Nepal in UAE: Experience of a Nepali Worker

Nepalis have very good reputation here in the UAE. If we can have the balance of hard work and talent, no other nationals can beat Nepali workers in the labor market

By Sudip Adhikari

I have been working in United Arab Emirates for the past seven years. Before coming here in this rapidly developing country (many of my friends and) I used to think that the gulf countries didn’t have anything other than oil. That impression has changed. I have learned something new while working in the Middle East (or West Asia) and seeing the way my host country is doing phenomenal progress in economy. UAE has become an example in Asia that if the governments have the strong will power anything is possible to bring in a new era in a country. Let us not forget that, to achieve such progress, this country is getting hard work support from thousands of Nepali nationals.

Of course, Nepali people are naturally hard workers. They are committed to their duties: either inside their homeland or in abroad. Important thing is that how much a worker gets as the return for his hard work. Because they get paid less for the job they do, many Nepalese have left their home for foreign land. More and more are leaving even as I am writing these lines. Also, there are few opportunities back in home and we don’t have fair competition (the employment judgments are mostly unfair). I know it’s not really good to appreciate foreign place in contrast to the homeland. And I am not doing that here but just trying to share my experience as a worker here in UAE with the readers of this site:


Nepalis have very good reputation here in the UAE. They are most trusted among all foreign nationals. Because of their hard work and honesty some qualified Nepali youths are now getting very responsible roles and powerful posts in several big and multinational companies. Big companies choose Nepali people for sensitive and responsible posts and jobs. It is already proved from the statements of the UAE’s Labor minister that he is ready to welcome more Nepali workers in the UAE in coming days.


Overwhelming majority of Nepali youths attend government-run schools back in Nepal that have poor quality and infrastructure. The educational standards in these schools, unfortunately, are not up to what is really needed in this competitive world. Majority of the workforce of Nepali origin in foreign countries come form that group- educated in those public high schools. Because of poor education those youths are not being able to be benefited from the golden opportunity where they are working. They can’t speak the foreign language (especially the English). They also don’t have some accountancy knowledge that is needed in many jobs here. Another problem with Nepali workers here is that they lack certain technical skills.


We need to establish many more technical institutes in Nepal to produce technically-skilled youths who could be used in home or sent to foreign countries where they can earn relatively more. There is always high demand of workforce in the fields like of accountancy, hospitality industry, retail business, construction, computer, teaching and many more in the UAE and other developed countries as well. In my view, our youth population needs technical skills to be able to work in such fields. If we can have the balance of hard work and talent, no other nationals can beat Nepali workers in the labor market anywhere in the world.


Our country is in transition now. Every Nepali working abroad is always worried about the country. Because of unrest and volatile political situation back in home, people are suffering a lot. We just request all political leaders to break all differences, maintain harmony and take the country on the path of peace and development.

Sudip Adhikari has been living in Dubai for the last seven years and is currently working for a STARBUCKS outlet in the city.







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  1. matribhumi Avatar

    Sudip you are a fine example of someone who believes that Work is Worship and that hard working Nepalis are no longer found in Nepal. The ones back home are lazy, corrupt and are usually behind politicians like prachande and girija

  2. Sangesh Avatar

    I don’t understand one thing, why most of the people going for foreign employment only want to try for labor work.

    Yes, I do understand that, when people from under developed country go work in these types of countries or other developed the first job that they may get is labor jobs. But, the educated people can also try to apply for other jobs like in front desk, reception, educational, security or other higher posts as well. Let’s not just think below. Let’s aim higher.

    I’m definately not talking less of the labor workers working in these countries. But I’m talking about those people who go for foreign countries with higher education background and working as a labor. Let’s us think BIG.

    As the saying of Laxmi Prasad Devkota goes,

    Udeshya K linu, udi chunu chandra ek.”

  3. Paribartan Avatar

    Dear Sudip Jee,

    Thanks for your blog. I hope the points you have raised would be taken care of by Nepali policy makers, Ministry of Labour and others who are related with remittance industry. As you have said, GON needs to train our manpower both aspects of technical skill and communication skill. People, who are finding their own job without burdening the government, deserve at least this much attention by the government.

    Regarding technical training, will you please specify the fields where they need training? I guess that UAE has far more sophisticated instruments, devices, vehicles and construction equipment than we have in Nepal. Myself, being a technician and an educationist, feel that in some of the aspects, it may not be possible for GON to meet the demands. Anyway, if you compile the technical field Nepalis are working in UAE, it would be easier to do something.

    Thanks for a positive and informative blog.


  4. Phadindra Pd. Sitoula Avatar
    Phadindra Pd. Sitoula

    Mr. Sudip Adhikari,

    Really have a good time to read your positive words for Nepal and Nealese employees who have been staying in Gulf Region.

    Appreciate indeed, for your effort to share knowledge to tohers people eventhoug myself working in Qatar-Doha as a Secretary and feel lots of disperancy with Nepalese Employee.

    However, to solve the problem of Nepales employee we should put our hand together and use our effort how we can contribute for those people and ourself.

    Phadindra Sitoula

  5. Deepak Avatar

    You took me down the memory lane when I worked for McDonalds UAE in Dubai Airport, Al Ain, Abudhabi and Sarjah.

    Good write up, keep it up.

  6. Wagle Avatar


    And your comment reminded me of this article that I wrote for AsiaMedia.

  7. a gal from BBA Avatar
    a gal from BBA

    Praise worthy writing,
    and i hope every nepali ppl going in gulf country are energized by ur article.It would be great if u write more and more about the pros and cons they are facing out there.

  8. Geoff Pound Avatar

    Many thanks for your posting on the experience of being a Nepali in the UAE.

    You write very informatively and I was helped through your article.

    I have lived in the UAE for almost two years (in Fujairah) and I can say without hesitation that Mepali workers are diligent, gentle mannered and very friendly, especially when I see them in Lulu’s Hypermarket of the Gas Station.

    I look forward to visiting Nepal one day with my wife who went there as a young person.

    I am interested in the source of the statement in your first comment, ‘Work is Worship.’ I have only seen that once before and that was on the outisde of the door of a building at the Happy Valley Tea Gardens in Darjeeling. I think it is a great statement, even though there are many jobs that are demeaning and do not inspire worship. Can you tell me where this is from?

    My email address is on my web site:


    Geoff Pound

  9. Khagendra Thapa Avatar

    Dear Mr. Adhikari:

    Thanks for writing an informative article about our Nepalese workers in the Middle East. Regarding the training part, I recently wrote an article about my Visions for Nepal. I have included the training as part of my vision.
    The link to my article is as follows:

    K. Thapa

  10. Sudip Adhikari, writer of article Avatar
    Sudip Adhikari, writer of article

    Thanks for all interactive comments on my article. The comments made me very much excited. It is another exicing thing for me that the present reporter of NEPAL weekly news-magazine once was at my place. Namaste Deepak jee from UAE Nepalese society. I knew more reading Wagle jee’s article.
    Mr. Geoff Pound, in my view, any task we do that is work. I am writing here something it is also work. So ” work is worship” is applied in every step of life. This proverb is very famous in Nepalese society as well.
    Again, thanks for everybody’s writings…

    -Sudip Adhikari
    Dubai, U.A.E.

  11. Aman Avatar

    sudip jee,
    Just wandering to find out some information of nepalese in UAE got to read your good article. Reality is something more. beside education and the technical skills we people lack behind because of many reasons: As an example our people are unreachable in UAE. unity among and a sense of common goal is basically lacking, Those in better post never look down and those in the lower-income-groups never aspire. Together we can grow wherever we are be it uae or else.
    let us expand hands with a aim of helping each other.
    anyway good job, keep it up

  12. ametya Avatar

    Nice and fact story..

  13. Gayatri Avatar

    Hi Mr Sudeep!

    U R Simply Genius.


  14. Dilip Adhikari Avatar
    Dilip Adhikari

    hi sudeep,
    you did a good job man.I really appreciate it.Keep on doing this .Wish you best of luck!
    Dilip Adhikari

  15. diwakar adhikari Avatar

    its always stupid in becoming pride over dominating UAE labor market. These are least payed will not neither benefit the worker or country. I think the UAE enterpreneures exploit the nepalese by giving less salary

  16. SSSSSS Avatar

    I am very happy for what you have written about our Nepalese .

    Remember that UAE not only gives ground level for labours , we have lots of educated people working UAE in respectable position . As of me i am a woman i work as Senior H R Manager for a Group of company and i am being paid handsomely as any other nationality.

    This place has opportunity for both educated and uneducated. The only thing we have to do is come and explore this place.

    We have to remember no matter which country we go or what job we do , we will always have difficulties and racial issues .. its how we over come it . that is the achievement in life .. the market here is like freshly backed cake .. educated people have good future .. i feel really sorry for people who have the concept that UAE is a place where women are sold and esp nepali girls sell them selves ..

    Its entirely up to the particular female how she wished to live her life her .. i not only know my self but other educated women working here in dubai and living a respected life . So people its high time one should put our old thoughts behind and come forward and see the truth .. however i will strongly recommend women not to go to any gulf countries as nanny or house maid ……..


    1. Shyangdan Avatar

      Well, thanks for sharing ur opinion regarding gulf labor but just would like to trigger u that no one job is higher and lower value itself. The duty is duty though it is NANNY, HOUSE MAID or HR MANAGER only paid make it different otherwise how can live those ppl. Who doesn’t have good knowledge like me.

  17. rajat Avatar

    fuck off!
    mind on your own business
    nothing is good or bad.. it is just the way we think..
    live n let live…..

  18. Adhikari Avatar


    Yes, you are right i am with you.


  19. Samjhana Avatar

    Hello and Namaste,

    My name is Samjhana Basnet and I am in Dubai for the past 11 years.. I work in a Govt. organization as one of the executive.

    Yes, indeed i completely agree that we are proud and have done our country proud in keeping up with our reputation, whereever Nepalese are..

    But my question is what have our country leaders have done for us..??? think about it..

    We believe work is worship.. and irrespective of our qualification we do not mind taking any job and dedicate ourselves to it..

    Hats off to Nepalese..


    1. Ashesh Khanal Avatar
      Ashesh Khanal


      I have recently read your articles that you had posted in the blog. As you are working for the Government Organization as an executive, i am curious to know if there are opportunities for work and/or job for the Nepalese personnels.

      Kindly send me the details if you have any idea about that.

      Best regards,

      Ashesh Khanal
      Kathmandu, Nepal
      00977 9841751500

  20. Sudip Adhikari, writer of article. Avatar


    Thanks again all of you for putting your valuable comments. Keep reading and writings guys.

    -Sudip Adhikari
    Dubai, UAE.

  21. Sunil Thapa Avatar
    Sunil Thapa


    Iam sunil from Dubai, I work for European diplomatic mission here. In fact, It is indeed a matter of pleasure for me that I found some people here who really cares and write about nepali people and nepal.

    Couple of question arises on my mind……. sorry if I am being slight negative, but truth cant be avoided.
    1. do we get the rputation only because of working as a security guard? if thats the case than its a real shame.
    2. there is now doubt that nepali people are hard working, honest and despite these are paid less. question here comes is are we competent enough to get paid more.
    3. I found couple of people having masters people degree here working as sales person. my question is what is the use of this degree if those person hardly describe themself in a proper way. what is the use of these degrees if these people cant project and presen themself.

    this is useles pride of having degree and these are the main reason people are laged behind here.

    the most important problems in our nepali people is respect. They respect all nationalities except nepali. where it is other way round in other nationality. My question is if you dont respect your own nationality who who the hell will respect you. respect yourself and respect nepali and other people will respect you.

    any comments and views are welcome

    kind regards

  22. Abdul Majid Avatar
    Abdul Majid

    I am 100 % agreed with Mr.Sunil thapa.
    That is just ashamed if we nepali calls just hard worker by their employer.
    We need to change their mind and their thinking level.
    If we have potiential why dont they call us nepalese people are intelligent as well as hard worker?
    As Mr.Sunil thapa said earlier we should knows to respect our own nationalities than others will respect onwards.

  23. Sunil Thapa Avatar
    Sunil Thapa

    Dear Abdul Majid,

    Thanks for your comments.

    Kind regards

  24. Sudip Adhikari, Writer of article. Avatar

    Hi all,

    I would like to thanks to Sunil Thapa for your comment. Sunil jee, the time is even changed since I have written this article bofore four years ago. Many educated Nepalese people are coming now UAE in visit visas and they are successful grabing high posts and attractive pay as well. I am now happy that we can see so many managers are Nepali with different companies nowadays. Main thing, we need to encourage ourselves and others as well. Sharing the information is also great job specially in foreign country. Once again thanks all for your valluable wirtings…

    -Sudip Adhikari
    Dubai, UAE.

    1. Ashesh Khanal Avatar
      Ashesh Khanal


      I have recently read your articles that you had posted in the blog. As you are working in Dubai in a reputed company/organization, i am curious to know if there are opportunities for work and/or job for the Nepalese personnels.

      Kindly send me the details if you have any idea about that.

      Best regards,

      Ashesh Khanal
      Kathmandu, Nepal
      00977 9841751500

  25. TAKEN Avatar

    Its pleasure to read the article of yours.
    Through this mail i would like to know,is there any job for me too in UAE.
    I am plus2 passed with major with english and communication.
    I will be pleased to know about the above quires.
    Thank you!!

  26. kamal Avatar

    hello.i’m kamal from pkr i have a experince in photography of 10 years
    how can i find photography job in dubai through this side plz suggest me.

  27. Nir Kr. Rai Avatar
    Nir Kr. Rai

    Hi guys,
    I am an Automation Engineer and just applied for a job in Dubai, they even Interviewed me and looks like they are happy to accept me as a trainee for the first time in some Hydraulics company for Oil Industries. Since, I am trying for the first time in the Gulf countries and beside that, the Manpower company didn’t even advertise it saying that there is only few vacancy and it cost a lot for advertising it. As I was just wondering and went to ask if they have any vacancies for me but instead they took me directly for the interview and all I had was my CV with me. Well what really surprised me was that, the man from Dubai said its a life time opportunities and he have to spent 10000 USD for the training only and they will provide me with a flat, fooding and transportation but the basic salary is just 2000 AED only which is really low and that is where i got stuck. The manpower company says that its really good but I doubt it. so guys, if you could help or suggest me anything with this i would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

  28. jeevan Avatar

    totaly agreed with sunil sir’ ,when i was working with one of the reputed company stiil am working with that so i can really feel as mr sunil said. we should challange alwyas and we respect ourcountry then other will respect us and oofcourse if we are competent we could get the expected salary there is no agreement that neplse should get only this much salaray never.

  29. jyoti khatiwada Avatar
    jyoti khatiwada

    could you please help me to build audience for this page, , can we do sth. to save his life???

  30. Ram Kumar Gurung Avatar
    Ram Kumar Gurung

    I read the article with great interest and I totally agree with Mr. Sunil’s view, since I’m here in the UAE for quite a while. You can hear our Nepalese brothers addressing even drivers as “Sir” but most will not have any respect for our fellow countrymen, ridiculous yet true. We all need to change this concept.

  31. shiva bhadur karki Avatar

    i luking for job i was finish my contact january 18 2013 so if u r company need the people u r call me this numbar ok 0555580491 sir

  32. ashish Avatar

    mero dai lapata bhoyo dubai ko crystal hotel ma kaam gartiyo natw kunai khabar 6 nata phone please somebody help

  33. Shreeram sah Avatar

    I want to join for job of sales man I have knowledge

  34. Ashok Bhattarai Avatar
    Ashok Bhattarai

    Dear Sudip,
    How can i find jobs in Computer & IT field there in Dubai, Can you guide me some processes?
    Ashok B

  35. Ramesh Chand Avatar

    Hello there,
    The blog seems to be very informative and information helps to build positive vibes for the worker those who want to work in Gulf. Because of fake rumours, Nepalese were scared to work in Arab or Gulf nation and the news or blog you have been posting is reducing those rumours among the peoples. I appreciate your work go ahead and hoping for such informative blog even in future.

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