Time to Declare Nepal a Federal Democratic Republic

It is time for the nation now to form immediately the interim government with the Maoist representations to address regressive conspiracies that might undermine the democracy. If the aspiration of people is threatened then political leaderships must not sit back from declaring the nation ‘Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal.’

By Prakash Bom

The conspiracy of the regressive force is under way. Nation might have to face tough time in coming days, especially keeping the law and order intact. Seven Party Alliance (SPA) and the Maoist leaderships must pay close attention to these sequence of events that are in progress – ‘the Madhesi People’s Rights Forum’s violent protests’, ‘Pokhara army general’s instructions’, ‘ the Federation of Nepalese Indigenous Nationalities strike’, ‘suspended monarchy’s message to the nation on the 57th Democracy Day’, and ‘MPRF’s call for indefinite protests to begin with the transport strike in Tarai for nine days.’ These events might be intertwined. Otherwise they are occurring to be in the wrong place in the wrong time or vise versa. But they could be threat to the law and order, and overall national integrity.

The recent survey, believed by many as a palace sponsored stunt, found the monarchy is more popular in the Tarai region along the boarder of India than among high land population. This is worth to doubt that the royalists’ activities in this region are drastically increasing. The supporters of the royalists either instigating the protests of MPRF or MPRF has already become a scapegoat despite its genuine causes for the protests that might help nation achieve suitable democratic system. But you never know what they might cause- commotion of the law and order, interruption to the day-to-day lives of people, disruption of the worsening national economy if the protests last for months.

If we all are together in our afford to nation building process, establishment of the democracy and lasting peace then we have to listen to each other carefully for better national solutions. If this reasoning is true for all of us then the Maoists who are in the same boat might have better observation and it is worth to consider their views without political bias and reservations. In current political scenario the Maoist leaderships have been more open to democratic changes than SPA leaderships, especially Nepali Congress. They have adapted proportional electoral system and federal governance structure. They have introduced mixed economic system and encouraged capitalists with incentives and economic freedom as their national economic policy.

Hopefully, the Maoist leaderships have seen these elements that are essential to the nation and the people of Nepal. For example, political leaderships must have vision for adapting the federal governance structure that will allow people to participate in nation building process – electing representatives for their local governments who legislate local regulations, administer, provide security and justice, run public schools and manage over all developments. If the political leaderships and legislators of the Parliament have such visions and they believe in their visions honestly in implementing new democratic systems then we must trust them without any political bias and reservations.

Truth of the matter is that the political elements or the leaderships that are regressive to the civil liberty and economic prosperity must not rise up with their might to disperse the aspiration of people of Nepal. We Nepali people at this transition political period cannot breathe without the guarantee of the civil liberty and the equal opportunity for the economic prosperity as per our individual ability. We are hard working people and we will contribute a great deal in nation building process if appropriate democratic systems and structures are adopted in the constitution of our nation.

It is time for the nation now to form immediately the interim government with the Maoist representations to address regressive conspiracies that might undermine the democracy and the national integrity eventually. If the aspiration of people is threatened then political leaderships must not sit back from declaring the nation ‘Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal.’ Otherwise, we must continue with our political commitment to accomplish the elections of the constituent assembly for people of Nepal to decide their vote on two hundred fifty years’ regressive elements – to carry on with the cancer or eradicate its root from our lungs for us to breathe fresh air.







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  1. savingnepal Avatar

    Koiralas or “BAHUNs” will be the next RANAS of Nepal.

    Shahs will still be ceremonial Kings. Hinduism will return. Maoist Leaders are mostly Bahuns and they will have turned out to all be players of the same team eventually.

    All this just to fool the Nepali people into next 50 years of fake “Democracy”

  2. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    and Laure licks my ar*se – what a wonderful chain.

  3. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    On a more serious note Lahure there are people on this blog who are far more pro monarchy then myself. Hahah but I don’t expect you to read and understand since your reading ability/comprehension is that of a 10 year old boy.
    Anyway how there is little point actually debating with a student activist like yourself. Please continue to bear the 40 hour/Week load shedding and other such ammenities that Nepal currently offers. Continue to burn tyres and tear down statues. Neglect your studies – what use is that anyway. I am sure you have some man power agency that will take you to the middle east and make you lick arab ar*se.

  4. scoop Avatar

    This sort of talk is illegal and irrational. What is next, just announce the country a totalitarian Maoists Republic, without having people vote. Then come tomorrow, if there is a huge uprising to bring back the monarch do we then just announce this country a monarchy again? I’m afraid people like Bom have lost their senses just like his boss Prachanda. If the people vote for a system, we don’t have to resort to announcing anything at the whim anmd fancy of mass murderers, and this would also ensure that whatever system is in place will be through the will of the people and not through hot and bloody air, and more importantly it would be legal and rational and not rabid talk of people dripping in other peoples blood.

  5. सार्कीको छोरो Avatar
    सार्कीको छोरो

    It’s OK Bhudai, let’s be nice to each other. Just because someone else is idiot you don’t have to go down to that level.

  6. ???????? ???? Avatar
    ???????? ????

    It’s OK Bhudai, let’s be nice to each other. Just because someone else is idiot you don’t have to go down to that level.

  7. scoop Avatar

    35 crores have gone from the state coffers to the maoists for their camps and yet their soldiers go hungry. We know that this money is being used to buy more arms, pay off people to tow their line, example -BOM BOM! Where are the accounts?

  8. sagarmatha Avatar

    When Mr. Situala going to resign so that Madheshi and Pahadia talk will start….and settle? Anyway we are still not understanding what is “New Nepal” means ? Whatever Prachanda say other SPA leaders also start to copy the same thing. Few things are as follows;

    1. Interim constitution
    2. Interim government
    3. Suspension of the king
    4. New Nepal
    5. Constitutional assembly
    6. Federal government
    7. Announcement of republic
    8. Management of arms and arm forces in cantonment
    9. Denouncing the madheshi andolan (at intial phase but they found negative impact toward them later)

    all these are ideologies of Prachanda and no single input is there of SPA instead just being followers and signing the papers…and Mr. Sitaula is great tricky person to make compulsion to SPA on behalf of Prachanda…

    We just worried one day Prachanda will say this democracy is not feasilbe here so lets adopt new concept (with new name but communism) and these foolish SPA will follow the same thing. We are just worried who is leading the country Prachanda or SPA ??

    And these evil societies and journalists are less concerned with Madheshi killings but more concern with maoist sayings….The question now start to raise among the Madheshi, aren’t madhesi are citizen of Nepal and aren’t they need human rights as others?? We are heading and differentiating more and more toward negative way…which neither will bring peace nor democracy moreever never unity among the people….This is

    “Kahi Nabhako Jatra Handi Gaoma”

  9. noname Avatar

    scoop (12:37:10) :

    I can give you a few accounts. Some part of money is given to maintain this blog. Some part of the money is given to maintain Kantipur and Nepalnews. Some part of the money is given to bring visitors and writers to these worthless piece of dirts. It’s public by now how SHIT-ola is paying money to the media.

    People argue why do i come to this blog. Well, i come to give a good beating on the ass of SPAMmers because I believe that the sanctity of the Kingdom and the Internet should be both kept alive!

  10. Ram-B-Ler Avatar

    Though I too am a republican, what I think is we declare Repubican Nepal wihtout going to the Constituent Assembly, it will be an insult to PEOPLE.

    Why the heck parties say that they fight for people if they are not ready to face people’s verdict?

  11. sagarmatha Avatar

    Ram B ler,

    That is why it is called SPAMOCRACY….

  12. arun Avatar

    Its time to kick out both the king and SPAM from Nepal.

  13. noname Avatar

    Make Nepal a Hindu nation: Hindu activists

    Participants of an interaction in New York have urged all Hindus across the globe to work to defend Nepal as a Hindu nation.

    Speaking at the interaction organized by Sanatan Darma, Sanskrit and Nepali Center at Shree Satya Naraian Temple, New York City Hindus from various parts of the United States, Canada, India, Bangladesh, United Kingdom, Bhutan, Shri Lanka, Trinidad, Guyana and Nepal expressed solidarity for Nepali Hindus to make Nepal a Hindu nation.

    The parliament reinstated following the success of the April movement has declared Nepal as a secular country. Hindu activists are protesting against the parliament’s decision and demanding to make Nepal a Hindu country.

    A press release issued by the organiser said, scholars from the Indian American community Arish Sahani and Shree Gaurang G. Vaishnav, General Secretary of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (World Hindu Council of America) Raju Bhatija and Vijay Sigdel, a political activist from Nepal presented their views in favour of making Nepal a Hindu state.

    Speaking at the programme, Vaishnav said that all Hindus must be united and rise up to defeat the foreign and internal enemies who wish to divide the Hindus.

    Bishal Bikram Shah, a Nepali scholar currently living in New York city condemned the violence and pelting of stones during the visit of His Majesty King Gyanendra to offer prayers to Lord Pashupatinath on the auspicious occasion of Maha Shivaratri.

    He demanded that the miscreants, hooligans and criminal elements be arrested and punished.

    Various Nepali artists also presented cultural programme on the occasion. nepalnews.com pb Feb 21 07

    Related News

  14. Guyfromktm Avatar

    this UWB is starting to be teh mouthpiece of the terrorist maoists. If we are to declare Nepal federal republic (or even people’s republic more along the lines of the Maoist’s vision) then why fool the people by having the constituent assembly. Remember that deuba was once ousted as asasaksham for not being to hold elections– the king’s government was heavily criticsed for not holding the local elections (apart from municipality elections) in time– and both the times the then-regressive and now “progressive” to people like Bom had thawrted all efforts to hold elections. No one was crying foul then or to declare Nepal this or that. Now, due to the lack of capacity of the corrupt fatsos and the terrorists who are good only when it comes to use of the power of the barrel are not being able to maintain any kind of law and order allowing the nation to slip into absolute anarchy, people like Bom are talking about giving more powers to the same people by calling it a republic. The idea of ruling the country is to be able to be in control and at the moment, who is in control is an absolute mystery. You can’t blame a third party for your own failures. we can’t continue to point at the royal palace, India, foreign forces, USA, terai forum etc for everything that the corrupt fatsos and the terrorists haven’t been able to deliver. The maoists terrorists have long claimed that they control 80% of this country and the corrupt fatsos have repeatedly said that the janasagar that we saw during the so-called April revolution was an indication of the new found popularity that these corrupt fatsos have gained. Now, it is ahrd to beleive that these two self proclaimed forces can’t even counter the down and out palace and continue to blame it for everything that is going wrong in the country. Now, the bombing that took place at the maoists office in kathmandu is also the palace’s fault. Pretty soon, they will also blame the palace for the garbage problem in Kathmandu. When will people like Bom stand up and ask this government and the gun trotting maoists waiting in the ranks to take over this nation to show some accountability? Why are we investing so much of our resources on these corrupt fatsos and the terrorists when they can’t even restore any order to the country. What people like Bok keep hiding is that a lot of chaos in teh country present are caused by the terrorists themselves or organizations that are affiliated with them. When will people like Bom expose such acts of the Maoists. The fact of the matter is the Maoists and the corrupt fatsos have no idea how to coin the concept of a republic and federalism during the CA elections and are running scared that the people who are sick of these blood sucking thieves, will be able to fianlly have thier say and be able to come out and vote freely against the atrocities and looting that these corrupt fatsos and terrorists have resorted to. Sorry, you can’t decalre a republic until the CA and this is what was promised to the people of Nepal when you took the power over in April so now WALK THE TALK!!

  15. noname Avatar

    Very nice comment GuyfrmKtm. The dastard SPAMmers have no right (absolute or moral) to rule Nepal. I found another article in the comments section of the fantastic blog from blogdai:

    Democratic Hypocrisy in Nepal
    By Sachet Samaj

    The SPAMers, their student wings and even the human rights activists have thrown tantrums over King Gyanendra’s democracy day statement. Labelling the King’s statement as ill-intentioned, unconstitutional and inappropriate, the SPAMers and affiliates have organized protest rallies to denounce his statement. The civil society leaders have gone a step ahead by demanding a censure on all the King’s actions, statements and even called for an imposition of a travel ban. This hypocritical outcry over the King’s statement exhibits the illiberal and despotic demeanour of the self proclaimed democrats and civil society leaders. While SPAMers continue to put on a fictitious display of liberality by propounding democratic fustian, underneath the veneer of emancipatory disposition lies their true self drenched in hypocritical bigotry.

    Since the collapse of the royal regime, Nepal has been declared a democratic state. In accordance with the declaration, every Nepali citizen regardless of age, race, religion, sex or status has been bestowed with a right to voice his/her opinion under the rule of law. That is the essence of liberal democracy. It is the notion of equality, liberty and freedom of all human beings that differentiates democracy from all other forms of governance. In congruence, any citizen has an inherent right to exercise those fundamental rights under the rule of law. Unless the King is considered non-living or a foreigner (which he is not), he too is bestowed with the same individual rights as any other Nepali. Maybe not as a head of state, since the constitution has mothballed monarchy for the time being, but as an individual, he possesses every right to voice his tale.

    The SPAMers have pointed to the unconstitutionality of the King’s speech but they remain at fault. Regardless of which constitution they are referring to, there is no such clause or mention in any constitution that proscribes the King from making statements. Even if the King is regarded as an ordinary citizen, there is no such mention in any post 1990 constitution that forbids any Nepali from expressing an opinion under the rule of law. Also, unless Nepal is taken as a dictatorial nation, it would be quite improbable to have a law that would prevent any accused from an exonerating attempt.

    The right to defend oneself from potential harm is irrefutably a universal human right and the King has every right to defend himself from the incriminating charges brought against him. As the SPAMers have charged the King with numerous accounts of human rights violations, like any other individual, the King has a right to explain himself. Even the dictum of “human rights declaration” grants every individual an inviolable right to defend oneself against any penal offence. Again, unless Nepal is an absolute dictatorship like North Korea, the law still allows for an individual to express oneself and defend oneself as long as it does not contradict or violate it. And from the King’s statement, there is nothing to indicate that he has broken any law of Nepal.

    Two obvious conclusions can be drawn from this ruckus. Either Nepal is not a democratic nation as proclaimed, or the SPAMers and their affiliates have exhibited a blatantly hypocritical stance. While the SPAMers wailed clamouring for free speech during the royal regime, they themselves are clearly unwilling to allow the same. They seem to be hell bent on preferential treatment. From what has become apparent, anything unpalatable to the SPAMers will be abominated as undemocratic, un-constitutional and illegitimate. Such partisan attitude exhibited by the SPAMers only negates any semblance of democratic accreditation.

    Even after having eviscerated the King, the SPAMers still pound on him a little more at every opportunity they get. While the atrocities of the Maoists have clearly been justified and even rewarded with eighty three seats in the interim parliament, the Monarchy has been compelled to absorb all the flak. Given such onslaught, the Monarchy has been left with no accommodating alternative. With such narrow options for sustenance, it should come as no surprise if it opted for militancy.

    The Maoist insurgency should have taught our leadership unforgettable lessons; it only takes a handful of resolute individuals to destabilize the nation and exclusion is not the answer to enduring peace. And even the recent Madhes uprising stands testament to that fact.

    For those who remain oblivious to this assertion, it might be a little too late when another spark engulfs the nation. Hence, if Nepal seeks to avoid any more calamities, the only available alternative for sustainable peace lies in the trinity of People, Parties and Palace. Unless all the elements comprehend and acknowledge a symbiotic relationship, the future of a peaceful Nepal will remain a pipedream.

  16. noname Avatar

    Time to Declare Nepal a Terrorist Nation.

    Although SPAM’s connection with Al Qaeda is well known, here’s a few example of another day light violence in this JUNGLE COUNTRY:

    Unidentified gang shoots two persons in the capital

    A gang of unidentified people shot and injured two persons at Tundaldevi area in Kathmandu Wednesday morning.

    Kaji Sherpa and Nisha Bhattrai, who were worshiping at the Tundaldevi temple, received bullet injuries in the firing.

    A group of people, who came in a taxi, opened fire at them at around 8.30 am and fled in a taxi with registration number BA-1-JA 7334. The motive behind the shooting could not be confirmed immediately, according to police.

    The injured persons have been admitted at Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital, Maharajgunj, for treatment.

    A pistol has been recovered from the scene. Police said a manhunt has been launched to track down the assailants. nepalnews.com pb Feb 21 07

  17. noname Avatar

    And to further highlight the point of mine and scoop…after gobbling up hundreds or billions of rupees (the expenditure details of which are not known) the Maoists are leaving for the city wide terrorism now:

    3000 PLA men leave cantonment

    Nearly 3,000 Maoist combatants of the Third Division camp of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) in Shaktihkor, Chitwan have left the cantonment site saying the government neglected their camp management.

    According to radio reports, some Maoist combatants have started working at brick kilns and road construction works while some are in search of jobs.

    They claim they were compelled to leave the cantonment as they did not have basic resources to live in the camps.

    Nepal FM, a private FM station quoted Prabakhar, a deputy commander of the Maoist army, as saying that they are holding final talks with the government about the camp management today.

    He further said that more PLA men will leave the cantonment in search of jobs.

    He even warned that Maoists from all cantonment sites will be compelled to leave if the government did not make necessary arrangements for them. nepalnews.com pb Feb 21 07

  18. replytoall Avatar

    NO its not because of us that the condition of Nepal is the way it is……. it is because of you shitheads…..

    And what do you mean by “we” will do this and that…….. for once tell me what does this “we” means………. what we who we…… its because of we like you [icd] that this country is in the position where it is now. we, [icd] and your we.

    Terai is a genuine problem even if [icd] like you understand or not. [icd] like u and ur kinds is the main source of the degenration of once great nepal…… because of [icd] like you , “the janajatis are backwards…….

    [icd] 13000 odd people lost and counting …………

    [icd] .. america belayat ma basera [icd]

    UWB: We have removed many of the filtering words from moderation. Instead of replacing inappropriate content by ICD, from now onwards the whole comment will be deleted at once. Ke ko waihat jhanjhat!!

  19. scoop Avatar

    If the CA elections are held I would vote for the party that retains a ceremonial monarchy. But more importantly – I will respect the verdict of the people whether they vote for this or a republic. The CA should be held fairly and without threats. However, the maoists have to also respect the verdict of the people. They have to now come in line and stop going around the nation as if they own it while not letting others do the same, leave alone the issues of guns, extortion etc. I would also advise that all the old school – Girija, Makune, Prachanda, Deuba etc. leave politics for good and let the next generation take the lead. If we cannot respect this then what is the point of a democracy. The maoists began their attempt down this road demanding a CA election which people like this author also suppirted, and now to say we declare Nepal a federal republic without elections is the exact kind of thing that people like me have been warning against – the maoists have never been and will never be up to any good. They will always use silly little excuses to derail the process of democratisation while overlooking their own massive illegal activities by breaking every facet of every point of any agreement they have signed with the SPA.

  20. noname Avatar

    And to further show how SPAM terrorists use Kids and Children in their violent propaganda here is a further proof of young children dying everywhere. Future of Nepal is black under these terrorists:

    Two Maoist cadres die in road mishap

    Two Maoist cadres died and 30 others were injured in a road mishap at Triveni area in Udaypur district on Tuesday night.

    The mishap occurred when a bus carrying Maoist cadres from a mass meeting in Janakpur met with an accident at Triveni village development committee VDC-4 of Udayapur district at around 8:30 pm on Tuesday.

    The dead have been identified as 17-year-old Minasari Rai and 13-year-old Janaki Adhikari. Rai died on the spot while Adhikari died on the way to hospital.

    Of the 30 injured, seven critically injured are undergoing treatment at BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences in Dharan and the remaining 25 are being treated at Lahan Nursing Home.

    Maoist district in-charge Kamal Poudel informed that the two dead were their cadres. nepalnews.com pb Feb 21 07

  21. mahila  sahu Avatar
    mahila sahu

    SCOOP you are right on target !! If Nepal is LOKTANTRA and if we belive in PEOPLE POWER most important thing is that we must have free and fair CA election without fear and we must respect the it’s result. Then only country can go ahead. If these SPAM and its Maoist boss went ahead with Declaration of Republic there will be civil war in Nepal which nobody can afford. SPAM and Maoist are afraid face the people because they do not belive in PEOPLE and DEMOCRACY. Right now the way we are moving it seems that this is GAAND TANTRA where SPAM and so called Civil society, Human right groups are busy sucking the GAAND of Maoist and now by its action it is clear that they are part and partial of either RAW or only interested in getting themselves berth in government and serve their own interest only. AND FINAL WORD WHERE IS THE MONEY GOVERNMENT HAVE GIVEN TO MAOIST FOR MANAGEMENT OF CANTONMENT SO THAT THEY HAVE TO LEAVE THE CAMP ? This is either just a excuse to get out of camp and create mayham or Maoist boss is busy putting money in their own pocket.

  22. sonam Avatar

    Bill tabled in Evergreen, Unelected Parliament moves for the establishment of Republic Nepal.
    As the parliament does not have an opposition (courtesy: maoist), it will be passed by a majority vote. Parties most likely to vote against it will the two congress, sadbhavana and the partly led by Pasupati & Surya Bahadur. Narayan Man will be caught in a traffice jam and be absent. UML & maoist will vote for the establishment of the republic. The Nagarik Samaj will be outside chanting Republic, Republic.
    It the grand design of the maoist, that nepal is in a such sorry state and on the brink of a civil war. A year or two back, the maoist said that they will stand on the back and hit the head. They are doing this right now.
    The maoist are very afraid of the people’s power. They dont want an election, rather they just want to impose dictatorship in Nepal.
    At this rate we are maybe headed for military rule like in Thailand. Most of the people of Nepal, don’t like King, but they also don’t like maoist. Both have guns, so the people are scared.
    Its time to go back to the BP Koirala, view, that the Congress and the King must move together. The Congress must sign an aggrement with the King, under the gurantee of USA, India, Britain, China, that the King will be ceremonial and multiparty democracy will be in nepal.
    If the King does not agree to sign the agreement then f**** the King, and Congress should let him die at the hands of the communists.

  23. noname Avatar

    And Sonam,

    Could you please give your ideas on what should we do with SPA (girija et. al.) who are responsible for and birth gives for all the terrorrism, corruption and violence in Nepal?

    Kindly enlighten us bloody SPAMmer.

  24. noname Avatar


    Could you please give your ideas on what should we do with SPA (girija et. al.) who are responsible for and giving birth to all kinds of* terrorrism, corruption and violence in Nepal?

  25. noname Avatar

    Most of people of Nepal, Like the King! And that’s where the entire scenario and facts arrive. Do you think Nepalis will hate a 238 year old institution or the King and start loving their doomers and killers of last 17 years?

    Haha. Again, I am done with you. Next one please. I really really need someone who makes sense! No SPAMmers please!

  26. sonam Avatar

    I think Girja, should not have helped the King survive during the end of Jan Andolan 2. The people at that time would have hanged the king in Tudikhel.
    Again when the king was in trouble, Girja said ceremonial and saved the king.
    If it wasn’t for Girja, the king would have been history.
    Makune is irrelevant and has no value at all.
    So you pro-monarch people, if you want the King to survive, pray to God, that Girja does not die, otherwise the King will be histroy.

  27. Patriot Avatar

    K.G. and his family should leave this country gracefully and never return. If he is so irresponsible and stupid and cannot take advantage of changing moods of the people, theres really no point for him to stick around. Maoists are assoholes alright, but this Gyane Chor is a king and people looked up to him and expected from him but all he has ever been is a disappointment. I think he should just disappear and stop playing with people’s feelings. Whoever stays – G or Prachanda, its the same for Nepal. Both are corrupt, parasitic vultures. But my vote is G must leave. Being a king he has been a big disappointment.

  28. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Man G has had so many opportunities. But its his advisors that ruin everything!

  29. Kirat Avatar

    Bhudai, only idiots would surround themselves with advisors who are idiots. I am afraid G is one.

  30. Taytiskoti Avatar


    These commentators degrade the aspiration of the people of Nepal for the complete democracy – Federal Democratic Republic.

    ——————————–Here is the new for these Gyane Gulla Chus——

    Parliament directs govt to take action against king

    Kantipur Report

    KATHMANDU, Feb 21 – The Interim Legislature-Parliament on Wednesday directed the government to take action against King Gyanendra for his controversial message to the nation on Democracy Day.
    Concluding that the king’s message was “unconstitutional and unauthorized,” the parliament today passed a “necessary proposal of public importance” on the issue.

    During today’s sitting of the house, majority of the parliamentarians also urged the house to straightaway declare Nepal a republic in the wake of the king’s controversial statement, which is against “Loktantric (democratic) norms.”

    Speaker of the Interim Legislature Subash Nemwang told ekantipur that the proposal was passed unanimously.

    “The parliament has directed the government to take action against the king and inform the house about the action taken,” Nemwang said.

    Nepali Congress MP Ram Chandra Poudel had tabled the proposal, which was also supported by Bharat Mohan Adhikari of CPN-UML, Dev Gurung of CPN-Maoist, Tek Bahadur Chokhyal of NC-Democratic, Bharat Bimal Yadav of Nepal Sadbhawana Party (Anandidevi), Nanda Kumar Prasain of Bam Morcha and Sunil Prajapati of Nepal Majdoor Kisan Party.

    The MPs also demanded that the prime minister clarify the matter in parliament as it was a “serious issue.”

    “Expressing serious objection to the message of the king, who has been stripped of all state powers by the Interim Constitution and the May 18, 2006 HoR Proclamation, this sitting (of parliament) rejects the unconstitutional, unauthorized and undemocratic message outright,” the proposal said.

    Poudel said, “As the king was unwilling as ever to remain within the constitutional boundaries, the parliament should immediately declare a republic.”

    Several MPs including Sunil Prajapati and Hari Acharya expressed that the Interim Constitution should be amended by putting in a provision that could lead to a removal of monarchy by a majority vote.

    The political parties had a long debate before tabling the proposal.

  31. noname Avatar

    SPAMmers. Coming in a few numbers here. Again to be beaten right on their asses. I am in a wait and watch mode right now. I will collect all your comments together. And then I will whoop your ass again. Continue your mess till then. I have got some time for you all.

  32. noname Avatar

    The only thing about the SPAMmers is that they never respond the series of violence reports that they commit. I like this part of the SPAMmers. I will learn it. Commit terrorism and stay mmmmm quiet when people thrash your ass.

  33. Suntali ko Pooe Avatar
    Suntali ko Pooe

    Suntali ko Pooe: You aren’t going to spit at me, are you?
    Prakash bom: No, I’m going to swallow.

    Suntali ko Pooe: Be careful, this is powerful stinky.

  34. noname Avatar

    Suntali ko Pooe,

    Lol, nice sense of humour mate. I am having so much by beating each of these SPAMmers. I invite you to join in more actively and make merry.

  35. Patriot Avatar

    Exactly Bhudai/Kirat – a man as incompetent and foolish as G who lacks any sense to recognize the opportunities thats there for him, is not suited to be the ruler. Maoists may be scary but atleast they know what they want and they are hell aggressive. Its really time for us Nepalese to evaluate all this and come to a conclusion and be ready to accept whatever the consequences of our decision.

    Personally, I am beginning to accept Maoists will most probably rule. I am more concerned abt the effective checks/opposition that can be institutionlized before its too late for even that.

  36. bridohi Avatar

    Prakash is living in a castle up in the sky. He needs to come down to ground zero reality of Nepal. Hello, Houston calling Prakash.

    No political party (ies), SPAM, parliament or anybody has the RIGHT to declare Nepal a federal republic. Only the Nepali people have that right. Sovereignty lies in the people, not its leaders, kings or representatives. If the people of Nepal through a free & fair election decide that they want a republic (or not), then, the outcome will be legitimate.

    The current leaders are merely transitional team. They were not elected. In fact, their mandate has expired. Techinically, the king was in direct violation of the 90 consitution by resurrecting the defunct parliament as a political decision through the doctrine of necessity.

    The current SPAM leaders are acting like the “Sri Teen Maharajs” of bygone era. The king is powerless, rudderless & just a constitutional limbo. The SPAM is an oligarchy in forming looking after their own interests rather than the common good for all the people.

    Point & case is the two most corrupt politicians Joshi & Khadga were given CLEAN chits by the CIAA–what a joke. However, the SPAM government is going to seize the passports of businessmen who defaulted the banking loans (not defending the sly business people). If the government is going to seize the passports of bank defaulters, then, they should also do the same who raided the state treasury & committed corruption. There is a double standard here.

    It is the responsibility of the state to provide stability & security. Then only economic activity can take place (By the way, I am not defending the corrupt practise of loan defaulters). State is responsible to foster conditions where business can thrive and take place so that the businesses can pay the loans. How can a business pay their loan if there no economic activity? To top that off, Maoists have not helped with their forced unionization of the various sectors of the economy. Why only punish the business people? Lets punish the whole more starting with the top–political leaders, politicians, bureacrats, bank officers, lenders & NRB officials. Lets all take their passports.

    Another example are the Maoists who are in breach of the peace agreement. Their cadres are leaving the contonments. The government has provided them with millions of rupees to look after the welfare of the PLA but they themselves have not utilized the money properly. They blame the government (while they themsleves are a part of the interim parliament) or make petty excuses.

    So Mr Bom come down from your highmindedness of the itellectual bs. You sit in the comforts of the NY and rant about Nepal. I applaud you for “thinking” but you are on the wrong track my man.

  37. Jesus Avatar

    What to do in Catmandu..?

    The ant works hard in the withering heat all summer long, building his
    house and laying up supplies for the winter. The grasshopper thinks
    the ant’s a fool and laughs & dances & plays the summer away.

    Come winter, the shivering grasshopper calls a press conference and
    demands to know why the ant should be allowed to be warm and well fed
    while others are cold and starving and calls for a Nepal Bandh to
    protest this ‘ Soshan’.

    Kantipur, Image and Nepal 1 show up to provide pictures of the
    shivering grasshopper next to a video of the ant in his comfortable
    home with a table filled with food. The nation is stunned by the sharp
    contrast. How can this be that this poor grasshopper is allowed to
    suffer so?

    The Civil Society steps in and stages a demonstration in front of the
    ant’s house and a concerned group goes on a fast along with other
    grasshoppers demanding that grasshoppers be relocated to warmer
    climates during winter.

    Amnesty International and Ban ki Moon, the eighth Secretary General of
    the UN, criticizes the Nepali Government for not upholding the
    fundamental rights of the grasshopper.

    The Internet is flooded with online petitions seeking support to the
    grasshopper (many promising Heaven and Everlasting Peace for prompt
    support as against the wrath of God for non-compliance).

    Immediately laws are tabled to prevent Ants from working hard in the
    heat so as to bring about equality of poverty among ants and
    grasshoppers. Finally, the Judicial Committee drafts the Prevention of
    Terrorism Against Grasshoppers Act [POTAGA]”, with effect from the
    beginning of the winter.

    The ant is fined for failing to comply with POTAGA and, having nothing
    left to pay his retroactive taxes, his home is confiscated by the
    Government and handed over to the grasshopper in a ceremony covered by
    all TV and media.

    Everyone hails it as “a triumph of justice and revolutionary
    resurgence of the downtrodden”. Ban ki Moon invites the grasshopper to
    address the UN General Assembly.

    Many years later…

    The ant having lost everything has since migrated to the US in despair
    and set up a multi billion dollar company in silicon valley. As for
    the grasshopper well thousands of grasshoppers continue to die of
    starvation ..

    Sad but true…hahaha

  38. Taytiskoti Avatar

    Keep rolling with the Federal Democratic Republic. Nepal deserves this asap.

    How Interim Parliament can declare Nepal Federal Republic of Nepal
    By Prakash Bom
    The ‘suspended monarchy’s message to the nation on the 57th Democracy Day without even consulting the head of the state – the Prime Minister defies the rule of law under democracy. His supporters online and offline are saying ‘who are these ‘SPA and the terrorist Maoists leaders and their legislators’ to legislate such bills that scrape the power of the monarchy and suspend his statue?’ These are threatening questions that supports of the monarchy regressing over the violent come back of the monarchy

    Switzerland which is structured under the democratic premise of the federalism can help us mirror to see ourselves through. The Switzerland, which has difficult terrains of topography and three different ethnic communities (Swiss-German, Swiss-French and Swiss-Italian), has federal governance structures based on these following premises of federalism:

    Decentralization (Non-centralization) of state power through the practice of competitive or electoral democracy (under the constitution, amendments, bills and regulations) at a local level

    Subsidiarity of the federal or central government based on the principle that a central authority should perform only those tasks which cannot be performed effectively at a local level

    Solidarity of the nation with team spirit between the constituents (cantons) of the country with inter-constituent competition to a certain degree, for example enforcing law and order, making the taxation policies, budgeting development plans, supporting national security etc

    Cooperative federalism based on decentralization or non-centralization between constituents in regards to making laws, policies, fiscal plans and so forth

    Detail reading……………http://www.nepalhorizons.com/beta/articles.php?newsid=37

    Guys get rolling with the federalists and support them.

  39. manan Avatar

    Look, its not that difficult to fling Gyanendra out of the country, you know. Takes a bit of resolve, and I guarantee you, after that, people will be a lot calmer. They just don’t like the guy. They don’t like a guy who has to visit Pashupati in a Jaguar.

    So just grab him, fling him out. Declare Nepal a republic now. That in itself will calm a lot of nerves. Lots of ex-monarchy countries are doing fine as republics. Nepal minus Gyane and his family won’t be doing badly either.

    Then we can begin to tackle the country’s real problems. With Gyane around, we’re always distracted. Hence, kick him out, now.

  40. manan Avatar

    I, for one, am sick at all the attention Gyane is getting. He doesn’t deserve it. Takes away from the real issues. Everyone goes around saying Gyanendra is dangerous to democracy, but no one has the gall to say the real thing–the monarchy is not dangerous–its a freakin’ luxury that we can’t afford anymore. Its economics, at the heart of it. Heck, its even Milton Friedmanesque, starve the beast economics. Do away with that you need least. The stupid monarchy, in our case.

    Trim the fat. (Literally).

  41. sonam Avatar

    The maoist have ignited a civil war in Nepal. First Lahan and now Butwal. Their YCL is above the law, and they are the main reasons for all the unrest in the country.
    The SPA is just a spectator. The King, naturally to save his crown, is fishing in dirty waters through the Forum.
    Home Minister says that to end all these unrest, Indian help is needed. India will help Nepal and at the same time will demand its pound of flesh – Upper Koshi Dam, Mahakali, Arun, ….
    Now a 6 parties aggrement will be reached in Delhi, between, SPA, M, K, Forum, Janjati, India, where Nepal will go for CA with Ceremonial King being fixed. Then the problems will die down. In return like Bhutan, defence, foreign, water resources, will be controlled by India.

  42. Sasanka Avatar

    Nepal must be declared a federal state with regional autonomy to different nationalities. The demands of the Madhesis are justified they have the right to demand regional autonomy in the Teria. The Maoists have threatened to declare a federal state, that is good, but even without Maoists declaring a federal state the peoples of the nation shall declare the country to be a federal state, a unitary system would not be in the interests of the Janjatis, Madhesis , Muslims and Dalits. The seven party fellows are of the same lot, they have same motives, they even want to save the king, but the monarch must be neutralised in any way, be it declaring the country republic or by other means, he a murderer should not be one to decide things in the country. The biggest obstacle to the process of resolving the matters and meeting the demands of the peoples is Girija and N.C. The bullshits are least interested to see any changes in the country that would help the Dalits, Janjatis, Madhesis and other oppressed sections of the society. And the fellows in the assembly now are finding ways and means to cheat to deny rights to the Madhesis , Dalits, Janjatis and others. It’s clear from the actions of the govt the denial to meet the demands of the Madhesis which made them rise in protest and also the denial to the janjatis, Dalits and others who too are protesting, what do these leeches want, do they want to see the country burn and disintegrate. The demands of the marginalised cannot be disregarded, it isn’t possible to stop the marginalised sections now from taking their rights. The bullshits have to realise the real situations, if violence, strife is what they want then they would get it, for centuries the marginalised can fight, we are there to join, this time,we will chose not to be spectators.
    Jai Bhim!

  43. Saki Avatar

    It is time for a Republic, it has brought peace, and will bring us growth and peace

  44. scoop Avatar

    Yeah fling Gyanendra out and wipe your hands, and come tomorrow, when democracy is also simply flung out, will you people stand up and fight? —-

    Just like you’re doing now I suppose?

  45. scoop Avatar

    Flinging gyanendra out will bring calm – what a bloody joke. The sort of calm that we see today between madhesis and maoists??? So if the madhesis also decide to fling pahadis out is that also fine by you as it seems to be fine by the methods several of you have chosen? Then next we’ll be flinging Brahmins out into India as well? Are you game? Do you know what the hell you’re talking about?

  46. scoop Avatar

    There are many who want to fling Prachanda out as well – where do we put in the request, please let me know?

  47. hinterland Avatar

    Lets start by fleecing the far left, doggone missionaries, left ball hanging Civil society members, and child killers and their sympathizers first. Who the heck understands Federalism? If teria is given autonomus status, which is their end goal anyways, what will be the foreign policy or even monetary?? Try to be logical rather than go on a bandwagon of rallying cry of lunatics and mass murderer, propped up and abated by people like Wagle, Neil and Kantipur. All they want is disintegration of a nation in the name of Loktrantra and wait all in the name to prove their worth and credential, sorry it does not hold water. Its like capacity is limited to Dal Bhat but talk is about lobster and caviar- get Real.

  48. sonam Avatar

    How come these people say they represent the people by saying they are Nagarik Samaj. The people of Nepal did not vote for them.
    They must shut up for the development of Nepal.
    These are the people who are the root cause for the turmoil taking place in Nepal.

  49. Naya Nepal or Nullified Nepal-Terra Incognita Avatar
    Naya Nepal or Nullified Nepal-Terra Incognita

    We’ve heard enough of bragging by everyone. Our identity itself as a Nepalese is in question. It doesn’t make much of a difference to Prachanda, SPA, or Upendra Yadav. In the name of rights everyone is after invading on the basic rights of others. When there is turmoil in Terai the government is more concerned on creating a safe route for petrolium and essentials to the capital but least bothered about the pain of the terai dwellers. The Rolex watch waggle of CPN supremo Prachanda well defines how much of a real communist he is. The silence of Upendra Yadav to take up the responsibility of loss of property and vandalism in Terai in the name of rights speaks what he is up to. No matter we belong to the Terai or the hill, we should not forget that we’ve been hearing big promises ever since the inception of Democracy of Nepal and it is time for us to evaluate where we’ve been taken to. Why don’t people who pray their leaders understand that their leaders are safe and well-equipped with everything in Kathmandu whereas we are the ones to suffer. CPN supremo Prachanda did not die when there was Maoist insurgency in Nepal, whereas in the name of Maoist cadre general citizens died nor did the high ranking politicians die but general citizens died. When the agitation of Forum is going on Mr. Yadav resides in KTM with those cunning smile on his face but when someone dies it is someone else from a Madhesi community. The slogan of New Nepal is in everybody’s speech but which New Nepal are we hoping out of people who destroyed expensive basic infrastructure just because they were using satellite phones when they destroyed repeater stations where general people used to communicate. Which Madhesh are we hoping of when the so-called peaceful protest is as violent as killing people mercilessly, ablazing public property, vandalizing ambulances, manhandling general citizens. What do we expect out of this all. Isn’t it time for all of us to think to bring an end to this all instead of raised voice, targetted guns to unite for a single Nepal not a Nepal shattered into pieces for someone’s selfish motive. Who is making us communal, it is none other than those residing in KTM who know nothing more than delivering provocative speech. Why don’t we understand that these so-called leaders are making the general people escape goat for their selfish desire. Nepal doesn’t need a “Naya Nepal” or whatever. It needs development, economic upliftment, creation of employment opportunities and for this we don’t need to be the puppets of these political parties. We need a patriotic leader who doesn’t just publish white papers of their parties strategy but puts actions forward more than just mere words. It’s time for us to think that do we want to place Nepal as a replica of Iraq where we are engaged in a brawl with our own brothers sometimes in the name of community, sometimes in the name of rights and sometimes in the name of political faith. Let us think and preserve our rights. Let us not allow a particular person decide our fate and crush our basic rights of moving freely, freedom of speech and freedom to work and excel in the name of their protests.

  50. Ashutosh Shrivastav Avatar
    Ashutosh Shrivastav

    Nepal is victim of Seven Terrorists who claims themselves as “Democratic”. Having killed 30,000 people and taking control over the WEAK Nepal govt., Maoists are trying to declare republic they want to loot the country. Further, Spammers will support them because they will be unemployed in King’s rule.

    Madheshis stand nowhere. A killer of 35 madheshis is unwilling to resign. He deserves to be electrocuted in his chair. The killer of 30,000 is cheering up. The alleged suppressor is quite and sitting in the palace. When Madheshis are at revolt, every Nepali is trying to suppress them. Police and army is trying to loot Madhesis property and supports Pahades in the violence. They are one who are shooting innocent Madheshis.

    Pahades should forget that Madheshis will not negotiate now. We want Madhesh, and we will snatch it from you.

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