On the National Flag of Nepal

Some Nepali people think the current national flag of Nepal, triangular and only such in the world, needs to be changed while others think it’s unique and it’s okay. UWB received an article by Prakash Bom about the necessity of the new flag and a photo of “a model flag for the People’s Republic of Nepal” from Shree Shrestha.

I wish the Nepali leaderships had spoken about the need of a new national flag for a new democratic Nepal before the elections of the constituent assembly. I dream of a national flag of the peaceful stars on the horizon of the summit of Sagarmatha (Mt. Everest) for new democratic Nepal. The number of peaceful stars will get derived from the restructuring of the state under the Federal Democratic government system.

First of all the people did not choose the current national flag, but accepted for granted as given by the feudal oligarchic regimes to lay the Hindu patriotic values. Many of us are caught up with its unique shape without realizing its connotations with the Hindu nationalism that sustains on the royalist values.

We have decided to change the national anthem (article on English). We have suspended the monarchy. We are about to print our national currency with the pillar of national glory – the Sagarmatha. It is time for new democratic Nepal to think over changing the national flag that can symbolize our true nationalism and the value.

Our nationalism rises up to the pinnacle of the Mount Everest and our national values and pride reach to the glory of Buddha, Ansubarma, Bhirkuti and Arniko. That is how Nepal has been recognized and appreciated in the world. On the glory of our true nationalism and pride we have to begin building our new prosperous democratic Nepal.

Our new democratic national flag must be able to embrace our diverse ethnicity, culture, religions, gender, and inhabitance of different geographical regions with the promise to guarantee our civil liberty and human rights; with the federal democratic electoral system for governing our constituents by the elected representatives from each constituent residence. We must transcend all impediments to create a flag of the nation, which can unit us all to serve the nation.

Current national flag of Nepal:

National Flag of Nepal

The national flag of Nepal (left) is the only non-quadrangular national flag, and one of only two non-rectangular official jurisdictional flags in the world (the other is the flag of the American state of Ohio). The flag is a simplified combination of two single pennants that represent, for some, the mountains of Nepal while for others the Hindu flags. The flag was adopted, with the formation of a new constitutional government, on December 16, 1962. The individual pennants had been used for the last two centuries and the double pennant since the 19th century.

The blue border denotes peace and harmony that has been prevalent in the country since the age of Gautam Buddha, who was born in Nepal. The crimson color is Nepal’s national color, and it indicates the brave spirit of the Nepalese people. The structure of flag has been the topic of great discussions in recent times, especially in the Constituent Assembly, as Maoists have expressed their wish to change the flag saying the triangles denote that Nepal is a Hindu Country. For them, Sun (surya) and Moon (chandra) denote the ancient Hindu rulers Surya Gupta and Chandra Gupta. It has been clear in the past several months (in late 2009) that overwhelming majority of Nepali people support the current flag arguing that the triangles represent Nepal’s world famous mountains and Sun and Moon symbolize eternal Nepal. Indeed, a very very popular song says:

Rato ra chhandra surya jungi nishan hamro
Jiundo ragat sari yo baldo yo shaan hamro

Jaba samma chhandra surya aakash ma rahanchha
Taba samma hunchha aafnai rato ragat yo hamro

[The red flag, with Sun and Moon on it, is symbol of our pride that shines just like the blood that flows in us.]

It’s true that triangular flag has been a Hindu symbol of victory since the time of Ramayana and Mahabharata. The depiction of celestial bodies represents permanence, the hope that Nepal will last as long as the sun and the moon. The moon symbolizes that the Nepalese are soothing and calm, while the sun symbolizes fierce resolve.



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  1. Nepali Avatar

    Haina K Bhako Yo?
    Nepal Ma Pariwartan Kahile Aaula Bhanda Bhandai
    Pariwartan ta Aayo Tara Pariwartan BHaneko Ta Yesto Waiyat Kura Po. Bhairako Nepali Jhanda Lai Kina Fernu Paryo? Tehi Jhanda Thik Chha Ni.Ramro Ni Chha Aru desh ko Bhanda Farak Ni Chha. Ma Class 5 Ma Padha Malai Sir Bhannu Hunthyo Hamro Jhanda Jasto Aru Kunai Desh Ko Chaina Bhanera. Tara Aba Yo Ku Budhhi Harule Garda Aba Kehi Rahadaina Jasto Chha.

    Tara Yo Jhanda Change Garnu Parchha Bhanne Chai Ko Ho?
    Yo Ekdum Waiyat Idea Ho.
    Aba Jhanda Haina Yo Dharana Chai Ferau?
    Ki Kaso Saathi Ho?………………………………………………….

  2. Bob Avatar

    haha….this is why there will be no progress in Nepal. Most of you have your brains in your butt and obviously , the thought that comes out is…. : )

    Who’s talking anything about changing tradition? Hang on to it people. Chill. Changes take time….It took England 100 years of democracy to be what they are today. We just got ours.It will be a good few years before anything can happen but it will.

    If you’re not willing to let go of a wrong past, where’s the room for the new reality? I’m sure 99% of the people posting replies here don;t even know the story behind the current flag. People, time to get your facts right, do some research and understand what the flag represents and stop coming up with your own assumptions. I’m sure your opinion will change after you understand how the current flag turely

  3. Bob Avatar

    haha….this is why there will be no progress in Nepal. Most of you have your brains in your butt and obviously , the thought that comes out is…. : )

    Who’s talking anything about changing tradition? Hang on to it people. Chill. Changes take time….It took England 100 years of democracy to be what they are today. We just got ours.It will be a good few years before anything can happen but it will.

    If you’re not willing to let go of a wrong past, where’s the room for the new reality? I’m sure 99% of the people posting replies here don;t even know the story behind the current flag. People, time to get your facts right, do some research and understand what the flag represents and stop coming up with your own assumptions. I’m sure your opinion will change after you understand how the current flag truly came about.

    Time & tide waits for no man!

  4. matribhumi Avatar

    Ok Bob bro,
    Maybe you are the only living being in Nepal who doesnt have his brain in his butt and maybe you are the one who shall finally bring progress in Nepal, but I’d rather have my brain in my butt than think about bullshit changes when the country is crumbling from all sides.
    Now, you talk about the story of current flag uh? I respect your opinion because you speak for what you believe rather than making excuses such as relegious and other bullshits.
    Well, maybe some of those 99% know that the Nepali flag actually represented the two rival factions of Rana family and it was joined only later. But tell me the reason to change it???? Comeon bro, flag change bhayo bhandai ma history change hune ho ra?? Is the history going to forget Ranas if we change the flag?? Be it good or bad, our history is our heritage bro, we should preserve it. There are uncountable Nepalis who rise in pride when they see their flag, why try to ashame them all??? No bro, the flag should be intact.
    Now about the history and to all those who make relegion an excuse, here is something for you coz as BOB bro said, did some research…

    Many historians and local traditions say that a HINDU sage named “Ne” established himself at the valley of Kathmandu during prehistoric times and that the word “NEPAL” came into EXISTANCE as the place protected (“pala” in Sanskrit) by the sage “Ne”. The etymology of the name Nepal means, “the country looked after by Ne…(HINDU sage)”

    So this makes the name NEPAL derived from HINDU relegion, common now we are a PEOPLES REPUBLIC man…what are we waiting for… who needs a name derived from HINDU relegion when we are already secular…..LETS CHANGE THE NAME OF OUR COUNTRY!!!!!!!

  5. raccc Avatar

    nooooooo nooooooooonooooooooooooonooooooooooo
    need 2 change our national flag its our pride n unique than others countries
    for changing nepal we dont have 2 change our flag ,places name blablaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    neplese should change their attitude n way of thinking.
    now nepal is leading back in dhungey yuggg

  6. NO NAME Avatar

    yeah yeah, change kingdom of nepal to republic of nepal – thats ok, change the national song – humm ok thats ok as well.. but change the flag? are you idiotically insane? who ever suggested that idea is and by far will be the stupidiest person.. shame on you mr.shree shrestha.. you just proved how idiot you are by even thinking of the idea… so what next?? change the name of the country? change the national language?

  7. manish Avatar

    This is the stupidest idea. I say hell no to the change of our unique flag. The person who suggested this change needs to be sent to china trying to make our national flag like chinese flag. This person needs to be kicked out of our country.

  8. matribhumi Avatar

    where is my post??? mero reply khoi? hijo tiyo aaja chanina???

  9. matribhumi Avatar

    this is a very simple task…let the people vote…lets see who gets the most vote…for the change of flag or against the change of flag….then we shall know who is imposing what.

  10. "Lets save our matri bhumi" Avatar
    “Lets save our matri bhumi”

    hey lovely Nepalese just hold hand-to-hand and try not to change our national flag as all have already mention that this present flag is your pride so we must be against of changing the flag .so STOP changing our nationality……………if this happen than one day they will change our motherland “AAMAA NEPAL” so ………..what we will do we cant do anything at that time so awake them those who are dreaming to change our country……………….i just wanna say them that first think about changing your mother (who gave birth to you ) with another person and try to call him your father …………..and if u can do it than thing about changing our national pride.

  11. restart23 Avatar

    UWB has gonna mad. If u people has raised this issue 4 da purpose that pple will grab their attention towards this blog, thats fine . But if it serious matter, f*k u.
    As everyone has talked abt da change, monarchy to republic, national anthem- chakra paani to byaakul maailaa n so on…. about 50% of nepalese are on a such situation that these things do not bother them. What will be the effect of changing the national flag on people of karnaali or what have done the change of the system to the people of solukhumbu?…. we must do such things which is beneficial to the public. what is the problem with this flag? Is it that its totally unique, it has got triangles? or it has got sun n moon which hindu community worship?

    kulo ra kuro jata laagyo tyettai bagchha….

    what if i will say:
    the moon is the holy thing of muslim community. the sun is the representation of fire which i think all the community worship since fire changed the human civilization. the blue color represents the sky or the rivers of Nepal. red color represents the blood of the martyrs which gave Nepal freedom from ranas to shahs???????????

    So, instead of changing flag……

  12. happiness_seeker Avatar

    रातो र चन्द्र सुर्य
    जन्गि निशान हाम्रो
    जिउन्दो रगत सरि यो
    बल्दो य शान हाम्रो

  13. Neeraj Avatar

    Fuck u off Bob, here is what your wikipedia says about Nepali flag :”The crescent represents the royal house, and the sun denotes the Rana family, who were hereditary prime ministers until 1961.” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_of_Nepal)

    Every Nepali is aware that this is not true. The Ranas ruled only till 1951. The moon and the sun represent natural celestial objects. They are for all the people not only for the Royals or the Ranas.

    Your fucking view is wrong and your fucking reference wikipedia full of errors

    There is nothing wrong with our flag. We have no complain with our flag. Don’t misinterpret the symbols of our flag unless you want your arse to be kicked.

  14. nepal lover Avatar
    nepal lover

    let people vote its very simple ……….let the people vote done the big problem is gone…….done finished………….

  15. Truth Avatar


  16. my nepal...my pride Avatar
    my nepal…my pride

    i dont know where the hell is this stupid politicians takin our country too
    the only thing left with us was the flag and these ****ers are doin

  17. harey shiva Avatar
    harey shiva

    k bhako yo manche haru lai
    kaha purauna lagya ho
    eutai pride thyo in havin the unique flag in the world tyo pani change re
    dats too much
    i guess we all nepalese should stand up against this
    its really time for it nepalese ! ! ! ! !
    change is good but only if it is for the countrys benefit
    make the change to make nepal a better place to live in…….there r people dyin…if u care about the living…make a better NEPAL……
    dont u guys love Nepal?????

  18. Thuo Avatar

    Several years ago when I was in the Far Western region of Nepal from my work, I came across a name “Amitabh Bachchan Rana”. I asked the parent the rational behind naming their son after Amitabh Bachchan and they said that Amitabh Bachchan was their number 1 hero. No offence intended to Amitabh Bachchan Rana and his parents and I do recognize and respect their right to name their son whatever they want, but I thought and still do that it is extreme absurdity to copy what is famous and forget our own identity of being Nepali. And the idea of changing Nepal’s current flag which has for so long uniquely identified our country to the world and copying it from another country for no obvious reason is of equal absurdity.

  19. anushka Avatar

    Instead of thinking abt changing the national flag and the national anthem why dont the political leaders try to solve the problem of lodshedding……n moreover why r they thinking about setting aside the only pride of nepal..(OUR TRIANGULAR SHAPED NATIONAL FLAG) i dont know wat mor they r planning to someday they may come out saying lets sell mt. everest to china..????
    it is really a serious matter …now………..

  20. AJ Avatar

    Shree Shrestha, you are piece of sh**t, You don’t go changing things like that. Change your stupid attitude for God’s sake. We got rid of king cuz the present king wasn’t necessary and so with others.
    Try doing something worthwhile that will benefit the kingdom and the nepalese.

  21. ramesh cc Avatar
    ramesh cc

    Since when we got time to bring changes in flags n other unique features that has at least preserved our identity. Could we plz do some reforms rather than wasting time like this, The concept of changing flang of BOM is a complete f***king idea. We are one only one country with trigular shaped flag. If can change plz change the face of contry, eliminate poverty,if can’t what the f**k you doing over there.

  22. DK Avatar

    we dont want new flag. this flag is quite nice. We dont want the new one…….shree shrestha… you are the piece of crap….

  23. dlrabin Avatar

    Our flag is what we have felt as our own. We cant change feeling that way. Women in street may seem pretty then wife but is it good to change the wife. Because we dont have feelings. This guy who wrote isn’t a nepali, because he doesn’t have feeling for what we have as our treasure.

  24. Dilip Kumar Avatar
    Dilip Kumar

    This is stupidest idea ever seen. Evils are everywhere, beware.

  25. Dilip Kumar Avatar
    Dilip Kumar

    Yo bom ko ho tyo chain patta laun na yaar, terriorist ho jasto chha

  26. Mr Tee Avatar
    Mr Tee

    wat the crap!!! why all these stupid changes???
    why are you people after changing the cover? instead of changing the contents of the book…..all these times we’ve been hearing about construction of a new NEPAL which obviously is something soothing to our ear…we are sick and tired of poor administration, mishandling and mis-utilisation of resources, outlaw, unfairness, favouritism n nepotism, negligence etc reigning the nation for the ages. so basically everyone’s waiting for the change in system that would eliminate all those problems partially or fully(if possible) but u ppl on the other hand are after changing stupid things like national anthem, national flag, national calendar blah blah blah..wat a shame….i’ve never heard of a catastrophic problems caused by our old national anthem or hours of load shedding cos of our yearly calendar nor have i seen heaps of garbage in the streets of ktm due to the triangular shape of our flag…so wad u up to with these nonsense changes??????

  27. owen shrestha Avatar
    owen shrestha

    I totally disagree for new fucking flag concept ………, we love peace & united we stand. our flag is only da unique from all the flage in da word…….. instead of the they should do think to develop our country … bloody motherfucker ….still we are unable to solve the problem of load shedding here mother fuckers come to change the flag… muji haru kam pauna yesto yesto gardai bascha …..And the concept for new flags sucks…

  28. anand lohorung Avatar
    anand lohorung

    Lets change our mind instead…
    lets think about the peace and properity of our motherland
    But, lets not change the Flag..is that okay

  29. ISHAN Avatar

    Changing the flag doesn’t change the fact that our country is still in a position where the poor suffer and the rich live a luxurious life. It doesn’t change the number of people who are illiterate, who are dying due to diseases that can be cured easily. It doesn’t change the fact that the few well educated people that we have are leaving Nepal as they can’t find well paid jobs or jobs that are suitable for them. I can go on and on about the things that will not change even if we change the flag.
    They changed the national anthem what happened?… NOTHING…they’ll change the flag and still nothing will change… nothing positive that is…
    Man first change the things that happen in the country. Do positive things that make not only us the Nepalese people recognise it but also the world. Just look at our neighbouring countries. They are developing in a better country every day but us, “We in the same place”.

  30. Veraj Avatar

    Dherai dherai thanks Mr. Prachanda
    Timi ta change ko sutra dhar nai raichau ta ???? Bapre
    kaile pashupati ko bhatta change garne
    Dar dhak dhamki le aru ko voice change garne
    Sojha sajha gaule ko face ko roop rang chage garne
    ali ali khana paune lower class lai satayera kangal ma change garne
    Bikas ko bato ma bame sarna lageko ko Nepal lai gamet ma nai change garne
    Riti riwaj mani aayeka bichari bidhuwa lai jabar jasti suhaga ma change garne
    Aaphno budi lai raata rat samsad ma change garne
    ani kai na payera aba nepal ko jhanda change garne
    bhoru aaphai under wear lai cap ma change garaun bhanera bholi dekhi lagayera hidna parla jasto cha hai
    ani ta sachikai sansar le hami lai herna najar pani change grcha nai hoina ta PM ji
    Zone of Peace bata Zone of Pagal Politicians hahaha

  31. matribhumi Avatar

    Shree Shrestha wrote:
    ‘Ria, if you want live on symbolism, that’s okay. But the reality is our flag should represent our anger. Rising sun on the red is what we are and what we will become’
    Now here is a guy full of bullshit who wants our flag to represent our anger, instead of trying to relate it to peace….and what else? He proposes a new flag???bro…U may be an angry young man ….but u sure are one craped up individual

  32. Bhimsen Avatar

    Blog ma kura garna ta dherai sajilo cha!! Have anyone of us done anything about it or what ever is happening? Are we even bothered? Suddenly they have decided to change our flag, so everyone is flared up now…What about the fact how they have changed the whole fate of the country? What we were and what we are… Do we even spend a single second in a day thinking of this?? Yesterday it was national anthem , today the Flag, how can we be sure tomo it wont be our country’s name?? Who will hear us.. Is this democracy???

  33. Gyanu Avatar

    Naya desh banaune bhndai ma biswa ma bhayeko ek matra tyesto jhanda lai hatayera aru desh ko jasto sadharan jhanda banauna mildaina. Itihas bhaneko kehi ho. Aba Sagarmatha lai chain k garne bichar cha ni. tyeslai pani arkai roop dine ho ki. Alik bichar garera kadam chalnus….yasai gari naya desh bhandai man pari garna thalnu bhayo bhane tapai haru ko sasaan pani lamo tikcha jasto chain malai lagdaina.

  34. climate change is bad Avatar
    climate change is bad

    Marry only once keep only one roay house and resist all change.
    If we cannot get Nepal back as it was at least STOP destroying more.
    a year has 12 months not 11 eleven being number of krazy.
    nrn non residents nepalis, ex married to those, all trekking tourists all nepalese from americas, europe, India, DUbai, and so on will not have much in common but flag, calendar and year. So what you get selling kathaghs for more festivals. Inclusiveness, instead exclusiveness. But hey guess what this is the year tibetans did not celebrate losar. so public runs like an idiot after trendsetters. now nepal is isolated from the world not only electricity, many other factors. There are so many flags and countries Afghanistan also going down, did they change the flag=
    put a yak and yeti on it for happiness.

  35. prayer flag Avatar

    make it into a prayer flag the TIBETAN FLAG
    free tibet

  36. milan Avatar

    whoever is intending to change the flag of our country nepal…….you better change yourself……try to be better citizen…coz nothing is gonna happen just by changing the flag…….first ofall…..we should change our leaders…who is enjoying theri luxerious life..they have totally forgot what difficulties thay had faced…before coming to power……..the only thing that needs to be changed is all the poltical leaders……who si sucking the blood of the citizen…….who is keepin us in hallucination……i dont know why these people has ample time to think usless things…..i wish they could hav utilize the time for the betterment of our nation……

  37. milan Avatar

    dreamer…..prakash bom and shree shrestha……stop dreaming ………u better change ur mind u retard……..fucking communist….when the world is ….forgetting bout communism….these…idiots…prachanda and baburam…..where in hell they got this old crap ideas…of turning nepal into communist…and surprisngly they succeed….but we nepales ppl r too innocent..to know wats hiding behind the mask….actually thoses two fucker….baburam and prachanda…r none but the terrorist by themself…..killing innocent people and tellig them “Bir Sahed”….they did not loose any of their chldren……they did not loose their father or mother or wife…during the 10 yrs of jaanandolan…..its the innocent nepale ppl who died……now these bastards wants to hide their ..sin by calling the death as the bir sahed…..and now they r showing their true colour…..they hav forgotten their ..worst days in teh forest…now living a luxerious life……in the higly facilated…house….when the nepalese who fought for them….still homeless…..nothing to eat…..

    i wish only one wish…is that there should be another andoolan to overthrow that two ….fucker …baburam and prachanda…..

    jai nepal……

  38. eklabay Avatar

    The glorious flag should remain unchanged till the end of time.

  39. Rai Avatar

    I can’t Believe why on earth they have to change a flag on that COMMON Horrible Shape.
    We have such a unique Flag that Nobody has in the whole universe.And hello there nothing wrong with glowing Moon and rising sun on that flag!
    It defines Universe and the origin of the Human kind.
    If you bring dirty politics on this matter then this will be such a shame on Nepal and the Identity that Gorkha soldier has made in the world .Because of them atleast we are well treated in the world.
    Jai Gorkhas!!

  40. Rai Avatar

    And in that new horrible shape Flag I don’t see any message at all.Where is the Mount Everest ?

    Ha ha ha

  41. gyawali Avatar

    in this way we will loose all our identity……..most of the things are good for only nepali citizens but when foreign bodies ask the question why,,,, we have to answer with shame because they ask in such a way…………………as i think there is no need to change the national flag of nepal……..there is no any positive development in the country and i think the government in future will present nepal as a new nepal y changing many such things in which we feel glory………..but the nepal remains same……

  42. Rabin Avatar

    राष्ट्रिय गान

    सयौं थुँगा प्रचन्डको जुँगा तान्ने हामी नेपाली
    सार्वभौम भई फैलिएका YCL र माओवादी ।

    बन्द हड्ताल कोटी कोटी फोहोरको आँचल
    जो कोहि वादी आए पनि भारतकै दलाल ।

    कान्ति छैन शान्ति छैन अभावै छ केवल
    नेपालीपन बाँकि छैन नामको मात्रै नेपाल ।

    गुटवन्दी र फुटवन्दी छ समस्या छन् विशाल
    प्रतिगामि राष्ट्र हाम्रो कठै विचरा नेपाल !!!

  43. Yuri (Russia) Avatar
    Yuri (Russia)

    It’s need to add a dark blue border to the flag. Without border it like as Chinese,Vitnamese or Soviet flags.

  44. gorkhe Avatar

    i don’t think

  45. gorkhe Avatar

    i don’t think we need to change our flag and be like that of others, rectangle, red, with a 12 edged sun,,, i don’t think our current flag say we follow hinduism, there are lots of interpretation made for colors, shape, images. 2 or 3 reasons doesn’t make sense that we need to change the flag. we love our flag, its symbols make us proud, not only its unique but its our pride, i don’t think any reason at all to change it. rather propose some ideas to change nepal in better way, not new proposed falg…….

  46. Nepali Avatar

    Fuck all those idiot politicians who got these damn retarded ideas about changing our flag if they change it we will loose our uniqueness, and if they change it I would personally like to take care of them, even though i can’t i can see that all these corrupted politicians who talk about Nepal being a republic might not even know what it means to be a republic nation, ps… most of these politicians probably haven’t or have barely graduated from high school

  47. Roopraj Avatar

    Our Current flag is perfect. The red represents courage and bravery, the blue represents the peace, the triangle shape represents the religion and the moon and sun speaks our history. It states that our country was first ruled by chandra vanshi (Moon Dynasty), then by sura vanshi (Sun Dynasty). This is history which has already happened. So changing the flag is not going to change it.

  48. colours Avatar

    but it has to change, people have to cooperate maybe the double thing in the flag symbolizes the split between utopia and reality.
    Most countries have only 3 stripes of colours and same split.
    Or the vacuum symbolizes the people that evacuated after the fighting. I still think Baburam is a good and real person and bad governments better be fired look Chile the tsunami warning did not come so they fired the head of oceanic institute.
    Home Minister is no good. Baburam should be homeminister than the homeminister can do finances better.

  49. naked ape Avatar
    naked ape

    fucking idiots………. who the fuck cares about what the flag says……. does it really matter about changing the flag when our country is going downhill…. better leave it as it is and concentrate on something else.. change the politicians and do something about the pollution….. and communism is just another form of dictatorship…… no fuckin equality and freedom when thers a gun pointed at ur back………. its a fuckin joke whats happening and whats changing in our country

  50. BISHU Avatar


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