Journos Severely Beaten and Arrested

FNJ men

Text By Deepak Adhikari /Photos By Rajaram Gautam

At 9:30 am, the procession of 3 hundred journos headed towards Gaushala. As it crossed the Bagmati Bridge, it encountered security men. They staged peaceful dharna. Suddenly, the police started baton charging. Kishor Shrestha, Mahendra Bista and Gopal Thapaliya and seven other scribes were injured. Surya Bahadur Thapa was arrested and severely beaten inside the police van. Nawaraj Chalise was also beaten. When scribes demanded press freedom, police ruthlessly beat and dispersed them.

Journo rally

FNJ vice president Shiv Gaunle and others

Journos staged protest at FNJ Head Office, Sinamangal. FNJ president Bishnu Nishthuri vowed to continue protest until the restoration of democracy.

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21 thoughts on “Journos Severely Beaten and Arrested

  1. Everybody keeps talking about Nepal police brutality day in and day out, still people keep complaining about their actions, if they can beat up ordinary folks then journos should not be spared either. Especially kantipur jornous should be treated even more ruthelessly so that later on they can make it a case for their utmost dedication towards Nepal’s democracy.

  2. all armed forces contributing to make Nepal republic by beating people like journlist and affluent class.they were beating the general people since last 237 years,but no voice was raised,let the world know the brutaliy of nepal police and RNA by beating journalist.
    well done armed men of KG.

  3. have u watched nepali ambassador’s interview in Ifeel so pathetic about someone here who are posting blogs for king and his henchemen.
    I thought king was a good manager and he would manage the country’s management well….I was wrong so here I say….King leave the politics of Nepal and just be a ceremonial monarch. alas I cant say that since millions of protesters dont want it and u should just leave the country.more to come about ranas and shaha……………..

  4. In every action, there is always an equal and opposite reaction.(Newton’s 3rd Law). If mobsters attack security personnel with stones, bricks and become bloodthirsty after their life, Security personel have every right to defend themselves. It was true yesterday, is true today and will remain true tomorrwow. After all, they are also human beings, not machines. Why everybody blame them only? think yourself in their position and you will realize. They are your own brothers just doing their duty and are not the political players. Remember, at the time of Rhitik Roshan kand, 4 persons were died at the similar events. Ironically, that was democratic(?) hence justified since democratic government ordered shooting! May I think that the value of human life is less in democracy?

    The most bizzare thing is the so called journalists(yellows) who always see those violent mobsters and vandals as peaceful demonstrator. Wah re Nepali journalists! What a jaundiced vision!

  5. “We will not ask the king to leave the throne – we will go and take the throne and put it on display,”

    Gagan Thapa

  6. “violent mobsters and vandals”; an appropriate description of royalist goons of unified command. Otherwise, what business did they have in storming Reporters Club and arresting a couple of innocent cine artistes and journalists?

  7. Aalupande….
    every action have equal and opposite reaction but if some force is applied and work is done then the action is equal but not necessarily opposite…for e.g. if u apply a force by the bulldozer in a wall with a big iron ball like they use to break the walls….the wall breaks but the ton iron ball doesn’t break neither the dozer…’s due to the mechanical energy applied from the side of dozer….so this is true for the equal forces…so i would like to say u just one thing coz u won’t read many as u hate to know the truth……there is no comparsion between force of people and the force people….till now only some people have turned violent….if the whole aandolankari turns with force to fight with police and army…it would just be like the story of the iron ball and the wall……..don’t ever make a mistake to thing that the people will lose…remeber dumbo….sometimes the wall falls in one strike and sometime the wall needs some more hits….this regime is just wishing for some more hit for annihilation….

  8. kaushal:
    Hey tell me more about this Nepali ambassador.
    Which ambassador was he? And are the clips available on the Internet?

  9. p2bn,

    newton’s 3rd law is still valid! may be the blade of dozer be damaged or screw come out! that is the reaction of wall for the action of dozer! anyway, that was only an example. The main thing is, we need tolerance and use of conscience by all the sides in our society. But what I am seeing is extremist views come out of emotion which is short lived and harmful… Sorry I am not referring you but see the write ups by bravo etc. Highly biased and unbalanced views can be seen! Fellows, use heads not hearts! I have seen 2036, I have seen 2046 and I am seeing 2062/63 as well! It is true that king is doing mistake and harming himself by being obstinate but SPA + Maobadi are not better either! More people nowadays are in street doesnot mean that they love SPA + Maos but the real cause is the rising cost of living which is due to the high cost of petroleum products! No king or party netas can control it! Even if the power is shifted to other power hungry politicians, the people still will be in the streets.

  10. This King must go.

    Bring back democracy. Full democracy.

    Fight the rest out via the ballot box.

  11. aalupande,

    r u the same kalupande who is transfomred into aalupandey…though you slightly changed your name..your thought is still the same..what you want to hate all..ya everybody does..but what you stand you stand for democracy or you prefer autocracy..just saying other people speak of mind not heart does not prove anythin..ya I dont speak heart..because my heart does not tell me what is right and what is wrong..i am not here to discuss my relationship with my girlfried..i am here to discuss about the fundamental right of people…I am here to say that my sovereignty can not be vested upon kingship..and to speak those things need to use at least a little bit of brain..which you seem to be lacking of..sorry aalupande ..

  12. Look, I’m as pissed off with the cops and the army as anyone else, but these protestors are showing signs of hooliganism. I heard they burned town tempos and motorcycles.

    If these guys want the people on their side, they’d better stop this. Don’t people have to work or what?

  13. manan,

    It was in today’s bbc nepal news that, party cadres are figthing with their SPA leaders to make this andolan more voilent..there arguement was that king will no way step down with this peaceful movement ..and continuing andolan in this way will not bother king and people will sufer…they want aar ya par andolan with king…and it is very sure that agaitation will be more voilent, if the king does not step down soon

  14. I agree what is up with the protestors attacking tempos etc. I don’t understand why they are attacking bystanders…

  15. KK’s friends,
    people are on the street, guys,
    no one knows what happens and when that happens
    people’s physical violence is only a consequence of all the kinds of violence that KG is inflicting upon us. It is a reflex action, bros.

  16. Now it seems that student unions are warning people not to open shops or move around in vehicles or face ‘serious consequences’.

    Seems like our ‘King’ is not the only one behaving like a dictator around here. Who do these guys model themselves on, Hitler’s street thugs?

    If they were smart, they’d try to get more participation. God, I had a bad feeling about this from the start. If these students keep antagonizing people, forget about it, our ‘King’ is going to be in power for a long, long time.

  17. somebody forgot to mention that those violent protestors were security forces themselves in disguise, are all katipure journalists in the jail already.

  18. i find it really funny that how some of the royalists try to justify monarchy by pointing out a couple of corrupt leaders.

    Corrupt leaders are not the consequence of democracy but of monarchy, its feudalistic ideological and social engravings in the corrupt-prone minds, which could have been curbed had you people taken actions against them, both legal action in the court and political action in the election.

    Take responsibility, and blame partly yourself for the failure to take action against the corrupt leaders, but do not blame democracy.

  19. alupande said:
    In every action, there is always an equal and opposite reaction.(Newton’s 3rd Law).

    An object at rest tends to stay at rest and an object in motion tends to stay in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. (1st law)

    That is whats going on right now my friend…the Shah-Rana Motion has overstepped into the sidewalks and killed and miamed too many, it has to be stopped by any means now.

    “till now only some people have turned violent”

    The violence is opposite motion in disguise.

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