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  • Nepal: Elections, Voters and the Economy

    Nepalis Are Not Dumb. They Voted Parties with Best Economic Policies for Nepal By Siromani Dhungana/UWB “An empty stomach is not a good political adviser”- Albert Einstein The Constituent Assembly election is over now but its impact will remain until the next election. People have expressed their aspirations and exercised their power during this election […]

  • Nepali Congress Manifesto: Executive Prime Minister, Ceremonial President, Parliamentary Supremacy

    Republican Nepali Congress Thinks An Autocratic Person Born In A Feudal Family Can’t Be The Symbol Of National Unity In Nepal: “An inclusive and constitutional federal democracy will be the symbol of national unity, not a person or a position. Nepal would enter into a new era of national unity by electing the head of […]

  • CA Poll for Nationalism and Republic, That's Maoist Slogan for the Elections

    Yes, Maoists have finalized their slogan for the CA polls, reports Ghanashyan Ojha in the Kathmandu Post With just 71 days remaining for the Constituent Assembly (CA) poll, the CPN-Maoist has picked a poll slogan and decided to muster all its strength for the success of the poll. At the end of a three-day conference […]

  • Will CA Elections be Held or Postponed for the Third Time?

    Contributed by: Bishnu Pathak, PhD and Chitra Niraula The concern of people of all strata in Nepal is whether the election of Constituent Assembly (CA) will be held on April or postponed again. There is a huge political dispute and debate going on among the political parties. The international community is also unsure of the […]

  • April 10 (28 Chaitra) is the New Date for Constituent Assembly Elections

    Previous dates when we couldn’t vote: June 20, November 22. The government of Nepal today fixed April 10 (28 Chaitra) as the date for Constituent Assembly election. Polls will be held in a single phase. A meeting of the council of ministers this afternoon fixed the election date. A meeting of the top leaders of […]

  • Political Memo: Leaders Still Bargaining

    Even as the crucial meeting of the special session of the house is hours away, the leaders of the ruling alliance and the Maoist are failing to break the political deadlock that’s marring the politics of the country n the past several weeks. A meeting of the top leaders of the seven-party alliance (which includes […]

  • Referendum Politics: Revisiting Regression?

    Referendum would be a step backward from where we are now and many steps backward from results of the Constituent Assembly elections. By Dinesh Wagle Wagle Street Journal “Roop” and “saar” (appearance and essence) are the two words that comrade Prachanda loves using the most. Many might not instantly believe if I say the Maoist […]