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Who Wants to Disintegrate Nepal?

Is This the Beginning of the End?

By Krishna Giri

The demand of ‘Madhesh Ek Pradesh’ is the most unpatriotic, unethical, immoral, bias and hypocritical act by any political force in history of Nepal. People from certain regions are neither calling themselves Nepali nor speaking their mother tongues and are enraged by the term Nepal. Most of them have adopted ‘Hindi’ as their official language raising apprehension about their credibility as well as their loyalty to ‘Maithili’ and ‘Bhojpuri’. Their secret meetings with Indian diplomats and official disgust slogans against ‘Pahade’ people have provoked and damaged unimaginable social harmony amongst Nepali people. The accents of ‘Tharus’ and ‘Chure Bhaware’ may sound little sympathetic but they too are standing for ethnicity based autonomy and many more communities are going to follow the suit. These voices of ethnic and racial based autonomy are the biggest and unprecedented threats to the national unity and sovereignty of Nepal. The most fearful question at this time is: Is this the beginning of the end to disintegrate Nepal? Continue reading Who Wants to Disintegrate Nepal?