Ram Baran Yadav is the First President of Republic Nepal

Dr Ram Baran Yadav, Nepali Congress General Secretary, has been elected the first President of the republic of Nepal in the presidential run-off held today in the Constituent Assembly. Yadav, backed by a coalition of NC, UML, MPRF and other fringe parties the CA, got 308 votes-almost a dozen more than needed for the simple majority- while his rival Ram Raja Prasad Singh, who was considered the Maoist candidate for the presidency, ended up with 282 votes. 590 out of 594 lawmakers had cast their votes in the president poll run-off that kicked off at around 8 and ended at around 11 this morning, according to the Election Commissioner’s office.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Jianchao answers question relating to Nepal: On July 22, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Jianchao answered one question regarding to the election of President and Vice President of Nepal. His answer is as follows:

We have noticed that the Constituent Assembly of Nepal has elected the first President and Vice President in history, and the Chinese side is happy to this and expresses its congratulations to the newly elected President Mr. Ram Yadav and Vice President Mr. Paramananda Jha. China, as good neighbor, good friend and good partner of Nepal, sincerely hopes that the peace process of Nepal could keep going ahead, and Nepal could realize political stability, economic development and ethnic unity as well.

July 22, 2008
U.S. Congratulates CA and the People of Nepal on Election of a President: The United States congratulates the members of the Constituent Assembly and the people of Nepal on the successful election of a President, Dr. Ram Baran Yadav. With a President, and a Vice President, duly elected, the Constituent Assembly can now undertake the next essential steps in the formation of a new government to provide the services and security the people deserve, and to begin the simultaneous work of drafting a new constitution.

Local European Union Heads of Mission congratulates newly elected President of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal: European Union Heads of Mission in Kathmandu warmly congratulates the first President of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, on his election on 21st July 2008, Right Honourable Dr Ram Varan YADAV. This is a historic day. It is a decisive moment the democratic process and building the stable, prosperous future that the people of Nepal justly deserve. The European Union assures the people of Nepal of their continuing support, to help them secure peace, democracy and development.

The re-election was held as none of the candidates reached the magic number, 298, in the first round of election of President on Saturday (19 July). MPRF candaite Parmananda Jha was elected vice president on that day. Supporters of NC candidate Dr Yadav had gathered at the Constituent Assembly hall in New Baneshwor in the capital to celebrate his victory.

National People’s Front Nepal, Nepal Workers and Peasants Party, CPN-United and Chure Bhawar Rastriya Ekata Party who had previously boycotted the Saturday’s election to pick the president and vice president participated in today’s poll. Rastriya Prajatantra Party-Nepal, who has four CA members, refrained from the poll run-off today as well. Dr Yadav had received 283 out of total 573 votes cast while Singh gained 270 votes.

The chances of NC candidate Dr Yadav’s victory had gotten stronger after different fringe parties expressed their support for him. CPN-UML and Madhesi People’s Rights Forum (MPRF) maintained their positions favouring Dr Yadav, while the National People’s Front Nepal (NPFN) and the Nepal Workers and Peasants Party (NWPP) who had previously boycotted Saturday’s election also voted the NC presidential candidate. Likewise, the Chure Bhawar Rastriya Ekata Party, Loktatrik Samajwadi Dal and Nepal Pariwar Dal who have one member each in the CA have supported him. Even the two independent CA members had announced to vote in favour of Dr Yadav. Similarly, CPN-ML, Rastriya Prajatantra Party, CPN-United and Rastriya Janashakti Party who have nine, eight, five and three members respectively in the CA expressed solidarity to NC candidate Dr Yadav. Amik Sherchan of People’s Front Nepal and Shyam Sundar Gupta of Nepal Sadbhawana Party-Anandidevi have also announced to vote for Dr Yadav.

On the other hand, Maoist candidate Singh has the support of 226 Maoist lawmakers, 21 Terai-Madhes Democratic Party, nine Sadbhawana Party, two Sadbhwana Party-Anandidevi, seven People’s Front Nepal, two Nepal Janta Dal and one Dalit Janajati Party lawmaker.





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  1. Jyoti - Scotland Avatar
    Jyoti – Scotland


    I care about Nepaleseness and so as other people. we care about how our leaders, officials and diplomats speak, wear and talk. We are not the pple who think that way but that happens everywhere in the world in this world of IT. if dress isn’t the matter why “burkha” are banned in France? Why English is compulsory for Immigrant in Britain? Why Immigrant should learn Britishness and British Value?

    I wish, all the pple should be like you? but unfortunately they don’t. that’s why Hitler genocide of Jews just to make Arab (for oil) happy and Israeli started war against Palestine. American attacked Vietnam to destroy communists.

    as we all know the quotation which we studied in our schools “prevention is better than cure” we should stop nonsense from leaders now before it gets worst.

    Therefore, we don’t like Mr Jha’s attitude towards Nepal and Nepali people and should apologized publicly. and he should be made/compelled to do so. If he is not bothered about Nepal or its people then we should replace him. Some may say there is no law (there was no VP or P as well) (therefore, Nepal requires a new law) and we can’t change the law – then, you should remember that the Law is written by us/people, so people can change the Law, isn’t it?

  2. Jyoti - Scotland Avatar
    Jyoti – Scotland

    to add, Mukesh – Mr Jha (or anyother candidate should not) must not take Oath simply because Hindi language has been used/recognised as a National language of India, therefore its inappropriate to use that some country’s National language in our ceremonial occasion like this.

    Who should we go further than this. Nepal has been violated by its stupid / ignorant leaders now I think its over for aged leaders like Mr Jha, Koirala, Yadav, Deuwa and Gachhedar etc etc.

    We need the leader with leadership and action not a retired Judge or Doctor ?

  3. Jyoti - Scotland Avatar
    Jyoti – Scotland

    why my comments are awaiting moderation???

  4. Mukesh Jha Avatar
    Mukesh Jha

    Whatever happening in Nepal is making history these days.
    How do you all think that if a woman become the Primeminister of Nepal?????????

  5. good news Avatar

    Nepales people have never learned self respect leave alone respect people. Slaves make lousy democrats…

  6. say Avatar

    shameful. still dont know the meaning of secularism. shameless bunch of hypocrites.

  7. Patriot Avatar

    Mukesh Jha – i am also from marginalised kirat community and while i can understand how you feel, i think you need to exercise restraint on rhetorics, esp anti pahade, pro-india. your acerbic negative campaign only does bad than good. there are problems in nepal but lets face it – you and i have done nothing to change it. we will be a part of change when the time comes, but for now, this pahade-madhes debate is well known, there is nothing to gain by further hammering away your legitimate points which everybody knows. your anti-pahade campaign will only be counter-productive to your community’s struggle.

  8. jaya greater nepal Avatar
    jaya greater nepal

    yesta Bharatiye Kukur lai pani upa rastrapati manne????? Dhikkar cha haami bir Gorkhali lai…Nepal lai jaatiye/vashik sanghatmak saasan ma lanu hudai hudaina… desh bikhandan huncha…….. Rastrabadi haru sachet hau……. RAW ko agent bharatiye kukur desh chod!!!!!!! jaya Greater nepal, nepali jaati, nepali bhasa.

  9. bp  yadav Avatar
    bp yadav

    hai helllo nepali hahu kin tapai haru aaphnai aaphnai

  10. bp  yadav Avatar
    bp yadav

    hello hai mr nepali huru kin tapai haru nepali bhayera yek aaps ma ladai garnu bhayeko miler januparchh sabai nepali lai hai malai lagchh ki yo sanu nepal ma kahile sant aaudaina

  11. bp  yadav Avatar
    bp yadav

    hello mukesh ji kiya yek madheshi bhak aapn madheshi bhai se gali gajula kare chhi aapn madhesak mag ke lagi uchit nai hoit kiya taa sab madheshi je nai milab ta pahariya bhaiya sab mauka ke phaida uthait ohisa aapn madhesh me yekta honai jaruri hai ok

  12. manan Avatar

    Why did Parmanenda Jha not take his oath in Maithili? No one would have complained then.
    The Madhesi Jan Adhikar Forum is deliberately trying to be popular among Madhesis by using the most outrageous means possible.

    I don’t think any political party has as many crooks and liars among its top leadership as the MJF.
    Mahanta Thakur’s TMDP is a much more dignified organization. But that’s why they didn’t win. In today’s Nepal, whoever makes the loudest noise wins.

  13. change (human right, prosperous nepal) Avatar
    change (human right, prosperous nepal)

    there was a time when mandalays used nepali dress to show themselves nationalist, when everyone knew all they want is to suck nepal…………………..today some opportunist madeshis netas are using the same formula and becoming somewhat successful…………………………….today corrupt madeshis ex-ministers, corrupt exjudge are considered as madeshi loyalist…..they are gonna suck blood of madeshis.

  14. himalove Avatar

    Peoples in revolution are only one enemy: its own gouvernment.

    Maobaadi are right to avoid to participate to such gouvernment; they`ll betraye their own militants and countrymen.

    Say `no to the place of prime minister` when the foreign et reactionnary elements of society ask you to become it is an hommage to the Revolution…


  15. Jyoti - Scotland Avatar
    Jyoti – Scotland


    This is the problem we all facing today, we think that “women” as an alternative. We nepali don’t understand that “a woman’ can’t be a solution for nepal. We still show a favor for a politician’s widow to act in the most important position for example- Bidya Bhandari etc…..,

    You can’t just make a woman prime minister, VP or P, just like that? Everything has a limit and politics has its limit too, its best not to play dozy game. We need to approve/ to give opportunity, to a such person who is fit in every aspect, as our Prime minister, VP or President.

    And remember that person doen’t have to be a “Man” or a “woman” it could be any one – a Man or a woman.

    I know that “Sancharica” had gathered people in a assembly on a topic about “women should be involved in politics” – which i find completely ridiculous. In other way, don’t you think that they are asking for position themselves? I also think that the women in nepal who are running NGOS are useless, don’t have foresight or plan for innovation of women but they just copying Western World on the issues like; property right, women’s right ..ect ect. which has a bad impact on women than good. But who cares, have they done any research on its impact ?

    I am sure, in near future, there will be a woman Prime minister, VP or President of Nepal.

  16. Krishna Dixit Avatar

    Which parties chose him to become VP? Does this ‘Hindi thing” reflect to them as well?

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