Ram Baran Yadav is the First President of Republic Nepal

Dr Ram Baran Yadav, Nepali Congress General Secretary, has been elected the first President of the republic of Nepal in the presidential run-off held today in the Constituent Assembly. Yadav, backed by a coalition of NC, UML, MPRF and other fringe parties the CA, got 308 votes-almost a dozen more than needed for the simple majority- while his rival Ram Raja Prasad Singh, who was considered the Maoist candidate for the presidency, ended up with 282 votes. 590 out of 594 lawmakers had cast their votes in the president poll run-off that kicked off at around 8 and ended at around 11 this morning, according to the Election Commissioner’s office.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Jianchao answers question relating to Nepal: On July 22, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Jianchao answered one question regarding to the election of President and Vice President of Nepal. His answer is as follows:

We have noticed that the Constituent Assembly of Nepal has elected the first President and Vice President in history, and the Chinese side is happy to this and expresses its congratulations to the newly elected President Mr. Ram Yadav and Vice President Mr. Paramananda Jha. China, as good neighbor, good friend and good partner of Nepal, sincerely hopes that the peace process of Nepal could keep going ahead, and Nepal could realize political stability, economic development and ethnic unity as well.

July 22, 2008
U.S. Congratulates CA and the People of Nepal on Election of a President: The United States congratulates the members of the Constituent Assembly and the people of Nepal on the successful election of a President, Dr. Ram Baran Yadav. With a President, and a Vice President, duly elected, the Constituent Assembly can now undertake the next essential steps in the formation of a new government to provide the services and security the people deserve, and to begin the simultaneous work of drafting a new constitution.

Local European Union Heads of Mission congratulates newly elected President of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal: European Union Heads of Mission in Kathmandu warmly congratulates the first President of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, on his election on 21st July 2008, Right Honourable Dr Ram Varan YADAV. This is a historic day. It is a decisive moment the democratic process and building the stable, prosperous future that the people of Nepal justly deserve. The European Union assures the people of Nepal of their continuing support, to help them secure peace, democracy and development.

The re-election was held as none of the candidates reached the magic number, 298, in the first round of election of President on Saturday (19 July). MPRF candaite Parmananda Jha was elected vice president on that day. Supporters of NC candidate Dr Yadav had gathered at the Constituent Assembly hall in New Baneshwor in the capital to celebrate his victory.

National People’s Front Nepal, Nepal Workers and Peasants Party, CPN-United and Chure Bhawar Rastriya Ekata Party who had previously boycotted the Saturday’s election to pick the president and vice president participated in today’s poll. Rastriya Prajatantra Party-Nepal, who has four CA members, refrained from the poll run-off today as well. Dr Yadav had received 283 out of total 573 votes cast while Singh gained 270 votes.

The chances of NC candidate Dr Yadav’s victory had gotten stronger after different fringe parties expressed their support for him. CPN-UML and Madhesi People’s Rights Forum (MPRF) maintained their positions favouring Dr Yadav, while the National People’s Front Nepal (NPFN) and the Nepal Workers and Peasants Party (NWPP) who had previously boycotted Saturday’s election also voted the NC presidential candidate. Likewise, the Chure Bhawar Rastriya Ekata Party, Loktatrik Samajwadi Dal and Nepal Pariwar Dal who have one member each in the CA have supported him. Even the two independent CA members had announced to vote in favour of Dr Yadav. Similarly, CPN-ML, Rastriya Prajatantra Party, CPN-United and Rastriya Janashakti Party who have nine, eight, five and three members respectively in the CA expressed solidarity to NC candidate Dr Yadav. Amik Sherchan of People’s Front Nepal and Shyam Sundar Gupta of Nepal Sadbhawana Party-Anandidevi have also announced to vote for Dr Yadav.

On the other hand, Maoist candidate Singh has the support of 226 Maoist lawmakers, 21 Terai-Madhes Democratic Party, nine Sadbhawana Party, two Sadbhwana Party-Anandidevi, seven People’s Front Nepal, two Nepal Janta Dal and one Dalit Janajati Party lawmaker.





166 responses to “Ram Baran Yadav is the First President of Republic Nepal”

  1. Tori Maikey Saar Avatar
    Tori Maikey Saar

    rey saar arunwa, aibgeli na aukaat par rey? pahadiya hoikey natak karaichheli rey saar.

  2. arun Avatar

    again congrats to RB yadav
    no forgiveness to any pahade who speaks against the madhesi community people, culture, language.

  3. Jiwan Avatar


    Enough of pahadi vs madhesi debate. Nepal belongs to everyone residing within its geographical boundary.

  4. arun Avatar

    rey saar, madhar chooooooood

    hum madhesiya chhi. u r real bastard. u dont have yr name. oh sorry! yr name is Tori Maikey Saar,
    nice name! keep on ! dont change Tori Maikey Saar,

  5. prabin Avatar

    Pramananda Jha’s taking oath of office in Hindi is very objectionable because if some MP of Gurung or Sherpa communities demand to take oath of office in their Gurung or Sherpa language then we must allow them to take oath in their languages, and that will create chaos.

  6. the indigenous Avatar
    the indigenous

    gyagar katta yakpase chappundopa. chu kache yhangla namsa, tam, ghle, saa, jamman chasi jhinchi. Chu khyank-bahun gyagar katta yhyanla namsa namsa se kansi ri lakhep lasi pittola.

    Got it what i was saying? It’s just the beginning. If the Dhoti is allowed to swore in dhoti language, then the groups should alos be allowed to speak in their own language at the CA meetings. Then it will be fun to see how grave a mistake it was to the dhoti language in national media.

  7. Shiva Avatar

    Dr. Ram Baran Yadav is a true son of Nepal, whereas Paramanda Jha, One of the most corrupt judges of Nepal, is a person who does not seem to have any respect for Nepal. Yo sati le sarape ko desh ho.

  8. tilak Avatar

    I hope Paramanda Jha will be impeached before long for his involvement in the big corruption scandal.

  9. ankit Avatar

    mukesh jha…..
    show ur bravery………
    u know u people’s bravery……
    it is disguisting to have a bihari to be the president of vice president………show on comming saturday during the first public appreance it is necessary to assacinate the blody bastard so called president

  10. ankit Avatar

    mukesh jha…..
    show ur bravery………
    we know u people’s bravery……
    it is disguisting to have a bihari to be the president of vice president………show on comming saturday during the first public appreance it is necessary to assacinate the blody bastard so called president

  11. yeti Avatar

    The bloody corrupt dhoti taking oath in hindi! Thats great. Congratulations to the bloody netas for selling their asses for a lousy chair. I wonder when the lathuwa gorkhes will come to their senses and chop off all the netas heads.

  12. Mukesh Jha Avatar
    Mukesh Jha

    Our VP took oath in Hindi, because for long time you PAHADE are saying him DHOTI, and still you are continuing it.
    This is just begining , near future you will see what will happen.
    Thanks Parmanand Jha, You made a history in PAHADE RAJYA.

  13. top brash Avatar
    top brash

    madhar chod Tori Maikey Saar!
    rai saar! tu ta pahadiya janmal chhi.sale tohar maa road kaat ke sadak me hotal kholne chhaelau .aa pahadiya truck driver ke lund se niklal chhi tu sala pahadiya bhasha bolirahal chhi.aakhir baap ta pahadiya chhiyau.
    saale, tora madhesh ma rahai ke lel ali,arun,mukesh aur hamra jaisan madhesiya se gand maraba padtou.got that basstard!

  14. Mukesh Jha Avatar
    Mukesh Jha

    Ankit and Yeti,
    Just listen one word, If anyone of you raise your finger against madhesh or madhehshis, your head will be chopped.

  15. top brash Avatar
    top brash

    that’s spirit,mukesh!
    keep it on! we are with you.ffuucckk the pahadiyas out here.some pahadiyas know maithili and pretend to be madheshi.just finish these bastards out from madhesh………..

  16. arun Avatar

    By taking oath in Hindi, Parmanand Jha has challanged you all PAHADES, do what ever you can do.

  17. SPS Avatar

    thanks to,
    mukesh, top brash ,arun n prabin
    saar! pahidiya sab ke topi sambhale ke fursad na hotai ab. gazab ke example deliayi Top brash! ab yi pahidiya sab ke eke go kaam raha gelai tourch light leke videsh me bhuke ke’ jagte raho’…..

  18. santosh Avatar

    dear, Tori Maikey saa!

    wah! kati ramro naam rakhe timro bau aama le, tara mero auta sallah cha timi lai timro naam pachhadi saar hatai diye kati sajilo hunthyo bhanna lai tori maikey……..jasle pani tori maikey ???????????

  19. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    On taking oath in Hindi, one of my Indian friend said this: He is a bloody bastard, why don’t you guys kick his ass across the border.

  20. Junge Avatar

    Son of indian born immigrants from the plains seem to be high after their maternal uncle rakesh sood started pumping air in their arse. Feeling good and empowered from air ha…

  21. Thinle Avatar

    K K naam rakchhaaa yo marsyaa haru?

    Top brash rey…katako top brash….marsya ta TOP TRASH

  22. robin yadav (USA) Avatar
    robin yadav (USA)

    congrats uncle

  23. Jyoti - Scotland Avatar
    Jyoti – Scotland

    How about changing/replacing VP-Mr P Jha?

    What a shame!…..oath in Hindi? I’m not aware that oath can be taken in a foreign language. I think, our Netas don’t care about Nepalese people at all. Even in Indians MPs don’t take Oath in Hindi language instead they take in English. I think Mr Jha is using our country’s democracy by showing his disrespect for Nepal and People of Nepal.

    Even Sonia Gandhi is not allowed to be a president or a prime minister for India even though she speaks Hindi and is Hindu just because The Indians thinks she is not a Indian and won’t tolerate millions of people of India govern by a foreigner. So why Nepal should tolerate this, why anyone could not condemn or stop him there and then as soon as they heard him?

    I think too much freedom among Nepali politics now. I suggest, Nepali language should be made mandatory from now on. If anyone wants to speaks in hindi then they should be dismissed (they can speak Hindi in their House)

    Even Britain, foreigner need to learn “Britishness” that means its language, culture and its beliefs. shouldn’t our leaders learn about Nepali values, culture and its beliefs?

    Mr JHA not only use Indian Language but he was wearing DHOTI and there was no ‘Bhatgaule Topi” We have every right to ask our Netas about their Patriotism. Mr Jha seems so against Nepali values by wearing Indian Dhoti.

    Even, South Indian speak Hindi language…..oh my god, how an earth he used that language in heart of our place?

    I also suggest that Media should be allowed to ask questions or Media should ask question to Mr Jha about his action???

  24. Jyoti - Scotland Avatar
    Jyoti – Scotland

    Arun and Mukesh

    Mr Jha didn’t challenged but he shows his cowardliness and stupidity. After all you are living in our soil that means Nepal is providing you food and shelter. Not only that most importantly we are providing you citizenships.

    Can Arun and Mukesh tell me that – Does India provides you any of these? It doesn’t matter how you humiliate Nepal. Live in the real world.

    I don’t think Indians recognize you as Indian if you go in Indian, you will live as minority. Let me make you clear “You are a huge Burden of Nepal”. You don’t recognize a Diamond from a Stone! So how can measure the value of Nepal?

  25. Rolpali Avatar


    The likes of Mukesh, arun, and Ali are half indians. Their maternal uncle’s home is in India. Basically, they are half indian, for whom, nepali nationality, is of no value. They go to school in neighboring bihar and UP, become professionals through indian embassy quota, marry bihari chicks, and take dowry in Indian rupees. If the dowry is not up to their likings, we all know what they do with brides.

    In other words, they were never true nepali to begin with. What do you expect from them? Let astray dogs bark!

  26. Mukesh Jha Avatar
    Mukesh Jha

    Do you know one thing??
    Even VP Paramanand Jha were took oath in Nepali, wear Daura Suruwal and Dhaka or Bhadgaule Topi, h e would still BHAIYA, MADISHE, INDIAN, DHOTI.
    Your language would Never change, so he did that.
    Dhoti is not INDIAN Dress, If you Know about MITHILA(a place which is now both in India and Nepal), It belongs to there.
    The Next,if A Pahade CLOTH can be national Cloth why Madheshi cloth or Maithil clothes can not be national cloth???
    Everything is changing, National ANTHEM, Name of Army, Airways, Name of Police etc, then why madheshi can not free to speak Hindi and wear Dhoti???
    You Pahade people made us this,we Love Nepal Not less than you , but your attitude made us this and we just love Madhesh and Madheshi, We Just hate you bastard !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. xyz Avatar

    Mukesh Jha:

    Keep your citizenship certificate safely because some day we will check your citizenship to figure out whether you are a true terai bashi or someone who just crossed the southern border in order to get the Nepali citizenship illegally. By the way, Is Charesananda Jha (Paramanda is a convicted criminal in hasis scandal) your Uncle?

  28. Mukesh Jha Avatar
    Mukesh Jha

    You are still Nameless, it seems you are something like exmaple, x.y,z………..
    I don’t know who is Paramanand Jha, but if you can say him charesanand Jha, there will be so many names can be formed for you pahades.

  29. Ramavatar Yadav Avatar
    Ramavatar Yadav

    Mukesh Jha:

    How is your life in the US?

  30. Kapil Avatar

    Mukesh Jha,

    You need to understand why not a single person speaks against Dr. Ram Baran Yadav but hundreds of people have already spoken against Paramanda Jha. Because Paramanda Jha is a corrupt judge convicted by the judicial councial for releasing a notorious drug smuggler in exchange of hefty amount of bribe. That is why he is called charesananda Jha. He was also demoted from the the post of temporary judge of the supreme court to the appleate court judge of Biratnagar.

  31. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    Jyoti – Scotland, on July 24th, 2008 at 4:46 am Said:

    “Even, South Indian speak Hindi language…..oh my god, how an earth he used that language in heart of our place”

    South Indians do not speak Hindi. They don’t even watch Bollywood Movies. They think Hindi is the Bihari language. Since you are in Scotland you must have noticed that when one Indian meets another Indian they always speak English.
    Now back to the VP Jha issue. This is not a minor problem. He could have taken oath in Maithili to respect one of the languages of Nepal. In Hindi? This is outright criminal. CA members should recall and revote another suitable person for the VP position.

  32. Sarki ko choro Avatar
    Sarki ko choro

    This is the basic difference between the patriotic King who for the sake of the national reconciliation relinquished his power with a smile on his face.

    Yet these Indian agents like Jha take oath in hindi to further hurt the Nepalese pride.

    We know who are true sons of this country and who are the traitors. Make no mistake.

  33. unknow Avatar

    Keep fighting pahadi vs madeshi… Who ever remains at the last, will deserve to be a winner.

  34. Gremon Avatar

    Parmananda Jha is not only pro-Indian, he is also anti-Nepali. The problem lies in his being pro-Indian, not his corrupt past because all politicians are corrupt by nature. This is a guy who takes oath in the language of a foreign country. Which ethnic group’s mother tongue is Hindi in Nepal? I would not have problem if he had taken oath of office in Maithali or Bhojpuri or Tharu language. But Hindi? Are you kidding me? There has to be a constitutional provision to prohibit from using any language other than ethnic.
    I blame largely Maoists and other political parties for allowing this pro-Indian and anti-Nepali act to happen.

  35. Gremon Avatar

    Mukesh Jha,
    Read my post above. It is meant for you, too.
    Just to let you know, I support Federalism, Madhesi languages and Madhesi cultures just like other ethnic cultures and languages.

  36. top brash Avatar
    top brash

    you also need to understand why madheshi are organized against pahadias?had you pahadias shown respect towards madheshis in early days,the situation would have been entirely different.think twice before argue…..

  37. top brash Avatar
    top brash

    xyz bastard!
    try to limit yourself within pahadi areas.if we saw you in madhesh anyday,that will be your last day in your life.got it?

  38. ankit Avatar

    mukesh jha
    who will be chopped u know better…..u the sons of coward u all needed to be massacared for the shake of prosporous nepal….chopping is done by khukuri tat is with us not with u son of coward….when the strength of pahad comes so called madesh will flood with blood of u people……….

  39. ankit Avatar

    in nepal there is no place called madesh by the way….it is in UP india….and we have conquered lucknow for british a century ago…..if its needed we can do it again…so beware tat we are still calm…………

  40. ankit Avatar

    if mukesh jha further bark through his comments then he is not son of one father …………….

  41. Mukesh Jha Avatar
    Mukesh Jha

    re madher chod administrator, maile lekheko kina awaiting ma rakhchhas???? kina delete garchhas???

  42. ankit Avatar

    if mukesh jha further barks through his comments then he is not son of one father…………………………so when u post next comment accept it ok and give the number of ur fathers…………….and many of them surely will be of india

  43. Mukesh Jha Avatar
    Mukesh Jha

    we are brother ankit, if I have many fathers so do your,

  44. ankit Avatar

    mukesh jha has accepted he is not son of one father………..so now we kno who is he

  45. kisan Avatar

    It’s a great day for all Nepalese.. Finally our president is elected.. I appreciate and congratulate Dr. Yadav presidentship.. BUT our VP Mr. Jha.. it’s miserable..

  46. good news Avatar

    good news for indian maoists to not try going for power? keep it all nice.
    But nepal betrays its elections and this is not a good karma somehow the election result should have been translated in a representative as much as all hate it…

  47. top brash Avatar
    top brash

    oyi saale ankit maachhiknne!
    ta saale madheshi ko nati,baau ko birta khojchhas madhesh ma?

  48. ankit Avatar

    how can we be brother…………..we are not………….u r indian madhesi i m not….i am pahadi so accept that pahadi have won then u may be right otherwise …..so don’t just argue for arguments…………..u have lose so just shut up and don’t expose ur brain filled with shit in the public

  49. ankit Avatar

    tyo tarai chaudhari, dhimal, tharu haru ko ho not of madhesi

  50. ankit Avatar

    top brash taile tero bauko naam kina mero naam pachadi jode ko…………tero amalai maile chikeko chaina

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