Maoists Must Not Fear Election

The Maoist party must unconditionally commit itself to the process of election. It shouldn’t not run away from the democratic process in whatever excuses

Constituent Assembly Football Cup
Referee: Election Commission
Okay, get ready!

Cartoon by Batsyayana via Kantipur

It’s very disturbing and disappointing that the Maoists are becoming increasingly uncommitted towards the CA election at a time when there are less than 100 days remaining for the democratic process. It’s shocking that Prachanda, the Maoist supremo, couldn’t express unconditional commitment to the election that’s scheduled for November in a high-level meeting of eight ruling parties yesterday. Is the Maoist party afraid of the voting process? It clearly seems so. Maoists are trying to running away from the election blaming the possible disturbance that might be created by the anti-election groups or people. While doing so, Maoists have forgotten that it is their duty, as pro-election group, to fight with those in the campaign who don’t want election to happen. Deserting the battlefield is not an option.

Election is a competitive process in which people exercise their constitutional rights which also includes not taking part in the process. Election is also a battle field where both pro-election and anti-election groups fight to save and destroy the electoral process. Some forces, especially the reactionary, will do their best to discredit the electoral results. They will try to create hindrances. That’s normal. It’s the duty of the pro-election groups and pro-democracy people to deal with them and make election a grand success. Maoists can’t save their face by just blaming the possible acts of the reactionary forces. Such act will only reduce them to a complaining kid.

Maoists have presented 18-point demands in a high level meeting that took place in the official residence of the Prime Minister in Baluwataar. Many points in the demands are genuine and need serious attention of the government and the ruling alliance but they must not come as pre-conditions to the election. The emphasis on declaration of a republic ahead of polls is unjustified and thus unnecessary especially because we are less than three months away from the election and the first meeting of the CA will decide on the fate of monarchy. If the Maoists want to exert some pressure on Nepali Congress to decide on monarchy soon that’s fine but this is certainly not the time to put conditions for the election because the Maoists have signed the peace agreement and agreed in principle and in practice to go to the CA elections.

While giving repeated speech to the government to create environment for the elections, the Maoist party should look itself in the mirror: is it doing enough on its part to create favorable environment? After creating havoc in the media sector, the Maoist monster has entered into the educational sector in the form damning strike by ANNISU-R that started today. This all shows Maoists are either afraid of terribly loosing the election or don’t have enough confidence to face the people in democratic manner.– Wagle






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  1. madhesi Avatar

    who says they don’t fear CA election because they don’t have any hold in Terai and we chop them off if they enter Terai.

  2. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    And for that all Nepalese are truly grateful!!!

  3. noidentity Avatar

    Maybe we can call them civilized maoists.

  4. madhesi Avatar

    [comment deleted]

  5. madhesi Avatar

    [comment deleted]

  6. KingCobra Avatar

    We have adopted “THE” strategy against the YCL thugs. “THE” stands for Track down, Hunt down and Execute. First, we track them down, then we hunt them down until we catch them, then we execute (behead) them. Our spies have worked for many months in Kathmandu to find out who these YCL members are because nowadays we hardly find any YCL in Terai. Most of these YCL thugs are nowadays in kathmandu. When any of them get into the bus heading towards Terai, our spies call us in Terai to provide the number of the bus they are traveling in and the type of clothes they are wearing and other information. Then, once they reach Terai land we track them, then we hunt them, then we execute them => “THE” policy against the YCL in Terai. So, within 3 to 4 months you will hear the execution news of many YCL thugs in Terai. we do not kill the activists of any political party, except the cadres of maoist party because they are the ones who started violence to kill 13,000 innocent people.

  7. Madhesi Avatar

    [comment deleted]

  8. Baje Avatar

    Excellent write up. The Maoists will definitely come out of the polls, battered and beaten. But before then, there will be some serious organizational changes.

    On a different note, here’s some writing about how Nepal’s sovereignty is being swept away and with who’s help… both are posted on Nepali Perspectives blog…

    State Sovereignty at Stake

    Ordinary Nepali Realities vs. Extraordinary Nepali Dreams

  9. scope Avatar

    So madise, ask some pahade whether they consider you Nepali or not. Or you are cross-breed? Born to Treepathy, Gupta and so on?

  10. Xing Avatar


    I know you are a YCL thug from newar community who lives in Kathmandu. You know nothing besides eating ranga ko momo and choila.

  11. Harke Avatar


    You are 100% right that people like scope, michell, and despremi are YCL goons who were born at maoist camp from female maoist cadres who were forced to sleep with a number of maoist cadres at the maoist camps. They are called YCL (young confused league) because they inherited mixed characters from their different fathers.

  12. Kishan Avatar

    Amazing to see how much frustration and energy poeple have, who have expressed their feelings in discussion herein so strongly. Time to invest that energy for a good cause! The day is not far! It is pity to see that some are still strategizing for lucritive posts instead. Fishing in troubled water! These are the suckers, target them first! We did not go through world war I or II or Adolf Hitlar’s rule! We have our share to contribute to gain prosperity and respect! This is the opprotunity!

  13. lakure Avatar

    It is useless discussion, neither this CA election is going to be held nor this eight parties written consitution will be successfull until and unless each and every ethnic groups get fair power and involvement in making the constitution. The concept of CA election of EPA is nothing but just “thagi khane bhando”. Regarding the maoist, they know that they are going loose the election that is why they are neither sincere about it at present context nor they were before as well. It was just tactics to come into the power with gun. That is why they used the stupid leaders of SPA as ladder to come into power. And the fooled SPA leaders just followed the partial “Prachanda Path” ideology without knowing the reality for their vested interest. It has been confirmed that ethnic/regional parties are going to overtake the EPA in very near future.

  14. S 1:17 Avatar
    S 1:17

    what else is new????

    and madhesi which side are u in????? india or nepal???????
    if you are a nepali then learn to get along there is no pahadi or no madhesi these division has been made by few elites who dont want the ppl of nepal to unite. and now is the most important time to unite and kick these Maoist and their YCL out of nepal, mountains and terai included. terai is the feeding bowl of nepal. nepal needs terai and its people. we do not hate you at least i do not, i just believed that you are misguided. we are not enemies we are all victims of corrupt and power hungry ppl. so lets not divide more but unite friend. because alone just the madhesi or the pahadi will not be able to fend off the maoist but together maybe we stand a chance.

  15. no name please Avatar
    no name please

    TO Madhise and King Cobra !

    First of all I would like to pursue Madhise ,King Cobra and Others not to incite or glorify violence on the name of Madhesi rights. I also live in Terai to where I have same adhoration as I live in Pahad. Very important thing is discrimination or hatered brings havoc results into society. This is the reason , if we consider ourselves civic or civilized we must have same eyes to view others.

    To Scoop !

    This is a first time we have seen true colour of Scoop, who is YCL thug and lives in Kathmandu. I have pity on this guy who says who has degree for the respectful law profession. Whats a point if lawyer cannot imagine lawful society or lawful exercise ! If you are lawer I would like to recommend you to read one of the book called ‘Colour of Law’ by Mark Gimmez. I hope after reading this book you will realize how far you have gone or how far you have crossed the limitation of boundry. Very importantly, if you are really lawyer act like that ! not like goon. This is free of cost counciling to you.

    Bhudai Pundit !

    Now a days size of your comment decreasing. I want to read you more. I like your comments.

  16. guyfromktm Avatar

    Looks like teacher-turned-terrorist- turned pajero hopping politician Pushpa Kamal is follwoing everything that is being said in this blog– 🙂

    Prachanda sets 22-pt condition, warns of ‘people’s movement’

    The CPN (Maoist) on Sunday set 22-point precondition for ‘credible’ constituent assembly election and announced a series of protest programmes over the next two months.

    Maoist chairman Prachanda (File photo)
    Issuing an appeal, Maoist chairman Prachanda announced the two-phase protest programme, reiterating the demand for announcement of republic from the parliament before CA polls and proportional electoral system.

    The Maoist chairman said republican order must be established in the country through a parliamentary declaration after abolishing the monarchy for creating ground for CA election. He also urged the parties to make clear their position over the monarchy and be ready for announcement of republic.

    As part of its two-month long protest programme, the Maoists will be carrying out publicity campaign and cadres mobilisation in the first month, till mid-September, and ‘people’s action’, demonstrations and mass meetings in the following month.

    Prachanda said the party would launch agitation on three fronts – the government, the parliament and the street – for fulfilment of its demands. He warned of a full-blown “people’s movement” if the demands are not met.

    The Maoists had presented an 18-point proposal at the eight-party meeting on Saturday, reiterating their demands for announcement of republic before the polls, formation of an inquiry commission on involuntary disappearances, roundtable conference of all sections of the society including Janajatis and Madhesis, release of political detainees, start of the process for integrating the People’s Liberation Army within the Nepali Army by forming a special cabinet committee, withdrawal of army from the royal palace, start the process of nationalising the properties of late King Birendra and also the properties of King Gyanandra which he acquired as the monarch, among others.

    The Maoists came up with new conditions a day after the Election Commission publicised the election programme and Constituent Assembly Election Code of Conduct. mk Aug 20 07

  17. resham kc Avatar
    resham kc

    very interesting great satire to parties

  18. Analyst Avatar

    Pol pot Prachande demands inquiry commission on disappearances of the people by the state, but what about the disappearances of the people by these maoist terroists led by shephard Prachande? Don’t we need to form inquiry commission on this?
    Pol pot Prachande and Gyane are the GREATEST ENEMIES OF NEPAL. Today, Nepal is sunk into the vicious cycle of instabilty, and both pol pot Prachande and Gyane are mainly responsible for this because Gyane is the one who created terroists like Prachande and Baburam to weaken democratic forces in order to grab power, and Prachande is the one who gave birth to people like Jwala singh and Goit. Even a child does not believe that Prachande and Baburam did not have any contact with Gyane because pol pot Prachande has publicly said a number of times that he had contacts with late king Birendra and Dhirendra. Is it possible that a terroist prachande who maintained contacts with Birendra and Dhirendra did not have any contact with Gyane?
    Prachande’s blind supporters like scope , Michell and despremi claim that Prachande is fighting against Samanti and sosak, but the real question is who is a real sosak (exploiter)? A terroist who can make a trip to Switzerland and stay in luxurious hotel but does not distribute the salaries allocated by the goverment to the maoist fighters. That is why there was a revolt against maoist leadership by one of the maoist commander stationed at Chitwan maoist camp. So, in order to bring peace and stability in the country, we need to hang pol pot Prachande at Tundhikhel and kick Gyane out of the country.

  19. noname Avatar

    I still say the greatest danger to Nepal are not Maoists but the SPA warlords…the dreaded criminals and goons!!!!!

  20. AHIMSA Avatar

    The greatest threat for Nepal is VIOLENCE!
    Here in this blog there seems to be a fanclub of killers, murderers, beheaders, torturers, it’s really shocking.

    The one who finds no other idea than to threaten, hurt and/or kill his enemy is a primitive, who does not deserve freedom. Civilized people on this planet are able to win over their enemies by using their brains.

    It is disgusting to read comments like the ones which can be seen here more and more in this blog. To the interested outer world the impression must be, that in Nepal there is an atmosphere of complete hatred and violence.

    Luckily the ones who have more to offer than the repeated criminal minded request to kill YCL teenagers or Maoist leaders are already in the field everywhere in Nepal to educate the common man about the great historical chance of the constitutional assembly. So we must not be afraid that such hooligans and killers like ‘Madishe’ and ‘KingCobra’ will have any chance to continue with their hateful aim to destroy Nepal for long.

    AHIMSA knows: Kings are history and Nepal will stay!

    Violence creates more violence!

  21. YYY Avatar


    you said violence creates more violence. Everyone knows that and you do not need to lecture on this. Do your YCL (Young criminal league) comrades headed by killer Prachanda know any other language than violence? Look at what they did at Thapathali campus? And Look what they did to CDOS of kanchanpur and Dolakha? That is why there is only one way out to tame them. That is to wipe them out using violence. Then they will give up violence. I think we need Madhesi and KingCobra to put them on track.

  22. hope Avatar


    do you really believe that maoists can be wiped out through such violence ?? Do you really think these socalled Madhesi and Cobra has that might??
    I believe those who brags never does and those who does never brags!!

    Those who resort violence against somebody can do that to anybody, look at maoists they were supported by some parties and media when they were supressed by Royal regime and now they are paying the price. Sometimes emotional feelings may have detrimental concequences!!
    I still think it’s wrong to encourage violence to quell violence that hardly works. The vicious cycle would continue, then probably we need some …si or ..Lions, …Dragons to silent this new breed and then another …….When ordinery people will get respite?? When those who have no political aspiration at all can live peacefully??

    Sorry mate, your frustration is understandable but definitely not the solution!!

  23. YYY Avatar

    Mr. hope :

    Do you live in Australia?

  24. YYY Avatar


    Prachande is the leader of criminals who does not believe in competitive politics because he knows very well that he can not win in competitive environment. That is why he fears CA election. He always encourages his YCL goons to resort to violence. Otherwise, he would condemn the incidents like Thapathali campus, Kanchanpur, and Dolakha. Did he speak a word after the atrocities committed by his YCL goons at these three places? Do you know why they decided not to retaliate after the Gaur incident? Because they knew they did not have any hold in Terai.

  25. hope Avatar

    No ,YYY, I donot.

    As a matter of fact I have the same level of anguish and hatred towards these maoists terrorists and their YCL goons as you do but still I believe we should find a wayout other than violence. I think elections are one of the best way available right now. So instead of instigating violence we must storm our brains to find the ways to let the CA elections be held and let maoists participate. They will surely face the music then hopefully realize their actual worth and position.

    And I guess would be easy to tame them when they no longer hold the power in one hand and militia on the other. At least won’t be confusing as they are terrorists or the government or the “interim” parliamentarians!!

  26. WhatMyNameSorry Avatar

    Most disgusting and horrifying comments posted by a few, led me to post these lines. Gentlemen, chopping off of someone’s head can not solve the problem we Nepalis are experiencing at the present climate. Madhesis and members of the Cobra gang advocate that they would track them, find them, apprehend them and finish them off by beheading. This without doubt is most barbaric and uncivilized way to punish the culprits or your opponents. We have rule of law in our country. Why can’t we trust the law to take its course? We do not want our country to become Gun Slinging Wild West.

    Some friends are encouraging Madhesis and Cobras by supporting their contemplation of barbaric way of treatment to YCL cadres and Maoists. “Diamond cuts Diamonds”, true, but have they contemplated what after diamond has cut diamond? Perhaps these good friends are trying to employ the tactics of, “My enemy’s enemy is friend” and this new found friend must be used in their favour (too naïve!!). But have they considered a Nepali proverb, “Tyas lai (YCL ra Moist) khane Bagh (tiger) le hami lai pani khana sakchha”. Please do not usher in Tiger into your GOTH to kill the Jackle. Once the tiger kills the Jackle it will most certainly turns its attention to your flock of sheep. Like you guys I too despise these YCL Thugs and their benefactors Maoists. I presume (believe) more than seventy five percent of the Nepalis would agree and support this feeling.

    Let us unite and denounce the atrocities carried out by YCL, Madhesi groups, Cobra etc, etc, of course every body knows these groups are byproducts of Maoist and we should denounce them too.

  27. pramita shrestha Avatar
    pramita shrestha

    Grt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. pramita shrestha Avatar
    pramita shrestha

    Grt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. B RAJ GIRI Avatar

    We, as Nepalis, love to make a mess in our own country, and beg with foreigners to sort them out; if we don’t like them we call them conspiring grand design, and yet keep on fighting within us like cats and dogs. Well, where have gone since the Foundation of Nepal?

  30. Maheshwar chaudhary Avatar
    Maheshwar chaudhary

    The talk team of government promised with tharu team that they will adress ther’s demand sitting eight party because the demands are right. Saying ==Terai is not Madhesh. But when eight party will sit ?

  31. aasal Avatar

    maobadi must be eliminated and exterminated. this is how it is done. all nepali people should unite and kill their maobadi neighbours and collect their penis and make prachanda and baburam eat them until they vomit and constipate to death.
    I love my country. who the hell are these people trying to mess it up? someday, good people wil be in politics and it wil be changed. The next generation is coming.

  32. Rajan Avatar

    As per my view maoist are not a violence either criminals,all peoples here in this blog looks educated ”shida augnli le ghiu kahile nikklinna”

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