No Farewell to Arms?

By Deepak Adhikari Wednesday saw contradictory statements (aired by BBC Nepali Service) by top-notch negotiating leaders of ongoing dialogue (or is it over?). Though, the committees headed by Maoist leader Krishna Bahadur Mahara and Home Minister Krishna Sitaula looks irrelevant after summit level talks between Prachanda and the Prime Minister, they made two different statementsContinue reading “No Farewell to Arms?”

Forgotten Fighters of April Revolution

Meeting half a dozen Janaandolan (People’s Movement) victims who are trying to cope with post-treatment life, our blogger probes beneath their dreams, desires, anxieties and sorrows and concludes that they have become forgotten heroes. By Deepak Adhikari When one enters into the building of people movement victims’ residence managed by Janaandolan Martyrs and Victims WelfareContinue reading “Forgotten Fighters of April Revolution”

Importance of Being Girija

Girija Prasad Koirala, the PM designate, has accepted the greatest challenge of his political career. His performance and delivery in coming days will eventually write the leadline of his obituary. Flowers and Thorns: Koirala has a history of a beleaguered PM and an appealing opposition leader Pic by Prakash Mathema By Deepak Adhikari When SevenContinue reading “Importance of Being Girija”