Dear Nepali Congress Leaders and Cadres….An Open Letter

Morang district branch of Nepali Congress (NC) on September 13 sent Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala’s name to contest Constituent Assembly elections based on first-past-the-post electoral system from Constituency No1 of Morang. As the district committees of the party are gearing up for such nominations, Puskar Magar, a Nepali Congress cadre writes an open letter to the leadership.

Dear Nepali Congress Leaders and Cadres
Jay Nepal all,

Subject: No corrupt leaders for CA election!

Nepal is going through a crucial political juncture. Forthcoming CA election will define the future of Nepal. Any ill decision by our Nepali Congress (NC) party could significantly alter the results of the future election. As a NC worker, what scares me the most is that NC has not been able to isolate or remove corrupt/tainted NC leaders from the party. Apparently, those who are known for the corruption and misdeeds are working hard to get a ticket for the forthcoming CA election; and NC leadership is ignoring public displeasure with these tainted leaders.

We have five corrupt leaders, whose corruption cases are pending in the Supreme Court: Govinda Raj Joshi, Khum Bahadur Khadka, Chiranjeeve Wagle, Vijaya Gachhedar, and JP Gupta. If NC continues to support/protect these corrupt leaders, NC will pay a big price in forthcoming CA general election.

1) The names mentioned above are the disgrace for our party and the country.

2) These corrupt leaders are one of the key reasons for failed democracy and the eventual takeover by king Gyanedra.

I believe NC should not give the ticket to these corrupt leaders. People will not accept these corrupt people as their leaders. If these corrupt people get the ticket, it will help other parties in the election.

These dishonest leaders have ill-earned money and the support of criminal gangs. They will try to get the ticket at any cost. The time has arrived for us to show that we are against corruption and corrupts.

People want a change in the country. People want a corruption free Nepal. People want a real leader. And people want real democracy in the country and a true democratic culture within NC.

Let’s unequivocally convey our message to NC decision makers that we do not want corrupt leaders to run with a NC ticket. We have an obligation to raise our voice against what we believe in. Please communicate with the NC decision makers in whatever means you can: telephone, letter, e-mail or through a face to face meeting. Your endeavors will help to build our nation and will send a positive message.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Jay Nepal!

Puskar Magar
Bharatpur, Chitwan
Currently United Arab Emirate (UAE)

On a personal note: One of my senior family members is a “Martyr” and he died in Bandipaur, Tanahun in 2007 B.S. fighting against Rana regime. I am a born NC supporter. My family & I care and love NC. And we believe, NC is the only hope for the country.

CC: Nepali Media
Hon. Girija Prasad Koirala, President Nepali Congress
Nepali Congress Leaders and Cadres






15 responses to “Dear Nepali Congress Leaders and Cadres….An Open Letter”

  1. Jay Nepal Avatar
    Jay Nepal

    What about the most corrupted man who started the culture of corruption………
    GPK. Being the first elected PM wasn’t his resposibility to check corruption.
    Not only he did not try to check it but also he promoted it.
    How comes Sujata own a place like a king. In he is at PM seat for about 10 years
    and he is reponsible for failure of democracy. Main reason behind the failure is corruption.

  2. scope Avatar

    Pointless dream. If RPP, NC or UML decides not to field corrupt leaders, they will have a serious problem of finding enough candidates. Maoists will then win elections by default.

  3. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    my point excatly Jay Nepal! When you have curruption at the highest level what is the point of going after the others. I agree these other slime balls should be bought to justice but let’s not forget about how GPK and Sujata Koirala took advantage of their postions!
    Where is the YCL when you need them?

  4. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    However, that being said right now is not the time to focus on this issue. Let’s just work on having the CA elections first. We need to think in terms of baby steps here.

  5. Kirat Avatar

    scope-by your own admission, it really doesn’t bode well for the Maoists if the people would rather elect corrupt RPP, NC, UML leaders than your spotlessly clean Maoist netas.

  6. scope Avatar

    Kiratjyu, you misunderstand my point. Non-Maoists don’t fight fare–they bribe and bully and declare themselves victorious. That’s what they have done in every elections since 1960.

  7. sagarmatha Avatar

    Girija neither get the vote of madheshi and other ethnic groups nor of those who believe in constitutional monarchy and leftist. This time Girija need to apply hook and crook theory and pour the money.

  8. Neil Horning Avatar

    “Where is the YCL when you need them?”

    Never thought I would hear you say that Bhudai! Don’t worry, I know you didn’t mean it.

    I was in the local YCL office yesterday. There was a bit of a language barrier, but the guy in there seemed pretty convinced that he was going to walk out of the government in 3 days. He was pretty excited about it.

    the next 3 months or so are going to be an interesting time indeed.

  9. sagarmatha Avatar

    This time ethnic peoples will have greater say in the CA elction and their local ethnic candidates will win the electin. And RPP and maoist seems more forward in concerntrating in this issues than UML and Congress.

  10. sagarmatha Avatar


    3 months interesting means in which sense ?

  11. DOA Avatar

    Its high time pointing fingers and stop acting as Virgin without a clue. We accepted the fact that there is corruption and can easily identified the culprits but we are also equally to be blamed. Simply put- As Lee Kwan Yue said ‘ if you give peanuts, you get monkey” in similar way “if you give corruption, you get corruptors.” So the truth is- cannot clap with one hand, can you?

    Same thing with what we have today with gang of 8- all is wrong but accepted but smarty pants just cannot hold back their sermons but in vain. Now lies, false and deceits are of virtue propogated by gang of 8 and unknowingly accepted by all and and even practiced. Its all two way streets sometimes with deadend right in front.

  12. BlueEyes Avatar

    Neil brother,

    Maoist will not leave the government. Don’t trust that ignorant YCL cadres who knows nothing about the national politics and power play that is going on in Kathmandu. Hear something about Indian foreign secretary Shiv Shankar Menon visiting Kathmandu and meeting Prachanda and company yesterday? See the photo on the Kathmandu Post today? Read the other blog titled ‘Sinister South’? ( ) Hear the news that Maoist cancelled Round Table Conference indefinitely? Even Surya Bahadur Thapa is talking about absolute need of CA election after meeting, who else, Menon. Try to figure out something out of all this bro. Sinister South, Sinister South.

  13. hope Avatar

    I wonder which one is more difficult here?? Maoists to leave the government or Congress to file some not corrupt candidates!!

    I wish election commission should have election code of ethic: anybody having criminal record should be banned from candidacy. That must include corruption, killings,abductions,robbery. The candidates must atleast be university graduates with proven career records. Parlimentarians who have served the term twice should be excluded as well and every candidate must make a detailed plan of his work should he be elected.

    Government must announce immediately a drastic cut in salary and allowances to the CA parlimentarians, The salary must be equal to the minimum wage of the labour. That will automatically reduce some nonsense pig heads giving candidacy. The elected candidate must be barred from travelling abroad for atleast five years except on formal invitation.

    These are just few steps I had in mind which would enable only real politicians who are dedicated to nation’s interest would stand for the poll. The parliamentarian is mean t to serve the nation which will make you financially poor but earning millions of dollars worth of respect in the society!!!

  14. baje Avatar

    But of course, it’s going to be “interesting” in the kind of way that makes Nepal a spectacular destination for academics and leftists who can’t act out their wet dreams in their own countries.

    For Nepalis, the Maoists leaving government means a situation of virtual regression – i.e., movement backward from peace, from democracy and everything the CPA, the 12 Points, the 8 Points and many other points had “contractually” bound the Maoists too.

    This is, IF the Maoists leave government and IF Girija doesn’t use this opportunity to declare himself Nepal’s first President.

  15. sagarmatha Avatar

    Anyone can declar president then,,,even Goit, Jwal Singh, Upendra Yadav…many presidents will be borned in Nepal if Girija declare himself president..

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