Who Wants to Disintegrate Nepal?

Is This the Beginning of the End?

By Krishna Giri

The demand of ‘Madhesh Ek Pradesh’ is the most unpatriotic, unethical, immoral, bias and hypocritical act by any political force in history of Nepal. People from certain regions are neither calling themselves Nepali nor speaking their mother tongues and are enraged by the term Nepal. Most of them have adopted ‘Hindi’ as their official language raising apprehension about their credibility as well as their loyalty to ‘Maithili’ and ‘Bhojpuri’. Their secret meetings with Indian diplomats and official disgust slogans against ‘Pahade’ people have provoked and damaged unimaginable social harmony amongst Nepali people. The accents of ‘Tharus’ and ‘Chure Bhaware’ may sound little sympathetic but they too are standing for ethnicity based autonomy and many more communities are going to follow the suit. These voices of ethnic and racial based autonomy are the biggest and unprecedented threats to the national unity and sovereignty of Nepal. The most fearful question at this time is: Is this the beginning of the end to disintegrate Nepal?

Whether we interpret the modern Nepal as the expansion of Gurkha or the unification of tiny states by Prithivi Narayan, the entity is the same. During the expansion and during the protection of national boundaries, Nepali demonstrated their ferocious bravery. Technologically isolated but culturally enriched Nepal was gradually opened to the western world after the fall of colonisation. Through out the Nepal’s history, Nepali are univocal on nationality, integrity and sovereignty. It is only in the recent past that some stooges have started to play the politics of race, skin, language, and ethnic background. Have they learned these lessons from Sri Lanka, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Rwanda, Kosovo, Albania, or Bhutan? Who is the ideological ‘Guru’ for these cowards? Can they find any history in the world where it has worked? I got a simple retort; if you are not a Nepali, you do not belong to this land.

Prithivi Narayan had quoted 250 years ago as, “Nepal Char Jaat Chattis Barna ko Sajha Phulbari ho”. Nepal was and is home to multi lingual, multi ethnic, multi racial, multi cultural people. The most dominant ethnic groups are: Sherpa, Dolpa People, Larke and Siar People, Manang Bas, Lo Pas of Mustang, Olangchung People, Brahmin, Chhetris, Kirats, Newars, Tamangs, Magars, Gurungs, Thakalis, Brahman and Rajputs, Tharus, Rajbansis, Satars, Musalmans, etc. These people never had any problems in terms of their coexistence and in their nationality. But in the recent past, things have changed radically. Are these voices coming from Nepali people? Unjustified ultimatums, gruesome murders, abductions and forceful displacements of Pahade background people are not simply voices for autonomy. Burning Nepali flags, planned attacks against marginal ethnic groups, waging armed separatist movement, forceful demands for advantageous rights; are simply unpatriotic proceeds. I not only believe that south block’s interest is involved but also significant number of thugs guided by south’s interest have infiltrated in these uprisings. This saga began when Maoists started to teach lessons of ethnic based division and autonomy to spread cheap propaganda and to gain popularity. Ethnicity based federalism should never be declared and it will never work for Nepal.

Nepali people are known to the world by various synonyms such as Gurkhas, Sherpas, Bahadur etc. It all depends where and what industry they are in. But, ultimately they are all Nepali and to this date, all are proud of what they are. With the abolishment of monarchy, parties have also dumped the policies of social harmony, unity, integrity, esteem and sovereignty. The games of division, disrespect, disloyal and dishonour were never seen in Nepali politics before. As a common citizen, every body should have been concerned about the welfare of this country. But instead, few people are demanding autonomy of the whole economic hub of the nation, because they look different from most Nepali. They want to disadvantage other fellow citizens because they do not look like them. And they asking to leave their territory who look different. What kind of democracy and autonomy these people demanding for? All whites are not American and all blacks are not Zimbabwean. Having olive skin doesn’t mean one is Indian and calling themselves madhesi doesn’t mean they are not Nepali. The reality is they are Nepali and they must accept that and they must be loyal to this country and be committed for the wellbeing of this nation as a whole. Do not play the dirty politics of disintegration. South part influenced by India and the north part influenced by China will not make any one victorious, but in fact that will turn Nepal into another Kashmir, a disgusting territorial dispute between two brothers in the name of religion.

After decades of strategic failures in planning, development, and foreign policy, leaders are still tyring to master in puppetry. Every single day, the country is going backwards, however, the leaders are pretending in such a way that they doing something big this time. We see the same faces, which have enjoyed the spending spree of national treasury, going round and round selling different promises. I can not simply believe if these leaders have any spirits at all. I don’t think it is expected in competitive democracy to be in parliament or ministries after failing to gain popular votes. Some bloke is still dreaming of becoming the first president who failed to gain popular votes not just from one but two constituencies. One day a leader is labelled ‘royalist’ or ‘mandale’ and the other day once s/he changes the party, s/he becomes national hero. This all happens only in Nepal. How bizarre?

Leaders are working to develop a ‘khichadi’ democracy. They want to get bits and pieces of democracy from round the world and mix it together to write the innovative constitution in new Nepal. A mixed bag of capitalism, socialism, communism and fascism. A mixed bag of divided, abhorrence, irrational, primitive, pathetic, anarchic society. A mixed bag of ethnic, tribal, religion, lingo based autonomy. A mixed bag of criminals, corrupted, disloyal, deserted, conspirator leaders. And of course, the new party, which marched thro 15000 corpses to establish a communist state but turned capitalist overnight, as a new force to rule the country. And why forget the faction of that same party who abandoned communism but started a disintegration campaign in the name of autonomy. The country is at halt to divide the power. Five leaders in a closed door can decide any thing, anything, about you, me and the nation. I can not whiff any form of democracy in the governance. I have enough scepticism about the CA assembly and its functioning and power. I hope it will not be like former Rastriya Panchayat or current UN Assembly, where most of the members are no more than idle observers. The CA members must wake up now and stop this Madhesi model of federalism and come together for regional and geography based federalism. Time has come to save the nation, not the party.

Krishna Giri
Canberra, Australia






165 responses to “Who Wants to Disintegrate Nepal?”

  1. bipin chaudhary Avatar
    bipin chaudhary

    Ta mujhi jha le khojeko keho?

  2. Mukesh Jha Avatar
    Mukesh Jha

    bipin chaudhary,
    Aru ke khojnu maile, self ruling autonomous madhesh khojeko. Thats all !!!!!!

  3. bipin chaudhary Avatar
    bipin chaudhary

    sarai batho madhesi paris!! paila autonomous ani tes pachhi bharat ma milaune plan yo kasle nabujhe ko ho ra. tesai le ta bhanchan ” mareko madhese le jundo nepali lai thagchha”

  4. bipin chaudhary Avatar
    bipin chaudhary

    Mukesh jha:

    sarai batho madhesi paris!! paila autonomous ani tes pachhi bharat ma milaune plan yo kasle nabujhe ko ho ra. tesai le ta bhanchan ” mareko madhese le jundo nepali lai thagchha”

  5. Mukesh Jha Avatar
    Mukesh Jha

    kina ho Bipin, dimag thik chha ki chhaina, jahile pani same question?

  6. peanuts Avatar

    jobs are in the streets nepal is the best county in the world you all have negative blurred vision.
    I think some gold diggers got attached to the money trees in Europe but that is over no jobs in Europe banks are collapsing.
    you can become homeless illegal in Africa or make the best of saturday, clean toilets in the republic.

  7. Manish Avatar

    hijo bharkhar Nepal chhireko haru le chai purai Terai ma rule garne . Ani 1000s of year dekhi baseko tharu haru le chai `kera`
    herera basne. Kasto laaj pacheko kura gareko` Indian aprabasi` haru le.

  8. Manish Avatar

    I am a pahade living in terai for 6-7 generations even I dont know where in pahad is my origin. What I say is tharu are the real son on terai and it is their by birt right to rule their land.

  9. Baby Game Naive Bias Avatar

    you are right, whole Tarai is belongs to the Tharu according to the pre-history or history of Nepal…I know even little about this history as im not pahade, not Madeshi, not Tharu. im just a citizen

  10. arun Avatar

    ta all pahade
    des ko laagi kam lagnae chhainas. din gayo temo haru ko.

  11. top brash Avatar
    top brash

    aba ko 2-3 saal ma tero chak ma hami madheshi le kasera laat hanchhau.ani bhagera timi jata pugchhai,tyahi nai timro pahad ho,timro baaje tyahi bata madhesh jhareko thiyo.got that senseless bastard!!

  12. Pankaj Avatar

    oops, did I come in to the right forum? Is writing and reading the profonound language used in the blog between “Pahadey”, “Madhesis” and the “Tharus” is all that is being done here? Does anyone think before writing such harsh words?

    I can see that all those who are blogging here are educated and have all come from respectful heritage. If we are all concerned about Nepal, let us first try to do that by showing the level of respect each one of us deserves. Based on your individual comments minus the abusive language, I understand that :

    The country is not something only the Pahadeys should control; It is not only this sub-genre that is responsible for the well being of this nation.

    Just because there were atrocities in the past against the Madhesis (especially in places like Kathmandu or getting into certain services like the army), it does not mean it would continue in the future. We (the whole country) is responsible to ensure that it does not happen again ev er. It is not only the voice of the majority that should be heard, the voices and concerns of the minorities also play a pivotal role in defining our country.

    Just because the Tharus came to the terai region before the other people including the madhesis, it does not mean that the terai region belongs to them only. The same goes to the people who call themselves “madhesis” and have grievances against the “Pahadeys”, or to people of other ethinicity.

    To those who think that Nepal does not need a federal system, i think it is not for you to decide only. I specifically used the term “only” because everybody gets to vote on what sort of system we’re looking in the future. How can a certain sub-genre analyze and say that the country is heading to civil war? The continuos comments on the probabilty of a civil war would be the single important deciding factor if the country does go to a civil war.

    The very comments on civil war are highlighting this issue, making every citizen in thier individual sub genres be critical, suspicious, fearful and abusive of others.

    To those who feel the need for a separate state or federal system, there is a degree of economic robustness that has to be met before making such a critical socio-political decision. Those who understand economy and also to those who don’t, every environment is controlled by different forces.

    Historically, the call for federal system has always been defined by socio-political reasons, and economic factors were never considered. However, we can learn from the experience of other nations making a concesus decsion while at the same time not undermine the economic viability and most importantly, the political intrigrity as well as the soverignity of Nepal.

    I am not a supporter nor a critic of any political party or system, including the erstwhile monarchy system of Nepal. But if it is anyone who feels a sense of loss, it must be Gyanendra Shah and his hiers. However, the greatest sense of satisfaction I get out this turmoil is that Paras will never be the king of this country. Much to my general philosophy of not taking an opinion, I have always been critical of a person who could kill the very people he or his clan were responsible to protect.

    Surely our President Dr Yadav call to integrate our country irrespective of different socio-ethinic background is one we must all heed.

  13. Deepesh Avatar

    Again same Pahade and Madhise shit. Guys please make me understand what these words mean?????

    Instead why cant it be Nepali, why cant it be Nepal.

  14. falooda Avatar

    This pahadi people should be killed,punished and should be kicked out .

  15. falooda Avatar

    Tharu people were also migrated from India to Nepal’s terai plains during the Muslim invasion.thus, they are also madhise

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