Nepal Political Update: Latest Agreement and CA Election

Nepal Government-MPRF agreement is the best thing that has happened to the Nepali peace process in the past several months. Now get ready to VOTE!

Forget the Maoist reaction, the Nepal government-Madhesi Forum (MPRF) agreement is the best thing that has happened to the Nepali peace process in the past several months. Peace Process? You must be thinking I am kidding, right? Dude, peace process is between the Maoist and the government of Nepal. So where does it come in an agreement between the government and the Forum? Well, the answer is plain and simple. Peace process also includes successful holding of the Constituent Assembly election and this agreement is a big step in ensuring just that. Why the Maoist denounce this agreement? Answer: Hello! Are the Maoists welcoming the fast approaching election? NO. If they fear election, how can they welcome something that ensures the same? But the Maoist folks have no other genuine option than taking part in election and, well you know the consequence, take a couple of dozen seats (I am being too generous in my guessing) in the Constituent Assembly. The only other option is the one suggested by the Maoist nominated lawmaker Hari Roka. (I know he doesn’t’ like to be labeled as Maoist but my suggestion to him is: Hell with your double standard yar. Come on, face the reality. You are happy to be nominated by the Party and still hesitate to be called a Maoist? Grow up.) And the Hari Roka option is: get out of the government (and interim legislature) and start the urban revolt. Will Maoist dare to go for such step? It remains to be seen but my impression is that that is highly unlikely.

So I was saying the Govt.- MPRF agreement is significant (I am not using the term historic though) but the government needs to deal with these two factions of Janatantrik Terai Mukti Morcha (Goit and Jala Singh). And what about a psycho ambitious animal called Kishore Kumar Biswas? I first saw this big bellied moustache man in Maitighar Mandala a few months ago while filming protest program for a foreign TV network. Even at that time he wasn’t for the Eelction. In the Birjung meeting of the Forum, he completely opposed the Forum taking part in the election. Will he try to crate rift in the Forum? Sure, he will and perhaps a few will follow him. But for the time being the government needs to deal with JTMMs and Limbuwan/Khumbuwan movement. Police force is okay but emphasis should be given to talks.

I am almost feeling like voting for CPN UML in the election at the moment. Man, they are launching election campaign while Maoist is dead afraid with the democratic process and Nepali Congress is ’embroiled’ in its unification attempt with Nepali Congress D. (That D is for Democratic or Deuba, whatever you choose.) By looking at the impressive election rallies and meetings that the UML is holding around the country, it feels like we are really going to have the election this time around. Feels like voting. Get ready! (by Wagle)






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  1. Jay Nepal Avatar
    Jay Nepal

    Best option for Maoists is to go for the election HONESTLY and accept the
    wharever result. This is in the interest of people and NEPAL. If they do so
    they may earn people’s faith in the long run. In early days of Maoists revolution they
    did have support from common people. But now they only have support of YCL.
    But Maoists interest is just opposite.
    I) trying to create situation so that election is not held

    ii)If held they will not accept the result crying for foul play.

    iii) starting revolution after the election.

    All these will result in destruction of Nepal as well as Maoists.

    The result of going against people’s desire is what we have seen in the fall of
    Gayne. Who knows who will be the next !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. GM Avatar

    Maoists are losers and they already have a defeated mentality. They know that they are going to lose and so they do not have any confidence to go to the polls.

    If they try to defer the poll again, they will be wiped out as a political party.

  3. madhav "revolution" Avatar

    so sorry man !!
    all the political parties has the interest for their existance !!
    for what purpose the maiosts have started the people war?? they want to achieve their destiny ! so all these matters are going on by them !!
    its not a grt matter!!
    But Maoist is not getting the support of the other political parties i mean in the sense of multiparty democracy!!
    come on
    thenafter they will show………………

  4. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    I still think there will be no CA election. Few more members from agitating groups will be added to the current Interim Legislative Body and will be called Constituent Assembly. This one will draw permanent constitution for Nepal. And yes, the king will be voted out by the Interim Legislative Body.

  5. lakure Avatar

    Shree shrestha,

    You know what will happened if this interim constituent will turn into CA ? The worst scenario the country has to face with more blood sucking politics.

  6. lakure Avatar

    Because the ethnic groups will come forward with more demands inside and outside the parliament. As we know that ethnic based parties are coming into politics aggressively day by day, which might end the syndicate and supreme power of the spaM. The result might bring more blood sucking politics.

  7. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    Blood Sucking Politics with or without CA election will not end in Nepal. What we need is some kind of normalcy. Political Parties and Maoists do not want election even though they are preaching for it. Because of the security situation most people will not participate in the election. In the interest of the nation we should not have CA election. Make the interim legislative broad and write the permanent constitution.

  8. sameer Avatar

    This is a serious alert

    A series of bomb blast has rocked the city of Kathmandu. The bombs has went off at Tripureshwor, Sundhara and Balaju. Report of at least three people have lost their life at Tripureshwor where the bomb was planted at a public bus stand and many more are critically injured.

    Please everyone take care.

  9. B Avatar

    This Shree Shrestha thing is seriously out of his mind. He this thinks “current Interim Legislative Body should be call constituent assembly”. This guy is seriously outta whack in the US. All he cares about is kicking the king out and after that, nothing really matters. How can this achieve normalcy?

  10. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    Mr B:
    Yes we want representative democracy. In the present context we will not achieve that. We could start with district wide election for the local government by which we will elect Chief District Officers and District counsels.

  11. antiterror Avatar

    Bombing obviously happens my area. Medium to poor people who don’t know what to think be or vote.
    When you go for a walk a terror asshole with a motorcycle and ‘Press”on it will drive over you to make his point. When there is bandh taxis are afraid to be set on fire…
    After check up dog I had to walk with my dog from Tripureswor veterinary hospital no taxi would take us afraid of bandh, nepali people SO AFRAID they will not do anything for money. I would have paid ten lakh not to go with a dog through foreign dogs teritory.
    Stop this terror I really think police and army has to stop this. Instead of controlling who drives wrong. Make them pay put to jail who spreads terror, Nepal = columbia.
    So called revolution.

  12. eylg tolirjw Avatar

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  13. specified Avatar

    i congratulate myself for my vision and all of you

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