On the National Flag of Nepal

Some Nepali people think the current national flag of Nepal, triangular and only such in the world, needs to be changed while others think it’s unique and it’s okay. UWB received an article by Prakash Bom about the necessity of the new flag and a photo of “a model flag for the People’s Republic of Nepal” from Shree Shrestha.

I wish the Nepali leaderships had spoken about the need of a new national flag for a new democratic Nepal before the elections of the constituent assembly. I dream of a national flag of the peaceful stars on the horizon of the summit of Sagarmatha (Mt. Everest) for new democratic Nepal. The number of peaceful stars will get derived from the restructuring of the state under the Federal Democratic government system.

First of all the people did not choose the current national flag, but accepted for granted as given by the feudal oligarchic regimes to lay the Hindu patriotic values. Many of us are caught up with its unique shape without realizing its connotations with the Hindu nationalism that sustains on the royalist values.

We have decided to change the national anthem (article on English). We have suspended the monarchy. We are about to print our national currency with the pillar of national glory – the Sagarmatha. It is time for new democratic Nepal to think over changing the national flag that can symbolize our true nationalism and the value.

Our nationalism rises up to the pinnacle of the Mount Everest and our national values and pride reach to the glory of Buddha, Ansubarma, Bhirkuti and Arniko. That is how Nepal has been recognized and appreciated in the world. On the glory of our true nationalism and pride we have to begin building our new prosperous democratic Nepal.

Our new democratic national flag must be able to embrace our diverse ethnicity, culture, religions, gender, and inhabitance of different geographical regions with the promise to guarantee our civil liberty and human rights; with the federal democratic electoral system for governing our constituents by the elected representatives from each constituent residence. We must transcend all impediments to create a flag of the nation, which can unit us all to serve the nation.

Current national flag of Nepal:

National Flag of Nepal

The national flag of Nepal (left) is the only non-quadrangular national flag, and one of only two non-rectangular official jurisdictional flags in the world (the other is the flag of the American state of Ohio). The flag is a simplified combination of two single pennants that represent, for some, the mountains of Nepal while for others the Hindu flags. The flag was adopted, with the formation of a new constitutional government, on December 16, 1962. The individual pennants had been used for the last two centuries and the double pennant since the 19th century.

The blue border denotes peace and harmony that has been prevalent in the country since the age of Gautam Buddha, who was born in Nepal. The crimson color is Nepal’s national color, and it indicates the brave spirit of the Nepalese people. The structure of flag has been the topic of great discussions in recent times, especially in the Constituent Assembly, as Maoists have expressed their wish to change the flag saying the triangles denote that Nepal is a Hindu Country. For them, Sun (surya) and Moon (chandra) denote the ancient Hindu rulers Surya Gupta and Chandra Gupta. It has been clear in the past several months (in late 2009) that overwhelming majority of Nepali people support the current flag arguing that the triangles represent Nepal’s world famous mountains and Sun and Moon symbolize eternal Nepal. Indeed, a very very popular song says:

Rato ra chhandra surya jungi nishan hamro
Jiundo ragat sari yo baldo yo shaan hamro

Jaba samma chhandra surya aakash ma rahanchha
Taba samma hunchha aafnai rato ragat yo hamro

[The red flag, with Sun and Moon on it, is symbol of our pride that shines just like the blood that flows in us.]

It’s true that triangular flag has been a Hindu symbol of victory since the time of Ramayana and Mahabharata. The depiction of celestial bodies represents permanence, the hope that Nepal will last as long as the sun and the moon. The moon symbolizes that the Nepalese are soothing and calm, while the sun symbolizes fierce resolve.



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  1. prabesh Avatar

    please Nepali people please don’t let another horrible thing take place stand up and speak up dont let people destroy our beautiful country and its values and DONT CHANGE THE FLAG…… CHANGE the bad living condition for the people.. think of ever Nepali people not just about your self HELP EACH OTHER DONT DESTROY EACH OTHER their are country’s who would love to see us destroy our self dont aid them please dont destroy our beloved country Nepal please i beg of you PLEASE


    hey Bom, don’t ever dare to encounter me in life. You will see my love for my flag when I will show you how hell looks like.
    Keep that in mind you asshole.

  3. reena Avatar

    WTF dude?! don’t you have anything better to do? WE NEPALI people DO NOT want the change! if you’re so in mood to play with things…go decorate ur room!

  4. reena Avatar

    ideal mind is devil’s work-shop…..so true! u’ve surely got nothing to do than to bring up topics to ignite the people….

  5. nepali Avatar

    what the hell is wrong with these people………..what are they trying to do by changing the flag???
    The flag is just pretty and just fine. just leave it to itself. there is no need to bring up hidden connotations or anything!!!
    and most of all why the hell does it looks like a chinese flag????? I think the guy has his own issues……so this guy should keep it to himself and not just go around “proposing a new flag” for the country………..NOT INTERESTED!!!
    P.S.-oh and yeah the harvard professor or who ever the hell he/she is GO F**K YOURSELF!!!

  6. yashu Avatar

    aaba flag change ta garna lage lage aba nepal ko name pani change garera hongkong or america rakhnu ni ! (tyehi ta chaheka holan ni yo jhanda change garne manche le!
    how shame on these ppls !
    rato ra chandra surya waz our unique flag ever!
    balla gayera gora haru le nepal ko flag bhanera recognize garna shuru gareka thiye – ahile ayera change garna re!
    nepal ma democracy aayo bhanchan khoi ta? hami janta le jhanda change garna chahannau re ! manchan ta tyi ppls ?

  7. Abhilasha Avatar

    Most ridiculous thing I have ever heard!! Why doesn’t someone start to think of more pressing needs that we have such as food shortage in our country, electricity shortage, Gas shortage, educational opportunity shortage……………….I could go on and on……………but really what are they thinking? Maybe we should just try and redesign our way of thinking???

  8. pragya Avatar

    why r these people goin crazy over these things????i mean there r some many more important things to do for the development purpose of the country rather these stupid ideas come pouring in everytime…!!!if this is wat supposed to be “naya nepal” then i dont think most of the people are in support of this new revolution…!!!nepal is our identity..changing nepali anthem..now changing the flag ..just means that we are letting go our culture and our history …..we all nepalese are very proud of our unique flag…we love it..plz dont try to ruin our culture and our way of life…..
    n anyways wat does the sun mean in the flag?????wat does it represent????it looks like a chinese flag……!!!!we have indian culture loving president n vice president ..n now a flag of chinese look alike!!!!wat r these airheads thinking!!!!!i guess in coming future nepal will jus b remembered thru china or india..if these kind of things keep going on…..plz everyone…..save nepal and your own identity as a nepali!!!!!!!!!!voice your opinion….

  9. Ujjwal Avatar

    what the hell are you guys thinking of changing the national flag.. kho yeso.. nepal lie naya nepal ta bhanayo.. aba. pheri.. new flag .Guys. first desh heru.. k naa aaye ko cha.. brikriti bhahek.. ho .. yo kura mailey pani sochnu parcha.. tara. ek jana lay matra socheyra huncha.. yar.. sathi haru ho.. yo desh.. hamro ho.. hami sabai ko.. yo jhanda hmaro ho.. aaha .. hamro.. yaad haru cha.. yeslie aati kai khelau na ko rup ma nalinu.. aaja aafu gar bhan la.. aauta buglow hola aafu naam ma.. tara pachi jaba yo desh rahan dai na.. taba tio bunglow.. pani rahaneychaina.. sathi haru yo.. desh lie chinun… pls.. pls . pls.. save the cauntry.. to save ur self

  10. AR Avatar


    First we replace the well-loved and known national anthem with one with pathetic composition that invokes no patriotism. We have much better songs that could have been anthems!

    And now, we want to change the national flag when that is the last thing on people’s mind. Is the current flag causing any dissension among the people? We have total morons in our government offices who are somehow concerned with the national flag, while much bigger problems plague the nation.

    Moreover, the new flag is an eyesore if anything! Arrrghhhh… this issue frustrates me no end. Why are we letting these people destroy our nation for future generations??

  11. Neeraj Avatar

    Lets demolish everything that the ‘old government’ made. The roads, the bridges, the palace and everything that the feudals made! Isn’t that the only thing left to do? Isn’t it the moral of this article?
    Guys wake up. Not everything that the Kings made or did was wrong. There are good deeds done by the Monarchy that we must learn to respect.

  12. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    The roads and the bridges were built by the Royal Government using 10% of the foreign aids and loans. The palaces were built for Royals…………… the people faught for democracy to hand the power from Ranas to Shah………….the times are different now. It may not be in the right footing yet. But certainly change has come to Nepal…………..Present flag was hastily sewn together combining Rana flag (sun) and Shah flag (moon)……..It’s time for change…………..to satisfy different ethnic groups in Nepal we need to abolish 14 administrative zones and make new administrative zones like Magar Zone, Tamang Zone, Tharu Zone, Sherpa Zone, Newar Zone, Limbu Zone and others………..Nepal is diverse and rich in cultural heritage……

  13. laxmi Avatar

    bringing a change to the nation in a right way, thats what people want.. changing the flag into the above shown prospective flag will jus show the change in the government.. the current flag already describes the whole of Nepal and the Nepalese. It’s the about the approach that u take to look at it.. and the thinking a person has… the prospective flag has a star and the red color which is not enough to describe the whole of nepal and the nepalese…

    wht neeraj said is right… every thing that the kings did are not wrong there are good things that the kings have done for the country and we the nepalese people should learn how to respect what they have done for our country. changing the flag is the stupidest thing that the current government can do.

    they should concentrate on building new better stuff for the country rather than concentrating on destroying whats good.. like the flag….

  14. Neeraj Avatar

    Mr. Shree, according to your proposal that every sector must be represented in the new flag, we need 36 symbols to represent the 36 caste and 61 more symbol to represent the ethnic groups. If that is the case, the new flag will be a complete mess.

    The sun and moon represents something universal and is for all the people. Sun doesn’t deny its heat and light to Magars or Sherpas and offer it only to the Ranas. Neither is moon a symbol of the Shahs alone. Your conception is totally wrong.

    I do agree with you that there is need for some changes in the system as the largest district Karnali is being neglected but it has nothing to do with our national flag. It seems like you want to take credit for the concept and design of new flag?

  15. Prachanda sucks! Avatar
    Prachanda sucks!

    Prachanda sucks BIG TIME….and so do all the others… non of them have good intentions… and non of them will.. India alrdy grabbed nepals ass,.. u think the country really has to go thru load shedding and crap like that? look at u fools. shame on you .. unemployed and wasting time.. pulling people down uneducated immorals.. is that what you are … ????/ NO we need to get more things done.. CONTROL THE GOVERNMENT NOW!!!! before they fuck us up. shoot them all.. thats the best thing.. look how many people died.. and died for what.. to sell of the country??? u gotta shoot those mother fuckers. change things later… get rid of those ass holes now.. before its too late.. imagine all the biharis coming n living in nepal.. whats it gonna be like?? in Kathmandu?? damn man.. kathmandus not for people like them.. its for all the nepali people…

  16. Niraj rauniyar Avatar
    Niraj rauniyar

    apology to say but its sick mentallity to bring these kinda changes …

    As mr. shree interpretation …nothing we see in ur new model that “Our new democratic national flag must be able to embrace our diverse ethnicity, culture, religions, gender, and inhabitance of different geographical regions with the promise to guarantee our civil liberty and human rights; with the federal democratic electoral system” ……

    I think u need to change ur worm eaten maoist mind ( apology , i dont have problem with maoist if they go throgh democratic way n non corruption sustainable development ) …the change why!!! bcoz if u suceed …i m definately sure u can find all those requirement u n ur supporter wants in our long existing beautiful beloved flag….existing flag has nothing to do with Hindu patriotic values, dont bring another religios vandalism … our grt emotion has already attached with this flag .. our n ancesters pious emotion their sacrifice …their memories r with this flag …..tell me ..,, dont u think its like killing ur old garnd parents just bcoz younger generation mentallity n their mentallity doesnt match ……

    how can we change like changing nepalese national dress with suits! just bcoz some logical error…….

  17. Niraj rauniyar Avatar
    Niraj rauniyar

    hello mr. shree …if u have problem …the n sew ur maoist flag there …is that ok ….

    nepal has no lack of these kinda idiot stupid mind….shame!

  18. kshitiz Avatar

    u f….ks why do u waste ur time in such nonsense things… think about developing our country.. changing a flag doesn’t change the view of nepalese… u m…fks r there to change the country’s progress not these kind of things… u Prakash Bom if u hav talent to write things then write the articles that helps people to change their minds towards good things.. and u Shree Shrestha who gave u the permisssion to design the new flag.. r u trying to be a historic person or ? ???

  19. gair avashi nepali janta( shree10 sushant) Avatar
    gair avashi nepali janta( shree10 sushant)

    hey u mofos…. this is mah 1st n final warnin to u guys tryin to change mah countrys identity. dont u dare change mah countrys identity otherwise u knw da jantas power rite?? we stood u up n if u dare do this thngs than it wont take a moment removin u frm da government too…if wanna change smthng than change wat u guys are there for?? do good things ,help the people increase there lifestyle ,develop the country not experiment with it and if u think its not wat u can do than take mah suggestion just quit aite…MIND IT!!!!!

  20. Peter Avatar

    Oh Shree Shrestha,

    don’t u have better things to do then worry about ruining the history of Nepal. Because of people like you Nepal is not developing infact we are going BACKWARD.

    Polititians have already destroyed the country and now YOU…….

    GOD SAVE NEPAL from People like YOU

  21. NC Avatar

    Think about changing the economy of the country. Try to make 75 districts equally equipped with all the facilities, bring all nepalese above the poverty level……….

    If u can do this then u can change the flag of country and even the name if u want.

    But if u cant do whateve is mentionn then keep ur fucking brain busy in some productive stuffs…….

  22. Astitwo Avatar

    Ok, First of all, I was in a state of shok when i herd this news. Now this prooves why Nepal is in teh situation where it is now.This if for people like Mr. BOL BOM and shrestha baucha, and this is my personal opinion. Ok, first of all, why the hell do u want to change the flag? Tell me what difference does it make changing a triangle flag into a square one? Ki ta buddha sagarmatha sabai ko foto rakha jhanda ma, hoina? Aaba kura ayao hindu nationalism ko. Tell me guys, Nepal has already been declared secular state. Dont you believe in teh system uh? Dekaunai parcha timi haru lai nautanki garera?
    Aba democratic repulic Nepal ma change lyune re?Naya Nepal banaune re hoina ta daju ho…la Bom daju…sunnus..as you quoted…nepal ko flag was not choosen by the people…that is true but so was the name. I dont know if people back then went to a refendrum to choose the name of the country. So why not change the name uh? May be BHOPAL? DWARPAL? Aba anything is posisble ni hoina ta. Ani second ma…change the national dress as well. And MOST OF ALL change the national symbol..KHUKURI. Jun khukuri le NEPALI haru lai chinauncha, change it. Because it is the symbol of MONARCHY and its army. These are the few suggestiongs i have so that people like Mr. Bom can make Nepal a better country?
    Now another issue to see. You $#@$ talk about change change…jhanda change gar re tyo gar re yo gar re. First of all aafnai mukh aaina ma her, bujheko ho? What about changing the economic structure of nepal? BATTI AAYEKO KHOI ??? Manchey haru lai AANDHERO ma rakhera k ko change?? Chainey kura ma chai timi haru ko dimag ghumdaina, j sajoli layo tei change garna paucha timi haru le??
    NEPAL KO JHANDA CHANGE GARNE AADHIKAAR KO LE DIYO TIMI HARU LAI???? NEPAL KO JHANDA AATHAWA KUNAI PANI RASTIYA PAHICHAAN KO BISHAYA LAI FEER BADAL GARNE AADHIKAAR KEEWAL NEPALI JANTA KO CHA. Aba nepali janta ko bichar ta tha pai rakeko hola yo forum batai hoina? So arka ko aangh ko kamila hernu bhanda paila afno aang ko bhaisi hera MR. Bom ra Shrestha baucha…nachaine kura ma tauko nadukau…paila social structure ma change lera aau…Nepal ma batti lera aau ani mukh dekau. People like you want to make me puke. Nepal nia narahala jasto cha aba ta.

  23. gaurab Avatar

    this flag made me mad when i saw this picture of new flag…….who the hell has decided to change our national flag……..are u the only one to decide what to do what not to do for our country…….don’t the citizen of nepal matters to u…..if u count how many needs new flag of nepal then u will be only the one to raise the hand……………… plz just stop doing this…..and also plz never try to change the name of our country in future…
    oh god plz save nepal and its people………..and just go to hell all the politicians……….

  24. prashamsa Avatar

    Harek Nepali ko lagi euta chhuttai Flag design gare hunchha aba kinaki it is impossible to satisfy all so give one flag to janajaati, one to forum and one to you at first
    changing the national flag does not help to make new Nepal
    change has recently become a fashion in Nepal but it is not helping at all to make new Nepal
    what are Nepalese citizens getting in return? load shedding, banda, protests and nothing new
    why is it that every time we need something we need to go to the streets? hope this time we should not go there to claim our original national flag



  25. prashamsa Avatar

    new Nepal does not demand change in national flag but in people’s positive attitude towards each other…

  26. Ujjwal Khadka Avatar
    Ujjwal Khadka


    Thik6 Thik6 flag change garnu parchha. Malae 100% thik lago. Ani President ko name Ram Baran Obama rakha, America ko President sanga mildo juldo. Nepal lae change garera MotherLand rakha, Findland, Switzerland and Ireland hasto. Rastriya Posak Swimming custom Rakha. Rastriya gan ” ye sundari”, “maya ho maya” or “shora barse joban” etc rakha. Calander change garera aba 3010 bata suru gara ani ta k babal change. sab hami bhanda 1000 years pachi parchhan.

    Good Garne kam Garira chhan. Keep it up..

    Thik chha Thik chha

  27. Dharane Avatar

    tah Nepal ayejanah jaslae yo proposal lyako ho new nepal ko flag ko saleh katera tukra tukra pardinchu

  28. Swastika Kharel Avatar
    Swastika Kharel

    the idea of changing our flag isnonsense we should all stand against it. Our government needs to be changed and not anything else.

  29. Neeraj P. Gorkhaly Avatar
    Neeraj P. Gorkhaly

    Normally I am a person of reason…but for somehow on this topic I can only say one phare ” F** U!”

    Excuse my french – but that all I can say.

    P.S. I Want My Country BACK!

  30. eaterbugs Avatar

    PS: Take it of F**k off!

  31. owen shrestha Avatar
    owen shrestha

    Fuck dis is just a fake …coz in our national anthem it said that rato ra chandra ra surya .. so flag can’t change.. if it is change then nation anthem should be change again ….

  32. Bishwas Avatar

    i agree that change is the most important thing required in our country. Our system need to be changed, disappointingly it is not much as we expected but it will change eventually. Our national anthem needed to be changed coz that was devoted totally to the king. Again that didn’t came so energetic as a national song should be, coz they focused 100% to include whole country which is the main requirement. so no comment about that. Our country had some identity which none of us left any reason to be proud of, so new name might help get attention of the “world”. although, just a new name doesn’t define a country.

    Everything is acceptable but why do we have to change our national flag? even though we don’t have any reason to stop this change, i don’t see any reason to reject it too. Everything we have changed till date has a reason to be changed and that reason was a being “king centered”. But our flag is completely about country. Blue defines for peaceful country, red defines for the blood that had been shed by all the Nepalese for a long time to protect our country as a independent one. We wish it to live forever till sun shines and stars twinkle on the sky!!! there is no reason to change it. Don’t do this! plz

    -a son of Nepal.

  33. nepal ama ko chori Avatar

    This is my request to a person whoever decided to change the country’s flag ,plzzzzzzzzz stopppppppppppppppp it man. Why do you wanna change the country’s flag ? Kehi change garnu nai cha bhane ,bhrastachari haru lai hataye ramro hunthyo, kahi ta nepal ma ajha pani load shedding cha tyasko barema kosle sochne? Nepal is said to be the second largest country rich for water resources haina ra khai ta ……… kahi na bha load shedding kina yahi? Hijo ,asti sama school ma Nepal ko flag world ko sabai bhanda unique flag ho bhanera class ma discussion bha thyo …….. Ma afulai kati proud feel garera thye afno desh ko barema kura garda.

    SODHNA ta dherai mann cha tara ahile lai mero just one question ko answer diye PUGCHA malai……


    Ma Mero Desh lai AMERICA , AUSTRALIA ,SWITZERLAND jastai banauchu nabhani MA Mero desh NEPAL lai yesto banaucchu jaha sabai le ramro sanga bachna paunechan, jaha hatya hinsa hune chaina, jaha dhani garib bhanera chutyaine chaina.



    ” Ma mare pani mero desh bachirahos”

    – Nepal ama ko chori

  34. Raju Avatar

    It, Is great Idea for those Idiot people. Who have nothings else to worry about. There is so many things to taken care about but IDIOT Government and few brainless peoples wasting their time to change name fore place, fixing flag shape or some other Bullshit. Think about it if it is that important then other things even not started at?

  35. Bob Avatar

    A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Small changes marks the coming of a paradigm shift.

    The flag is a visual identity and any visual identity is symbolic, communicative and representative. The current flag is cute and one-of-a-kind. It is also what most of us are used to and we recognize it as a symbolic representation of Nepal.

    However, if you look at the historic and symbolic representations of the flag,

  36. bhishma Avatar

    i agree that change is the most important thing required in our country. but not in our culture and our identity.its really very bad propose about changing the flag of nepal.who want this i requested them to read the history of nepal and flag and then we will understand the importace of our flag.
    if we are really patriotic and love the country we shouldnt let the people to change flag.we will kill them we will strike if some body gonna change it.
    thank uuuuuu

  37. Bob Avatar

    A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Small changes marks the coming of a paradigm shift.

    The flag is a visual identity and any visual identity is symbolic, communicative and representative. The current flag is cute and one-of-a-kind. It is also what most of us are used to and, we recognize it as a symbolic representation of Nepal.

    However, if you look at the historic and symbolic nature of the flag, it is in fact counter-representative of our current national values and sentiment. It is very much representative of the old, discarded regime.

    Thus change despite the resistance is necessary.I;m not saying the proposed flag is ideal. But symbolically the current flag is totally inconsistent with the context of New Nepal.

    The flag is a powerful representation of the nation with the ability to convey its spirit thus uniting people and their differences. It’s time, we have a flag that represents the flight we have taken off on. We can’t hold on to something that we broken off with.It’s like having your ex girlfriends photo in your wallet while you;re with your new girlfriend ; )…..

  38. badman Avatar

    OH PLEASE!!!!!!


    dont take it as a symbol of religion,
    dont take it as symbol of language,
    dont take it as symbol of a place,
    dont take it as a symbol of a race,

    The UNIQUE nepali flag is a symbol of nepalese history, the more older it is the more pecious,

    dont even think of changing it, ………..


    your country is not ur girlfriend though people try to fuck it.

  39. TIMBERMARK Avatar


  40. Nepali Avatar

    Hey wattup with this fU*King ppl???
    Wasting time on things like this… changing the flag(bullshit!)…
    Motherf**ker u just go thru the above comments and resolve the present problems in the country before you think about any stupid thing like this…as if its YOUR private country. You arseholes better not mess with our country.

    Nepal is our country and we love it.
    Proud to be a Nepali.

    You ppl really have to kill me before you change the Nepalese flag. You motherf***kers!!!

  41. Nipen Avatar

    Who ever has come with this stupid idea, its completly waste of spending time on such thing where as the nation itself has been in such a shameful condition. Once upon a time i used to feel proud to say that i’m Nepali where as no i feel ashame saying it. Wat the hell are our leader doing, no electriclity which is just simple daily needs. God save our nation. |


  42. UTKRISHT Avatar

    i think its a good idea changing the flag. after that you should change the name of our country too lets say to some thing like bombman. then en we all can call ourslelves bobmarleys . where in the hell do u all get this insane psychatric dumb ideas. do u even know what the shape stands for? triangular try to lay it horizontally dosent it look ike the himalays? but u guys r trying so hard to design the nwe one judt to get some frams. dont rise ne more chaos in our country . let the wind wave the himalays like it waves our flag , let the cool breeze form the himalays calm our country and may we all start being productive insted of wasting time or by getting wasted.

  43. RIturaj Avatar

    If there’s a moderator reading this, pls gop thru all the comments. N show me someone who actually likes the idea of a new flag. If there’s no moderator, screw this blog. SHut it down.

    With all due resoect to the person who wrote this article, u cannot erase out a history of a nation by changing its flag. Nothing is new in Nepal, except the government. Where we had one idiot, we now have 54. Change the system. Keep the flag.
    Those of us who live abroad know what needs changing in nepal, n the flag is the last thing we are worried about.

  44. Pratik Avatar

    People have turned crazy in our country. Firstly change your way of thinking and not the flag coz its the most deared possession of ours. Pages from history can never b changed or altered so stop the bull s**t and think of making a peace an prosperous country. Its becoz of the bloody politicians that oue country n its people r turning to b a joke for the world.
    The flag has always been uniting us n we r always proud to raise it in the world so plz stop the nuisence and forget abt changing it.

  45. Samriddhi Avatar

    our flag is distinct and is our pride…… our flag stands out from those of other nations….we donot need to change our flag………….please dont……………………….

  46. anju Avatar

    i dont see any reason in changing the flag of our country and i am glad that most of us agree to this….why not focus on other things that needs to be changed….i can name thousands fo them……at present let us focus on the unity among ppl…positive attitude…bright fututre and a peaceful nepal….
    p.s. change is required as long as it benefits all…there will be no development without there being few changes…but certainly not the flag of the counrty…lol

  47. Anurag Avatar

    this is being foolish who sed this the guy who said it is dumb!!!

  48. sam Avatar

    Naya Nepal doesn’t mean to change Name,Flag bla bla. Why an earth are we Nepalese are after such unnecessaries stuff. What a beautiful flag we have. Are we going to change the name of Lumbini as well..??? Come on change your attitude. Lets put our country Name as UK, USA,Singapore haha.

  49. matribhumi Avatar

    I have been reading to all these and other stuffs about this CHANGING THE FLAG topic. Ok, first of all, let me make this clear to whoever is bullshitting in this forum in the name of relegion or anti-monarchy, it is NOT about relegion or monarchy anymore. It is about NEPAL which happens to be our country as well. Dont try to hide in the curtains of monarchy or some insane relegious bullshit which has no productivity and contribution. And for all those shitheads, NEPAL is not your private country, yo hami sabai ko aama ho. Who are u shitheads to decide anything about it?
    I agree that Nepal should be a secular state,
    I agree that there should be democracy in Nepal,
    I agree that changes are very essential in Nepal,
    I agree with the change of national anthem,

    Now some people who think that you get the notion of CHANDRAVANSHA and SURYAVANSHA in the moon and sun of flag, get a white flag with nothing on it. That will solve your problem. Well, let me ask you, i get a notion of NEIL ARMSTRONG when I look at the moon in the flag, OHH…AMERICA bata influence bhyeko raicha jhanda ta….LETS CHANGE IT!!! Kunai eek jana aanda lai naramro lagyo bhanera flag nai change garne?????

    Bob daju, explain me what exactly is the context of NEW NEPAL and how does the flag not symbolize it??? PLEASE, I BEG YOU, EXPLAIN ME. Let me tell you what I see in the flag…
    *RED ~ The color of blood we nepalis have shed for our country
    *BLUE~The universal color of water and sky representing nature
    *MOON and SUN~The hardwork nepali people do day and night
    For me, the FLAG defines my country, who I am.
    And yeah, dont ever get ur ex-galfren crap over here. This aint ur galfren shit , this is your mother. Wanna explain what an EX-MOTHER means???And if u shitface want to compare your galfren wid your country, try dying for your galfren as a lot of nepali people would die for their country. GARNA SAKCHA?? Sadkina bhane chup lagera basa.

    For those who think this is about relegion, WAKE UP. Nepal was always meant to be a secular state. There is no way it can be called a HINDU nation or in that matter, a country of any particular relegion. We all are NEPALI and we should stay united. Why are we fighting for something that was the symbol of unity not a long time back?

    For the nationalist, NO! We are done with MONARCHY and there is no way it is going to root itsself in Nepal again.

    I agree with the majority of people who posted here, DONT TRY TO MESS WITH MY COUNTRY. You guys say the flag was imposed to us Nepalis uh? That is what your argument is all about uh? So then, tell me, do you honestly think with all these protests(look at all these posts for a small reference) people still support you??? Those who dont support you are NATIONALISTS uh??? Dont you think you are the ones who are unsuccessfully trying to impose the MO*$F#K@NG crap of a FLAG which seem to be designed by a 5 year old kid???? Khoi k chai represent garyo ta NAYA FLAG le…K NAYA KURA REPRESENT GARYO TA…EEUTAI DEKCHU TA MA TA. Khali halka CHINA ko jasto banayeko cha…TEI HO CHANGE???
    and yeah,
    “In the end, Magar, Tharu, Tamang, Newar, Rai, Gurung, Limbu, Sherpa and others will have their own flag. And there will be one National Flag different than the present two-triangular one. All interim in Nepal my proposal for the new flag is just Interim.
    In the end, each and every Nepalese will learn one other local language to be able to communicate properly.
    In the end, all the government officials will be required to learn the local languages to better serve the community they are posted.
    In the end, there will be parliament in each and every district and Chief District Officers will be elected by the people of the districts.
    In the end, THERE WILL BE NO KING IN NEPAL. Either He will go into exile voluntarily or He will be forced out.”

    PLEASE, dont make us Nepali be ashamed for who we are, ARU HARU KO AAGADI NEPALI BHANNA NI LAAJ LAGNE AAWASTHA NAAOS…LETS put our brains and heart in solving the current crisis, lets get a positive attitude.. AND LETS GET UNITED AS ONE COUNTRY like we used to do once upon a time……


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