made. This clearly indicates that NRN is dominated by personality of Dr. Mahato rather than the agendas that it’s pushing forward. In addition, it clearly shows that without Dr. Mahato, NRN movement can crumble and fetter away. Definitely, this is not a good sign for a fledgling organization which aspires to lay foundation for New Nepal and to cater to the needs of millions of Nepalis abroad. Therefore, it is a need of the hour for everyone to think deeply and work for real institutionalization of NRN movement.

Ever since its inception, NRN has been preoccupied with its expansion and setting up new committees worldwide. Many have aligned with this movement on flimsy grounds. As NRN status would easily bring so called name and fame, many have tried to occupy stage here as they would get a chance to brush their shoulders with Dr. Upendra Mahato. At the same time, there are many business-minded Nepalis who feel that by aligning with NRN network they could enter into some partnerships and business joint ventures. All hopes of these people, therefore, rests on presence of Dr. Mahato and hotshots like him. Bunch of NRNs who have been able to emerge as ad-hoc committee members or 1st committee members in different countries invariably want Dr. Mahato to continue. And to show their good works, these people are traveling helter-skelter to be present with Dr. Mahato in every meet and every convention. Cozying up with Dr. Mahato, a Madhesi, is now a preoccupation with many Pahadi intellectuals and business tycoons. Dr. Mahato and NRN is a prime example of how money can change the attitude of the Pahadias towards a Madheshi.

Because of these boot licking tendencies amongst NRN executives worldwide, Dr. Mahato is under pressure and apparently he is forced to assume the leadership under force of request for continuation. This has posed a grave threat to NRN movement as it would invariably develop personality cult in NRN instead of developing issue based organizational leadership. And this is where the practice of double standard has begun in NRN. NRN going by its motto “By Nepali for Nepali” would have faced no problem in electing any other Tom, Dick and Harry who is a NRN as per the existing NRN act. Any other Nepali, be it Devman Hirachan, or Bhim Udash or Ram Thapa would have definitely worked for betterment of this movement. Many of them have worked for more than one stint and know NRN issues as the back of their palms. Yet the election is avoided and Dr. Mahato is allowed to continue. This clearly indicates that NRN, which boasts of Kul Chandra Gautam and Prof. Surya Subedi as advisers, is no different from a political party where a personality dominates the organization. At least from the experience of the political parties in Nepal, NRNs should have learnt some lessons and not allowed such double standards to hog the lime-light.

Another instance of double standard in NRN can be gauged from their recent rhetoric against NRN Act, which has barred a large pool of intellectuals from acquiring NRN status. There is no need to inform that students who are abroad now are intellectually far better than many of the NRNs who have their origin in some business trades. When NRN Act barred the students from acquiring NRN status, NRN ICC merely issued some criticisms. In view of provisions in NRN for representations from youths and women, there would not have been any problem if they had fixed one representative for Nepalis students abroad. They have not done so as they are a bit wary of students’ unionism in NRN also. This way they seem to have avoided potential trouble makers, but at the same time, they have deprived themselves of intellectually sound Diaspora also.

The most interesting double standard practiced by NRN lies in its rhetoric for voting rights for Nepalis living abroad. Many intellectuals associated with NRN have taken pains to advocate for voting rights for NRNs. And they have churned out long write-ups in Nepalis broadsheets. But, within their own organization, they are depriving many NRNs with voting rights. NRN is going to conduct election in this 3rd Global conference also at least for posts other than ICC president. Though they claim to represent more than a million Nepalis, yet the office bearers of ICC are going to be elected by less than one thousand delegates. People who talk about e-mail voting, ballot voting and proxy voting for Diaspora must have known that they could extend either of these voting practices for other NRNs who are willing to contest and cast their votes in the election of ICC.

In views of these double standards practiced within NRN, there is a little for Nepalis in diaspora, other than businessmen, to gain anything from this movement. Practically, this organization is, after NRN Act, institutionalized for double standards. So, there is no irony if such dual practitioners make a great hue and cry for dual citizenship also. The third stint for Dr. Mahato is, therefore, crucial in that he has choices to make: continue to practice duality and make NRN a fully business men’s organization or make it an efficient organization encompassing everyone.







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  1. sanobhai Avatar

    I did not realize that this organization does not welcome students. They might consider changing their name and mission. It is perfectly fine if they are a group of folks that want to invest money in Nepal and I admire their effort but they should not pretend to represent millions of Nepalese abroad. I do not know the statistics but I assume a non-negligible proportion of Nepalese abroad are students.

  2. Manuj Avatar

    Mahato needs to give voting rights to NRNs first before claiming for dual citizenship. They are only demanding not giving. They are nominating people of their choices. One example is concerning editor of their publication. That editor was expelled for fraud dealings from Nepalis students organization in Japan. Mahato must sack these people. Otherwise, things will remain doubtful about NRN.

  3. hope Avatar

    NRN- Non Relevant Nepalese, what is the significance of the organization when they could not represent most of the Nepalese living abroad?? And what is the importance of their demands and vows when most of the nepalese living outside are totally unaware of the fact that there is such an organization.

    They were just back to celebrate Dashain and ” TIKA” for their ICC council and will leave as every other nepali after the festival. No more fuss!!

  4. xyz Avatar

    1. NRN also stands for Not Required Nepalese.
    2. They are here to turn their black money into white.
    3. How could NRN boast of their vision and mission when Manisha Koirala is their idol. Is Manisha Koirala too NRN? If so what about millions of Nepalese struggling in India?
    4. Their claim for dual citizenship is also rubbish. When a Nepali girl married to a foreigner had to lose her citizenship or foreign-brone groom cannot claim Nepali citizenship, this dual citizenship is a rubbish idea. Girija do not know what is right and wrong?
    5. NRN now has made FNCCI its chamcha – look at the face of Chandi Raj Dhakal – the blacklisted guy.
    6. Simply because of his hold in media, NRN is making too much noise.

  5. Pin Avatar

    Sanobhai, You are right. NRN need to include students also. They are better than mandales.

  6. Pin Avatar

    Sanobhai, You are right. NRN need to include students also. They are better than mandales.

  7. Kishan Avatar

    I am wondering what does any of this has to do with coining the word ‘Madheshi’? I am not sure if Paribartan counted how many Madheshis are there in the list of recent appointments of secretaries and envoys? Old habits die hard!

  8. Prabhat Avatar

    People used to say NRN=Non Reliable Nepalis, but I think that it may not be true. Some guys seem to have the feelings of doing something for the motherland. Nevertheless, I would like to suggest the NRN bretherns that first give something concrete to your nation then only demand what is reasonable.

  9. Prabhat Avatar

    I don’t know much about Upendra Mahato but his enthusiasm is praiseworthy. I appreciate him and others from NRN for building a BRIDHDHASHRAM in Devghat. I hope more of such works will make them reliable Nepalis. Keep on !

  10. Kirat Avatar

    Fu(king stupid people. NRNs want to invest in Nepal and all you can think of are negative things. The only other people who invest in Nepal are aid and charitable agencies. Because that’s what you people are – charity cases!

  11. sanobhai Avatar

    I second Kirat – we should welcome these investment leads. I am just a little disappointed that they don’t come out of the closet and just say who they are – Nepalese abroad who want to invest in the country. They should be proud of being investors – no need to hide it behind fake and lofty mission statements. They should operate like sharp no-nonsense businessmen.

    If this is an organization that aims to represent major issues facing Nepalese abroad, then the focus should be larger than dual citizenship and investment environment in the country and they should not exclude someone just because that person is a student. People who go to the middle east to work, attend Harvard to become a world-class scholar, or a silicon valley tycoon – they should all be a part of this forum.

  12. hope Avatar

    Hmm, do they have any idea about the problems country is in?? Are they aware of the crisis which is about to explode?? Are they playing dumb or they really are?? Why on earth their socalled conference failed to even raise issues people are facing in daily basis?? Are they blind or blindfolded not to see any problems of Resident Nepalese ?? Are they ignorant or hipocrates not to feel the pains of resident nepalese?? What is more important ,to have kerosene to cook staple food or to give some syndicates dual citizenship which will certainly be manupulated by those 400+ people?? Are they that stupid that they have no idea without the political stability there would be no any economic activities, why they are so scared to even voice a small concern about the current political mess?? Are they implying because they have money they are relevant??

    Why we, resident nepalese, should not ignore these non relevant nepalese as they continue to ignore the most important issues??

    Investment in Nepal, hahaha, what a joke?? Are they blind or blindfolded again not to see the news of closures of few remaining factories and companies due to the consistent strikes by then NRNs( they lived in India). Or are they asking resident nepalese to invest in their ventures in respective countries??

  13. Sudip Avatar

    NRN does not seem serious about the porblems facing by workers working in Middle East and Far East. NRN has became chat spot of American and European passport holder Nepalese.

  14. sanobhai Avatar

    They are saying they can be helpful because they have the money and they have the skillset and perspective that is needed in Nepal. It is nice that at least someone is talking about investing in the enterprises in the country even though, as one blogger notes, factories are shut down and businesses are depressed. Isn’t that something to welcome? I think it is.

    If you think money, skills, and education is not important, you might want to look yourself in the mirror. You might change your mind.

  15. S 1:17 Avatar
    S 1:17

    hope is right and kirat is a twat.
    to start with the dude who wrote this article is one question??????
    what the hell has one guys sitting in a seat (that roughly represent 1 % of nepalese living out of nepal. ) has to do with laying the foundation of new nepal. your article sounded more like a man writing something because your man or yourself did not get to sit in the kursi and out in vengance to spread propaganda. you are confusing the building of nepal with building of your status. you are more concerned about your place in new nepal then you role in creating it. so pls save me the antics like you really care. maybe i would have been by your side if you had not used cheap methods like

    “Definitely, this is not a good sign for a fledgling organization which aspires to lay foundation for New Nepal and to cater to the needs of millions of Nepalis abroad”
    maybe your fears are genuine. if so then stay true to the cause dont use cheap antics to come to spotlight.

  16. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Hmmmm you guys are morons. NRN is largly a worthless organization but it’s not hurting Nepal. Heck if nothing else at least they will bring in some investment, as Kirat suggested. Typical Nepali leg pulling mentality – stop your whining and bitching about everything.

    “Why on earth their socalled conference failed to even raise issues people are facing in daily basis??”

    Why is it the NRNs job to address these issues? NRN are doing what they can. Is it going to be impactful and significant – probably not but they aren’t the YCL.

    Idiot Nepalis – first they come out like naive beedhas and welcome the Maoists and now everything has turned amuck! Still some of you here are thinking/talking about brining them back into the government.

  17. lightbulb Avatar

    All are beautiful smart no one is stupid.
    merry dassain. Maoists also rejoin govenment says SItaula in Biratnagar airport don’t talk politics.

  18. Kirat Avatar

    hope-that idiotic posting of yours was really disappointing. What a narrow view. All the NRNs basically want to do is invest and make some money in Nepal when the opportunity arises. They are in it for themselves-let that be clear. But if you understand anything about modern economics this country sorely lacks a professional entrepreneurial class who can deal with global economics and who can offer large equity investment. NRNs potentially offer this. They will make money for themselves-true, but they will also create thousands of jobs and wealth for us poor Nepalis. You want that all Nepalis rely on organisations like NEA, RNAC,NOC, NTC? Or should an opportunity be opened for better electricity providers, airlines, fuel supply and communications services? STOP THINKING LIKE FROGS IN A WELL!

  19. waiba Avatar

    Anyone who wants to help Nepal should be welcomed. As for me Nepali is Nepali no matter how long he or she has lived out of Nepal. When a Nepali returns back home there is no issue of being resident or non resident. NRN has mis-guided mission and agenda. For instance, they want voting right, they want duel citizens, and they want to invest in Nepal. All these good demands and good intentions requires a functioning government, law and order which Nepal does not have. Voting rights is good, but its too impractical if not just ludicrous idea. For example, how are you going to arrange the voting system in a vast country like the US. Where are you going to put the ballet box, in NY, Washington DC, it is going to be mail in ballet, or internet voting, and how are you going to validate the vote and voters identity, ok, ok, all these thing can be worked out, but who is going pay for it? Counting the vote is not merely as important as what counts. Help get the house in order first, make Nepal safe and stable. These so called NRN have mis-guided lofty goals, while they are courting incompetent politicians for voting rights, birth rights, and investment plans, hundreds of Nepalese and visitors can not reach Nepal because of lack of flights to Nepal. The only flight to Kathmandu is now THAI Airlines. Its a national disgrace. If they have so much why don’t they say, we will fund RNAC to buy a new airplane so that people don’t have to wait weeks and months to visit Nepal.

  20. S 1:17 Avatar
    S 1:17

    one question everone talking about investment from NRN i want to know how many nepalese living abroad can be called a middle class. most of the ppl i know are happy doing menial jobs. there are only handful of nepalese and the investment they will do will come to 1000s of dollars not millions. the writer himself is saying that the NRN org will collapse if this mahato is not on top. another thing this org is not so serious as most of the nepali who live outside are more worried about visa, money, family of course the organization and its commitments are the last thing in their mind. this org has a long way to go and already there is a tug of war for the kurshi.
    and it insults me when you said that your prob is related with the laying the foundation of the nation. if ppl like you are laying the foundation then amigo what a foundation we have.

  21. Manuj Avatar

    Foreign investment in Nepal is not bad. They need to come, invest, create job and help Nepal prosper. But, a million dollar question; is our state ready for creating honest system for foreign investment? I like to cite an example of Bhote Koshi Hydro. Foreigners have invested here and generated electricity. But, just look at the cost of the power. Who denies that job is not created in Bhote Koshi. It is definitely there. But, for scores of jobs, millions of Nepalis and Nepalis institutions are being taken for a ride. In this situation, practices in NRN clearly indicate that Dr. Mahato and his bunch would also do something like this. When they are visibly maintaining double standards in their own organization, one can guess easily that they would do such things for their ventures also. As they are quick in greasing the palms of Nepali ministers, politicians and bureaucrats, it is a foregone conclusion that investments from dubious characters would ultimately exploit ordinary Nepalis. But, it does not mean that we should not allow foreign investment on this basis only. We need to accept it but with our own terms and conditions. We need to flatly tell these investors that legitimate benefit OK, hanky-panky not OK. Similarly, it should be carried to them that legal methods OK, illegal methods not OK. For that, government of Nepal must impress on Dr. Upendra Mahato and his NRN that they should first come clear on many issues like voting rights for NRN within NRN. With visible dichotomy practiced in NRN, Government of Nepal should not extend further facilities to NRN unless NRN also facilitates its general members. Now about students, it is clear that NRN is not doing anything. Dr. Mahato even does not utter these words “students” now a days. Though he has his origin in being an NRN lies in his student days, yet he is giving only lip service to the students. So, Dr. Mahato needs to introspect also.

  22. matribhumi Avatar

    I completely agree with Bhudai and Kirat, What needs to be understood is this:
    It does not matter what NRN society headed by Mahato represents, what matters is that many non-resident nepalis living and working abroad are sending money into a crippled economy like Nepal. They are bringing in foriegn currency into the country by working. WORK is what most of RESIDENT NEPALIS DO NOT DO. Resident Nepalis such as YCL, politicians DO NOT WORK, the office workers are lazy and corrupt. Struggles are done by those who came out becasue of lack of opportunity and these NRNs are have worked away from family and dear ones and they send money back into Nepal mobilizing the economy. Is it then fair to:
    1. Harass them for bringing in a TV set from the middle east?
    2. Harass them for a bribe everywhere they go?
    Many could have stayed back in Nepal joined politics and gotten into crimes. BUt they did not they chose to WORK and whatever the WORK maybe, they chose to WORK. Much of you people living in Nepal and so called RESIDENTS should probably do the SAME.

  23. matribhumi Avatar

    S1:17, when 300,000 Nepali workers in the UNited Arab Emirates send home USD 35 a month, that amounts to a million you moron. That amounts to 12 million in one year in revenues for a government that does absolutely nothing for these people. A government that DOES NOT EVEN HAVE MONEY TO GIVE TO the EMBAssies to bring back dead bodies of Nepalis that died becasue they went to get better opportunity.

  24. Kirat Avatar

    Very good points by matribhumi.

    Manuj-I don’t totally disagree with you but c’mon the govt. of Nepal telling NRNs no hanky-panky? Don’t joke.

    The best thing to do is out and out liberalize this country’s economy so that the deadening hand of govt. can touch it as little as possible.

  25. S 1:17 Avatar
    S 1:17

    there is a difference between investing in your house and investing in the development in the nation. i dont live n nepal and what i feel is that im riunning away fromt the problems of nepal. another thing look i never said that investment is bad but what i said is that the dude is exagerating a lot. and using cheap antics to criticize a person who did not want to be the chairman but was forced to be. ya right the thing here is not about investment you jackasses its about confusing the building of the nation with you personal interest. if you are really concerned about building the nation then NRN is the one of the least important thing. YOU THINK PPL WORKING IN GOLF KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT NRN AND MAHATO??????????? im sure they are helping them a lot. maybe they dont even recognize them as NRN cause they are not residents, they are just poor immigrants. who will go back home once the visa is finished.
    im saying again these ppl are more worried about their status quo in new nepal then their part in creating it.
    anyway i can see that most of the bloggers here are NRN and who feel superiour because they have made it. all i feel about myself is that im a person who decided to abandon my country for better life somewhere else instead to stay home and work on building the nation. my other needs were more important to me than building the nation.

    just bloggin and saying ooh does nto save the nation.

  26. Kirat Avatar

    S 1:17 feel sorry for you. You’re one of those types who decided to leave Nepal and now needs to justify your decision to do so. Perhaps you are doing well in your new land perhaps you’re miserable-whatever it is you are very insecure about the decision you made to leave. So deep down inside you are happy when bad things happen to the country you left and unhappy when good things happen. Typical.

  27. admin Avatar


  28. MOZZAS Avatar

    these NRN are so popular out in front of you all blood these are other blood suckers..they think they want to show Nepali pana around the world .ya they are showing but you know in wat ways they are same like nepali bahun political party leaders and PM.they are opening the school colege restaurant and doing sort of busines’s but they are sucking the Nepalese blood taking the money and showing them the favour for which they dnt even have to spend a penny..well dont worry all of u NRN i will slowly bring down your name and what and how you are doing and helping NEPALESE……WAIT AND WATCH ..UK BASED..

  29. sparsha Avatar

    I find the article fragmented and expression of personal dissatisfaction of the writer of the article on the issue without much substance. The issue of Pahadia and Madhesi raised is disgusting. Dr. Mahato is Madheshi so what he is a credible Nepalese and he has managed to bring NRN to limelight that is what matters most. This way or that way for whatever reason if Nepalese have settled outside, the identity of being Nepalese will always be dear and important to everyone under this category. Having lived outside for more than two and half decades, I have never met a person of Nepalese origin who does not value of being Nepalese in his or her own right. Of course anybody who invests would do it for making profit as the main objective. The connection of being Nepalese brings the first thought of investing in Nepal. It is a two way benefit. The dual citizenship and voting rights are minimum things that need to be fulfilled for such investments to flourish.

  30. Limbu Avatar

    I don’t think BHAGAUDA Nepalis living in different countries can develop Nepal. Actually one or two like Mahato or other are taking full advantage of Nepal’s greedy leaders and making a media hype. They are personally giving money to the political parties including Maoists. The GON gave them 2 Million Rs. to organize the conference. So ? Their personal investment in many organisations like Kantipur or Sanima Bank is regarded as NRN investment. Is there any NRN investmet as an organization ? As far as I know, Nepalese residing in France have not yet donated a single Euro. I saw them as representatives in the meeting. What an irony ?

  31. matribhumi Avatar

    Limbu, aka Mr. Chinki eyes, I think you should either go to China/Mongolia or just get a seperate tiny state for Libuwan. The reason for this is simple, DON”T DEGRADE other Nepali who left Nepal becasue they needed to eat and make their families survive. YOU HAVE NO RESPECT FOR OTHER NEPALIS NOT DO YOU HAVE FOR THOSE THAT GOT KILLED IN IRAQ. Thukka paji, bhote kahiko.

  32. S 1:17 Avatar
    S 1:17

    truth hurts.
    but limbu terming ppl Bhangudas is also extreme. if given the chance every one in nepal will pack their bags and run.
    anyway if my friends and family are as RACIST as you MATRIBHUMI i would prefer to make new friends and establish a new family. and dont talk about degradation as its quite clear that you my friend are the one who is posting the most degrading remarks based on racial discrimination. its you who do dont show any respect toward others opinions. you dont respect the living and you are posting big words about respecting the dead and forgottens. and once again amigo the PPL who died in IRAQ were not considered NRN, so i dont know from where you pull this out. If you are angry channel your anger in right direction. and stop posting racist and senseless remarks like kirat ‘a disgrace to Limbu society’

  33. matribhumi Avatar

    Oh so the Nepali in iraq were not NRNs, then what are they ? Where would they belong. And if u think I calling chinki people chinki then it hurts but its the truth. If so many can speak against Bahuns and madhise and newars, then I too will speak against the other races. I am racist becasue now being a Nepali is not enough, Nepal is no longer a country that is United, if Libuwan can do what they please and say what they want so call the rest of us including the madhesis. What United the Nepalese is now lost, there is no reason why I should remain insulted, if all of us want a piece of land then we all demand it, not only our chinki brothers who belong away from the kathamdnu valley and the terai plains. Everyone should go where they belong period.

  34. Limbu Avatar

    It is a irony that in Nepal or Neplese people they keep their patriotic names just to cheat the people. Matribhumi is like one. May be his parents has sucked Nepal’s govt. money so he is opening a gas station in the US. He may be the son of Govind Raj Joshi. Then they will give you lectures about anti corruption and the benefits of investment by Bhagauda Nepalis. These Bhagaudas and smugglers can never build Nepl. They leave their motherland for personal gains and die as dogs in the foreign lands.

  35. S 1:17 Avatar
    S 1:17

    little knowledge is dangerous thing. and in your case this rings true. you dont get in NRN org mentioned above by just living out of nepal. mukh ma ram ram bagli ma chuura. you calling limbus chinkie next you will call newars jyapu and madhesi dhooti. nepal is divided for ppl like you who feed on the diversity of the nepalese. you are the ppl who are most profited by the division and you are the biggest threat to the untiy. if not then why would you want eveyone to go back to where they come from. then you should go back to the gutter. everyone is free to go where they want. and change your name you prick you are a disgrace to nepal.

  36. matribhumi Avatar

    Hey where did the two big YCL’s Neil and Wagle go ? Man they always disappear when shit happens and Maoists are involved. I cannot wait for a civil war in Nepal and the reasons are frankly simple,
    Nepalnews shows a pic of Sah’s wife crying in front of prachanda. What a sad picture. Its like you are asking for Mercy from a Terrorist. And what are Sitaula and Koirala doing ? Are they not the LEADERS and HOME MINISTER. Both I bet are playing pocket billiards under their daural suruwal.
    This is the security in Nepal. No one who is responsible is doing anything and Home Minister himself is doing nothing.
    Thukka, maybe Sitaula wife is sleeping around with YCL leaders too.

  37. Rajan Avatar

    Take Care with NRN Russian Nepalese and Mahato ji(Need to verify his identity).
    Love your land and be honest always.
    Make money but do not love it
    Otherwise at some point, you will feel like a Mahato
    If it happens, your family and society will kick your ass.
    Be a legend, but not like Mahato
    at some point ,everybody will know his disonest way to make money

    Note: But his philosophy starts with always chapter “Honest” everywhere as i remember. He is key person of the Nepalese Society in Russia. Most of them are still following his philosophy. That’s why i am trying to address with.

    Attention: I was attended 5/6 meetings with him.

    Be happy but don’t worry. Will be everthing alright

    Well whisher

  38. Dr. Frank Morgan. Avatar

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    Dr. Frank Morgan.
    (Individual/Angel investor)

  39. dINESH Avatar

    I don no wat da hell thz NRN does. Has it done any thing worthy. I don know. Anyway Iknow one thing nepalis wherever they live know one thing thats to pull leg and nuthing else..I heard a lot about NRN official talking about contributing in domestic economy.What they have done? Does domestic means their house only? Well I think this is a crap and nuthing more .And for me NRN MEANS NOT REQUIRED NEPALI.

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