General Strike Day XVII

By Deepak Adhikari

Sea of Humanity:

Afternoon Updates:

As the rain stopped, state has cut off the mobile phone lines. But, Mero Mobile is still working. The state has again resorted back to brutality. In Kalanki, security forces opened fire at few protesters. Similarly, in Thapathali and Tripureshor area, gunshots were heard. At least three people could have been killed, eye witnesses say. The state may cut off the landlines as well. This shows that the king is not stepping back but using his force to suppress the movement.

Meanwhile, SPA’s meeting which concluded at 3 pm, decided that they won’t accept king’s proposal. They have come up with three-point-solutions: (1) Revival of Parliament (2) All party government and (3) Election of Constituent Assembly. SPA has stressed in 12 point agreement. They have reiterated their agreement with the Maoists. After the meeting, former PM Sher Bahadur Deuba commented :”I was then appointed PM using Article 35. Now also the same article is used. So, king’s intention is incorrect.”

SPA leaders’ univocal stance has given impetus to the ongoing movement.

The Royal Proclamation has not deterred people from showing what people’s power can do. I took a walk from Ghattekulo to Tinkune. In Ghattekulo, my residence lies in the ghetto. There too few youngsters were chanting slogans as I emerged out of my room. When I arrived near Dhobikhola bridge, another group of people from Naya Baneshor height came chanting slogans.
I saw one of my journo friend chanting slogans. He asked me to join the protests but I cited the impending curfew. But, in fact I didn’t want to blurr my professional life with that of an activist. I thought, I am better off with blogging about what’s happeing around the city.

In Anamnagar Chowk, few bikes and a number of antenna swaying sleek UN vehicles were on the road. When I reached the Hanumanthan junction, I remembered how while returning from office at midnight yesterday, I was forced to take another route to my room. A barrier was
placed there, but the security forces were absent. Yesterday, I was able to go to my room after three days stay at office.

Then, in Babarmahal, the agitation was heightened. A hoarding board with king’s message was demolished and placed in the middle of the road. In the other side of the road, an icecream vendor was selling icecream to a kid. A bit ahead towards Naya Baneshor, few protesters were cutting a roadside tree. They were almost done, but I could not wait to see that crumble.
I met our photo blogger Bikas Karki himself driving Kantipur van in Babarmahal. He told me he was off to fetch curfew pass.

In front of Everest Hotel, somke emanating from tyres was engulfing the sky above.
A motocyclist was chased away. An angry lady protester remarked : Hamro pani ta bike Chha ni! (We too have vehicle). Protesters were asking for petrol with the motorcyclists.

In Baneshor Chowk, police men asked people to move towards their home. But, they seemed unaware that the road just below was taken control by protesters. Bricks are scattered all over the road from Baneshor to Tinkune. As I write this, I can hear the yelling, whistlings and sloganeering coming from the streets.

At the moment, SPA leaders are holding meeting to respond king’s address. But, the common people are overwhelmingly demanding the end of monarchy. Security forces are seen waving hands to the protesters. They don’t seem in the mood of attacking the peaceful protests. The mood of protesters too is peaceful, for they hardly pelt stones. Waving flags, inviting people to join them, accepting the sprinkling of water as a solace have been their way of protests in recent days. As I write this blog, the curfew has already sarted but like yesterday, protesters have successfully defied it.

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129 thoughts on “General Strike Day XVII

  1. Nepalese are committing a biggest mistake in the history by rejecting the King’s offer. He could have been handicapped thro’ peaceful process slowly, but the street is ruling…,what is the end,…, we all know,..

  2. US, India, Canada, EU, has welcomed the proclamation of the king. They don’t understand the real situation!
    We, in Nepal, don’t want this men anymore.

    The US has to make his helicopter ready to take off with the whole family who ruined Nepal.
    Same they did with Mr. Marcos of the Fillipines.

    Army I call you to unite with your people and put your arms in a cubboard and put off your battle dress and demonstrate against your so called king!

  3. The king has a point.The parties just don’t have a road map.They arouse the crowd and now they don’t know where to go from here.They can’t and will not accept the king’s offer coz the Maoists will not allow them to.

  4. Seshyan Nepal,
    I don’t believe the situation is as you say.
    I agree that also I suspect that the SPA has no roadmap but I don’t believe the Maos managing them.

    The SPA has now to sit togethr and give the people their agenda. If the people see the agenda they will have more convidence in them.
    Now the people are only in the street to gat the king out but I bet that a lot of them don’t understand the real situation.

    I pray that the Maos will do what they declared before and goin into the political mainstream. Give up violence and give the people what they want: A democratic and peacefull live!

    I think that they will win a lot more by what I’m saying. Going on with a Maoist State will create the same situation as we have now sooner or later.

    They can see now what a peoples movement can do. No bullets will stop a peoples movement.

  5. OMG.. are there any updates on the protest situations? im in canada.. its 4 am and this blog has been the only source of info for the moment..

  6. An inside scoop from an insider;

    1. The Shah family women have signed up a highly lucrative deal with an
    Amercan company specialising in slimming equipment. Though details of the
    contract were not available immediately, it runs into millions and was
    brokered by the US ambassador to Nepal while playing golf with Crown Prine
    Paras. It’s a before-and-after ad, showing Mrs Komal Shah in the first
    visual, where she weighs 200kg. Then she uses the slimming aid and is
    transformed into Himani.

    2. Gyanendra Shah has been signed up by Penguin publishing company to write
    two how-to books: How to do a palace massacre in 18 easy steps and How to do
    a coup in four years.

    3. Raj Bahadur Singh has been hired at $10000000,0000 per month to help the
    US government in their war on terrorism. Next year, President Bush plans to
    attack Iran. To facilitate the entry of American troops by jamming Iran’s
    communications system, Singh would be posted there to start a mobile phone
    service that would throw all other communications links out of gear. It is
    thought that Ambassador MOriarty brokered this deal too but his office was
    not available for immediate comments.

    4. Steven Spielberg is offering Gyanendra Shah the lead role for his new
    movie, Nero fiddled while Nepal burned. The competition was quite stiff.
    Kofi Annan, Indian PM Dr Manmohan Singh and the ubiquitous Bush had also
    lined up for the coveted role. However, Shah finally clinched the deal
    thanks to his able son Paras, who followed Spielberg to the nearest
    all-night disco, broke his arm and fired shots at him. According to highly
    placed sources, the father-son pair are now pressuring Spielberg to ask Dev
    Anand to co-direct and create a character, Nero’s twin brother, who would be
    played by Paras.

  7. hey ncix … i dont know from where u get all those stupid infos. u wrote that helicopter was used in kalanki to fire at protestors…bullshit man.. i m there…that helicopter came to giver order not to fire…and secondly 20 people didnt die in kalanki…it is around 9….where do u get all those crappy infos. from??….
    talking about KG’s proclamation…it was good but incomplete….but since the int’l community has welcomed it the situation in nepal seems to be bad…now they seem to be backing the king and its really bad for the people of nepal… on thousands will get killed during protests…and whoz gonna take responsibility for that?…and another thing is that the parties do not seem to be doing anything for the 14 dead people….they should do something for them…only putting a garland in their photo and calling martyr is not enough….is the life of people so cheap???/….they should even try helping the family of the deceased financially and other helps if possible…and finally they should try to fulfill people’s aspirations…then only the death of those people will be worthy….

  8. yes, most people don’t understand the real situation. And the situation is that the SPA has made a pact with the maoists and if the parties back out and accept the kings offer which is less than what the maoiss want.The maoist will personally shoot the leaders.That’s the real situation guys.

    If only we could put the same kinda pressure on the maoists – to give up arms and rule peacefully hand in hand with the parties.All would be well.But that’s a far cry from what I see right now.

  9. An active Monarch is out dated so is Maoism / Marxism / Leninism / Leninism / Socialism

    who you will trust foolish Maoists or a cleaver King

    cleaver and cunning is better then foolish Maoists

  10. Ashees,
    I totally agreed with your opinion!
    Let the Maos going into the polical mainstream and let them give prove of their peacefull intencions after so many death people.

    This is the peoples war thet they always say to fight for.

  11. the people on street should cry for dialog between SPA, King and Maoist. Trust me that’s the only way out.

  12. i agree
    without the maoists coming into the mainstream.. they are a threat to democracy .. and they definitely seem to have some leverage in the SPA situation..
    i never dreamed a day like this wud come in the history of nepal

  13. seven political parties with maoists should form the government and give the date for election, make prachand the new PM, i don’t mind

  14. Sorry, the king has to go out now! It is to late for him!
    So, we have only the option for a good understatement between the people, SPA and the Maos.
    If that will be true, the country will have peace and a better sight on a good future with food for everyone.
    Let we pray for that!

  15. foreigner in Nepal – This is not a time to pour personal vengeance.You hate the king, some hate that bast**d Giddha Prasad koirala and some despise prachanda for his cadres raping and killing little girls in front of their old grand father. We need to talk about and work on the future of Nepal.That should be the goal of all nepalese.

  16. Seshyan Nepal,
    I’m agree with you. We have to talk all together: the people, the SPA and the Maos.

    I didn’t talk about personal vengeance against the king and I didn’t talk about vengeance against the Maos or Koirala.

    But we have to remember what the king gives to Nepal (chaos) and we have to remember what Mr. Koirala and his succesors has given to Nepal (confiusing democraty) and we have to remember what the Maos has given to us (killings, abduction, chaos, etc..
    W can forgive them unless they recognize their mistakes and goin real in the way of serving the Nepali people in a democratic way.

    I am with the Nepali people and try to give an objective view and believe me this is really difficult because the situation is very difficult.
    If we have to deal with two parties, it will be more easy to resolve problems but we all heve to deal with three parties and that is more complecated.

    I’m fully agree with you that all Nepali people has to talk and work on the future of Nepal.
    I hope and pray that this blog will help the political parties and the Maos to get a good view of what the people like.
    Maybe we can give them guidelines how to reslove the situation?

    I’m a foreigner who is working for three years in Nepal and I feel myself as a Nepali. I like your country and I am trying to understand the situation and shal and will working with you all to create a good future for us all.

  17. But, in fact I didn’t want to blurr my professional life with that of an activist. I thought, I am better off with blogging about what’s happeing around the city.

    Mr Adhikari !
    Do all the people participated in the mass movement are political activist and only you remained as pure professional ? Do not all walk of life’s people are participated the movement like peasants, farmers, carpenter (martyr Ghimire), taxi driver. Do only journalists like you are professional?

  18. Now SPA has given 24 hours ultimatum to the King to reinstate parliament. If does not do that nepales peole will have to suffer and we asking for lives to be laid down. I think Girirja and company may be thinking to declare the elections of CA from the parliament.Whether maoists would come to join the Interim Govt. under any SPA leader ? This is another trillion dollar question.
    May Lord Pashupatinath give blessings to all Nepalese.

  19. don’t kid yourself Ms.or Mr.Nepali foreigner.This blog is just a speck in the ocean where most of the bloggers aren’t even here in Nepal.

  20. Mero ghar ko puppy ra GyanJi ko kasto milyo joda
    Bannechainau kohi pani aba Bideshi ko Ghoda

    Hamro Jyan Murda Hoina jo Rubber ko Goli sahera basna sakchha
    Jutisakyau Hami Nepali bato rokne Jo Kohi lai Bagauna sakchha

    Mind starves for peace and blood seeks freedom
    All we seek is a republic give him a DAMN

    more poems can be available on request

  21. Can any body have very new information on What actualyy going on there around the palace now?

  22. BPCg,
    I don’t mean to say that those who are participating in the movement shoould not do that. I’ve been reporting to you that people of all walks of life have participated in this movement. Don’t strech my point, read it in context. Would I’ve been going with the procession, I wouldn’t have been able to updated the blog.

  23. Hey Seshyan Nepal,
    What are you talking about now?
    I am living in Nepal now for three years and I am saving children from the bad life that you Nepali people giving them.
    What are you talking about?
    Don’t make me angry because I try to help your people.
    But are only one and a lot of people are thenking me for what I am doing for the children of Nepal.
    As you going like this I will not reply to your stupid opion.
    Bye bye

  24. be aware of response1.. its guys like him who brings instability in the country instead of working together for the unity..even if the SPA work together with king he wont be satisfied till the king starts his helicopter..drop a bomb on response1’s home b4 u leave KG

  25. In my view, the situation is getting out of hand. The way the street is turning violent, it looks like the SPA is not capable to control it, it does look the maoists are involved.

    Though we can say, the king cannot be trusted, still there is chance for the SPA to form government and reduce the powers of the king by votes of majority in the parliament later on.

    Better wake up to reality, and try to voice something you want to say before it is too late.

  26. Shameful and Pitiful…A humiliating show of middle class madnes based on little or no knowledge and rise of high sentiments aroused by absoulte prejudice on the assesment of the current situation. Some of you think the king should stay coz he is the reason Nepal exist…some of you think these people are bought off in money…some of you think most of these people are maoist…and so on..This is an absolute lack of respect to the masses who are doing this revolution for us…They are dying for us and you are searching words to brand them in the way you wish too…You think maoist can come in the vaccum…well then god help your thinking…positive or negative….aren’t u seeing that Nepalese people want no form of autocracy…and do you think it is possible to rule by guns in this country with these neighbours?? And what gun are we talking about…KG 200,000 or so forces couldn’t stop the people and you guys are thinking prachanda’s around 40,000(this is the highest estimation so far) forces can stop people?? And besides maoist is a group filled with many many kinds of people…and their army is also very weak….and you think they can stop?? The way some of you are showing fear shows how patheticly afraid you are with some guns..Be brave my friends…No one can impose any kind of autocracy upon us….And to the guys of inner ktm or downtown ktm…if you think really that the maoist have come..well let them come…but you also must come…so that you can control them and do not let them do what they wish…not stay indoors with fear….comon….this is the time of judgement now…IF WE LET OUR PATHETIC FEAR RULE US….AGAIN SOME AUTOCRACT WILL RULE US…..SO PRAISE THE PEOPLE AND BE THE PART OF THE PEOPLE IF YOU WANT THE RULE OF THE PEOPLE…OTHERWISE STAY INSIDE IN THE CURFEW AND AS YOU WOULD HAVE NOTHING TO DO…HATCH YOUR OWN GAME PLAN ABOUT WHAT WOULD HAPPEN NEXT….the choice is ures

  27. Comment No.40 is like this, ” Seshyan Nepal says:
    April 22nd, 2006 at 3:57 pm

    Mr.Hindu from India, get outta here. We hindus in nepal don’t pride ourselves as a hindu but as only as a nepali.And mind you, it was not karan singh or Maran singh’s visit that made the king handover the power to the people .It is the mass out in the street that did. And save us your analysis.This is not your exam paper.”
    If it is directed to me(comment No.2), then
    Please Read fully wat is written in Comment no. 2, I am not advocating any karan Singh’s proposal. and neither does that article do………
    I think U understood it in a wrong way, Read it again.

  28. Some analysis for discussion:
    1)Scenario-1: Agree with KG’s offer: This would mean that isolating maoists which would create more caos and hardship as maoists have guns and control a lot of Nepal. This option would be disastrous. In this case it is a matter of time before maoists will be in power.

    2) Scenario-2: Oust KG now: I see that if KG is ousted now SPA can claim that a bloody autocrat like KG can be thrown out with people power not by guns and therefore there is a hope that the best party would be able to govern the soverenty of Nepal. I believe that both majority of Nepalese and International community are looking for this option.

    3) Giant neighbour factor: Although I was convinced earlier that a constitutional monarch would be good for Nepal, I really feel now that monarchy is not necessary. What for! The objective of neutrality between giant neighbours vis-a vis the king and therefore serving better interest of Nepal was in my earlier thinking. I very much feel that Nepal exists because she gives much needed security buffer for both the neighbours and therefore has strategic value by and large. No point talking about India or China card in the macro sense. Of course in the micro sense infuence in politics is obvious. Being republic at this time means a lot. Especially to bring the Maoists in the group. We like it or not without them Nepal is doomed. I also feel that if these maoists have some brain and love towards Nepal then they should come to the election in the republic Nepal without guns. I do not know much about Prachanda but the brain of Baburam is well known. If used in the right direction he may be able to do wonder to our homeland. I am also hoping that there are quite a bunch Bhadkeka Nepalese brains out there.

    Soooooo the choice is obvious. Republic of Nepal Jindabaad. My soul and heart for all of you and those fighting for the good cause.

  29. stop the analysis here. what is going on on the ground? those of us who are following this from around the world get most of our on the spot news from this blog!! please, someone, anyone, out there…where are the protestors now? have they reached the palace? does anyone have any sense of the on the ground situation?


  30. Why should not we believe king?
    Because there is no committment to multi-party democracy except lip service.
    Does we want any power to give to the king so that he can take away executive power whenever he wants?
    No we do not want that. If we accept current proposal, we do not get right but get privileges of king which can be confiscated at any time based on his(monarch’s) subjective satisfaction. We do not want to give any power to the king that he excercises based on his whims and caprices.
    From Asoj 18, when Deuba was removed first what he achieved by appointing different Prime Ministers?
    Anything ? No. Except bloodshed. That means he is even more incompetent than Deuba if we have to use his own logic.
    Do we want incompetent King?
    No we do not want at all.
    What we want? Republic state. why?
    Coz again our sovereignity will not be lost. It will not go on the hand of any dictator any more.

  31. Sparsha in comment 80 says, “I very much feel that Nepal exists because she gives much needed security buffer for both the neighbours and therefore has strategic value by and large. No point talking about India or China card in the macro sense. Of course in the micro sense infuence in politics is obvious.”
    I think this point will not be valid any more coz India and china itself are moving very close to each other now a days guided by their economic interests. They know that grabbing land is not so important as compared to investment in technology. So, the emergence of political economy in new shape has reduced the significance of political strategy. King G or anyone’s china or India card will fail after some months, if given to continuity coz they (C & I) do not want to annoy each other.

  32. when life hands you a lemon, break out the tequila and the salt !

    KG has given u the lemon,now form the damn assembly and let us go back to our office..yo mahina ko talab na paula vanera tension vai sakyo 😦 neta haru ko po unlimited bank account cha..hami ta harek din kaam garera khanu parcha

  33. make mine a margarita…or a good stiff whisky on the rocks! or a new cocktail, “the royal massacre” (gyanendra’s favorite cocktail, so I hear) or how about “royal pain in the butt”…we are all gonna have one big hangover when this is all done…

    still no answer to my question: what the FUCK is going on on the ground in Kathmandu now! Please, if anyone is out there, stop long enough to let us desperate souls in far off lands know what the on the ground situation is…

  34. US,EU,India,China,UN all welcomed king’s proclamation, now SPA leaders should consider their stand. though proclamation itself is not a gaint step but definately a first step to restore peace and locatantra. its high time the SPA leaders take some responsibilities and stop hijacking the show by maoists.

  35. hello to all u bloggers,
    I’ve been regularly visiting this site and reading all the comments out here. And I’m also
    impressed by the level of intellegence of u all. Well, I don’t have that level of intellect
    so I’m getting completely lost. I can’t decide which direction to follow. I notice several
    perspectives some of which are in concurrence while others completely divergent. Now,
    please help me find appropriate path , will you?
    Firstly, most of you all are in favor of complete democracy/loktantra. What is this loktantra? What will be the difference in this sort of democracy from one we used to have before the King took authority in his hand? Yesterday he proclaimed that he has returned the people’s possession to people themselves. Then what is this conflict for?
    Seven parties-cum-maoists are now demanding for constitution assebly. Could anybody
    please explain what is the purpose of such assembly. Now the king has summoned the
    7 parties to form an interim government then why won’t they go for it? Ain’t this sort of
    government able to form such ‘constitutional assembly’. If not why not and if yes then what’s
    the problem now.
    Okay say the king remains obstinate as ever then in what way are the people going to achieve
    their goal? How long might this protest last? And what will be the economic plight of our country?
    Please, I need an explanation after all i’m a naive.
    Okay, I’m a simpleton countryman who is able to win his daily bread through hardship. In what waywill my life change after your ‘loktantra or ganatantra or prajatantra’ whatever s achieved. Please explain me enough. Maybe I can also support and participate in your aandolan if i find a reasonable motif. Remember
    I’m a naive Nepalese so explain me in such a way that every naive people like me apprehend well.
    Thank you

  36. Now leaders of SPA have already given their statement about: renstatement of parliament, Interim coalititon govt.,election of CA and the New Constitution and the new political set up of the country without guns in Mao’s hands. This is the political line. Otherwise, come to the streets in KTM tomorrow. see u there.

  37. The King now has the backing of the RNA and the International comunity… This is going to make it extreamly difficult for the SPA to get their demands fulfilled. Yes the people are out there but how long will they be able to continue protesting – with the curfews, limited supply of food etc? I read many comments here from people who advocate further protests but what do the people who are actually in KTM think?

  38. A Naive Nepali:
    I don’t think you are as naive as you claim but good questions… I don’t know how this lokatantra will be diferent!

  39. The BBC quotes protesters as saying “We want a republic, We don’t want the king any more.”

    I can understand why anyone would want to dump an autocratic and unresponsive government, and sympathize with any group of people seeking to topple any government. But be warned — just getting rid of the incompentant and power-obsessed king and creating a republic, or “giving power to the people,” won’t change things much. Government is government, whether waged in the name of “the people” or something else.

    Whatever president you get, if that’s what enough of you want, he’ll wield just as much murderous power as your current unloved king — his soldiers will shoot to kill, his police will still impose curfews, and power will still be concentrated in a relatively small group. Maybe that group will call themselves “the people’s representatives,” but it will still be a small, privileged and unacccountable group. Don’t be fooled by the pretty words or all the nice political and social theory, there is no such thing as “government of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

    You’ll learn this eventually.

  40. Shadowrati:
    Good points made. I am not Nepali, just an American who visited your beautiful country in ’01 and am hoping to return this summer if the dust ever settles… Yes it is true in the US we have ‘democracy’ but in my observation GWB is trying to be another Gyane, taking away our freedom of speech(Patriot Act), constitutional rights, assembly(no curfews yet but it’s very difficult to protest legally and protesters have been detained and exposed to hazardous chemicals(’04 Republican Nat’l Convention), protesters are arrested for wearing anti-war T-shirts. USA ppl have become too fat, rich, overworked, drugged by TV and have too much to lose by fighting the system so gradually our rights are being taken away b/c we are not fighting for them, unlike the poor Nepalis with nothing to lose. Whatever form the ‘Loktantra’ might take Nepali ppl need to keep an eagle eye on your leaders – make sure you are not trading in the Shah dynasty for the Bush dynasty like we have here – just one American’s 2 paisa opinion…

  41. btw the people that u seen in the streets are not the residents of ktm.. the residents of ktm valley have decided to stay inside their home only cause they know this is just like a repeat telecast of 1990 ..i knew they were the wise among all the neps..they have proved it right.. singadurbar agadi kehi pani vaeyko cha..nor we are thinking of invading it..narayanhiti ma pani tyati sajilai kaa jana dincha…if KG thinks hes gona go hes gona take some pretty large figures with him too..yo sabai bahun haru ko natak ho.. bware !!!

  42. hey shadowrati !!
    u are really pessimistic…
    things gonna be ok..first thing first..its the time to sweep out the bloody killer king ..and enjoy the real LOKTANTRA..

  43. Hey all,
    Better take notice about the maoist infiltration. They can planning for a distratrous attack on our country and that will be hell worse situation for the country and say bye bye to the hard fought democracy for decades to come. I request all the Nepali people fighting for the democracy, take notice to my point and beware of maoist. We want democracy not maocracy (communist rule).

  44. hey bloggers,
    don’t play with the spirit of Revolution-2006 or the Jana-Aandolan -02
    if u continue to do so…
    then what will be difference between u and KG and Niro of Rome , those all who enjoy others suffering…..
    …..if people want to outst KG… they can..
    poor nepalse don’t have any money to feed the lucrative desires of those bloodsuckers..

  45. Ya i agree with you Mero Desh

    Today the crowd which came in this Indrachowk, Ason area i saw their faces. Believe me there was no one from valley. Maximum people looked like “Khate”. More than chanting democratic slogans they were interested in watching girls.
    I believe there were Maoists too.
    They are just taking advantage of current situation.

  46. hello! I didn’t find answers to any of my questions. So what can i infer from your silence? I don’t think I’ve asked anything out of track or too intricate to answer. I’ve just asked you relevant and basic questions according to the time of context. Well if you’ll bother to answer only few questions of mine, you will also be benefited: it might be a source of enlightenment for you because u might be supporting/protesting anyone blindly but doing it for solid reasons will of course make some difference. Also, any faulty reason or mental resistance that led you to think negatively(than ur real self) can be identified.
    Well, I don’t want all of you to post your reply to my questions here but i will appreciate if you do it mentally as if you were describing me who is vis-a-vis you. At least, some of you please get answers to just two questions-
    1)What is a ‘constitution assembly’? Won’t the interim government( if formed) be able to organize such assembly?*WHY*?
    2)HOw long will the protest go on if there’s a stalemate like this. How long should it go? IS it possible to conquer His majesty the king solely by the rabble?If yes HOw?
    well, I hope this time you will help this naive bumpkin find answers to those questions. please!
    thanx in advance

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