State of Fear: Nepal Under Curfew

New article on UWB and D Wagle in UCLA’s Asia Media: Between activism and journalism …….. By Deepak Adhikari Eating and sleeping in the office because of curfew. Journalist/blogger Deepak (clad in sweater) having lunch at Kantipur Publication canteen with his colleagues. Journalists spent night in the office fearing that they would be deprived ofContinue reading “State of Fear: Nepal Under Curfew”

Journos Severely Beaten and Arrested

Text By Deepak Adhikari /Photos By Rajaram Gautam At 9:30 am, the procession of 3 hundred journos headed towards Gaushala. As it crossed the Bagmati Bridge, it encountered security men. They staged peaceful dharna. Suddenly, the police started baton charging. Kishor Shrestha, Mahendra Bista and Gopal Thapaliya and seven other scribes were injured. Surya BahadurContinue reading “Journos Severely Beaten and Arrested”

Nepal in the Throes of Transformation

By Deepak Adhikari Last Saturday evening, as I was scanning through Huntington’s Who Are We, I heard sloganeering near my residence at Ghattekulo. Some twenty teenagers, most of them from the neighborhood, were chanting pro-democracy slogans. That made the denizens living in the cozy rooms of Ghattekulo, come out of their slumber and watch what’sContinue reading “Nepal in the Throes of Transformation”

The Ghattekulo Story

By Deepak Adhikari For past two days, most of the times, I was confined inside my Ghattekulo abode. Ghattekulo, in this April Uprising, has shown unprecedented revolutionary spirit. On the 5 th day of general strike, I could no more stay in the cocoon; so headed for office early at 6:30 before the curfew couldContinue reading “The Ghattekulo Story”

Patan Meet in the Eve of April Uprising

Text by Deepak Adhikari/Photos by Shruti Shrestha The ancient city of Patan, especially the Krishnamandir area saw an unprecedented mass meet today. The month of April, according to the pamphlet distributed there, is marked by martyrdom and sacrifice for the country. Mass at Mandir: People gathered at the Patan Durbar Square. Hundreds of people participatedContinue reading “Patan Meet in the Eve of April Uprising”