Time to Declare Nepal a Federal Democratic Republic

It is time for the nation now to form immediately the interim government with the Maoist representations to address regressive conspiracies that might undermine the democracy. If the aspiration of people is threatened then political leaderships must not sit back from declaring the nation ‘Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal.’

By Prakash Bom

The conspiracy of the regressive force is under way. Nation might have to face tough time in coming days, especially keeping the law and order intact. Seven Party Alliance (SPA) and the Maoist leaderships must pay close attention to these sequence of events that are in progress – ‘the Madhesi People’s Rights Forum’s violent protests’, ‘Pokhara army general’s instructions’, ‘ the Federation of Nepalese Indigenous Nationalities strike’, ‘suspended monarchy’s message to the nation on the 57th Democracy Day’, and ‘MPRF’s call for indefinite protests to begin with the transport strike in Tarai for nine days.’ These events might be intertwined. Otherwise they are occurring to be in the wrong place in the wrong time or vise versa. But they could be threat to the law and order, and overall national integrity.

The recent survey, believed by many as a palace sponsored stunt, found the monarchy is more popular in the Tarai region along the boarder of India than among high land population. This is worth to doubt that the royalists’ activities in this region are drastically increasing. The supporters of the royalists either instigating the protests of MPRF or MPRF has already become a scapegoat despite its genuine causes for the protests that might help nation achieve suitable democratic system. But you never know what they might cause- commotion of the law and order, interruption to the day-to-day lives of people, disruption of the worsening national economy if the protests last for months.

If we all are together in our afford to nation building process, establishment of the democracy and lasting peace then we have to listen to each other carefully for better national solutions. If this reasoning is true for all of us then the Maoists who are in the same boat might have better observation and it is worth to consider their views without political bias and reservations. In current political scenario the Maoist leaderships have been more open to democratic changes than SPA leaderships, especially Nepali Congress. They have adapted proportional electoral system and federal governance structure. They have introduced mixed economic system and encouraged capitalists with incentives and economic freedom as their national economic policy.

Hopefully, the Maoist leaderships have seen these elements that are essential to the nation and the people of Nepal. For example, political leaderships must have vision for adapting the federal governance structure that will allow people to participate in nation building process – electing representatives for their local governments who legislate local regulations, administer, provide security and justice, run public schools and manage over all developments. If the political leaderships and legislators of the Parliament have such visions and they believe in their visions honestly in implementing new democratic systems then we must trust them without any political bias and reservations.

Truth of the matter is that the political elements or the leaderships that are regressive to the civil liberty and economic prosperity must not rise up with their might to disperse the aspiration of people of Nepal. We Nepali people at this transition political period cannot breathe without the guarantee of the civil liberty and the equal opportunity for the economic prosperity as per our individual ability. We are hard working people and we will contribute a great deal in nation building process if appropriate democratic systems and structures are adopted in the constitution of our nation.

It is time for the nation now to form immediately the interim government with the Maoist representations to address regressive conspiracies that might undermine the democracy and the national integrity eventually. If the aspiration of people is threatened then political leaderships must not sit back from declaring the nation ‘Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal.’ Otherwise, we must continue with our political commitment to accomplish the elections of the constituent assembly for people of Nepal to decide their vote on two hundred fifty years’ regressive elements – to carry on with the cancer or eradicate its root from our lungs for us to breathe fresh air.


101 thoughts on “Time to Declare Nepal a Federal Democratic Republic”

  1. “When Madheshis are at revolt, every Nepali is trying to suppress them. Police and army is trying to loot Madhesis property and supports Pahades in the violence. They are one who are shooting innocent Madheshis.”

    Mr. Shrivastav your anger can be understood but there is no fire without a spark. No one should be averse to some heinous crimes done by either side the state and the agitating Madhesi. But I want to question when you are clearly discriminating Pahades and Nepalese, isn’t your own identity in question. If you don’t belong to Nepal then only perhaps you can say so, so should we assume you are referring to your descent from India. In summary what we should understand is when someone organizes an event be it in the form of protest or celebration, the repercussion is there and if all of us are to speak in the same tone, perhaps you should not forget that even the houses of pahares have been ablazed and the question here is not about what we can snatch from others but what we can share with others. You will prove no different than whom you’ve been blaming of snatching your rights and now you want to snatch an entire region. But yes please question yourself if you feel that you are not a Nepali then who you are?


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