Bye Bye Brian

The royal regime has deported a volunteer doctor who treated both the protesters and policemen alike

By Deepak Adhikari

Tuesday afternoon, when I reached Gongabu, I saw Dr. Brian Cobb, his name inscribed in Nepali, dressed in green T-shirt, ready to treat the injured ones. This 50-year old American doctor looked like a warrior himself. I introduced myself and told him: “You are doing a great job. I want to do a story on you.” He retorted: “Ah, that’s good.” He directed me towards his station where few volunteers were ready for their mission. I asked him about his work. He said he treated more policemen than the protesters on Monday.

<i asked our photojournalist Shaligram Tiwari, who was busy clicking protesters, to take his pictures. Shaligram seemed in dilemma. All of a sudden, the baton charging erupted and Brian and I were separated to our respective duties. Amid the hustle and bustle, chaos, bloodbath and anarchy, I could not see Mr. Brian. But, apparently he had been busy serving the needy people.

Brian was featured in a photo-column in Nepal Magazine by photojournalist Chandra Shekhar Karki a year ago. Recently, he was mentioned in a New York Times story. Tuesday evening, he informed the world via Kantipur TV about SSP Madhav Thapa’s brutality. It seems that this was his sole crime. My plan to meet him was thwarted by the authority who ordered him to leave the country. He was forced to pack up his mission and head for Bangladesh where he’s currently working.

According to a report published in Friday’s Kantipur Daily, he was arrested and taken to Armed Police Forces Headquarters at Halchowk. He was abused by the APF personnel. His passport was confiscated by CDO Sushil Ghimire of Kathmandu District.

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35 thoughts on “Bye Bye Brian

  1. this is an example of extreme brutality by the goverment but it has also paved the way for further agiation towards the anti nepalese goverment.bye bye brother . thanks for your kind support towads us.

  2. hare ram,
    what a disgrace. doctors are getting deported for helping the injured and speaking the truth. seriously, i really wonder what the hell are these decision making guys thinking?? it really makes me sad that folks that are ruling in out country are a bunch of a[icd]. i wonder how they would defend themselves if those questions were asked?

    looks like we need a divine intervention [icd]and also purify the minds of our corrupt leaders. we should ask for the bank balances for all the leaders. we should follow the example of finland where all the public figures and property are always open for public scrutiny.


  3. Ha Ha Ha funny story !!

    I usually used to hear that Nepalese workers deported from the Airport of Japan,S.Korea and the westen.

    Nepal is also getting an advance signal. cheers!!! keep on good job!!!

  4. “also purify the minds of our corrupt leaders.” Make that singular, Nepal has only one leader responsible for all looting, murder and mayhem in the country: the self-declared chairman.

  5. dear all,
    If you remember the sequence of events happening nepal, this is nothing new. Do anyone remember japanese baba who came to volunteer to improve traffic in kathmandu? He was also forced to deport when he stranged IGP of poilce at baneswore for not following traffic rules. In this country brain does not rule, empty head rules. This will continue and many friends of nepal will have their hands amputed for helping nepal. Soon we will be hatred people in this earth. Hope this empty heads rolls down soon and change will occur at least where they inspire and respect one helps them.

  6. what the hell is going on down ther????
    this should not have haappened…is this a way to treat a guy..who’s a doc…and helping the injured…c’mon this really show s what is our MR. G doing..n he says he’s leading the country frm the front….this is relly disgusting n i think the govn should apologise for whatever happened…ho ki hoina ta ???

  7. Remember Theo Baba in Jochhen in the 70’s/80’s ?
    This Swiss man choose to live in Nepal just after the first hippy wave. He had a tiny room at Cosmpolitan Restaurant and was living like a monk, spending all his time and money to help the street kids. He even founded an orphanage.

    He was a good friend, and I remember painfully how he was treated by nepali authorities, having to hide himself like a criminal because they refused obstinately to extend his visa.

    He is dead now, and his orphanage is still here. People like him and Brian should be declared honorary citizens of Nepal.

  8. Dear Dr. Brian,

    We Nepalease are very much obliged from your kind support that you provided to the freedom fighters. Not only this, you have injected a great inspiration to the Nepalease who are fighting against the notorious facist ruler Gyanendra. We assure you we will turuned our country in a democratic republic and punish Gynendra who has not only snatched democracy but has been also actively engaged in genocide.

  9. Man I have actually spoken to this doctor before. He really loves Nepal … he gave up his lucrative pratice in Florida and came to Nepal.
    Man I am just getting more frustrated by the day. I wish I could do something more than just write on these blogs…

  10. Dear friends,

    The matter of Briyan deportation should be ‘hyped’ and ‘spun’ again and again in the media. This ‘spinning’ will definately add value in current movement.

  11. Oh dearest Dr.Brian,
    How can I make apology with you but sorry…………..!Very much for everything.
    I think you better know why the agitation really running on the way. Plz. try to inspire other for the same cuz, you are the victim and you can convince better than others to them.

  12. These doctors are the hero’s!

    Giving unselfish assistance to any of the woonded victims and punished for that.
    Can ethic thinking of the ruler(s) even go lower?!

    Wishing the unselfishness of all leaders and politicians would be same.

  13. If Gyane wants to improve his credentials, he’s certainly not helping himself by this action. And its not like deporting some baba or whatever. A doctor is a doctor.

  14. My salute to Dr. Brian. Thank you very much for your help. I hope you will join our hands to throw this despot from the regime.

  15. this is just sad. god! what a way to treat a volunteer providing such gracious service. does anybody know if Dr. Brian has a personal blog site or sth. of that kind? I wish i could thank him personally.

    pathetic ppl. at power and…all those damned decisions…keep the protests going!


  16. What a shame!! It’s mind boggling how some people’s narrow brain work in Nepal. Doctor is a doctor…..he/she doesn’t discriminate. Dr. Brain had nothing to gain by helping people in need. These kinds of incidences are the proofs of what types of brains rules Nepali governments and why we are still so far behind!!

  17. I have been in touch with Dr. Brian Cobb. I was very much surprised to know an expatriate who served in Nepal for few years loves the country as much as I do. He is one of the most loyal friends of Nepal striving for a free and prosperous Nepal. Despite the republican orientation, he has been championing through academic debates the idea, which actually could work for Nepal still giving the dictator (Gyanendra) face saving way out. Among his proposition, I most admire the one about the settlement of armed forces once the war is over. He argues that merging two forces is dangerous and a persisting sources of military coups. He suggests the merger of two forces and their deployment like crops that are not armed for the reconstruction of Nepal.

    I feel deeply embarrassed by the incidence and unruly and uncivilised behaviours of the authorities. He was denied an advise of a solicitor. He was told off. Brian knows this is well why. Gyane and his forces are so arrogant, uncivilised and heavy handed. It is a real embarrassment.

    We will one day give you a welcome of hero under our republic Brian. A big thank you.

    In support of democracy and freedom movement in Nepal

  18. Hey UWB or someone else. Is it possible for you to get Dr. Brian’s email address. I would like to write to him personally and thank him for his efforts. I am sure many of us here would like to do the same!

  19. It just goes to show what sort of idiots are in power right now. This is inexcusable. Look, if the other side had a foreign doctor treating army men and he said things like well, the protestors threw rocks at me, we wouldn’t just defame him straightaway. We could at least try to get his side of the story.

    They could have called him and demanded an explanation. Hello, this is Nepal. We NEED doctors. What sort of animal is this our ‘King’?

  20. Plz read Brian’s letter published in today’s Kantipur Daily. I don’t think it necessary to mail personally to a person involved (who must be busy unlike u cyber junkies) in humanitarian mission. Thanks.

    सम्झौता नगर
    हामीजस्ता धेरै अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय समुदायले वर्तमान संकटको व्यावहारिक निकासका लागि त्रिपक्षीय समाधानको आशा गरेका थियौं । यो नै सबैभन्दा कम जोखिमपूर्ण साथै शान्ति र प्रजातन्त्रमा फर्किने द्रुतोत्तर मार्ग थियो । यस्तो समाधानका लागि सबै पक्ष इच्छुक हुनुपर्छ । तर राजावादीहरू र विशेषगरी तानाशाही सरकार यसनिम्ति तयार हुने छाँट देखिँदैन । प्रस्ट छ- राजाको सत्ताले सम्झौता गर्ने छैन ।

    शान्तिपूर्ण प्रदर्शनका क्रममा राष्ट्रव्यापी रूपमा अमानवीय दमन र बर्बरता चुल्याइएको छ । शाहीसत्ता र दरबारबाट अनुमोदित त्यस्ता दमनमध्ये केहीको म स्वयं पनि साक्षी हुँ । यसबाट मुलुक पूर्णतः कुनै पनि वैधानिकता नभएको अपराधिक गिरोहको मुठ्ठीमा रहेको प्रस्ट हुन्छ, जसको नेतृत्व राजा स्वयंले गरिरहेका छन् । -राजा र दरबारसम्बन्धी) सीमित अन्धविश्वास र ‘एकताका प्रतीक’ जस्ता झूटो प्रचारले नेपाली जनताको मस्तिष्कबाट आतंकको राज र इतिहासको कपटलाई मेट्न सकिँदैन ।

    यो सरकार वैधानिकताका सबै परीक्षामा असफल भएको छ । उप्रति मुस्किलले सायद ५ प्रतिशत जनसमर्थन होला । सत्ताका कुनै पनि पात्र कहिल्यै निर्वाचित हुन सकेका छैनन् । उसले नियमित, नियोजित र योजनाबद्ध रूपमा खुलम-खुला मानव अधिकार उल्लंघन गर्दै आएको छ । अदालत र संविधानलाई मजाक बनाएको छ । आफ्ना नागरिकलाई आधारभूत सेवा उपलब्ध गराउन ऊ असफल छ । र, मुलुकको अधिकांश क्षेत्रमा उसको नियन्त्रण छैन ।

    संवैधानिक या प्रजातान्त्रिक शक्तिहरूबीच समझदारीका निम्ति अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय समुदायले गरेको आहवान् अर्थहीन बनेको छ । राजाको सरकार कहिल्यै संवैधानिक थिएन र छैन । -एकमात्र संवैधानिक सरकार भनेको संविधानबमोजिम जननिर्वाचित सरकार अर्थात् विघटित संसद् हो ।) राजाले संसद् पुनःस्थापना

    गर्ने छैनन् । साथै उनी सुनियतले माओवादीसँग वार्ता नगर्ने सुस्पष्ट छ, जुन शान्ति र प्रजातन्त्रको एकमात्र विकल्प हो ।

    दलहरूले सडकमै भए पनि संसद् पुनःस्थापना गर्नुपर्छ र निरंकुश सत्तालाई कोष उपलब्ध नगराउन दाता राष्ट्रहरूलाई मनाउनुपर्छ । बरु उनीहरूले त्यो रकम भविष्यमा निर्वाचित सरकारलाई उपलब्ध गराऊ भन्नुपर्छ । कोषको ‘फाँसीवादी जुक्ति’ अभावमा यो सरकार झुक्न सक्छ । १२ बुँदे समझदारी सम्बन्धमा पुनः छलफल गरी दल-माओवादीबीच सम्बन्धलाई अझ मजबुत तुल्याउन सकिन्छ । साथै माओवादीलाई हतियार बिसाउन फकाउन सकिन्छ । वास्तविक सरकारसँग मात्र नागरिकबाट कर असुल्ने नैतिक आधार हुन्छ । हतियारकै भरमा जनतालाई ‘ब्ल्याकमेल’ गर्न पाइन्न ।

    केही दिन म खुला रूपमा आफ्नो चिकित्सकीय धर्म निभाउन समर्थ भएँ । त्यसपछि मलाई पक्रियो । मलाई पूर्ण विश्वास छ- नेपाल सरकारको मखुन्डो भिरेका तानाशाह, चाटुकार, भजनमण्डली र अवसरवादीहरूको झुन्ड मलाई बेपत्ता पार्ने योजनामा थिए । मेरो अहो भाग्य, संयुक्त राष्ट्रसंघीय मानव अधिकार टोलीको साहसिक प्रयासले म बचें । शान्तिपूर्ण विरोध प्रदर्शनका क्रममा तिनै सरकारी झुन्डको बर्बर दमनको सिकार भएकालाई निको पार्ने हाम्रो प्रयास हुन्थ्यो । त्यो झुन्ड त्यही देखिसहन्नथ्यो ।

    मेरा नेपाली चिकित्सक सहकर्मीहरूले प्रायःजसो प्रहरी बर्बरताका क्रममा घाइते भएका प्रदर्शनकारीहरूको उपचार गरेर बहादुरी प्रदर्शन गरेका थिए । त्यसक्रममा घाइते हुने प्रहरीको उपचारमा पनि हामी उत्तिकै समर्पित थियौं । प्रदर्शनमा वकिल, बुद्धिजीवी, पत्रकार विद्यार्थी र मजदुरहरू जेल-नेल, यातना र मृत्युसम्मको जोखिम उठाउँदै शान्ति, प्रजातन्त्र र नागरिक अधिकारको वकालत गर्न आउने गरेका छन् ।

    मलाई नेपाल छाड्न बाध्य तुल्याइयो । म अहिले भौतिक रूपमा नेपाल बाहिर भए पनि त्यहाँ रहेका मेरा मित्र र शुभेच्छुकहरूलाई मैले अवगत गराउनै पर्छ- म भावनात्मक रूपमा तपाईंहरूसँगै छु र तपाईंहरूको संघर्षमा मैले सकेको सानो र अपर्याप्त सहयोग गर्ने नै छु ।

    प्रहरीको ढुंगा, लाठी र गोलीको प्रतिकार गर्दै घाइतेहरूको उपचारार्थ सहयोग पुर्‍याउने बहादुर नेपाली युवाहरूलाई म बंगलादेशमा शिक्षा उपलब्ध गराउनेछु । किनकि सशस्त्र प्रहरी र सिडियोहरूले तिनलाई अपहरण गर्ने र अन्य धम्की दिएका छन् । र, मलाई विश्वास छ- ती निर्दोषहरूको जीवन खतरामा छ । बंगलादेशमा दीक्षित भइसकेपछि उनीहरू आफ्ना दाजुभाइ-दिदीबहिनीको स्वास्थ्योपचार गर्न गणतन्त्र नेपालमा फर्किन सक्छन् ।

    गत साता मैले घटनाक्रम नजिकबाट नियाल्ने मौका पाएँ । म केमा ढुक्क भएँ भने सत्ताको चरम दमनका बाबजुद पनि विरोध प्रदर्शन क्रान्तिमा रूपान्तरण भइरहेको छ । म आशा र प्रार्थना गर्छु, यो शान्तिपूर्ण र सफल होस्, परिवर्तनका लागि हतियारभन्दा पनि अनुशासित र संयमित मस्तिष्क प्रयोग होस् ।

    मैले गोंगबुमा जनतामाथि शाही युद्ध घोषणा र कीर्तिपुरमा सुन्दर, साहसिक र शान्तिपूर्ण प्रदर्शन देखें । हामी इमान्दारी र कानुनी राज्य देख्न चाहने नेपालका धेरै विदेशी मित्रहरूसँग अपिल गर्छौं, कृपया बलमा भन्दा विधिमा विश्वास गर्नेहरूलाई मान्यता दिनुहोस्, सक्दो सहयोग गर्नुहोस् । आपराधिक गिरोहहरूको हत्या, यातना, बेपत्ता, झूटो जेलनेल र अन्य अपराधिक क्रियाकलापको भत्र्सना गर्नुहोस्, आर्थिक सहयोग रोक्का गर्नुहोस् र लक्षित नाकाबन्दी लगाउनुहोस् ।

    जब सैन्य तानाशाही ढल्छ, संसद्ले संविधानसभाको निर्वाचन आह्वान र भ्रष्टाचार तथा बर्बरताविरुद्ध कडा कानुन अनुमोदन गर्न सक्छ । निरंकुशताको पुनर्बहालीका लागि कुनै पनि अवसर दिनु हुँदैन । वर्तमान सत्ताको आदेशमा ज-जसले अख्तियारको चरम दुरुपयोग गरेका छन्, तिनको एक-एक गरी छानबिन र दण्डका निम्ति विशेष न्यायाधीकरण गठन गरिनुपर्छ । आमजनताले चित्त बुझ्दो न्याय नपाएसम्म, अहिले घाइते र मारिएका स्वतन्त्रताप्रेमी नागरिकको अवमूल्यन हुनेछ, कानुनी तौरतरिका प्रभावकारी बनेको ठहर्ने छैन र जनविश्वास पुनः गुम्नेछ । त्यसैले अपराधीहरूसँग सम्झौता हुनुहुँदैन । अपराधीहरूसँग झुकाव लोकतन्त्रको विकल्प हुन सक्तैन । ०४६ सालको गल्ती दोहोरिनु हुँदैन । नेपालका उत्साही जनता निष्पक्ष, स्वतन्त्र र प्रगतिशील समाजको हकदार हुन्, जो हामी पश्चिमाहरूभन्दा कत्ति पनि कम छैन र तिनले हामीले जत्तिकै सुख र आनन्द महसुस गर्न पाउनुपर्छ ।

    -प्राध्यापक डा. ब्रायन कब

    ढाका, बंगलादेश

  21. Dr. Brian is a good example that support for democracy and concern for humanity need no boundaries.
    He is a man who has little to do with our democracy , but a humane inside him has raised voice for freedom.
    But the so called literate modern youth of Nepal- where are their voice and their concern.Even a simple minded person can see what a devil KG is and how fundamental democracy is.. but they seem so oblivious..where is their youth and their energy.
    Youth of Nepal,
    Open your eyes , have your youth your dreams and your energy and lets work for free, happy and prosperous Nepal

  22. Dr Brian Cobb ~

    His own account of what just happened with him and around him can also be read at International Nepal Solidarity Network, here

    Still an American citizen, but living in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and his email adress is:

  23. Nepal has produced numbers of doctors in democratic years that it was a shame even to the royal regime to see a foreigner fighting against them, sending Dr Brian packing was infact a wise thing the goverment could do, the figures should be pointed towards those many doctors that seem to be unmotivated.

  24. We are sorry Brian. You tried to do good but the good favour was not returned to you. The only thing that matters to anyone is how to get the power and how to rob people. People like you are treated brutally with no concern. I specially would like to that you for what you have done or tried to do. Please support my feelings people.

  25. I suggest people write to him personally and thank him for his effort and his sacrifice.

  26. We miss you Prof. Dr. Brine. You were so heavy to this corrupt regism. We salute for your courage and dedication on nepalese people’s thurst for democracy. We will be grateful for your kindness.

  27. hey ‘ola’
    thanks for the email address. i’m sure a lot of can use that for good.

  28. It seems to me that this doctor wants to be a hero in the media. If not, then why he has not gone to the remote villages out of Kathmandu where people lack very basic medical facilities? Why he is working under cameras only? His views are more like that of a politician than a professional doctor. Anyway whatever purpose might be, he has done a good job and I appreciate it.

  29. Kartikeya,
    you cannot criticize, whatever was done was for some good deed, he is a doctor and tried to give his best(in the eyes of media or not). We wouldnt go out there to help doesnt mean every other person is trying to be famous trying to get media attention. please respect what he did for us and what he got in return.

  30. Dr. Cobb,
    first we appreciate the great work done by you. it is really a good job accomplished.
    as u know days of dictator gyane are numbered now. as as he is thrown into exile you are very welcome to our country. we will treat you like how we treat our god. thats all we can say right now and pray for democratic republican nepal.
    Loktantra Jindabad

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