खस क्षत्री–बाहुनको बकपत्र

रघु मैनाली कुरा नयाँ होइन तर सान्दर्भिक भयो । त्यसैले केही लेख्नु जरुरी ठानेँ । म लिंग, नश्ल, वर्ण र रंगका आधारमा समाज र राज्यको परिभाषा खोज्ने प्राचीन मानव चेतनाको पक्षधर होइन । वर्तमानका मेरा सर्वजाति अभिभावक, संगी र भावी सन्ततिहरूबीच परस्पर घृणा फैलाउने र बदलाको भावना सिर्जना गर्ने कुरा म सोच्नसम्म पनि सक्तिनँ । तसर्थ, मेरै विगत र सन्निकटContinue reading “खस क्षत्री–बाहुनको बकपत्र”

Intellectual Poverty

By Darshan Karki, after attending the David Seddon lecture last week There is a distinct pattern to the workshops, public discussion and lecture series that take place in Kathmandu. Firstly there is the speaker or pundit or whatever name they are called by. They are supposed to have mastered the issue in question. In mostContinue reading “Intellectual Poverty”

Who Wants to Disintegrate Nepal?

Is This the Beginning of the End? By Krishna Giri The demand of ‘Madhesh Ek Pradesh’ is the most unpatriotic, unethical, immoral, bias and hypocritical act by any political force in history of Nepal. People from certain regions are neither calling themselves Nepali nor speaking their mother tongues and are enraged by the term Nepal.Continue reading “Who Wants to Disintegrate Nepal?”