Save Nepali Congress From Corrupt Leaders

Is NC so weak that it can not find an alternative of Khum Bahadur Khadka, Govinda Joshi, and Chiranjivi Wagle?

By Puskar Magar
(The writer is a Nepali Congress party cadre)

It is sad to see Nepali Congress (NC), the party of Prime Minister, which led all the democratic movements in Nepal, is gradually moving in the hands of corrupt leaders. “True NC leaders” within NC are loosing their battle against corrupt leaders.

In long term politics, what matters the most is the party’s “image”. NC’s image has significantly deteriorated because of having corrupt-unpopular leaders in the decision making capacity.

The NC’s image created by BP is still helping the party. Due to the hard work of “first generation leaders” and their people oriented politics, NC is still considered as the most democratic party of Nepal. The “first generation leaders” never compromised the “image” of the party. The party which thrived in the hand of B.P Koirala, Ganesh Man Sing, Subarna Samsher Rana, Girija Prasad Koirala, Krishna Prasad Bhattarai, and Mahendra Narayan Nidhi., is gradually moving in the hand of Khum Bahadur Khadka, Govinda Raj Joshi, Chiranjeeve Wagle, Vijaya Gachhedar, etc. Slowly hardworking “true leaders” are either isolated or discarded.

It is puzzling to see some developments, which favors corrupt people, who are the reason for 12 year of failed democracy. Sadly, no “true leader” with in NC seems to be bothered by the developments. But, the people in the grass root are worried and outraged by it.

1) The recent Supreme Court verdict favored those, who were implicated by Rayamajhi commission and those corrupts, whose corruption cases are pending in Supreme Court. Supreme Court said that these people can run for CA election. Again, corrupts leader managed to get favorable decision from Supreme Court. Without the verdict, the corrupt leaders like Govinda Raj Joshi, Khum Bahadur Khadka et al could have been barred from contesting the election.

2) These corrupt leaders managed to rewrite the Nepali Congress rule in their favor. Previously, NC required sending only 3 candidates name to the central committee as potential candidates. Surprisingly this time, NC asked to send the names of all, who were interested.

If NC had not changed the rule, the district of Dang won’t have sent Khum Bahadur Khadka as a candidate. Similarly, Tanahun won’t have sent Govinda Raj Joshi; and Sunsari won’t have sent Vijay Gachhedar. The change benefited largely to the corrupt leaders.

3) Now, Maoist are trying to strike a deal with NC so that about 30 Maoist central leader will win election easily or uncontested. Sadly, the same corrupt leaders from NC are pushing this idea with in NC. If NC strikes such deal with Maoist, then the most of NC central leaders will win easily or uncontested. Such possible deal will help corrupt-vulnerable NC leaders like Khum Bahadur, Govinda Raj Joshi, Chiranjeeve Wagle, Vijaya Gachhedar etc greatly. These are just few examples.

The time has arrived for all of us to think carefully. Do we want these corrupt leaders in parliament for another 3 to 5 years? Is NC so weak that it can not find an alternative of Khum Bahadur Khadka, Govinda Joshi, and Chiranjivi Wagle?

If Khum Bahadur, Govinda Raj Joshi, Chiranjivi Wagle, and Vijay Gachhedar are the core leaders of NC, or if they are indispensable for NC, then I have nothing to say. If that is the case, I have to say that those who died for Nepali Congress and democracy lost their life for nothing. If that is the case, NC betrayed hundreds of Martyrs like my senior, who died in Bandipur, Tanahun in 2007 B.S.

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18 responses to “Save Nepali Congress From Corrupt Leaders”

  1. T Kandel Avatar
    T Kandel

    Pushkar jee

    Thank you very much for the article. Democracy has become only a slogan in Nepal. Kind Gyanendra also claimed that he was a true democratic king. Similarly now Maoists are also claiming they are the true democrats.

    The Nepali congress failed to institutionalize the democracy in Nepal. Democracy is not a mere slogan. Leaders of a democratic party and the party workers should follow the democratic principles and norms in real life. Nepali congress fought themselves for chairs and posts rather than fulfilling the people’s aspirations after 2046 BS. Because of that tyrants like Maoists and King Gyanendra tried to

    It’s a very sad thing to know that corrupts leaders like, Khumbahadur, Chiranjibi are again active and holding the core central command of Nepali congress. Nepali congress’s honest party workers should fight against those corrupts.

  2. Avatar

    Congress is nothing but ‘BHOTE KUKUR’ of King Gyanendra, they were never about people not the Maoist bastards. Corruption, Day to Day life Disruptions and frequent eruptions of Bomb has shaken Kathmandu.

    This Dashain… STAY HOME SAFELY.

  3. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Hey Cafede whatever the fcuk your name is: the term “Bhote” might be considered as a racial slur to some Nepalese. Watch what you write!

  4. sagarmatha Avatar

    Why should we need to save congress itself when we had already tested them for 60 years and their fail practices of democracy in Nepal. The alternate to seven parties could be democratic united ethnic/regional parties.

  5. anonymous Avatar

    who gives a shit if your senior died….the fact of the matter is your boss girija pd koirala is the most corrupt leader in the nc..and nc insiders boldly conclude that it was girija who taught these people how to do corruption..each of these leaders were told or given a quota to submit to girija…girija’s daughter suzy babe owns large business etc…anyway dear puskar…once girija was cleared for corruption, everyone else has also been cleared…

  6. Democrat Avatar

    Nice article, Puskarji !!
    I hope to see more article from you in the coming days.

    I am glad to see your concern for Nepali Congress, and especially your feeling that it should be cleansed of some corrupt leaders.

  7. noncorrupt Avatar

    why dont you start at the top, girija with the lauda scandal
    also follow up with deuba with the melamche scandal.
    why are you just targetting these ghus-khors instead of all the ghus-khors

  8. mahila sahu Avatar
    mahila sahu

    Hey, Is seems this puskar Magar looks like communist. Otherwise why he targeted only the congress leaders, Communist like Bame, Prachande, Makune, Iswor pokharels, Bhim Rawal, rajendra shrestha, K P Oli, baburam are also in top league for corruption. I am not telling that Girija & Company are not Corrupt but what i am trying to tell that you have to be balanced and expose everyone from right or left. Infact, our whole soceity is Corrupt as it is the system that can make check and balance and control the corruption and nepotism. People are basically selfish and corrupt but you must have robust system and check and balance which controls the corruption. Just blaming the symptom does not work we have to deal with the root cause of corruption. That is to make more balanced check and balance system like in United State where they have maintained the balance between Executive power, Legislature and judiciery. It is also not problem free but seems it is somehow better than other system. Infact, most corrupt system is communist system where you can not even talk about leadership and party. Just look into North Korea and China ( even though China can be hardly called communist now). So my friend Magarji please be more balance while you write and look your own face in mirror and ask question wheather we are also not corrupt ?? Given the chance !

  9. sagarmatha Avatar

    Girija is most corrupt, the Lauda case is enough for him. The purchasing of expensive things by Suzy babe and said to be investing in different sectors shows how corrupt is Girija. Prachanda and Baburam are decoits who had looted many banks and private properties. Regarding UML, just ask the question to Bam Dev how he purchased the Rolex watch said to be costing Rs 28 lacs.

  10. Patriot Avatar

    Pushkar – are you deliberately leaving out Girija and his worse than pro… daughter Sujata or are you also one of their chamcha. How can you leave out these two??

  11. Puskar Magar Avatar
    Puskar Magar

    Dear friends,

    Thank you very much for your reply. I just wanted to clarify few things.

    1) I mentioned very clearly that I am NC supporter and I care about NC. Without cleaning my own house (NC), I can not point to others (other party). First, I want NC to be a disciplined and a democratic party. That’s why I am pointing my finger toward “popular bad apples” of my own party (NC).

    2) I agree that there are more corrupt leaders in NC. But the reality is Govinda Raj Joshi, Khum Bahadur, Chiranjeeve; Vijaya Gachhedar etc are the one who were in the government for the longest, and they are the most touted corrupt in Nepal. Even, NC workers agree with that.

    For example, NC district committee of Gorkha did not send Chiranjeeve’s name among 3 potential candidates. Why? NC worker believe that he is a crook. Why all NC sister organizations from Tanahun wrote to Girija Koirala not to give ticket to Govinda Raj Joshi? Again, people from Tahahun believe that Joshi is another “bad apple” in the party.

    3) Lastly, CIAA has file cases in Supreme Court against Govinda Raj Joshi, Khum Bahadur, Chiranjeeve, and Vijaya Gachhedar. Their cases are still pending.

    In totality, if I have to mention few corrupt people’s names with in NC, I must start from Govinda Raj Joshi, Khum Bahadur, Chiranjeeve, and Vijaya Gachhedar.

    Again, thank you for you comments.

  12. kashish Avatar

    hey fren
    je hoss
    ma ta rakja (gyane) kai support ma ho.
    bichara tyatro purkha huru le aarje ra gaye ko sampati desh ko daka (dacoit)
    fat-ha haru le khai diyo.

    raja le khada ta kamti ma raja le khayo bhanthyo.tara aaba giraja,prachanda,baburam haru le khanchha.
    ke dinchha janta lai kehi didaina
    bikas gardai na.

    issue garyo yaar JPT lai janta lai murkha banayo.
    history paltaye ra heera yaar.aafno ko ragat aafnai le bagaye ko chha.
    GREAT ASHOKA killed his 116 brothers to gain power to be emperor yaar.
    rajgadi paaouna ke RANBAHADUR SHAH ko ghati katiye ko chhaina,koot parba machiye ko chhaina,bhandarkhal parba bhaye na.YO TA PARAMPARA HO RAJA HARU KO




  13. Freedom Avatar

    The king is very corrupt, Democracy has taken the money he stole off the nation, and returned it to the state and people. When he was claiming all Nepalis other than him are corrupt, when it was him who was most corrupt. A future republic can do even better. It can via democracy attack corruption. All there needs to be is a realisation that there should be a republic as quick as possible and a election as quick as possible. Every body needs this, and everybody knows it is Nepal’s route to peace and prosperity equality and freedom. Before the peace deals, Nepal was a monarchy at war with itself with mass jailings and torture, now it is able to move forward as a democracy. With a still very strong and vocal civic society. Where journalists, peasants, politicians, and democracy have power. That is why support for monarchy has collapsed.

  14. Bharu Avatar

    Good point

  15. Rame Avatar


    You have tried to mention about the dearth of effective politician in our political system. In my opinion, it is not only NC but almost entire Nepali political fraternity lacks quality. Actually, the dearth is so big that we had to surrender power to the king just couple of years back. It was definitely our weakness and not the king smartness. Time and again we have to visit Indian politicians for our political decisions and most important of all is the rise of non-sense political parties like maoist (who is Prachanda, after all; bloody developed a philosophy so called “PRACHANDAPATH”. Can you recall how many times this useless Philosopher has changed his political stance?) and politicians based on jati, prajati, janjati, and no-jati. These nonsense parties rise is also related to ineffectiveness of present leaders.

    I am an unfortunate and disappointed believer that, King G is still best choice we have.

    Hopefully, you can rise defeating hurdles that you have mentioned within your own system and show us path.

    Good luck.

  16. Rame Avatar

    Bhudai (Pundit)

    Yo, Bhundai (I am removing Pundit because it is actually curse for Bahun to practice when they have no chance left for corruption: A sad state of time).

    I am wondering what would be the alternative name for “BHOTE KUKUR”. Any suggestion will try to save many from unintentional slur.

  17. Rame Avatar

    Freedom saathi,

    Tapai K bhanna khojeko. Hamra ahile neta bhalaadmi chan?
    La serious comedy garnu hunne rahecha ni tapai ta.

    In my opinion, King was corrupt before 1990 BS. Most politicians (some named mentioned by Mr. Cadre of Congress) proved they are equally (more or less) corrupt as King. So I guess you want to tell that present politicians are still the best choice.

    Mero interpretation hai tapai ka sabda haru ko. I still thing opposite to you. In my opinion King is less corrupt than what we have today.

  18. kashish Avatar

    now king is gone
    let’s see…………..kun chahi neta (leader) le
    develop garchha………hmmm impossible.
    nepal will never be developed.

    coz leaders have no direction and vision.
    fight on guys(leaders),and disintegrate the
    country,now i wann to see.

    coz now there is no king to be blamed

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