Ram Baran Yadav is the First President of Republic Nepal

Dr Ram Baran Yadav, Nepali Congress General Secretary, has been elected the first President of the republic of Nepal in the presidential run-off held today in the Constituent Assembly. Yadav, backed by a coalition of NC, UML, MPRF and other fringe parties the CA, got 308 votes-almost a dozen more than needed for the simple majority- while his rival Ram Raja Prasad Singh, who was considered the Maoist candidate for the presidency, ended up with 282 votes. 590 out of 594 lawmakers had cast their votes in the president poll run-off that kicked off at around 8 and ended at around 11 this morning, according to the Election Commissioner’s office.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Jianchao answers question relating to Nepal: On July 22, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Jianchao answered one question regarding to the election of President and Vice President of Nepal. His answer is as follows:

We have noticed that the Constituent Assembly of Nepal has elected the first President and Vice President in history, and the Chinese side is happy to this and expresses its congratulations to the newly elected President Mr. Ram Yadav and Vice President Mr. Paramananda Jha. China, as good neighbor, good friend and good partner of Nepal, sincerely hopes that the peace process of Nepal could keep going ahead, and Nepal could realize political stability, economic development and ethnic unity as well.

July 22, 2008
U.S. Congratulates CA and the People of Nepal on Election of a President: The United States congratulates the members of the Constituent Assembly and the people of Nepal on the successful election of a President, Dr. Ram Baran Yadav. With a President, and a Vice President, duly elected, the Constituent Assembly can now undertake the next essential steps in the formation of a new government to provide the services and security the people deserve, and to begin the simultaneous work of drafting a new constitution.

Local European Union Heads of Mission congratulates newly elected President of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal: European Union Heads of Mission in Kathmandu warmly congratulates the first President of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, on his election on 21st July 2008, Right Honourable Dr Ram Varan YADAV. This is a historic day. It is a decisive moment the democratic process and building the stable, prosperous future that the people of Nepal justly deserve. The European Union assures the people of Nepal of their continuing support, to help them secure peace, democracy and development.

The re-election was held as none of the candidates reached the magic number, 298, in the first round of election of President on Saturday (19 July). MPRF candaite Parmananda Jha was elected vice president on that day. Supporters of NC candidate Dr Yadav had gathered at the Constituent Assembly hall in New Baneshwor in the capital to celebrate his victory.

National People’s Front Nepal, Nepal Workers and Peasants Party, CPN-United and Chure Bhawar Rastriya Ekata Party who had previously boycotted the Saturday’s election to pick the president and vice president participated in today’s poll. Rastriya Prajatantra Party-Nepal, who has four CA members, refrained from the poll run-off today as well. Dr Yadav had received 283 out of total 573 votes cast while Singh gained 270 votes.

The chances of NC candidate Dr Yadav’s victory had gotten stronger after different fringe parties expressed their support for him. CPN-UML and Madhesi People’s Rights Forum (MPRF) maintained their positions favouring Dr Yadav, while the National People’s Front Nepal (NPFN) and the Nepal Workers and Peasants Party (NWPP) who had previously boycotted Saturday’s election also voted the NC presidential candidate. Likewise, the Chure Bhawar Rastriya Ekata Party, Loktatrik Samajwadi Dal and Nepal Pariwar Dal who have one member each in the CA have supported him. Even the two independent CA members had announced to vote in favour of Dr Yadav. Similarly, CPN-ML, Rastriya Prajatantra Party, CPN-United and Rastriya Janashakti Party who have nine, eight, five and three members respectively in the CA expressed solidarity to NC candidate Dr Yadav. Amik Sherchan of People’s Front Nepal and Shyam Sundar Gupta of Nepal Sadbhawana Party-Anandidevi have also announced to vote for Dr Yadav.

On the other hand, Maoist candidate Singh has the support of 226 Maoist lawmakers, 21 Terai-Madhes Democratic Party, nine Sadbhawana Party, two Sadbhwana Party-Anandidevi, seven People’s Front Nepal, two Nepal Janta Dal and one Dalit Janajati Party lawmaker.





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  1. top brash Avatar
    top brash

    talai kina karaunu paryo machhikne ankit?chak chilayo ki kya ho?

  2. sp chaudhary Avatar
    sp chaudhary

    mukesh and top brash

    People like mukesh Jha and top brash who are responsible for spreading communal hatred should be hanged.

  3. ankit Avatar

    tero baau le talai badi karayo bhane chak ma thokne gareko cha ho?teshai garne garekocha ho top brash…
    hunata jasto sanskar ma hurkeko chas testai ta kura garchas ni……………naali ko kira lai naali nai maan parcha ra ramro thau ma pani naali kai bevaar dekhaucha

  4. top brash Avatar
    top brash

    oyi gadha chaudhari!
    tero sano aakha le talai gaali gareko pahadiya harulai dekhinas?

  5. ankit Avatar

    if top brash further barks through his comments then he is not son of one father…………………………so when u post next comment accept it ok and give the number of ur fathers…………….and many of them surely will be of india…………………………….

    and indians and nepali are not brother………………hail pahade…………victory of nepal………………….downfall with so called madesh……………..

  6. madheshi Avatar

    oye saale admin! comment delete garchhas! if you have gut,come forward

  7. Ram Prakash Yadav Avatar
    Ram Prakash Yadav

    Mukesh Jha,

    Some days ago, on this blog you claim that Dr. Ram Baran Yadav is not the right choice for the post of president. What basis do you have for this?. Is your Paramananda Jha the right choice for VP? The reason you do not support Ram Baran is he is against one madesh one state, whereas Paramananda is in favor of one madesh one state. People like you are black spot in the name of madhesi people. You are not true citizen of terai. otherwise you would have supported Ram baran. i think you are a mentally retarded person.

  8. geeta Avatar

    I would be really glad if all such comments (if you know what I mean) would be deleted from your site as soon as possible… it was shocking to read all such things (I mean the comments) in United We Blog, which happens to be one of the best blogs.

    Anyways, yeah it would be really wise if oaths were taken in Nepali language. What if there’s a Dolpo minister and he takes oath in his mother tongue, or a Newar in his language, and then there’s Gurung, Magar, Maithili… the list is long. Nobody would understand eachother… Would it bring unity in anyways? Afterall, nepali is the language majority of Nepalese understand in common… why do the leaders forget it?
    And what is all the fuss about you commentators??

  9. madheshi Avatar

    here is also pahadiya monopoly.comments not in favour of pahadiyas are being deleted.WTF!!

  10. change (human right, prosperous nepal) Avatar
    change (human right, prosperous nepal)

    let’s talk about vp jha…………………………..a corrupt or an asacham judge (so corrupt or asacham) that even one of the world’s most corrupt or asacham judiciary transfers because of corruption or asachamism……………………………….that kind of individual starts politics in the name of cast, all he can do is oath in hindi to get support, support one madesh, if there is a wind – to get popular you have to ……your parent……………he is gonna do that too. so beware of his kind of thung.

  11. arun Avatar

    u all pahade are the hybrid of aryans n chinese in pahadi region *in the northern belt* . borned illegally. thats yr iddentification.
    pahad mai bas. bahira kukur jasto na dul.
    terai ma tero bau haru bas chha. we will provide u food n other basic needs.dont bark like dog, tero bau haru lai pahade kukur mann pardaina.

  12. arun Avatar

    dont talk abt unity. the word, discrimination, hate, use of hindi language in oath by VP are all the effect of u blady pahade.
    the maoist has taught all the nepalese to take their rights by violence n war . and u all r doing the similar kind of act till now wid madhesi community u have started the war of discrimination, hate, and we will definitely finish it. it has no end until n unless we win.
    tell all the pahade not to dream abt victory over madhesh. first there will be* tit for tat * n the later action u will know in coming future.

  13. Ranjana Avatar

    Congratulations to Mr. President !!!!!
    Surely he became the first President of Republic Nepal and is a man with very good educational backgrounds. But i guess that is not sufficient to be the true leader in the sense who has the charasmatic persona, has capacity to lead and build nation, well visioned and at present who can lead through this break through situation.

    Besides I hope the Nepalese political senario wont get as worst as India where for the shake to save government and to get nods over the deal parliamentary members are bought and sold for millions as though they were the animals kept for auction.

    So hope for the best and try to learn from others mistake rather than make one urself and regret later as the last king of Nepal may be feeling rite now !!!!!!!

  14. Mukesh Jha Avatar
    Mukesh Jha

    Oie PAHADE,

    Just touch our VP Paramanand Jha, then you will know what will happen to Pahade group in madhesh. If you are really brave then why just barking here and there, why not come in action??
    Because you all are coward, just can bark outside here and there.

  15. Mukesh Jha Avatar
    Mukesh Jha

    In India , there was a singing compition, in that Prasant tamang won that. He is from Darjeeling a part of india but Pahade support him by collecting money.
    Millions of Nepali money went to india to SMS him, can you pahade say why???? Did any madheshi support any Indian this way???? Never.
    When he won, the media flashed the news, NAAK RAKHE PRASHANTA LE NEPALI KO, in which angle Darjeeling people is Nepali??? Because he is Pahade origin????
    What kind of low mind thinking??? the people live in Madhesh, you Pahade say to them DHOTI, INDIAN and the people live in Darjeeling, which is absolute INDIA, you say them Nepali.

  16. Mukesh Jha Avatar
    Mukesh Jha

    why my comments about prashant tamang has been deleted many times???

  17. Mukesh Jha Avatar
    Mukesh Jha

    why my comments about Indian Idol prashant Tamang , who is not Nepali but Pahade give them economic support from Nepal for SMS.

  18. Mukesh Jha Avatar
    Mukesh Jha

    Arun, I have sent one comment about Prasant tamang , Indian Idol , but they administrator of this blog has deleted many times, So you send me your email ID I will send you by mail.

  19. Mukesh Jha Avatar
    Mukesh Jha

    Fuccccccccccckkkkkkkkkk you administrator of this blog, you bloody bastard, why delete my comments about prashant tamang???

  20. Mukesh Jha Avatar
    Mukesh Jha

    Millions of Nepali money went to india to SMS prashant tamang for Indian Idol, can you pahade say why???? Did any madheshi support any Indian this way???? Never.

  21. madheshi Avatar

    pahadiya harule pahadiya lai matrai chinchhan,nepali lai chindainan.
    pahadiyas hug that bloody bastard indian prashant tamang only because he is pahadi by birth. so it’s worthless talking with pahadiyas about nepalese identity.

  22. Gautam Avatar

    Afno rastrya bhasa (Nepali) nabolera Hindi ma sapath khane madeshi Napali huna sakdaina. Nepal Nepali ko ho. Kunai pahadi ra madehsi ko haina.

  23. say Avatar

    it’s a shame that you people who lauded secularism say that you cant swear in in Hindi – what hypocrites thats what secularism is you can swear in in Chineese if you wish. Many loanguages are spoken in nepal and the pres or vp hve the right to take the oath in hindi, nepli, newari, english, maithali whatever they like- does anyone of you so called democratic secular republicans comprehend?

  24. Ram Prakash Yadav Avatar
    Ram Prakash Yadav

    Mukesh Jha and Arun:

    It looks like these two people Mukesh Jha and Arun have nothing to do in their life other than inciting communal hatred. If ethenic war breaks out tomorrow, neither people of pahade origin nor people of terai will win. There will be enormous loss of human lives on both sides. Thus, I advise you two to stop wasting your valuable time writing all these nonsense things on this blog that lead to hatred among different ethenic groups. The important thing to remember is we are Nepali first and then only we are pahade and madhesi.

  25. Ram Prakash Yadav Avatar
    Ram Prakash Yadav

    This is what Mukesh Jha wrote against Dr. Ram Baran Yadav

    Mukesh Jha, on July 21st, 2008 at 8:18 pm Said:
    Hi, himesh,
    Can you count me some points how can you say that Dr RB Yadav is the right choice for the post of the President of Nepal??????


    You hate people of pahade origin, and you also write against the very popular personality like Dr. Ram Baran Yadav who is also from Terai. Tell me what you want and what your identity is?

  26. Ram Prakash Yadav Avatar
    Ram Prakash Yadav

    Mukesh Jha,

    You are being badly exposed by your own inconsistencies. This is the result of your narrow horizon and lack of wisdom.

  27. arun Avatar

    ram yadav
    ya i respect RB yadav as president. he is from terai , so we should really be proud .but the comment written by mukesh jha is absolutely right.
    how can the RB yadav be the right choice for the president. there are many leaders more who are more able n who has struggle more for the country than RB yadav.
    just to get the support from madhesi, the congress has lift him up. that was just the politics.

  28. Human Avatar

    Is he taking oath or translating Nepali to hindi ? there are many people who cannot understand hindi so what its mean, this is no democracy , the official discipline should be take seriously. The man is vice president of Nepal not Madeshi Nepal, it is still Nepal. So he should maintain discipline.Corrupted Congress and UML make him Vice president, so dont pose himself as shameless person. He is not community vice president he should mind this. I am thankful for RB yadav.

  29. Welcome to Paradise Avatar

    Congratulation to Mr. Ram Baran Yadav.

    But have to tell you, the road ahead is really bumpy, but wish you the best of luck. Hope you don’t hesitate to make even the harshest of decisions in favor of the Nation.

    Nation comes first.

  30. Patriot Avatar

    another girija handpicked kangaroo. politicians have smothered the no.1 position to the mud making it just another instrument of leverage. Dr Yadav may have competent credentials but the fact he has emerged from girija’s blessings steals much of thunder and undermines the supposed presidential image of being above politics and inclusive, father figure of this country.

    and whats with this VP? using a constitutional paltform to assert his identity, linguistic and all, was very immature and the fellow has reduced himself to just another opportunistic partisan in the first chance itself where he has managed to divide people even further.

    this drama and all, historic this and that, holiday for swearing in president, all seems too shallow for me, it arouses no rejoice and optimism as it should.

  31. Gremon Avatar

    Mukesh and all others,

    My response points out Parmanand Jha’s errors.

    (1) Hindi is not his mother tongue. Like I said in another thread, Hindi is not a language of any ethnic group in Nepal.

    (2) By taking the oath of office in Hindi, he dis-respected more ethnic languages of the Terai like Maithali, Bhojpuri, and Tharu than Nepali language.

    (3) Jha has the constitutional right to wear Madhise costumes (=clothes / outfit), but which set of Madhise clothes is representative of Terai? Was he wearing Indian costumes or Madhise costumes? More likely, the former.

    (4) Jha’s opposition to Nepali Daura Suruwal and topi is based on his opposition to Himali. This is again wrong because if you look at the history of Daura-Suruwal-topi, it has its origin in the Iranian military/royal tradition. That is from where the Shah Regime introduced the costumes in Nepal. That outfit has never been ethnic in Nepal. Jha has to explain how Daura-Suruwal-Topi (DST) is exclusive for the privileged Himali. Today, no Nepali wears Daura-Suruwal-Topi as an ethnic identity. This outfit has become more ceremonial than ethnic just like the Presidency and VP.

    (5) Lastly, can constitutionally Jha or any person occupying an elected office, Vice-President or otherwise, oppose 2/3rd of the country, Pahad/Himal? Yes, he can, and he just did that. But why does the constitution and law allow this to happen in the 1st place?

    Why did Maoists allow this to happen? Because Maoists don’t have guts, they would lose Madhise votes, they are pro-Indians, they are corrupt and unpatriotic like all other political parties.
    Does any party or any individual have the guts to introduce a bill to prohibit Hindi language and Dhoti from all government ceremonies? Even if you passed such bill (less than 1% possibility), would any politician follow?
    King and royal members were above the constitution and law, so are all the politicians today, including Ward member, the new kings of Nepal.
    Forget about speaking Hindi or wearing Indian costumes, even if these politicians kill innocent people, the law does not apply to them.

    It is a lawless country that actually does not meet the qualification of a nation.

    (6) It is useless to oppose Jha in words. Do something in action (like Mukesh challenges). Oppose your own habit of speaking Hindi, eating Indian foods, singing Hindi songs, watching Hindi movies, reading Hindi novels, following Hindi religions, and even using Indian toilets, etc.

    Every time you use or touch anything Indian, you are supporting Mr. Jha in action. If you say otherwise, you are hypocrite.

    First clean yourself: do not touch that has Indian smell in it. Stop using Hindi words like “ji.” Be careful to avoid all Hindi words while speaking Nepali. Recognize Nepali and try to be self-reliant and independent, not dependent on India. If you can truly do all these things, you are Nepali in spirit and soul and your action speaks louder than your speech, and that is opposing Jha in true sense. There is a saying in English, “Walk the talk, not just talk the talk.”

    Despite what I said, think first before you act: Would doing all these things listed above be the replay of the same drama Jha staged yesterday at the occasion of taking oath of office? Could you think of doing better than I suggested?

  32. Mukesh Jha Avatar
    Mukesh Jha

    Ram Prakash Yadav,
    I am sure that Ram Baran Yadav, the President is not your uncle and you dont know about him much better than me.
    I know his quality far better. Did you count me atleast 5 points that why RB yadav is suitable for President.
    If you dont know the theme , cant vomit whatever you want in blog.
    He didnt become president because of his quality or talent . He become President because he is MADHESHI.
    As Maoist bring RRP singh as candidate of President from Madheshi origin, Congress and Communist also must bring Madheshi to get the support of Madheshi Janadhikar Forum’s Support.
    It is not that RB Yadav is exactly born to be president so he become First president of Nepal.

  33. rjb Avatar

    As expected vice president parmananda jha taking oath in hindi and wearing daura suruwal is soon going to be a huge issue the way it is blown out of proportion. regarding the issue of wearing the dhoti and kurta i would suggest that is the dress wore by majority of people in the terai and also comfortable due to the climatic reasons.we should come out of the mahendra’s pseudo-nationalism of so called, where if you do not wear daura suruwal then you are not nepali.regarding the oath in hindi language is completely due to the political reasons. people suggest that had he spoken in maithili then there would be no objection. but the point here is that if he had done so the he would be further accused of alienating the bhojpuri and awadhi speakers of terai madhes.although in my opinion wearing dhoti and kurta is alright because we are not in the mahendra’s period any more. but regarding the use of hindi language had he tried to be non-political , it would be better.also now we have a very good example set here . see we have two people from madhesi comminity, one wearing daura and suruwal and taking oath in nepali and there is another who is wearing dhoti and kurta and swearing in hindi.so that tells you about that nation is united although people from same community have different views about the nationalism. And I don’t think nationalism means duara suruwal and speaking nepali language.

  34. Mukesh Jha Avatar
    Mukesh Jha

    Try to do this what ever you said.
    First of all, stop to bring Petrol, Disel and Gas from India.
    Second, Stop Indian manufactured motor and other vehicles on the Pahade land.
    Third, Dont use the books written by Indian writers.
    Fourth, ask all of Your Pahade who ever in India back to Nepal as they are not citizen of India and doing CHAUKIDAARI there like DOG.
    Fifth, stop to eat the Indian food products.
    If you Pahade will not stop doing these, we Madheshi will stop these things on the boarder of India very soon.
    Come on and show me how many days you PAHADE can SURVIVE.

  35. arun Avatar

    administrator, madhar chooooooood, salae
    why u bastard deleted my comment.

  36. arun Avatar

    administrator, madhar chooooooood, salae
    why u bastard deleted my comment.
    better name yr blog as united we pahade blog ,, UWPB

  37. JOHN G Avatar
    JOHN G

    Hey you kid arun,
    You sound obnoxious. If you don’t like browsing UWB, go ahead and open your own little madhesi blog, for your pan chewing stinking madhesis. Is anyone forcing you to browse UWB? Get a life, you looser!

    And, yes, pinch your mom’s butt for not teaching you civic manners.

  38. Mukesh Jha Avatar
    Mukesh Jha

    Three castes/ethnic groups namely Brahmins, Chhetri and Newars have dominated the civil
    service in the country. In 1991 these three castes constituted 36% of total population in Nepal
    but occupied 89.2 percent of position in civil service, while Madheshi community accounted
    for 32% of population but occupied only 8.4% of position in civil service (Table 10). This
    indicates that Madheshi people have highly discriminated in government services. It is
    interesting to note that in 1971 these three castes had occupied 89% of posts in civil services.
    Thus the pattern of civil service had not much changed over the past twenty years having
    these Brahmin, Chhetris and Newars dominating the civil service over the years and it is very
    unlikely that this trend will change in near future.

  39. Mukesh Jha Avatar
    Mukesh Jha

    Manpower involved in International organisations in Nepal and projects implemented under
    these organisations, about 81% of the total manpower involved in the 30
    multilateral agencies working in Nepal and 61 projects funded by these agencies are from
    Pahadi community, 14.1% are foreigners and the rest 5.2% are Madheshi people.

  40. Mukesh Jha Avatar
    Mukesh Jha

    Just over 8% of the total judges in the country are from Madheshi community, while the rest
    92% are from Pahadi community
    . Participation of judges from Madheshi
    community at the Appeal Court is about 13.0%, which could be considered a ‘high level of
    participation’ compared to 6.1% at the District Courts. The lower number of judges could
    probably be due to discrimination of Madheshi community to enter into the judiciary

  41. Mukesh Jha Avatar
    Mukesh Jha

    in the election of 1999 where Brahmins and Newars held 39.6% and 8.3% respectively.
    Brahmins, Chhetri and Newar dominated the seats in combined upper and lower houses of
    parliament constituting 65.2% of seats while they represent 36% of population. On the other
    hand, Madhesh community constituted only 17.4% of seats while representing 32.0% of
    population. Thus one finds a serious imbalance in the representation in our law-making body
    so called national legislature.

  42. Mukesh Jha Avatar
    Mukesh Jha

    The structure in the political parties is mostly centralized and is largely non-inclusive. Again,
    the major leaders in any political party are the hill Brahmins and Chhetris and normally they
    discriminate the Madheshi people in most actions. Central Committee of any political party is
    vital for formulating policies and the members make collective decision for important action.
    It appears that the Pahadi leaders do not have confidence over the Madheshi people and they
    tend to exclude the latter in policy formulation and decision-making jobs. Nepali Congress
    and the UML are the major democratic parties in the country but they have included only few Madheshi as members in their Central Committees (Table 15.). They advocate the
    proportional representation but in action it does not happen. Again, representation of
    Madheshi politicians in both Upper House and Lower House is considerably low .
    This could greatly inhibit the democratization process in the country. The findings clearly
    indicate that Madheshi people are highly ignored and are under represented in the current
    political arena, which may, in long run, create vulnerable situation in the country.

  43. Mukesh Jha Avatar
    Mukesh Jha

    Involvement of Madheshi People in Media
    Both the government and private sector or non-government media sector have excluded
    Madheshi people from their management committee similar to the political parties . Media seldom raises the socio-economic, development and political issues of Madhesh
    and Madheshi people positively. The voices and the grievances of the common Madheshi
    people unless they hold a major position are lost.

  44. Mukesh Jha Avatar
    Mukesh Jha

    Most of the Madheshi people are loosing their identity since they are treated as ‘less Nepali’
    or ‘non-Nepali’ by Pahadi people. One of the main reasons could be attributed to their sociocultural,
    linguistic and physical affinity with the communities living immediately on the other
    side of the border in India, which historically was a part of Madhesh. Culture, tradition,
    practices and language have great influence on ‘identity’ of a person e.g. a Nepali or hill
    language speaking person from Darjeeling or Sikkim, who have been living their for
    generations, is readily accepted in Nepal as a Nepali and he or she enjoys all the sociopolitical
    benefits. Whereas a Madheshi who does not speak Nepali or any other hill language
    and who does not follow hill tradition and practices is not easily accepted as Nepali by hill

  45. arun Avatar

    Aakhir yo pahade haru le khoje ko ke ho???? Kina hami haru lai yo muji pahade haru le pareshan gareko??? Uni harule je khojeko ho tyo kahile pura huna sakdaina, Pariwartanshil duniya ma sabaile afno adhikar pauna ko lagi had samma pani jana sakchha , afno haq ko lagi hamiharu sangharsha garne nai chhaun ra bato ma jo aaye pani harera jane nai chha.
    ke yo pahade haru le desh ma shanti chaheko chhaina??? ke uniharu le khojeko civil war ho ra??? kina yo high class pahade haru le jabo post ko lagi general pahade haru lai bali ko boka banai raheko chha????
    Uni haru pani bachos , hami pani bachna chahanchhaun ra yo yasto bhed bhav le kahile pani sambhav huna sakdaina.
    ke yo desh ma unstability lyaune madheshi haru ho ra??? Hami ta afno haq ko lagi ladeko.
    You can see the comments has written above by MUKESH JHA. how back we are?? who is responsible for that?? ofcourse not Madheshi. This is just because of leading pahade who just want to be as they were before, to be the supreme and rule over all the people.
    Yes , it is very difficult for them (PAHADE) to leave their top post and live as normal citizen of Nepal as they cant survive.

  46. Jyoti - Scotland Avatar
    Jyoti – Scotland

    Shree Shrestha,

    Obviously, that was a typing mistake as you can see the Time – it was a late night article but you may say this is an excuse of my negligence? it was my negligence not checking my sentences, grammar and spelling which is i have found on my writing this time. But I believe people get sense of my point.

    I have noted your comment and assure you all this won’t happen again – will try but you know, your fingers can slip sometimes while typing.

    I was trying to express the same view as you have expressed about South Indians. That is true, I have found many South Indians (who are working in IT, Engneering, medical field) communicate in their own tongue when they see each other.

    But when Bihari and Nepal meet in their workplace (indian restaurants), they talk in Hindi. I don’t know why Nepalese are so excited about hindi language.

  47. Jyoti - Scotland Avatar
    Jyoti – Scotland

    Shree shrestha, have you also noticed that ‘Khe cha” feels more closed to Indian than us and other communities. They support indians than us. they have created this problem in Nepal right now.

  48. sankalpa Avatar

    Mukesh Jha and Arun,

    Oye harua charu haru, gadha pedophile chor haru, you people have no idea what you are talking about do you. Why are you trying to incite communal hatred. Freedom of expression bandai ma je payo tehi bolchas.Firstly, look at your leaders, bijay gachedar, we all know how corrupt that guy is. now this clow vp, taking his oath in hindi.Sometimes i feel that these two clowns are doing good trying to incite hatred because nepal needs nationalist emotions now, both our president and vp are madhesi and still these morons want more. I say lets show them wat they are about. Lets send them back to bihar.

  49. Jyoti - Scotland Avatar
    Jyoti – Scotland

    Mukesh – i think you have right to bring Prasant in this issue. I don’t like to make argument on Prasant -which is out of our discussion. Although, let me clear something about Prasant; Indian Idol is a British Product (used to called Pop Idol – now it is called “X-Factor” in Britain and American Idon in USA) produced by Britain. Just like “Koun Banega Karorpati?” (in Britian that is called “who wants to be a millionaire) is also a British product.

    The money generated in Indian Idol – Indian TV will not get it (of course the support team and presenter will get their salary) but Sonny accumulated the money raised on that finale. Not only that, if you want to have Prasant show – you will need to pay for Sonny first to get Prasant.

    About Darjeelinges __ People who are living in Darjeeling are Nepalese because Darjeeling was part of nepal before British colony, British took it from nepal and when they leave India they didn’t return our land to nepal which should have been return to Nepal once they no longer exist in Indian. They leave as it is – and I think that was a mistake by British. Nepal is a poor country that’s why Nepalese government dare to raise its voice against Darjeeling.

    Our king / Prime ministers appeared to be so coward perhaps thinking that Nepal is a landlocked country and same thing (every nepali knows because they were tough so)….Sandwiched between/by two giant countries India and China.
    Shame on those people who still think and keep in their mind – if you think that way, how you gonna challenge India? Don’t you know that its International Law for any Landlocked country should have access. we buy petrol from middle east not India…its ture that oil comes via India but Nepalese are too naive to have second thought.

    We want our government should lean to China not India but because of pro-indian people of nepal, in the government (making religion matter, a political matter) never thought about China.

    Mukesh – don’t you know, what Bob Marley a singer said on his song ” when one door is closed, other is open”

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