Transparent Negotiations and CA Elections

Negotiations become firm and indisputable only if the process has the consensus of all parties…The reactionaries are attempting to threaten the solidarity of EPA….However Maoist’s attitude will show up soon how honest they are with their commitment to democracy. By Prakash Bom One of the most sensible and intelligent strategies for the successful CA electionsContinue reading “Transparent Negotiations and CA Elections”

Nepali Congress For Federal Democratic Republic Nepal

Nepali Congress, Nepal’s ruling, biggest and one of the oldest political party goes for federal democratic republic making it almost certain that monarchy will formally be abolished in Nepal in the next few months. By Dinesh Wagle It’s been quite a while I haven’t used the term historic in my writings recently but to continueContinue reading “Nepali Congress For Federal Democratic Republic Nepal”

Nepal Political Update: Latest Agreement and CA Election

Nepal Government-MPRF agreement is the best thing that has happened to the Nepali peace process in the past several months. Now get ready to VOTE! Forget the Maoist reaction, the Nepal government-Madhesi Forum (MPRF) agreement is the best thing that has happened to the Nepali peace process in the past several months. Peace Process? YouContinue reading “Nepal Political Update: Latest Agreement and CA Election”

Update on Nepal Politics: Maoist Drama and Election Schedule

ब्लगमान्डू: संविधान सभा चुनावका लागि शर्त राख्दै माओवादीले गरेको अपील Click on the pic to see the poll Schedule 1 and here is Schedule 2 This and the past week are witnessing interesting developments on the political front. The Maoist drama and its confusing and contradictory statements regarding elections have overshadowed the past several days.Continue reading “Update on Nepal Politics: Maoist Drama and Election Schedule”

Maoists Must Not Fear Election

The Maoist party must unconditionally commit itself to the process of election. It shouldn’t not run away from the democratic process in whatever excuses Constituent Assembly Football Cup Referee: Election Commission Okay, get ready! Cartoon by Batsyayana via Kantipur It’s very disturbing and disappointing that the Maoists are becoming increasingly uncommitted towards the CA electionContinue reading “Maoists Must Not Fear Election”

Carter Center Election Observation Mission in Nepal: Latest Report

Carter Center’s international election observation mission in Nepal released its 5-point observations and recommendations yesterday “Now is the time for the government of Nepal to demonstrate its genuine intention to hold a credible constituent assembly election on November 22, 2007. The parties must come together to convince the people of their dedication to this goal,Continue reading “Carter Center Election Observation Mission in Nepal: Latest Report”

Good News: Janajatis for Constituent Assembly Elections

The government and agitating Indigenous groups finally ink a 20-point deal paving road for the CA elections Again it seems like the CA election is happening on time. The Maoists are still not sure about it but more importantly, it appears, is that they are not sure about their victory. Anyway, the latest Prachanda formulaContinue reading “Good News: Janajatis for Constituent Assembly Elections”