General Strike Day XVII

By Deepak Adhikari

Sea of Humanity:

Afternoon Updates:

As the rain stopped, state has cut off the mobile phone lines. But, Mero Mobile is still working. The state has again resorted back to brutality. In Kalanki, security forces opened fire at few protesters. Similarly, in Thapathali and Tripureshor area, gunshots were heard. At least three people could have been killed, eye witnesses say. The state may cut off the landlines as well. This shows that the king is not stepping back but using his force to suppress the movement.

Meanwhile, SPA’s meeting which concluded at 3 pm, decided that they won’t accept king’s proposal. They have come up with three-point-solutions: (1) Revival of Parliament (2) All party government and (3) Election of Constituent Assembly. SPA has stressed in 12 point agreement. They have reiterated their agreement with the Maoists. After the meeting, former PM Sher Bahadur Deuba commented :”I was then appointed PM using Article 35. Now also the same article is used. So, king’s intention is incorrect.”

SPA leaders’ univocal stance has given impetus to the ongoing movement.

The Royal Proclamation has not deterred people from showing what people’s power can do. I took a walk from Ghattekulo to Tinkune. In Ghattekulo, my residence lies in the ghetto. There too few youngsters were chanting slogans as I emerged out of my room. When I arrived near Dhobikhola bridge, another group of people from Naya Baneshor height came chanting slogans.
I saw one of my journo friend chanting slogans. He asked me to join the protests but I cited the impending curfew. But, in fact I didn’t want to blurr my professional life with that of an activist. I thought, I am better off with blogging about what’s happeing around the city.

In Anamnagar Chowk, few bikes and a number of antenna swaying sleek UN vehicles were on the road. When I reached the Hanumanthan junction, I remembered how while returning from office at midnight yesterday, I was forced to take another route to my room. A barrier was
placed there, but the security forces were absent. Yesterday, I was able to go to my room after three days stay at office.

Then, in Babarmahal, the agitation was heightened. A hoarding board with king’s message was demolished and placed in the middle of the road. In the other side of the road, an icecream vendor was selling icecream to a kid. A bit ahead towards Naya Baneshor, few protesters were cutting a roadside tree. They were almost done, but I could not wait to see that crumble.
I met our photo blogger Bikas Karki himself driving Kantipur van in Babarmahal. He told me he was off to fetch curfew pass.

In front of Everest Hotel, somke emanating from tyres was engulfing the sky above.
A motocyclist was chased away. An angry lady protester remarked : Hamro pani ta bike Chha ni! (We too have vehicle). Protesters were asking for petrol with the motorcyclists.

In Baneshor Chowk, police men asked people to move towards their home. But, they seemed unaware that the road just below was taken control by protesters. Bricks are scattered all over the road from Baneshor to Tinkune. As I write this, I can hear the yelling, whistlings and sloganeering coming from the streets.

At the moment, SPA leaders are holding meeting to respond king’s address. But, the common people are overwhelmingly demanding the end of monarchy. Security forces are seen waving hands to the protesters. They don’t seem in the mood of attacking the peaceful protests. The mood of protesters too is peaceful, for they hardly pelt stones. Waving flags, inviting people to join them, accepting the sprinkling of water as a solace have been their way of protests in recent days. As I write this blog, the curfew has already sarted but like yesterday, protesters have successfully defied it.

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129 thoughts on “General Strike Day XVII

  1. dumre kancha, shenzhen:
    I think you are confused… I am not the one being racist … I was asking this ‘nobody’ character why he said this was all the doing of the bhuns.

  2. hey ganatantrabadi

    if u want ganatantra go to india.
    There are enough bloodsuckers in nepal mainly top leaders of SPA who are soaked in corruption and they don’t even dare to punish the culprit with in their party.
    Do you know why SPA just said sorry to Public coz they cannot punish the corrupted culprit because if they do they all will go down coz everyone of them in involved.

  3. All u desperate souls out there in different parts of the world – don’t ask us whas goin on in the streets of kathmandu because we are under curfew remember? I’ll tell you what we are doing though – we are watching the news -CNN and BBC is covering the account prety well.

  4. Unfortunately shadowrati is exactly right and it is actually far worse…
    Democracy: doesn’t really mean much and can’t function with a poor, oppressed, largely illiterate public in a country where communication and education is severly limited. People are fed up and willing to follow any alternative.
    Maoists: Ever think why they would choose this as a name? The last “popular Maoist” uprising to achieve control and power was, hmmm let me think…ah the Khemer Rouge. Now that was a real “people power” movement liberating the poor, oppressed, people from a corrupt authoritarian monarch. These guys have shown that they are willing to kill innocents to advance their agenda (grab power). Don’t be fooled by slogans.
    The Pro-Democracy Parties (other than the Maoists): See comments by many above. Just another bunch of corrupt thugs looking to get their share of the pie.
    The Neighbors: Nepal is strategically located between the 2 most populace nations on earth. No nation likes a power vacuum at their doorstep. Do you think China and India are not pulling some strings here? Who knows what is really happening behind the scenes. Or what it will take for either of these to make an overt power grab. I assure you the powers that be for both of these giants have been making plans for a long time now….
    The Monarchy: Yeah, they suck too… If this were a chess game it would be time to lay down your King. But its not. This is the best option given the very very very poor alternatives. I hate to say it. I have been visiting (and loving) Nepal since 1976. Take his offer and form a government if you can. Democracy is a process not a destination. You can’t get it all right away. But the Maoists WILL NOT LET THIS happen if they can stop it. This “pro-democracy” movement is exactly what they want to move them along in their power grab. Let’s see, aside from the King, which other party has an army…????
    Sorry if I stepped on any toes. I just hate to see this unfold so predictably. Has anyone here read any history books at all????

  5. I’ll tell you why the bahuns.Who are leading the SPA? Girija bahun and Madhab kumar bahun…….Who are leading the Maoists ? Baburam bahun and Pusha kamal bahun…..Which newspapers are backing them the most? Kamal Bahun and Kunda Bahun of ( Nepali Times ) and Some Gyawali bahun of ( Kantipur and Kathmandu Post)……Which professional group is supporting them the most? the lawyer, the teachers and the journalists who are mostly Bahuns……That’s why bahuns. Got it? pundit???

  6. Hey “Naive” Nepali,

    It will be better if you do your own research rather than expecting other people to do that for you.

    Read the preamble of the constitution and article 116 of the constitution and you will know what you can not change about the current constitution. If you want to have a system of governance that is different from the one based on (from the preamble)”to guarantee basic human rights to every citizen of Nepal; and also to consolidate Adult Franchise, the Parliamentary System of Government, Constitutional Monarchy and the System of Multi Party Democracy” you have no constitutional path to it.

    The issue that is being discussed these days is monarchy. For example, if you wanted to get rid of it, there is no constitutional path to it and the interim government established according to the article 35 or through parliamentary election would not be able to question monarchy. The government under the current constitution would never have the right to declare an unconditional constitution assembly – actually it can not declare any type of constitution assembly because parliament is the only body that can change the constitution as long as it satisfies the conditions listed above.

    For your second question, I suggest reading up on world history. Read how long it has taken for people to achieve their goals, how long people have had to protest. Those case studies will give you some idea on what people can achieve and how long it takes to achieve those. You can start your study by reading India’s history.

  7. thank you sire for your endeavor to help a rustic and ignorant guy like me. Well, I’ll head towards my room and turn the pages of constitution and read the article thoroughly. But, You have failed to answer my questions fully.please reread my questions and know the answers i’m seeking. anyways, thanks for ur help sire.
    Well now its late night and i have to get up early in the morn and start the day in my little farm.
    I’m expecting for comprehensible, lucid , logical and satisfying answer. Anybody outta there to help this cowboy?




  9. To NYCdidi – you hit the bull’s eye – yes, the Nepalese people better keep a keen eye on SPA – we need leaders with a vision to move Nepal forward, I think this requires a correct representation of groups/people of Nepal. Question to the Nepalese: if you were able to elect a group of leaders today – do you know who that would be? Who do you trust? This is a sincere question.

  10. Hey “Naive” Nepali,

    You need to learn to read things on your own and find answers on your own. Don’t rely on other people to find answers for you. I already provided references for you to read.

    If you were really “naive” and without any formal education, I would probably work with you and assist you finding answers. You are blogging, typying in English, and even trying to be an actor, which indicates you have enough mental capacity, education, cleverness, and resources to go off on your own and find answers.

    Well-off people need not pretend they have to work in a “farm”. If you really want to go work in a farm, quit blogging immediately, go to Dolpa, and start herding yaks. Otherwise, start studying the articles and texts and help come up with a system to empower and uplift brothers and sisters in Dolpa. Your choice. Good luck.

  11. Why doesn’t The ‘King’ give up? This is beyond him. Modern forces have been unleashed which are going to wash away his ancient royal house away. Does he not realize that?

    Or is fatso still relying on his astrologers?

  12. Manan, he’s probably relying on his astrologers who call him Vishnu instead of his name.

    Dibyadristri, there are lots of other parties besides the ones who were in power, and if there aren’t, then NEWER parties can always show up in the radar. What’s with this attitude of ‘oh well, those parties failed so probably every party ever known to mankind will also fail’ ?!

  13. Syehyan Nepal:
    I was under the impression that Kunda Dixit and the other people you mentioned were all trying to fight for the restoration of democracy. Journalists, lawyers etc. who was say are mostly bhuns have all joined the movement haven’t they? I don’t quiet understand what your point is?

  14. I’m sorry but when you say journalist, teachers, and lawyers, you’re saying: educated people. Who are you, Sheshyan Nepal to call all the educated people Bauns?

    There are educated teachers, journalists, and lawyers from ALL CASTES in Nepal, nto just Bauns.

  15. but then bauns r the majority .. seshan nepal must one of those bahun haters.. 😀 .. sometimes i cant stand them too mate..ekdam guffadi haru hunchan .and opportunist too

  16. So you think Bauns are the majority of educated people in Nepal?

    I’m sorry but every educated person of all the other castes will disagree with you on that one, soulsearching.

    And this also shows that you are the type of person to believe in the caste system structure. Maybe it’s time to realize that as long as the caste structure is believed, the country can never develop.

  17. nah i dont belive in caste system mellisa.. i dont differentiate between dalit, kami, nakarmi , dakarmin etc.. BUT i have reservations against bahuns..they are different..coy,clever just like a fox..i hate that..maybe its their nature..i dont know..for eg dr.bhola rijal of om hospital..yesterday he was shouting slogans against the king..but if tomorrow the king is powerful and he is conferred with a medal like gorkha dakchin bahu …he will go there like with a wide green and jai sarkar garera auncha .. so bahuns are kina shady..nothing personal..but they are too gufadis

  18. ..and to support my point..seshan nepal said it right .. “I’ll tell you why the bahuns.Who are leading the SPA? Girija bahun and Madhab kumar bahun…….Who are leading the Maoists ? Baburam bahun and Pusha kamal bahun…..Which newspapers are backing them the most? Kamal Bahun and Kunda Bahun of ( Nepali Times ) and Some Gyawali bahun of ( Kantipur and Kathmandu Post)……”

  19. The beauty of having an elected government is, you won’t have to vote for a baun leader if you don’t want to.

    So when these ‘bauns’ as you call them, get rid of the king and form a new constitution and you as a citizen, get out to vote: vote for a candidate who’s not baun.

    BTW, I doubt the commie bauns consider themselves baun or they wouldn’t have so many non bauns following them.

    Can I ask how old you are, and if you’re in Nepal or elsewhere? I thought, by now, that most Nepalese in Nepal only separated themselves by money (and how much they had in the bank) as opposed to caste.

    And honestly, you do believe in the caste system if you’re giving certain attributes to people based purely on their last name.

  20. Melissa,

    You’re arguing with morons. This is going to prove to be a useless test of your patience before it will ever be a debate.

  21. King must go first!

    Maoists can only join mainstream after end of monarchy!

    This moment comes for every monarchy, it is just natural!

    People are finished with monarchy!

  22. wow!well sumwhere in this blog post i read sumone was sayin “king is giving the olive branch.. so y don’t we catch it” well, don’t u see his other hand is carrying a soon as u touch the branch he’ll chop off ur hand as he did earlier….u want it to happen again like before? more sweet talk..AND u asked wat the fuss about? it is the fuss about our country..we can’t compromise for 2 min “peace” this time..this is the real time to show wat all NEPALI want…and i don’t think that 10000s of ppl who r on the streets r there for picnicing,they are asking their rights and make their voice heard…Well i am not higly intellectual person like you all here,just put my opinion..but i am worried about my country as you all and all those who r taking the street..And one more thing, this is not SPA’s “andolan”.this is the “andolan” of real people,real nepali..

  23. 1. It is more than impressive that so many people in Nepal have committed not just their words but their actions to express their interests and suppoirt for democracy.
    2. There is no possibility of a Maoist state/government in Nepal as the political base is not there. Yes there is a widespead desire for changing the lack of popular control and the lack of political equality, but not for an ideological based government. Even the Maoist leadership understand this.
    3. The ‘Maoists’ have to be part of the solution, this the King has not accepted.
    4. The leadership of the SPA have to continue to work with and commit the CPN(M) to a political solution. Cut them out and you do not have a political solution; you do have a continuing military conflict.
    5. There is no place for a politically active monarchy in a future democratic Nepal – it would be a contradiction in terms. Whatever monarchy remians has to be subordinate to the democratically elected government.
    6. The most important pressure at the present point in time comes from the people in Nepal demanding change. This is the force that keeps the politicians and the King thinking and prevents an unsustainable solution such as that proposed by KG.
    7. The crucial factor for change right now is the position of the security forces – do they support the King or do they support the principle of democratic governance? Are they being pushed to think about this by those on the streets?

  24. soulsearching says:

    “nah i dont belive in caste system mellisa”

    “BUT i have reservations against bahuns..they are different..coy,clever just like a fox..i hate that..maybe its their nature”

    I think you need to do some more soulsearching.

  25. I have been to your beautiful country many times. I think its time the people protested. The monarchy needs to go, the sooner the better. The maoists need to be realistic, there is no room for communists in the world of the 21st century-
    its time to break with the past and let the people together open a new road to democracy.
    I wish all of you luck and regret I can’t be there with you to protest

  26. Don’t take your eye off the ball Nepalis: Sure, bicker all you like among yourselves about caste and class. Site articles of a Constitution that is unknown by the majority of the citizenry who can’t read it anyway. A document whose core principles are alien to the way of life of the very people it is supposed to enfranchise. Kathmandu is not Nepal. And like everywhere else in the world, your elite be they the Monarchy or the leadership of these so-called Democracy Parties have their own selfish, corrupt, private agenda. But this is all a giant distraction. The Maoists could not have wished for a better scenario to sweep away thier only obstacle to power. This pro-Democracy movement is the very Trojan horse that will remove the only stabilizing force (as corrupt as the RNA & Police are) between at least a slim chance of building at least some representative form of government on the one hand or a new Nepal just like the one Pol Pot brought to Cambodia. A giant Tsunami is about to sweep you all away and you are all arguing about the temperature of your heated pool and the color of your patio furniture. Sorry, I do love your country but you don’t have a clue about what’s coming… Take the King’s offer and build on it. Of course, the Maoists smelling death and their chance in a lifetime to take full control will NEVER let this happen if they can stop it. Its up to you… Namaste

  27. Oh, one more thing: Who can name a single “Maoist” or similar armed communist movement that ended with the Maoists negotiating with the other parties and forming a democratic, representative coalition government based on Constitutional law? Where in the crowds on the streets of Kathmandu is the Nepali Maximilien Robespierre of today?

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