Importance of Being Girija

Girija Prasad Koirala, the PM designate, has accepted the greatest challenge of his political career. His performance and delivery in coming days will eventually write the leadline of his obituary.

Girja prasad waves hand to demonstrators
Girja prasad waves to demonstrators
Flowers and Thorns: Koirala has a history of a beleaguered PM and an appealing opposition leader Pic by Prakash Mathema

By Deepak Adhikari

When Seven Party Alliance (SPA) approved Nepali Congress chairman Girija Prasad Koirala as upcoming Prime Minister, he is bestowed with historical responsibility. If he can manage to dabble in these turbulent and transitional times, history will give credit to him.

At the moment, there is no leader of his stature. Time has given him one more opportunity to write his name in golden letters in the books of history.

Koirala’s tenure as Prime Minister is invariably marked by unpopularity, public scorn and failure to deliver to the people. He is also the longest serving PM in post 1990 era. Nowadays, he seems hand in hand with the communists such as UML and Maoists. But, few years back, he was subjected to numerous agitations and demand of resignation by them. He is always unpopular when he is in government. But surprisingly, his popularity soars when he is out of state power.

State power, however, is also his Achilles’ heel. There are numerous charges of corruptions, ranging from Dhamija to Lauda, to his credit. Critics believe, this is mainly owing to his unflagging nepotism. His family members form a coterie that clings to Girija and convinces him to indulge in irregularities. Many people believe Girija himself doesn’t have penchant for power abuse and corruption.

An analyst says: “Koirala has historical legacy but he lacks statesmanship.” Once Koirala was an ardent anti-communist. But, as the oft-quoted dictum goes: Politics made him share bed with strange fellows. He traveled all the way to Delhi to strike a deal with Maoists in order to bring them into mainstream politics. This will be the toughest task Koirala-led government will face in coming days.

I have a hazy recollection of Girija in the aftermath of Aug 1988 earthquake that ravaged the Eastern Nepal. He along with Dr. Taranath Sharma arrived; riding a green jeep loaded with relief materials for the victims, in Phidim, Headquarters of Panchthar. Very few people are aware of these humanitarian efforts during Panchayat days.

Koirala triggers stir in whatever he does. He is invariably steeped in controversies. He is not only blamed for betraying his colleague KP Bhattarai, but also blatantly dubbing young and pro-republican leaders Narahari Acharya and Gagan Thapa as agents of palace in the eve of NC’s 11 general convention. He was elected NC chairman for the third time. Similarly, with SPA’s mandate, he will be PM for the fifth time.

According to a profile written by Sudheer Sharma in Nepal Magazine two years ago, Girija was fond of reading spy novels in his salad days. His invocation of ‘grand design’ seems to be influenced by such readings. As a person, Girija is an early bird. He wakes up at around 4 am. He is served fried cashew nut and a cup of juice as breakfast. This octogenarian leader is a chain smoker. In the morning, his aides read newspapers for him and his doors are open for any visitors from 7 to 8 am.

Stubborn by nature, Girija rarely entertains journalists. He gives brief and to the point interviews in crucial time only when he has to say something. He is also famous (or infamous) for his one liners and gift of phrases.

Girija, a radical and revolutionary while-in-opposition, often takes U-turn once he climbs the ladder of state power. But, this time around, Nepali people are closely watching his moves and are ready to warn him. We hope he will strain every nerve to usher Nepal into a peaceful and loktantrik dawn.






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  1. prakash Avatar

    Yes.. let us jail the police inspectors and the army men who have killed 15 people. Let us also form an alliance with the Maoists who have killed 13000 people. Let us try the King and the armed forces’ leaders for killing people and also the disappearances… oh, let us talk of nuremberg! awake from your slumber dear friends, nuremberg trials were the result of six million deaths… don’t think too much about the past.

    think about what is to come. A few questions..

    a) how will the constituent assembly be elected?
    b) where will these elections be held?
    c) who will contest these elections?
    d) with the maoists and the rna, both wielding weapons, what is the assurity that these elections will be fair?
    e) what if the new constituent assembly decides to leave the constitution unchanged?

    please think of answers to these questions before letting out a flurry of abuse for anyone and everyone around yourselves, but yourselves. Girija was corrupt… yes he was… who elected him? the people protested for on the streets for democracy… democracy in Nepal is unfortunately, synonymous with GP Koirala..

    just this to say: don’t look into the past and keep reflecting on it… look at what can be done in the future. the way i look at it, the main problem in nepal at this point of time is not girija or any other political leader.. it is that murderous “political party”, that called the Maoists.

    Corruption is better than indiscriminate bloodshed….

  2. Kirat Avatar

    A truth and reconciliation council like the one they had in South Africa might be a good idea to have here for all those innocents and their loved ones who suffered at the hands of the RNA and the PLA.

  3. Layman Avatar

    We Nepalese have a short memory. We forget easily what happened yesterday. Now,everything is centred on the CA and paople have almost forgotten the atrocities of the King.
    Maoists also declared ceasefire. It seems that they are directed by foreugn power otherwise only a day earlier they had declared the NAAKABANDI.May be they are under RAW.
    In an Indian Newspaper, it is said that Indian Army Chief gave advice to Nepali Chief PJ Thapa to assimilate the Maoists in the army so he said these things in his CNN interview.
    Still the situation in Nepal is not quite stable. But anyway people will be relieved due to ceasefire. But how long ?Is it in good faith ?

  4. Kirat Avatar

    That’s why I stated yesterday that our leaders, diplomats and bureaucrats must learn to take advantage of India instead of always being taken advantage of. Look at how Pakistan is taking so much advantage of the west for their benefit.It is understood that we don’t have the same strengths as Pakistan, a nuclear power, but vis-a-vis India, Nepal has a lot to offer that we could exchange for other favours.

  5. Layman Avatar

    Look at Kantipur what to do by the new GOVT. as wrtten by Dr. KP Upadhay. The list is very interesting and also the letter by Arun Sayami.These sort of letters give a lot of information and right path for the new govt.

  6. chankhe2 Avatar

    Now the screen is coming down. The maoists have used all their cards to convince the King to carry out his 14 month failed rule, by convincing him that they would be willing to come to mainstream politics and thereby make him a hero for solving our decade long insurgency. However, after the King’s takeover they played with the isolated SPA and told them that they would back their protests as well. Probably told Girija that he would be made the first president of Nepal. Maoists succeeded in isolating both the King and the parties and playing one off against the other. They have been infiltrating the media and even human rights organisation. Now they will push for a CA with no conditions attached and from the news you can see they are succeeding (Daman Nath Dhunghana has consented). In two years if their plan is allowed to go smoothly we will see Prachanda as president and the beginning of a one party state. Thay may not last long because India will intervene, but in this process we will have lost the country one way or another, either to a one party government or to India.
    I doubt the likes of Kantipur can say much against the maoists, probably the maoists have their people in there as well, or prachanda with the backing of SPA will call the likes of Kantipur American backed etc. etc and politicse this media, they have the political will and the base unlike the King.
    Now it is up to the common people to come out of this illusion and start pressuring the SPA first to make it an unconditional condition for maoists to lay down their arms. All the international pressure is necessary, more than we have seen before, because the maoists and Prachanda are now politically on top. No one should let their guard down for one instant, because now the real battle for a true democracy has begun.

  7. coke Avatar



  8. prakash Avatar


    “now the real battle for a true democracy has begun”

    very accurate view in my opinion.

  9. Taaya Avatar

    On evolution and revolution::

    Nature has it’s way through evolution.
    But once it has endowed humans with ‘human mind’ , “chetana”, we have the responsibilty to move forward with revolution.

    Once we have ‘chetana’ and we can distinguish between right and wrong, why don’t we dare to change for good. why wait for nature to

    change us evolutionally, slowly, gradually.

    The world has seen many revolutions .
    we nepalese were naive and uneducated so we missed all the revolutions.
    But now , as we have seen the world we should also crave for revolution,-political, social, cultural , educational revolution.

    Why we strill get dragged in the name of culture and stability.

    I hear people say:
    “Why not adjust to ceremonial king?”
    “used to having looked down on dalits and so it feels how how to treat them as equals.”
    “giving property rights to women will violate our culture.”
    “what’s the prob with continuing as Hindu nation?”

    I really get impatient and mad at such ideas.

    Why can’t we gather enough courage to shed away these stupid ideas,(even they have been our way of life) and make the leaps forward.

    otherwise , if u lay there , relaxingly, waiting time to change u , slowly and gradually,
    there may be some dalit boy’s heart broken, some woman’s ego bashed, some janajati’s dream shattered and a faith mutilated.

    why not we have the compassion and see things from others perspective too.
    if u were there under all that age old suppression, don’t u wish to get that burden removed as soon as possible?

    world is now on the verge of knowledge revolution and doesnot it sound irrational if we again ask
    ” even our monarchy is criminal , insane, irrational but what is the problem in adjusting to ceremonial monarchy,as king is the incarnation of Vishnu after all.”

  10. Layman Avatar

    I like your analysis of the situation. I think Grirja should urge Maoists to lay down their arms simultaneously with the declaration of the elections to CA. To create a conducive environment for the elections to CA, how one can imagine that there would be a suitable environment with the guns at the hands of Maoists ? So they should agree to lay down their with the declarations of CA, otherwise I do not think that Maoists will give space to the people to live in peace. As you have correctly suggested, they will come to power if Girija and company are negligent and are not sensitive enough to the grave situation we are in. If Girirja and company cannot function well, the Maoists can overwhelmingly attack Girirja and the parties.

  11. coke Avatar

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  12. Sandesh Avatar

    I wish Girija this time will respect the aspiration of the people. The aspiration to go for CA and deciding the position of king and restructuring the RNA. Otherwise he will be thrown into the dust bin by the people.

  13. Kirat Avatar


    Socio-Political Revolutions
    1.The Russian Revolution (failure)
    2.The Communist Revolution in China (discredited as China is more a capitlist one party dictatorship than a communist republic)
    3.The French Revolution (ultimately led to the dictatorship under Napolean and then later a return to Royal rule)
    4. The Cuban Communist Revolution (totally discredited)
    5. Assorted Revolutions in Eastern European countries (totally discredited)
    6. Assorted Revolutions in Asian countries (totally discredited)

    So you still want a revolution?

  14. Tarak Avatar

    कुरा यसरी सुरु भयो …… कृष्णप्रसाद भट्टर्राईलाई प्रधानमन्त्री पदबाट उछिट्याए जस्तै तत्कालिन प्रधानमन्त्री शेरवहादुर देउवालाई पनि सत्ताच्यूत गर्राई आफू प्रधान मन्त्री हुने दिवास्वप्न देख्दै सभापति गीरीजा कोईरालाले अविश्वासको प्रस्ताब राखी सत्ताबाट उछिट्याउने दुस्प्रयास गरे र सो को मुकाबला गरी सत्तामा अड्न संसद बिघटन बाहेक अर्को विकल्प नदेखेपछि प्रधानमन्त्री शेरवहादुर देउवाले संसद बिघटन ।

    त्यसपछि अन्य दल सहित सभापति गिरीजा कोईरालाले देउबालाई सत्ताबाट हटाउन अर्को उपाय सोचे । त्यो थियो सरकार व्दारा आम चुनावकोलागी तोकिएको मिति कार्तिक २७ , २०५९ मा कुनै हालतमा पनि चुनाव हुन सक्दैन र चुनाव सार्नु पर्छ भन्ने दवाब । अत्यन्त असहज परीस्थिती र सम्पुर्ण दलको असहयोगको कारण प्रधान पन्त्री देउवाले वाध्यताबस एक बर्षभन्दा बढी समय पछाडि चुनाव गर्ने मिति कीटान गरी राजामा गए । जसको फल स्वरुप , देउवा असक्षम घोषित भै पदच्यूत भए ।

    यसरी देउवालाई हटाउने गिरिजा कोईरालको ‘ग्रयाण्ड डिजाईन ‘ सफल भयो । स्मरणीय छ यदि राजा बाट चुनाव १ बर्षपछि र्सार्न स्विकृत भएको भए पनि दुइ बटा संसद बस्ने समय ६ महिना भन्दा बढि फरक हुन नहुने संबैधानिक व्यवस्था भएको कुरा को हवाला दिदैं गिरिजा कोईरला र अन्य सत्ता- लोलुप नेताले कुनै न कुनै निहुँ र बहानामा स्वार्थ पुर्ति खातीर आन्दोलन त गर्ने नै थिए ।

    रमाईलो कुरा के छ भने देउवा पदच्यूत भएपछी आफ्नो सत्ता प्राप्तिको स्वप्न पूरा हुने बाटो खुलेको ठानी मनमनै खुशी भएका नेताहरुले केही दिनसम्म कुनै बिरोध नजनाई मुक दर्शक भै बसे (के को लोकतन्त्र ? के को प्रजातन्त्र ?) । तर जब राजा बाट लोकेन्दबहादुर चन्दलाई प्रधान मन्त्री घोषणा भयो तब आफ्नो दिवा स्वप्न भंग भएका सबै दलका नेताहरु शाही कदमलाई असंबैधानिक र त्रूटी पुर्ण संज्ञा दिदैं त्रूटी सच्याई संसद पुनर्बहालीको लागि चिच्याउन थाले ।

    सम्भबत ! राजा बाट गिरिजा कोईराला वा माधव कुमार नेपाललाई प्रधान मन्त्री घोषित भएको भए उक्त शाही कदम पुर्ण संबैधानिक हुने थियो , माधव कुमार नेपालले अन्तिम अबस्थामा समेत उक्त पदकोलागी दाबेदारी दिई निबेदन हाल्नुले पनि यो कुरा कुरा प्रष्ट गर्छ । अन्तत: आफूहरुले प्रधान मन्त्रीको पद नपाए पछि उक्त शाही कदम असंबैधानिक हुन पुगेको हो भन्दै हाम्रा नेताहरु बहुलाउन थाले ।यो कुरा सबैलाई थाहा नै छ ।

    त्यसपछि सत्ता नपाई बहुलाउन लागेका नेताहरुले माओबादीको खुट्टा समात्न पुगे।
    …….बास्तबमा यो सबै घटना एक्लो गीरीजाको सत्ताप्रतिको व्यक्तिगत हवसले पैदा भएको थीयो । न देउवा हटाउने षडयन्त्र हुन्थ्यो न त आजको जस्तो बबाल ।यसरि एकजनाको व्यक्तिगत हवसले देशै तहस नहस भयो र हाल आएर त्यहि सत्ता पिपासु सत्तामा पुग्ने करिब करिब निश्चित पनि । अझै पनि हामि यस्ता नेताबाट देश बन्ला भन्ने आश गर्छौ भने त्यो हाम्रो पनि मुर्खता नै हो ।

    यसरि अन्तत् सत्ताकोलागि आफ्ना ४०-५० बर्षको ईतिहास र पार्टिको सम्पूर्ण निति र बिधान नै परिवर्तन गरेर हाम्रा नेताहरु माओबादलाई नै अगाल्न पुगे । अब संबिधान सभाको माग मात्रै नभई माओबादिको सैन्य राष्ट्रिय सेनामा गाभ्ने कुरा समेत कांग्रेस र मालेको मुखबाट बोलाउन सफल भएको छ माओबादि।

    महत्वपूर्ण कुरा अब आँउदै छ । देसमा स्थाई शान्ती आँउछ भने कुनै पनि नेपालिले यसलाई स्विकार्नुमा कुनै संकोच लिनु नपर्ला । तर यौटा महत्व पुर्ण कुरा के छ भने जब देस पूर्ण रुपमा माओबादिको रोडम्याप अनुशार अघि बढदैछ भने अब हामिलाई कांग्रेस , माले र आफ्ना कुनै निति र अडान नभएका अन्य भरौटे दलको के आवश्यक्ता पर्र्यो ? । यिनले पनि केबल माओबादीकै निति अनूशरण गर्छन र यिनका आफ्नो कुनै पनि निति , नियम वा अडान छैन भने या त यि नितिहिन दलहरु माओबादीमा बिलय हुनु पर्र्यो या त आफ्ना कुनै निति र अडान नभएका यि पार्टिहरु खारेज हुनु पर्छ । माओबादीको प्रत्यक Command सात पार्टिलाई आदेश भएको कुरा कसैमा छिपेको छैन र हालैको आन्दोलन पनि सात पार्टिको हैन माओबादीको कारण सफल भएको कुरा यौटा Open Secret नै हो । त्यसैले अब त सात पार्टि माओबादीमा बिलय हुनै पर्छ । यौटै निति भएको ८ ओटा पार्टि कुनै पनि देशलाई आवश्यक हुदैन । या त उनीहरुको छुट्टै निति छ भने खालि सत्तामा जान मात्रै यो सबै नौटंकि गरेको कुरा सात पार्टिले बताउनु पर्र्यो त्यसपछि ति सात पार्टि माओबादीमा बिलय गर्नु कुनै जरुरि हुदैंन जनताले ति पा्टिलाई आफै नाष गरिदिनेछन ।

    नेपालि जनता

  15. replytoall Avatar

    i am a nepali too and have lived in NEpal for pretty much all of my life… what i wonder is that the people talking about the king being vishnu awatar and them not liking it…..

    i serioulsly have never ever heard somebody talk it and take it seriously….not even the people of my gandys generation… i dont know why is the pople today making such a big issue about it….it is super crap to make issue about petty things…

    i believe in a constiutional monarch..always did and still do.. but i have never seen the king as Vishnu Deuta….nobody does… that is just smth that old books of the religion says that the king is supposedly the awatar of GOd…. now those old books cant be changed can they????

    i aint a hindu…i pretty much am an atheist…. but i find it nice in the dasain time i find it nice in tihar…. if somebody gives me tika i put it on… i dont find no offence and its ok….. its completely bull of the people with CLEAR AND OPEN mind to take issues as this as a biggie….

    …..after all king is a bishnus awatar…. if some people see so then whats the big deal about that… atlesat they find god somewhere good for them….. why is the people with OPEN mind poking their nose where it dont belong….

    LASTLY………… GIrija has now become my idol figure….he just proved that it is his way or nobody elses… that guy has beaten the GAME…. he is a definite winner.. haha.. nobody till he volunatirly leaves or die can beat that man…. nobody…. not even the GODs. hahaha

  16. Sweet Weed Avatar
    Sweet Weed

    We all Nepalese are so revolutionary that every once in every ten years we have one. Perhaps the cycle runs like this:

    Year 01: Idea builds up for revolution
    Year 02: Delibrations, consultations, within Nepal and of course, our bhagwans (indian government
    Year 03: Protests usually low key
    Year 04: Protests medium key
    Year 05: Protests high scale, burnings, bandhs, heavy diplomatic parleys
    Year 06: Revolution achieved and celebrations start
    Year 07 and Year 08: Top leaders and their chamchas enjoy the fruits of revolution
    Year 09: Discontent and allegations; intra-party fighting
    Year 10: Massive political brinkmanship and revolution ends in a whimper

    Year 11: Idea for new revolution starts….

  17. Sandesh Avatar


    You are totally hallucinated by western media. Your democracy led by Bush is credited!
    God bless you!!!

  18. Kirat Avatar

    Melissa, if your dad thinks that it’s better to be a waiter in the US(?)than a high ranking white collar worker in Nepal I can only feel tremendous sorrow at his attitude towards life.

  19. Kirat Avatar

    Sandesh, you sad man. When will you guys learn to think? You say you hate Bush because it’s fashionable to do so. I too hate Bush but because he is a neo-con, a born again Christian zealot, because he is a pro-rich Republican (like the rest of them), because of Karl Rove, because of the Valerie Palme leak affair, because of Cheney and Rumsfeld and the similary type of men he surrounds himself with.

    Sandesh, with your IQ of 20 and your parroting of ‘I hate Bush’ you don’t even know what I am talking about, do you? You sad sod.

  20. Taaya Avatar

    kirat ji,
    thank u for your information, but what am i supposed to call u ?
    a learned one or a learned idiot (worse than idiot)
    why u think revolution=”bloodshed”.
    in the world which country has not undergone revolution??
    america?china??india?france?Germany?Italy?spain?..where kirat where are not revolutions.
    the world has rise up than fall apart????

    revolution is awakening and it is action.
    if u r talking about bloodshed
    wasn’t there bloodshed in indian revolution , american revolution.
    do u say that they should have kept quite and let the barbaric mind of british to evolve to realise their pain and act human.(i don’t think the evolution alone would have changed them even till now)

    by the way i was not pointing to bloody revolution (in my previous post).
    haven’t u heard of cultural, technical, educational, philosophical revolution???

    i don’t why u r so afraid of this mere word.
    do u have phobia with this word???

    i suggest u better bring a revolution within yourself.
    like sometimes listen to others and ponder what they are trying to say.

    ‘sansaar badalnu cha, shuru aafaibata garnu cha”

  21. Kirat Avatar

    Taaya, do you know how many millions and millions of lives were lost in those revolutions? Do you know how much untold misery it brought to millions and millions more?

    Revolution means change. Evolution means change. One is quick but almost always bloody, and as has been proved by history temporary in the long run. The other is slower, usually peaceful and permanent.

    My point is why can’t we evolve into a Republic?

  22. hope_still_alive Avatar

    Evolve into republic? Would you mind clarifying it for me?

  23. Taaya Avatar

    hey kirat,
    i am sorry for u if u think that i am advocating for cutting off heads of royals and anybody who come in between.
    why do u get tangled in the mere ambiguity of word and not really look into what others are actually trying to say???
    there are always constraints, but what my point is that remove all the constraints led by your own ill-belief system.(for that we donot need to slaughter anybody but just have to widen our head and heart and take some courage )
    i was talking about the beautiful revolution;
    a revolution within, a war with yourself (the biggest war, the greatest war).
    if u have just attacked me seeing the mere word “revolution” go through the whole comment and i guess u can have some insight (if u care to).
    how many lives are lost when a royalist or some fundamentalists or some incrementalist change to a complete compromise free liberal.
    how many lives are lost when a kattar pujari baje embraces a dalit inside the temple?
    how many lives are lost when a woman can sit with her father in the kitchen when she is having menstruation?

    i am urging supporters of ceremonial king to shed away that age old belief on monarchy and vote for republic nepal.
    when we all are emotionally and pshychologically ready for that we donot , the destination would be much nearer.

    but again can u please justify if indians had not forged the revolution how long would it have taken for british to evolve and who were going to wait anyway. I fear it would have turned the otherway round. “indians evolved as slaves of british: the way some monarch supporter are evolved to be slaves of monarchy”

    sometimes u have to take the charge, take the challenge and steer time.
    all the world has done and why not we??

    P.S. again ponder on the meaning of ‘revolution’ from broader and wider perspective.
    this beautiful word is no scary to scare u at the first encounter.

  24. Kirat Avatar

    Hi hope, by evolving into a republic I mean become a country with a republic system by means of having a nationwide referendum on the issue. In my opinion if all goes well with the present trend of politics in our country we could do this in five years time. Not before as the conditions for a fair and informed referendum does not exist. By this time the RNA would have to be made a professional army free from unhealthy links with the palace and the PLA would have to be disarmed and disbanded.

  25. Langtang Ko manche Avatar
    Langtang Ko manche

    Friday (tomorrow) a history will be made once again. Democratic government will be back in power. Girija will lead the country once again. But it will not be like one of those days POST 1990. This time the government will be sitting under a sharp sword right above their head. This sword is the people who were out on the road going face to face with the bullets, lathis and tear gas. Girija and his fellow Cabinet must understand that this time they are not there to swallow a plane or to drink the money before the water of Melamchi flowed to the Kathmandu Valley. They have a final chance to prove to the people that they are capable of delivering. If they fail the people will never forgive them. The re-stored government must make best use of their time when they sit on the chairs. Good luck! Girija Babu and your cabinet.

  26. melissa Avatar

    Kirat, it’s canada and yes, lots of Nepalese people living in the US and Canada think so.

    Take someone who is a real waiter in NYC(maybe illegally) to someone who’s a middle class professor to someone who’s upper middle class doctor or senior engineer (the group where my dad falls in) to some really highly rich people (especially the Nepalese community in Washington DC who have BMWs, Mercedes Benzes etc–and million dollar houses). All of these people will say that they’d rather be a waiter, or a motel cleaner, or maybe even a janitor before going back to nepal.

    If the country changed it’s feudalistic ways and gave equal human rights to everyone, all of us living out of Nepal would love to come back. With what it offers now, no one is going to come back. I heard some lady say her brother from the US went to visit Nepal and three thugs with guns robbed him in his house. There is no 911 or emergency staff that’s immediately reachable in Nepal. We will have no personal security.

    It’s funny how next door in India, lots of Indians who do really well in the US or the UK, will go back to see their country develop more and yet Nepalese will not.

  27. shadowrati Avatar

    what melisssa says is so true. many nepalese in my community say they will go back to visit. But they will never again go back and be treated like second class citizens (and none of my nepali friends in the usa are brahmim, they are sherpa, gurung, magar, and from villages)…they love Nepal, don’t get me wrong. it is the land of their birth. but they, like people everywhere in the world, want to be able to earn a decent living and be treated with fairness and respect. one of my magar friends said to me once, “in america, no one cares what caste i am or where i am from. they only care about how hard i work and what kind of person I am, good or bad”. It is so true. He, by the way, used to be a waiter many years ago at the him thai restaurant and later a police officer. now he is earning US $40,000 a year working as a nurse in a hospital (yes, men are nurses in the usa and it is a very good and well paying job). He said in Nepal he was always treated like a second class citizen, but in the usa, no one cared. If he was treated with the same respect in nepal, he would come back in a heartbeat!

    Oh, and to the one who says he hates B ush because he is rich. why hate rich people? Not all rich people are evil. look how many heads of corporations are providing thousands and thousands (or millions, like Microsoft)jobs and opportunities, health care, and benefits (well, in the usa).Corporations are not all forces of evil! capitalism is not inherently evil. certain people use it in a corrupt way to gain wealth, and have tainted it. Woldn’t you rather be rich than poor? Yes, those in your governmetn who have earned money through bribes and corruption are evil!! but there are many nepalese around the world who make a lot of money and don’t earn it illegally. And there are many great rich people. Do you realize that all of the vitamin A program in your country is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation? WITH THEIR OWN MONEY? They are doing huge things in health care, HIV and AIDS prevention, bringing cheap computers into schools in impoverished countries. ALL WITH THEIR OWN BILLIONS. Think about that!

  28. Kirat Avatar

    melissa, my point is that your dad, engineer or doctor, working in Nepal because of his educational qualifications and high post could have done so much for Nepal and it’s people. The red tape and laid back attitude of us Nepali people of course is frustrating. But if the privileged (and thus best qualified) lot of this country, like you and your dad, just pack up their bags and leave for the developed world, even if it is just to become a waiter, then can you see why Nepal is the way it is? It is very sad that the very people who are best equipped to help Nepal are ready to desert her so easily.

  29. Taaya Avatar

    i agree with u kirat,

    after our stomach is full and our body covered we will seek for our identity.

    we have some responsibility and obligation to our land and origin.

    but i donot say that u must stay in nepal to help it. some people living here do more harm than good (so i suggest king and his pack to go for exile)
    some can help a lot being abroad too. point is that u should never forget your nation and origin and always have care and concern.

    how will u feel when u r dining with americans and chinese and indians boasting their origins and making fun of this poor nation.

    there is more than just full stomach and car and comfort.

    “change your leaves.
    but put the roots intanct”

  30. Kirat Avatar

    Glad you can agree with me on something. But melissa said even doctors and engineers are ready to leave Nepal to become a waiter in the west. Isn’t that sort of attitude tragic?

  31. Taaya Avatar

    we have our body ,mind and spirit.
    it depends on people’s attitude and needs which level of contentment they search for.

    as u said “doctors and engineers are ready to leave Nepal to become a waiter in the west”
    maybe the reason for that is they want to give their children better education and lifestyle.
    since i myself cannot imagine myself doing well paying but boring jobs.

    due to globalisation the boundaries have dissolved and ‘andha rastrabad ‘ outdated, people’s ideals have changed.

    since the early evolution living beings have tendency to migrate for better place where they can get better food and better shelter (better mates?;) )
    but we should never forget that we are from some beautiful but poor nation where a woman dies giving birth to her child, a child is forbidden his right to education ,a family is starved….etc, etc just due to lack of some little act of care.

    hence wherever we are whatever we do please have some care and compassion for this nation.

    please ponder how will u feel when u find a white american (who has not seen what poverty is and how hunger feels) moved by the pain overhere and lends a helping hand, when u are there trying vainly to enjoy the ‘americanism’ being oblivious to all the pain of your own fellow brothers and sisters.

  32. Kirat Avatar

    Well I wish all those Nepali doctors and engineers serving french oninon soup to those fat Americans and Candians, and hoping for a big tip, the best of luck!

  33. hemuji Avatar

    Ok We got democracy. We got sick Girija. Nobody takes the responsibility of the country at this juncture. We should go very fast otherwise culprits will try to destroy their evidences.

  34. Kirat Avatar

    Is there a Deputy P.M? I don’t think so. Can anyone confirm?

  35. Layman Avatar

    Till now, no. May be Makune thinks that he is at par with Girrija. He does not want to be DPM under Girija or he is shying away at the time of such a national crisis from the responsibilty. He does not have any guts to rise to the occasion. Is he a timid Bahun ?

  36. Kirat Avatar

    Thanks Layman, the country is crying out for courageous leaders and these netas are all chickening out.

  37. Sweet Weed Avatar
    Sweet Weed

    Of course, lots of Nepalese living abroad talk about idealism of democracy, taught by western media and belief system. But is our social conditioning such that we can transplant Western belief of democratic system in Nepal overnight? Are we prepared? How many of Nepalese are prepared for it? Its easy to write, provide ideas that may/may not work…Come with more pragmatic solutions that empty rhethorics…Was West able to transplant its democratic ideals in Iraq or Afganistan?

    Every country has its own pecularities, and so do we…So let Nepalese (living in Nepal)decide on the democracy they want…we have enough of consultants running lose, and we do not definitely need people who would spend a month or two in Nepal each year to advise on our democractic beliefs…

  38. Bimal Avatar

    I guess that you guys or the members of newly formed parliament don’t know – What is chain of command?? So, if this government punish the field police officers who were stationed at Kalanki or gangabu during the curfew hours, it will be grave mistakes. it will decrease the moral power of our security force as a whole.As a junior officer, he or she must follow the orders given by their superior and during the curfew hours, the field officers are always in touch with their operation commander. so, The operation commander is the only one who give order to shoot or whatever. Here, I just want to clarify that only responsible person is the operation commander not the field officers like SSP Madav Thapa or Durja Rai. They are indeed good police officers cos they followed the orders given by their superior. They shouldn’t be punish. If this newly formed government really want to show something to the people, try to catch a big fish.

  39. Ashokanism Avatar

    Dear all,

    girija is no doubt a biggest leader of this time because he never let anyone come to his level. he always depress others. He always greed for power and post. His bad habit is he don’t like other castes than Koirala to become his succession.
    anyway, it is not girija who made his April Andolan II a success but it was civil societies who lead it. The leaders were ass holes hideing their ass. And when every thing come to okay, they are out to collect credits.

    Ass hole leaders

  40. someone Avatar

    What is it all about people?
    We say it’s democracy but I am statrting to see demo crisis. We cannot just divide the land among dalits, janajatis and others. I don’t see difference us. I anyone feels suffering then it’s their problem.
    Racism is on the peak and if we don’t do anything soon enough I don’t think I can take it more longer.
    They call Prithivi Narayan Shah’s unification a activity of regreession against them I can see now where we are heading.
    I don’t see anyone guilty king for killing 50 people should be punished but how about someone name prachanda i want him also punished for all his act of regression

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