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  • Population of Nepal is 26.6 Million (26,620,809 to be exact)

    Population of Nepal is 26.6 Million (26,620,809 to be exact)

    That’s the preliminary result, which the Central Bureau of Statistics Director General Uttam Narayan Malla said, may change after the final result is prepared. This report was prepared and distributed by the Rastriya Samachar Samiti (RSS) The population of Nepal has reached 26.6 million, according to the preliminary result of the National Census 2011. The […]

  • An Encounter with a Baburam Bhattarai Supporter in Delhi

    The young man is from Dr. Bhattarai’s constituency in Gorkha district By Dinesh Wagle It was the hottest June day in five years, Delhi boiling at 45 degrees Celsius. I was waiting for someone at the international airport. There I met him. He had gone there to receive one of his relatives from Kathmandu who […]

  • Meghalaya, India: Marriage is Not a Private Affair

    Patriarchal and Hindu Nepali migrant coalminers marry matriarchal and Christian Khasi indigenous women in India’s Meghalaya state. Read on to find out what happens By Dinesh Wagle Wagle Street Journal Kul Bahadur Magar, his wife Deng and their children. Marriages, history shows us, are often tactical arrangements between rulers to expand empires, strengthen political alliances, […]

  • Meghalaya Diary: the Gorkhas, Migrant Nepalis and India

    The Nepali-speaking Indians are fighting for their identity in India under the banner of the Gorkha which puts them at odds with Nepali migrants in northeast India Shyam Prasad Pokharel, a migrant Nepali coal mine labourer in Jaintia Hills, Meghalaya By Dinesh Wagle Wagle Street Journal JUN 05- During the course of my week-long stay […]

  • Khasi Nepali Ethnic Conflict in Meghalaya, India

    Existing mistrust between the Nepali-speaking population and the Khasis has widened after the recent ethnic clashes By Dinesh Wagle Wagle Street Journal MEGHALAYA, INDIA- “Ethnicity-based enmity,” said a Nepali-speaking Assamese coal mine labourer in Meghalaya, β€œis the most frightening and unpredictable thing I have ever experienced.” “The man you were friend with in the morning”, […]

  • Message from Mumbai: plight of Nepali cancer patients

    It is pathetic to see poor Nepalese cancer patients and their caretakers stationed at footpaths, dinning at hand cart and unable to attend natures call on time due to unavailable spots. By Dr. Suryabahadur Singh The Tata Cancer Hospital Mumbai (Tata Memorial Center) is one of the reputed medical centres for the treatment and research […]

  • Is Nepal Going to Fail?

    It is really hard to believe that Nepal has a democratic government. By Krishna Giri Instead of mocking Nepali leaders, this time my thoughts were going towards the country and countrymen. Bulldozed by the political and leadership changes; besieged by living and security conditions; aggravated by the false hope for water and electricity, people are […]