Political Memo: Leaders Still Bargaining

Even as the crucial meeting of the special session of the house is hours away, the leaders of the ruling alliance and the Maoist are failing to break the political deadlock that’s marring the politics of the country n the past several weeks. A meeting of the top leaders of the seven-party alliance (which includes the Maoists) today ended without any solid conclusion. Nepali Congress and its president Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala are firm on their stand that is against the Maoist motions of seeking a fully proportional representation system of voting for the Constituent Assembly (CA) elections and an immediate declaration of a republic. Today’s Kantipur has reported that the Maoists are softening their stand: going for mentioning the word republic in the constitution and agreeing to make the First Past Post voting method of the mixed electoral system more proportional. NC has shown its willingness to agree on this second option where as the fate of the first option still remains to be decided.

Maoist leaders, as expected, declined Koirala’s request and, also as expected, Koirala said that the parties would be left with no other options then to move ahead in the democratic manner if the motions were not withdrawn. That means a possible split of the alliance which will directly threaten the prospects of peace process and push the country into further political impasse.






16 responses to “Political Memo: Leaders Still Bargaining”

  1. Observer Avatar

    They will not agree on the proposals of the Maoists. The Maoist-political parties hobnobbing is about to end. The radical group inside the Maoist party led by Comrade Badal is winning and the faction led by Prachanda/Baburam is loosing the internal battle.

  2. Sangesh Avatar

    The political instability in Nepal is has been more than 1 and 1/2 years. The political leaders are only getting stuck each and every time. There seems to be very little time when they agree upon.

    Likewise, the situation in the terai region is also worsening day by day. If these situations continue then god knows where our country will end up in a few years time.

    For stability in our country, Nepal, the main is that the political leaders get united and make a decision so that we get out of this dead lock situation.

  3. Administrator Avatar

    I don’t care about the political leader or anything.

    But I liked this new outlook of your blog.

    One suggestion, the space below the slogan of this site, i think is too large. and ppl with 800 x 600 monitor will have the content displayed in the bottom of the monitor when the page completely loads at first.

    Every other thing is cool.


  4. GAESO Avatar

    why can’t the political leaders agree to take Nepal in the path of progress?

  5. ???? Avatar

    Nothing is done by them.They are always barganing for “kursi” to make their life better.They are not a political leader they are a cheater.But surprizingly, all politicians says that nepali janata
    ko chahana…..Hamro chahana ke????? K uniharu le kahile sodhekaa chhan?????

    ???? ??? ??? ????
    ???? ????? ??????? ????
    ???????? ?? ???? ????
    ????? ??? ??????? ???? ?

    ????????? ? ??????
    ???? ?? ? ??????? ????
    ????? ??? ??????? ?? ,
    ???? ??? ?????? ???? ?

    Ya it’s a fact.

  6. ???? Avatar

    K Maobadi le je bhanyo/adan rakhyo….tyo pura huani parchha????

  7. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    this format stinks. Why the change. The previous format was so much better.

  8. sankalpa Avatar

    i think maobadis are getting stronger by the day, india is starting to get tough against girija, coz he is unable to sideline the maoist, india fears maoist and i don’t think india will let the come to the absolute power. terai is getting worst from wat i hear, i have heard that indians are giving money and weapons like dal chamal in terai. (it could be false, though.)
    but they counselor’s office is definetly busy in birjung.
    crisis in terai should be solved now and then only can nepal reach a political situation with the maoist. WE CANNOT LET THE MAOIST HAVE THEIR WAY.they will ruin nepal , completly destroy us. IT IS TIME FOR A NATIONAL UNITY . DOWN WITH MAOISM, DOWN WITH AUTOCRACY, DOWN WITH INDIA.

  9. Ram Bahadur KC Avatar
    Ram Bahadur KC

    comment deleted.

    UWB: Ram Bahadur, you are not welcome in this forum. Go and complain to your dad.

  10. sagarmatha Avatar

    I also prefer previous format.

  11. sagarmatha Avatar

    They have no work and no responsibility, they just bargain for power calculation whether national flag is burnt or country divide into two or people face the civil war. It is as usual…the don’t concern with the people but they concern with themselves.

  12. DOA Avatar

    Please do raise the issue of Flag Burning- this incident single most impacts the survivality of a nation. Have we reached a point from where there is no return?

    We should at least a make a stand on something for the survivability of a nation otherwise the erosion will finally swipe Nepal from face off the earth. To expect anything from politicians at this juncture is foolish enough – the nation’s best interest never figures in their mind so in the end- all will be settled amicably at the cost of a nation. No one seem to care.

    I guess time is running out and I also have had enough to say or do more. Let the chips fall and if I am destined to be Nepali’Indian- so be it.

  13. tooree laaahure Avatar
    tooree laaahure

    If our proposal gets turned down due to arrogant congressis, then we will resume our armed revolt.

    hos garnu sabai jana, samsad bata kehi tala mathi bhae ma sidhai gyane lai aakraman garine chha, aru lai herdai jaula..

    jai prachandapath
    jai janamukti sena

  14. guyfromktm Avatar

    maobadis turned khaobadis led by teacher turned terrorist TTT PKD, formerly known as the most corrupt politician GPK and the dahi-chuerey good for nothing MKP have tekn this country down the road of destruction. They keep selling our names saying whatever it is that they are doing is for the Janata but NOTHING has been done for the Janata in the last one and half years. And now they are holding the entire nation hostage by putting up this drama about whether or not to vote in the parliament. These thugs have been fooling the nation and before we reach a point fo return, we need to protest and get these thugs out. Now that is what I will call historic.

  15. santosh Avatar

    i think we are just wasting time reading this blog and wagle who writes this blog.everyone knows that NEPAL and its CITIZENS does not have any future, there is nothing in NEPAL. NOTHING AT ALL. no wonder why everyone wants to leave NEPAL for their better life. i think its better if INDIA will include NEPAL as one of its STATE officaily. thats the only hope for better NEPAL.

  16. sagarmatha Avatar

    The whole game played by India where Koirala, Nepal and Dahal are nothing but seems dirty players for Nepal. It is true we are heading toward no-return of good.

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