On the National Flag of Nepal

Some Nepali people think the current national flag of Nepal, triangular and only such in the world, needs to be changed while others think it’s unique and it’s okay. UWB received an article by Prakash Bom about the necessity of the new flag and a photo of “a model flag for the People’s Republic of Nepal” from Shree Shrestha.

I wish the Nepali leaderships had spoken about the need of a new national flag for a new democratic Nepal before the elections of the constituent assembly. I dream of a national flag of the peaceful stars on the horizon of the summit of Sagarmatha (Mt. Everest) for new democratic Nepal. The number of peaceful stars will get derived from the restructuring of the state under the Federal Democratic government system.

First of all the people did not choose the current national flag, but accepted for granted as given by the feudal oligarchic regimes to lay the Hindu patriotic values. Many of us are caught up with its unique shape without realizing its connotations with the Hindu nationalism that sustains on the royalist values.

We have decided to change the national anthem (article on English). We have suspended the monarchy. We are about to print our national currency with the pillar of national glory – the Sagarmatha. It is time for new democratic Nepal to think over changing the national flag that can symbolize our true nationalism and the value.

Our nationalism rises up to the pinnacle of the Mount Everest and our national values and pride reach to the glory of Buddha, Ansubarma, Bhirkuti and Arniko. That is how Nepal has been recognized and appreciated in the world. On the glory of our true nationalism and pride we have to begin building our new prosperous democratic Nepal.

Our new democratic national flag must be able to embrace our diverse ethnicity, culture, religions, gender, and inhabitance of different geographical regions with the promise to guarantee our civil liberty and human rights; with the federal democratic electoral system for governing our constituents by the elected representatives from each constituent residence. We must transcend all impediments to create a flag of the nation, which can unit us all to serve the nation.

Current national flag of Nepal:

National Flag of Nepal

The national flag of Nepal (left) is the only non-quadrangular national flag, and one of only two non-rectangular official jurisdictional flags in the world (the other is the flag of the American state of Ohio). The flag is a simplified combination of two single pennants that represent, for some, the mountains of Nepal while for others the Hindu flags. The flag was adopted, with the formation of a new constitutional government, on December 16, 1962. The individual pennants had been used for the last two centuries and the double pennant since the 19th century.

The blue border denotes peace and harmony that has been prevalent in the country since the age of Gautam Buddha, who was born in Nepal. The crimson color is Nepal’s national color, and it indicates the brave spirit of the Nepalese people. The structure of flag has been the topic of great discussions in recent times, especially in the Constituent Assembly, as Maoists have expressed their wish to change the flag saying the triangles denote that Nepal is a Hindu Country. For them, Sun (surya) and Moon (chandra) denote the ancient Hindu rulers Surya Gupta and Chandra Gupta. It has been clear in the past several months (in late 2009) that overwhelming majority of Nepali people support the current flag arguing that the triangles represent Nepal’s world famous mountains and Sun and Moon symbolize eternal Nepal. Indeed, a very very popular song says:

Rato ra chhandra surya jungi nishan hamro
Jiundo ragat sari yo baldo yo shaan hamro

Jaba samma chhandra surya aakash ma rahanchha
Taba samma hunchha aafnai rato ragat yo hamro

[The red flag, with Sun and Moon on it, is symbol of our pride that shines just like the blood that flows in us.]

It’s true that triangular flag has been a Hindu symbol of victory since the time of Ramayana and Mahabharata. The depiction of celestial bodies represents permanence, the hope that Nepal will last as long as the sun and the moon. The moon symbolizes that the Nepalese are soothing and calm, while the sun symbolizes fierce resolve.



311 responses to “On the National Flag of Nepal”

  1. Loktantra Mama Avatar
    Loktantra Mama

    I think we don’t need to change the flag. If change means beautiful all the time, it is not correct. Then we should go forward to change the name of the country and the capital. Let change the name of Kathmandu to Kantipur and it does not make the city clean. But we must change our attitude first.

  2. mahila  sahu Avatar
    mahila sahu

    I think we should change of attitude before we are wasting our time and energy changing things which is just fine and also the proposed design smack of communist star. If we need to get rid of thing we must get rid of SPA and its terrorist father Maoist and it’s borrowed idea from POLPOT and HOXA (former Albanian leader which managed to turn Albania into poorest country in Europe). IF we are insisting on changes of symbol I propose to change our national Animal from COW to PIG ( I apologize to Pig if it feels offended) because we and our leaders behave like PIG and thrives on Filth,. ( literally in street and parliament) and National Bird to Crow ( again I aplogize to crow) since we thrive on waste thrown by others and lastly but not the least let’s also change our national flower to Poison Ivy. That will be great idea.

  3. Captain Crash Avatar

    What is wrong with our flag? It is the most beautiful flag and unique. I don’t believe changes on these things are necessary. It does not reflect any thing on autocracy. It describe all about the nature of we Nepali people.

    The is more changes to be done with our attitude rather then changing the flags.

  4. ???????? ???? Avatar
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  5. ???????? ???? Avatar
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  6. prakash II Avatar
    prakash II

    changing of the our beautiful flag is not neccessary. It is indeed the most unique flag in the world. Who gives a rat’s ass about its connotations? I certainly do not.

  7. undefined Avatar

    what’s wrong with flag now? nothing is going to happen just by changing your outfit, but by taking a bath of yourself. if you really want to change everything, then why don’t you encourage to change the capital city first and so on later (like the name of our country n blah blah).

  8. think Avatar

    Here we go again … another example of mediocrity in action! Nothing better to think or contribute, so why not yet another easy symbolism change? How about getting down and dirty, and fixing real problems like economy, education, health, trade and on and on …… what did you say? Those are too hard to do? Well, nothing came out anywhere with cheap rhetoric and easy symbolism. The writer may want to take note.

  9. Moonflower Avatar

    In the end, we should change the name of the country…lets be creative and think about something else… Man, this is the height of absurdity.

  10. Maila Chaudry Avatar
    Maila Chaudry

    I agree with all of you, “idle mind is devil workshop” this blog only promotes these sort of activities in trying to destablise the harmony and social fabrication of the nepalese society.
    The people has not even been able to live in peace with Maoist breaking the CPA one after another and the SPA sitting in luxury seats clapping their hand, whereas, the general nepalese are suffering.
    Think what we can contribute to the nation in building a prosperous society of dignity and respect, not on hatred terms.
    The Flag of nepal is the best flag ever and we should stand proud of it.
    maila chaudry

  11. ???? Avatar

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  12. B Avatar

    I agree with everyone. Our flag is fine. A new flag will make it even harder for us to emotionally relate to our motherland.

  13. noname Avatar

    Where is this bom guy? Bomb him.

  14. nepal bhakta Avatar
    nepal bhakta

    Hey prabhu nepalese, what the fuck is wrong with us nepalese ?
    we want to change the look of our history [ which is not possible ], we want to change how our landscape looks, we want to change the look of our currency notes , we want to change our monarchy and now we want to change the look of our flag. It seems we are a bunch of useless unemployed people who have nothing better to do than just create problems in our own lives. do something useful other than changing the look of our flag and currency. Otherwise we would be left without our flags.

  15. Rajan Maharjan Avatar
    Rajan Maharjan

    Why do people always want to change everything when things are going bad,do people think by changing things that symbolise our uniques and identify who we are,is going to make things better. This is the time to work together,to put our own individual interests aside for the good of the whole country.We should be looking at things that define who we are as a united people and country and use these things to build a solid foundation from which we can seek a brighter future for all of us.Our national flag is just one of these symbols,it defines who we are as a country,it represents our people our history and our future.

  16. Nayapal Avatar

    come on now people, engage in proper sensible debate. There is no need to change the national flag of nepal, I think the author should change his name first. Who is this idiot!]

  17. Yxa Avatar

    What is wrong with being uniques. Already india is claiming that budha was born in India and china claims everest to be theirs. Let us not give this flag away aswell.

  18. Loktantra Mama Avatar
    Loktantra Mama

    Look Burma became Myanmar and Rangoon became Yangoon but these Burmese could not change their Military rule. In the international communities, they are hated. So what , There will be many Prachandas in future in Nepal who will talk about New Nepal but it is said that morning shows the day. Upto now, what he has given to Nepal ? Only abductions, murder, rape and killings of poor villagers of remote countryside in the name of Revolution. Actually, we came to know that they were agents of RAW in India. What a shame ?

  19. Yatri Avatar

    What the fcuk is going on here? Bunch of morons now want to change the flag, the most unique national flag of all! While we are at it, why not change the language as well, huh? How about Hindi? I’m sure that’ll make all the spaMMers delighted.

    Bom is scum and this Shrestha bau-cha…who I believe is a die-hard pinko is just substituting the hammer and sickle with that white star-like thing! Get real dude!!!

  20. hell_supreme Avatar

    how bout changing the NAME of the country…for that matter??

  21. hell_supreme Avatar

    it would also be wise to change girlfriends, friends, relatives, wives, fathers….the list goes on…..

  22. U2 Avatar

    Shree Shrestha – did a 5 year old kid design that flag you propose? Sure looks like it. While you are at it, why not change all symbols of the past.

    For starters, change the national language from Nepali to English. Change the names of all 14 zones, all 75 districts, all cities. Change the names of all 25 million people in the country. Change the design of all clothes including daura suruwals and dhaka topis. That certainly should snap Nepal out of this wonderful mess we are in.

    Your logic is so brilliant, I think I will paint my old Maruti car a different color and call it a Mercedes Benz from tonight. I expect to see a fine German car in my driveway in the morning.

  23. Rajan Maharjan Avatar
    Rajan Maharjan

    I think from the blogs so far,it shows that there is still people with decent common sense and not afraid to voice their options when stupidity rears it’s ugly head. Lets hope that Mr Bom and Shrestha are not planning to go into politics,if the do then God help us all !!!!!!

  24. sandeep Avatar

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  25. pawan Avatar

    Think these two buggers got the “new flag” idea from communist Chinese or Soviet flags. What the fcuk is wrong with these guys anyway.

  26. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    This Bom is a real idiot. He is sitting at some starbucks in NY and comes up with all these ridiculous ideas sipping on his $3 latte. Someone really needs to give him a hard slap across his face – the kind that leaves a handprint.

  27. Nepali People's Rights Forum Avatar
    Nepali People’s Rights Forum

    Nepali People’s Rights Forum demands new flag.

    This because this current flag gives hope to Hindu Fundamentalists – who like to turned Nepal overnight the Hindu State.

    Otherwise, if one of the flag’s colors reaches the Buddha age then let it be the unique.

    However, even after the declaration of Republic nation and new constitution that guarentee the civil liberty and civil rights of people Nepal will go through revolutions within revolutions in communities of ethnicities – Sarki marrying Damai, Damai marrying Bahun etc… that is still there…….. count on for next 20 years.

    Brats of the UMB will get good sleep.

  28. ELF Avatar

    Can we think beyond this?

    Why do we have to waste our efforts in Changing the FLAG ? Its one of its KIND , and i am happy with what that is now!

  29. Gaunle Avatar

    Hooina, kina jhanda fernu paryo vanya. Surukka desh ko economic growth ra aru bikash ko po kuro garaun. Din Dahade manish haru lai marna, goli hanna, loot paat garna banda gara na yaar pahila.

    Tatto na satto jhanda haru ferera kehi hundaina. Ani fernu nai paryo vane pani 1-2 jana lokharke le vanera hunchha? Janamat Referendum garnu parchha. Moola nachahino kuro ma sankera ke paunchha ho.

  30. derock Avatar

    we don’t need to change the flag . if yes then why not change the leadership which existed from such a long time then talk about changing flag , only changing name , and objects does bring the change that people want , but we need change in leadership thinking . Nepali flag is the best in the world

  31. trueee Avatar

    As everything changing, you should change your sex. why not all nepali change sex.

  32. MR Avatar

    I am profoundly disappointed that anyone would suggest changing the national flag of Nepal. As an individual interested in the design and symbolism of flags, the Nepali flag is certainly one the most unique and beautiful. To suggest replacing it with the proposed flag would be an aesthetic crime. The track record of communist flags is one of the most embarrassing in all history, marked by stolid bureaucratic and authoritarian dullness. There is not one single communist flag which has any design merit to it.
    Don’t aim to throw away all of the nation’s precious national symbols, just for hatred of an inept monarchy. Such desires end up destroying much of tradition which is worthy of preserving–Pol Pot proved the truth of this more than anyone ever did.
    I only wish that Nepalis could have the same appreciation for their flag as the rest of the world readily does, for its beauty and natural symbolism, as well as its unique design. Concetrate on improving social issues, rather.

  33. name not required Avatar
    name not required

    flag pani chnage garne ho? la khatra kaam gardai chhau, keep it up! yo des ko naam pani change garnu parcha…k ‘nepal’ jasto boring naam halnu?. lets change it to sth else…hahaha…im going mad…dont laugh…cuz so are u…hahaha…

  34. no name required Avatar
    no name required

    lets change dinesh to minesh and wagle to pagale…hahaha..change everything….don forget to change your underwear….ahahaha. what am i saying….i luv this anarchy…flights of ideas….im luvin it…hahahah

  35. name no requiros Avatar
    name no requiros

    i even changed my name from name not reqd to no name reqd….whom shud i blame….pratigamiz…hahahaha…wagle is the man…i luv this guys attitude, its compatible with the color red….he specialises in finding problem in every solution…but wait, arent we all nepalese good at it…hahahaha….i often wonder if wagle ever reads those comments….then i say who damn cares….laal salaam folks….

  36. Suntali ko Pooe Avatar
    Suntali ko Pooe

    First give blowjob for me Mr Bomb and swallow it then only I will think about the flag!

  37. manan Avatar

    Dumb idea.

    Actually, the dumbest idea I’ve heard. This guy Bom must either be a Royalist or a Maoist. Only they’re so dumb.

  38. Heretic Avatar

    Hey Bom!You never cease to amaze me. CHANGING THE FLAG? What made you think of that huh?Our flag is one of a kind-artsy and unique.So the forefathers made the flag based on “HINDU PRINCIPLE” as you claim.But I see the flag as a form of art.Your still stuck in the past and interpret our flag differently from most of my nepali brother and sisters.
    Btw,What did you learn in Journalism?…Coming up with riduculous ideas is only ruining your already weak credibility.We should WORK TOWARDS changing what is IMPORTANT for Nepal to progress.

  39. Gustav Tracchia Avatar


    The flag of Nepal could be the only national UN member triangualar flag in the world. But that is what make the flag unique as unique is Nepal.
    Please do not change it. It will destroy years of history, tradition and folcklore.
    B. Rgds – Gustav Tracchia – Argentine Society of Vexillology.

  40. Suntali Ko Pooe Avatar
    Suntali Ko Pooe

    Shake that A** for me, shake that A** for me… cmon Bomb ! You are a menace…open your mouth for four, five minutes……till I am finished…. yeah…… Your idea deserves this treat! Mr Bomb…Socket bomb!!

  41. Peter Ansoff Avatar
    Peter Ansoff

    I hope that you will not change the beautiful Nepali flag. I fly one here at my house from time to time, and it always looks splendid snapping in the wind!

    Peter Ansoff
    Annandale, Virginia, USA
    President, North American Vexillological Association (NAVA)

  42. Ajan Avatar

    This will be the FLAG, see at


  43. mahesh cumar Avatar
    mahesh cumar

    I think present flag was stolen from Newars by Shah king of Gurkha, so was name Nepal. It is Newar Heritage. So it should be change to be acceptable to everyone. Change name of the country too if you like.

    But presently purposed flag looks similar to one like Chinese flag. Please design national flag that does not look like Chinese or Indian.

  44. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    Change is good:
    1. Change from King to President
    2. Change capital from Kathmandu to Surkhet
    3. Change from geographical electoral boundary to ethnical electoral boundary
    4. Change from Bikram Sambat to Nepal Sambat
    5. Change from Kingdom of Nepal to People’s Republic of Nepal.

    We already got rid of “Royal” from public domain. We have sidelined the King. We changed the National Anthem. We changed the insignia. It’s time to change the flag, too. Yes, our existing flag is unique. Proposed flag is adaptation from the existing flag: same color, same sun.

  45. mahesh cumar Avatar
    mahesh cumar

    No Nepal sambat. Use Gregory calendar if you want to change which is used all over the world.

  46. Nepali Blogger Avatar

    All the idiots who oppose the Maoists should be changed from living to dead
    All other colors all over Nepal should be changed from something else to red
    Zone of peace should be promoted again but as zone of filth and bloodshed
    All Nepalis’ anatomy should be changed so that the ass becomes our head

    To everyone who is worried about losing our uniqueness, I hope you agree that the changes mentioned above will certainly help us maintain our uniqueness.

  47. bhupen Avatar

    Let’s change everything,

    (1) Our national anthems and anything easy to change. What’s wrong having the world’s most unique flag ? Are Nepalese getting toooooooo much of democracy already. Can not image what will happen if so called Republic is in their hands. They might change the size of Nepal!! Oh yes, they will surely change that tight Daura Surwal to shirts and pants not-made-in-Nepal, and a whole bunch more…

    Sign-boards saying only “Hindus are Permitted to Enter This Timple” will say “Come inside who ever you are!”

    We might also change all our music that sounds like western beats to Nepali beats. We might as well make Indian Movies in Nepal, so we watch more of them!! Lets do all that easy to do… Forget about doing anything for which the the war started . ..

    Let’s “Feed the Hungers”, “Get rid off Poverty” after doing all the easy stuffs..

    One was sent to climb everest, he took a picture and went back to his country and said, see, here i climb the everest!

    Trying to do all that’s useless is useless!

  48. mahesh cumar Avatar
    mahesh cumar

    Yes, bhupen flag is unique but was stolen by Shahs of Gurkha from someone else. You guys have kept it so far but can’t keep it forever.

  49. ramesh Avatar

    Just wastage of time. I don’t know why we Nepalese people are just wasting time for nothing. Lets think about developing Nepal. Nothing is going to happen changing our national flag. Now there is a trend that everything in Nepal should be changed. If this continues, one day someone will come and say “Hey now we need to change the name of our country, Nepal.” The country is becoming poorer and poorer day by day and people are busy thinking about changing nepalese flag and so on. So frustrating. Does not make any sense. What’s wrong with our national flag? Do you want to replace our beautiful and unique flag with some nonsensible symblo?

  50. ramesh Avatar

    Nepal ma Jana Andolan II pachhi yesto yesto nachahine kura baheka kenai bhako chha ra. Khoi kahile satbuddhi aune ho hami Nepali haruma. Sansar kata bata kata pugi sayko hami bhane jhan jhan tala khaski dai. Teso bhaye aba ta Nepal ko naam nai arko rakhnu parne bhayo ki kya ho. Machhe bahulauna thale pachhi ke ke hunchha ke ke.

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