Time to Declare Nepal a Federal Democratic Republic

It is time for the nation now to form immediately the interim government with the Maoist representations to address regressive conspiracies that might undermine the democracy. If the aspiration of people is threatened then political leaderships must not sit back from declaring the nation ‘Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal.’

By Prakash Bom

The conspiracy of the regressive force is under way. Nation might have to face tough time in coming days, especially keeping the law and order intact. Seven Party Alliance (SPA) and the Maoist leaderships must pay close attention to these sequence of events that are in progress – ‘the Madhesi People’s Rights Forum’s violent protests’, ‘Pokhara army general’s instructions’, ‘ the Federation of Nepalese Indigenous Nationalities strike’, ‘suspended monarchy’s message to the nation on the 57th Democracy Day’, and ‘MPRF’s call for indefinite protests to begin with the transport strike in Tarai for nine days.’ These events might be intertwined. Otherwise they are occurring to be in the wrong place in the wrong time or vise versa. But they could be threat to the law and order, and overall national integrity.

The recent survey, believed by many as a palace sponsored stunt, found the monarchy is more popular in the Tarai region along the boarder of India than among high land population. This is worth to doubt that the royalists’ activities in this region are drastically increasing. The supporters of the royalists either instigating the protests of MPRF or MPRF has already become a scapegoat despite its genuine causes for the protests that might help nation achieve suitable democratic system. But you never know what they might cause- commotion of the law and order, interruption to the day-to-day lives of people, disruption of the worsening national economy if the protests last for months.

If we all are together in our afford to nation building process, establishment of the democracy and lasting peace then we have to listen to each other carefully for better national solutions. If this reasoning is true for all of us then the Maoists who are in the same boat might have better observation and it is worth to consider their views without political bias and reservations. In current political scenario the Maoist leaderships have been more open to democratic changes than SPA leaderships, especially Nepali Congress. They have adapted proportional electoral system and federal governance structure. They have introduced mixed economic system and encouraged capitalists with incentives and economic freedom as their national economic policy.

Hopefully, the Maoist leaderships have seen these elements that are essential to the nation and the people of Nepal. For example, political leaderships must have vision for adapting the federal governance structure that will allow people to participate in nation building process – electing representatives for their local governments who legislate local regulations, administer, provide security and justice, run public schools and manage over all developments. If the political leaderships and legislators of the Parliament have such visions and they believe in their visions honestly in implementing new democratic systems then we must trust them without any political bias and reservations.

Truth of the matter is that the political elements or the leaderships that are regressive to the civil liberty and economic prosperity must not rise up with their might to disperse the aspiration of people of Nepal. We Nepali people at this transition political period cannot breathe without the guarantee of the civil liberty and the equal opportunity for the economic prosperity as per our individual ability. We are hard working people and we will contribute a great deal in nation building process if appropriate democratic systems and structures are adopted in the constitution of our nation.

It is time for the nation now to form immediately the interim government with the Maoist representations to address regressive conspiracies that might undermine the democracy and the national integrity eventually. If the aspiration of people is threatened then political leaderships must not sit back from declaring the nation ‘Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal.’ Otherwise, we must continue with our political commitment to accomplish the elections of the constituent assembly for people of Nepal to decide their vote on two hundred fifty years’ regressive elements – to carry on with the cancer or eradicate its root from our lungs for us to breathe fresh air.







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  1. Maila chaudry Avatar
    Maila chaudry

    SPAM does not have the right to snatch the rights of 24 cores nepalese about the future of Nepal. 8 thugs from SPA + Maoist can’t just in Baluwater with their spoons/fork and decide on behalf of the nepalese what sort of political framework and system they wishes.
    If you firm belive in loktantra, each eligible voters should be able to excercise their vote.
    Does the SPA have the guts to opening critise the maoist who have inked the comprehensive peace treaty for thier accessive tortion, abduction, daylight robbery, carring arms into the parliament, NO THEY ARE ALL COWARD BUNCH OF THUGS

  2. Vladimir Avatar

    Dear Mr. Bom,
    Just in case you’ve forgotten: Nepal does not belong to SPAM, Kantipur Publications, and their cronies alone. Same goes for the right to speech.

  3. Captain Crash Avatar

    “Kaag le kaan lagyo bhandai ma kaag ko pachi nadaudau” you cannot just declare Nepal a Federal Democratic Republic there should be a correct process. Bunch of killer wants to make it federal and it becomes a fedral, who told it. Every one have their right to decide not just killer like prachande. Maoist are scared coz they are loosing their grip with the people. First thing should be CA and then remaining.

  4. sagarmatha Avatar

    Is SPAM is supremo of the supreme to declare republic, what about general public view? Tomorrow terai people bring 20 lacs in the street and say they like to have seperate state, are we going to respect their demand?

  5. B Avatar

    Mr. Bom you are back again. Are we even a state now? No water, no electricity, no one to collect garbage, no fuel, no gas…….cmn get your head out of your own ass and write about saving this nation for a change not destroying monarchy. I gues since you write from new york you are not aware of all the shortages i mentioned above. Would you mind if India was to take over nepal? Would you write against india then? or in other words, what is more important to you the existance of Nepal or the destruction of monarchy?

  6. disgusted Avatar

    the maoist crisis is a shame to nepal and all nepalis. they are true terrorists and have caused unnecessary problem in nepal. i saw, bring them to justice for the thousands they have killed first, then talk.

  7. Guyfromktm Avatar

    this UWB is starting to be teh mouthpiece of the terrorist maoists. If we are to declare Nepal federal republic (or even people’s republic more along the lines of the Maoist’s vision) then why fool the people by having the constituent assembly. Remember that deuba was once ousted as asasaksham for not being to hold elections– the king’s government was heavily criticsed for not holding the local elections (apart from municipality elections) in time– and both the times the then-regressive and now “progressive” to people like Bom had thawrted all efforts to hold elections. No one was crying foul then or to declare Nepal this or that. Now, due to the lack of capacity of the corrupt fatsos and the terrorists who are good only when it comes to use of the power of the barrel are not being able to maintain any kind of law and order allowing the nation to slip into absolute anarchy, people like Bom are talking about giving more powers to the same people by calling it a republic. The idea of ruling the country is to be able to be in control and at the moment, who is in control is an absolute mystery. You can’t blame a third party for your own failures. we can’t continue to point at the royal palace, India, foreign forces, USA, terai forum etc for everything that the corrupt fatsos and the terrorists haven’t been able to deliver. The maoists terrorists have long claimed that they control 80% of this country and the corrupt fatsos have repeatedly said that the janasagar that we saw during the so-called April revolution was an indication of the new found popularity that these corrupt fatsos have gained. Now, it is ahrd to beleive that these two self proclaimed forces can’t even counter the down and out palace and continue to blame it for everything that is going wrong in the country. Now, the bombing that took place at the maoists office in kathmandu is also the palace’s fault. Pretty soon, they will also blame the palace for the garbage problem in Kathmandu. When will people like Bom stand up and ask this government and the gun trotting maoists waiting in the ranks to take over this nation to show some accountability? Why are we investing so much of our resources on these corrupt fatsos and the terrorists when they can’t even restore any order to the country. What people like Bok keep hiding is that a lot of chaos in teh country present are caused by the terrorists themselves or organizations that are affiliated with them. When will people like Bom expose such acts of the Maoists. The fact of the matter is the Maoists and the corrupt fatsos have no idea how to coin the concept of a republic and federalism during the CA elections and are running scared that the people who are sick of these blood sucking thieves, will be able to fianlly have thier say and be able to come out and vote freely against the atrocities and looting that these corrupt fatsos and terrorists have resorted to. Sorry, you can’t decalre a republic until the CA and this is what was promised to the people of Nepal when you took the power over in April so now WALK THE TALK!!

  8. mahila  sahu Avatar
    mahila sahu

    Dear Bomb or BOM, Do not forget that there are scores of other Nepalese who lives in Nepal than SPAM and Maoist thugs and who might have different idea.
    First of all who gave right to declare Nepal Republic to SPAM and Maoist thugs. ( what is the last time these bastards from SPAM got voted in parliament) they have run out of mandate from people and do not forget who dissolved the parliament ? as far as I remember it was democratically elected Prime minister who advised the king to dissolved the parliament and we have not forgotten these same SPAM bastards delclared that they can not have election becuase of Maoist terrorism. They planned to rule Nepal forever in vaccume, they went mad becuase king beat them in this game and let us not forget our UML party went to government citing regression is half solved as they were hurry to go in to government. The only power that can delclare Nepal republic is PEOPLE themselves for that there must be vote which must be free and fair and if we belive in LOKTANTRA and PEOPLE power then we must respect the outcome not matter we like it or not ! We can not agree with These SPAM BASTARDS who is not elected and Moist terrorist. In another light if these SPAM has peopel behind why they are shitting in pants when King gave one Sandesh ? they are scared shit because they can not run the country and they do not belive in people power. At least this king has guts take moral repsonsibility for good or bad he have done, what about this shitty government ? why do not they take responsibility for killing so many peopel in terai ? why cant this bullshit home minister resign ? they can not because they live and die for only POWER. They do not give shit for Nepali people. No wonder PM has to consult with Indian Ambassdor for every thing because SPM is indian Stooge and they will only rest when they divide Nepal and destroy Nepal politically and economically and we will be slave and failed country.

  9. replytoall Avatar

    try to act a weebit sensible even if u are not mr bom or bum watever it is.

  10. Rohan Avatar

    Madhesi and their protagonist Aazaad are claiming there is NO ALTERNATIVE TO INDEPDENCE OF MADHESH at madhesh dot com site, MJF has already started fresh protests. God save our coutnry.

  11. Nepali Avatar

    Maila chaudry,

    You even don’t know the real population of Nepal, better keep your mouth shut.

  12. sagarmatha Avatar

    Mr. Boom,

    “to carry on with the cancer or eradicate its root from our lungs for us to breathe fresh air”

    People of Nepal are more suffocation both menatally /physically and economically now. Once you come to Nepal then you see the true picture of Nepal. King was failed after Feb.1 movement but SPAM seems far more failure now. The existing problems of Nepal are;

    1. No electricity
    2. No petrol
    3. No gases
    4. Prices of the commodities doubling up
    5. Zero security
    6. Heading toward ethnic and civil war
    7. Since 13 days garbage laying in the street of Kathmandu
    8. Till now no appointment of vice-chancellors in the universities. Degree level students waiting for their exam since 7 months.
    9. Almost all secretaries in the ministries are temporary which creating the ministries and civil servants to vague position
    10. No international relations due to the abscence of embassadors
    11. No table talk with terai people till now and leading toward more civl war
    12. Pahadia people those who hold certain properties are suffocated in terai
    13. What is next programme of the government in terms of economic and other issues are still unknown because of the futue maoist presence in the government. Neither SPAM speaks nor maoist.
    14. Industries are shutting down in terai and even to hilly regions creating more unemployment
    15. Imports and exports are being heavilly effecting due to the torublance in political mist
    16. Demoralisation of security forces creating insecurity to all
    17. No preparation for CA election


  13. सार्कीको छोरो Avatar
    सार्कीको छोरो

    The more you spit venom against the King, the more he becomes stronger. So keep up the good work, Kantipur..

    Dogs bark but the caravan moves on ..

  14. ???????? ???? Avatar
    ???????? ????

    The more you spit venom against the King, the more he becomes stronger. So keep up the good work, Kantipur..

    Dogs bark but the caravan moves on ..

  15. noname Avatar

    Indian National Congress = Nepalnews = Kantipur = SPAM = Loser Nepal!

    Welcome to the 29th state.

    It’s funny that the bastard who writes this blog as “WE BLOG (with an exclamation mark…hahahahaha) for a Democratic Nepal” has no clues or ideas on the functioning of Democracy. Read: Elections! But again, it gives us a good platform to come and lambast the bloody SPAM terrorists!

    Crow crow cow cow!

  16. सार्कीको छोरो Avatar
    सार्कीको छोरो

    GP meets with Indian Ambassador re King’s message.. since when we become a colony of India? I am ashamed !

  17. ???????? ???? Avatar
    ???????? ????

    GP meets with Indian Ambassador re King’s message.. since when we become a colony of India? I am ashamed !

  18. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    Offer the King and His Family honourable exile and declare Nepal the People’s Republic of Nepal immediately. For interim period current Prime Minister could be the President and move to the Narayanhiti Royal Palace.
    Time is running out. If we don’t act fast Royalists will regain again.

  19. noname Avatar


    SPAMmers will do anything for money, greed and violence. And that is why, it is the inbound duty of all of us Nepalis to beat them everytime they bloody open their mouth. Just like we beat up the people of Kantipur and of course now that we beat up the Maoists too.

    Nepalis will not, shall not allow SPAM to sell off Nepal to India!

  20. noname Avatar

    It will be fun to see this blog being SHUT. Out of utter SHAME. SPAM SHAM. I have kicked a lot of arses all my life but I have never seen a bigger rascal (read: bastard) than Wagle. He and his tiny winy no-respect Daddy go with their support for terrorists and everytime they get their Whiny ass raped. LOL.

  21. noname Avatar

    The SPAM terrorists want a Democracy where everyone should agree with them. Even their Hear terrorist Pushpa Dahal has said that there should be NO OPPOSITION PARTY in parliament. Bloody terrorist. Bastards think that the Nepalis will lie down and allow these terrorists to trample them over again and again. Madheshi movement is just the start of the end of SPAM.

  22. बद्रि पहाडि Avatar
    बद्रि पहाडि

    “ग्यानेन्द्र ले गर्दा मन्दिर् नै अपवित्र हुन्छ”

    अस्ति पशुपति मा बर्सियेको ढुन्गा सन्केतिक मात्र हो; यो अधर्मि कुलन्गार् दाइ मारा मुर्ति चोर पापि राजा लाइ जनता ले होइन यस्पाइ चाहि भगवान स्वयम ले ढुन्गा हानेका हुन्! त्यो डाकु अधर्मि ले “पशुपति नाथ ले कल्याण गरुन” भनेर स्वान्ग रच्ने, भित्र भित्र तिनै देउता का मुर्ति हरु चोर्ने गरेको ले तेस्का टाउका मा ढुन्गा बर्सियेको हो! तेस्लाइ नेपाल को सबै मन्दिर मा पस्न प्रतिबन्ध लगाइनु पर्छ; बिशेश गरि अझ पशुपति मन्दिर मा किन भने त्यो “हिन्दु” धर्मावलम्बि मान्छे होइन; तेस्ले गर्दा मन्दिर् नै अपवित्र हुन्छ!

  23. ????? ????? Avatar
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  24. Taytiskoti Avatar

    So many pro-king back-firing the blog. I am sure these farting chamchas are trying to such the bud of the Gyane. Brain dead are these farters.

    Do not fart on aspiration of the people. If you keep farting to support the king you will wee in seven days your lord will be out of the seen.

    This forecast is going to be true in 7 days and you gulla chusur anti SPAM will such the vacuum your chakh.

    Glory to Blog and glory to Mr. Bom’s editorial. What is written reflects the scenario for Nepal to contemplate it seriously.

    Count-not these suckers comments.

  25. noname Avatar

    LOL. No sense, senseless.

  26. NePaLi Avatar

    hey ‘ noname’, u keep hitting that nail on its head mate. i just agree with everything u said. Ans about Prachanda, what can u expect froma man who is even ashamed of the name his father gave him.

  27. sonam Avatar

    If Nepal is made a federal republic now, the whole of terai could blow up. There will be pahade vs madeshi riots, subgroups within the madeshi comunity will fight between themselves, there will be hindu vs muslim riots. The terai will be uncontrollable and there is a strong possibility of Indian army entering terai. This is exactly the scenario the kings wants. In this case there will be no other choice but to bring back the king.
    So the SPAM should work towards the CA elections and forget the king, the CA will take care of him.

  28. hell_supreme Avatar

    i think even if u declare republic nepal…the rightists will not stop to exist……so i see no point in that….

    it is the mentality and activity that should change……….

  29. Patriot Avatar

    Its amazing how things change pretty fast around here. In the heights of anti G protests, majority Nepalese would’ve loved to see him gone forever. And now, many of us want to give him a chance, not necessarily because of sympathy but more because of how SPAM have been conducting themselves ever since. Most of us got affected by the SPAM’s immense anti G propaganda then, but slowly we seem to be coming to our senses. Yes, why should SPAM have the moral authority to decide what is good for Nepal? Why should we accept what they thrust down our throats? Are we Nepalese so naive and indifferent?

    Its funny how opinions change so fast every time, but then so has Nepal. Could our new found consciousness for a fair play unknowingly be the last desperate hope for G? Would SPAM & G really wake up to the fact that ultimately it’s the people’s wishes that matter?

    While Maoists, who’ve been losing steam faster than expected, seem desperate to maintain anti G momentum and prematurely declare republic, SPA seems to be in a dilemma and uncertain about their future. With G still wanting to fight, theres strong possibility that SPA could be irrelevant should any of the two – G or M win. Do they regret their choice to go with M instead of G? What would their future be if either G or M was to win. Politics would make strange bedfellows wouldn’t it? Coz seems like its really gonna be one final round between maoists and monarchy again. But then there are new twists in this sequel duel this time – the ethnic and the Madhesis factors. Hmmm … how will they affect the overall outcome will be interesting to see.

    And lastly, lets talk about G. Now is G really stupid or does he still consult his circle of thug advisors? His statement was uncalled for. Anyways, given the situation that has unfolded, I think I see G in the strongest position this time if only he can display a little political savvy and convince Nepalese. For this he would need to stop acting stupid and get rid of each and every royalist leeches that surround him. He will need to replace them by identifying non-political and sound advisors that are still there in Nepal. He will need to truly act like a king and stop acting like Nepal is his personal property.

    Its just too sad that there isnt a single bona fide party in this struggle for power to truly lead Nepal. And not a single true leader to talk of. Nepal is really up for grabs for that party who can play his cards well.

  30. Patriot Avatar

    SPA, Maoists & Monarchy, they are all devils in disguise in this land of Gods and Temples. I think we are truly cursed.

  31. sonam Avatar

    The timing of the Kings statement was very right, he is adding fuel to the fire, the terai is burning, the janjaties are beganing to burn, so his statement will keep the fight going on. the Madeshi Forum adds one demand after another, so that the problem does not get solved. The Govt +M (Bunch of jokers) don’t know what to do, run the govt, or work for the CA or solve the ethenic problems. Indian leaders are holding or going to hold mass meetings near borders in support of the terai movement. These are all signs of a civil war.
    Ultimetly like in the case of 2007 BS, India will mediate and SPAM + K will sign a treaty where the King will be ceremonial. Then the various problems will slowely die down, and there will be no CA and everyone will be happy.

  32. noname Avatar



    Girja Bastard consults with Indian ENVOy Mukherjee in the Internal Affairs of our Kingdom and Discusses our Kings Statement with INDIA and gets advise. What is this?

    Eight parties ‘agree’ to give voting right to temporary residents

    A meeting of the eight-party taskforce Tuesday agreed in principle to give voting right to temporary residents, but formal agreement on this and other election-related issues is yet to be reached.

    Nepali Congress general secretary Ram Chandra Poudel, a member of the taskforce, told reporters after the meeting that the eight parties had agreed to give voting right to those temporarily living around the country in the forthcoming constituent assembly elections.

    Technical aspects regarding the voting right to temporary residents are yet to be settled, according to Poudel. He said next meeting of the taskforce on Wednesday would decide these matters.

    The Maoists have been demanding voting right to all eligible citizens temporarily living outside their constituencies.

    The eight-party taskforce also could not decide on the electoral system for the CA polls, it is learnt. Amendment in the interim constitution and the elections laws demanded by the Election Commission were also discussed at the meeting.

    The meeting of the taskforce yesterday had ended inconclusively. A meeting of the top leaders of the seven-party alliance and the Maoists could not take place today as the taskforce failed to decide a number of issues. nepalnews.com mk Feb 20 07

  33. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Patriot: good analysis. It’s nice to see someone with a brain once in a while on this website. But the SPAM are truly making a mockery of Nepal’s situation. It is no suprise why Indians treat us Nepalese with such condesending attitudes.

  34. shekhar mayavi Avatar
    shekhar mayavi

    Can somebody please explain how SPAM is defining temporary residency ? The evil king is causing all the 17 problems listed by sagarmatha ji. We should get rid of him.

  35. manan Avatar

    Lets just declare Nepal a republic. Kicking Gyanendra out of the country will mean that we have one less variable to deal with.

    Then we can sit and discuss our real problems. I am indifferent towards Gyanendra’s fate. He’s already a marginal player. But as long as he’s around, these damn politicians will keep using him as an excuse. So in order for that not to happen, lets just boot Gyane out once and for all and then see what excuse the politicians use.

  36. Patriot Avatar

    Frankly, the choice seems to be really between monarchy and maoists. I sound pessimistic but thats the truth. SPA will always remain in a passive state (whether its M or G). Infact we Nepalese could better get rid of SPA (thats one thing we can do). In true sense SPA is the white elephant who have existed only because they been giving us the impression that they represent real democracy, utter crap. The only purpose they could serve in a new Nepal is if they will effectively act as a check/opposition to M or G whoever wins and I dont think they will. Why spend precious money/perks on these assholes. Nepal can surely do with one less regressive force. Besides didnt they legitimize M and put us all into this spot just to save their own worthless asses?

    So who is it gonna be? maoists or monarchy? not an easy choice eh?

  37. Suntali ko Pooe Avatar
    Suntali ko Pooe

    That does not change the Fermi-Dirac, as well Bose-Einstein statistics though It does Maxwel-Boltzmann statistics! But there is not much importance of classical distribution function if you really aware of bosons and photons! So better shut up you moron a**hole!

  38. Suntali ko Pooe Avatar
    Suntali ko Pooe

    I mean whether you prak-*SS Bomb or Socket bomb..Just shut up! Shut upppppppppp!!! You don no the politics! You only know the languauge of bomb as your wild cousin…might be Prachande…. Just shup up!!

  39. nepali Avatar

    gyanendra ko mrityuma

    ma aasu bahauchhu,
    mero janani janmabhumi swargadwipi nepal ko lagi,
    ma aasu bahauchhu,
    mero janani janmabhumi swargadwipi nepal ko lagi,
    aba na rahanchha nepal,
    na rahanchha nepali,

    batwara hunay chha mero janani janmabhumi swargadwipi nepal
    bania ra neta majh ma
    batwara hunay chha mero janani janmabhumi swargadwipi nepal
    delhi ra beijing majh ma
    aba na rahanchha nepal
    na rahanchha nepali

    ma aasu bahauchu
    mero janani janmabhumi swargadwipi nepal ko lagi
    ma aasu bahauchhu,
    mero janani janmabhumi swargadwipi nepal ko lagi
    aba na rahanccha nepal
    na rahanchha nepali.

  40. Nepali Avatar

    Nepal is not yet ready for democracy. Why, you ask me:

    1. SPA will never change the habit that has become a part of their being: corrupt, use the simple people for their good, tell lies, and remain gutless!!
    2. Maoists are in an era of their own. Communism all over the world has been proven as a system that does not work and is dead or dying everywhere, except Nepal which is a century behind the world. They will have their time in the sun, and then dissappear as it becomes evident that they have nothing to offer the people except slogans.
    3. The King, now sidelined, had a great opportunity to offer something worthwhile to Nepal but lost his chances due to his own foolishness of listening to all the wrong people. He has nothing to offer Nepal anymore.
    4. The general public, where illiteracy remains around 40%, and percapita income not enough even for sustenance, are the voters. What and who are they going to vote for? I will tell you. They will vote for anyone that will give them Rs. 50, or threaten them with a stick or khukuri (remember the maoist weapons are in the cantonements).

    So, what does Nepal need? NOT DEMOCRACY!! It needs a DICTATOR. A benevolent dictator. Laat ko kukkur baat le mandaina. We need a Lee Kwan Yeo or a Mahathir. Someone who has the power and the BRAINS to take our country out of the miesery we are in. Someone to bring food light and water to the people of Humla or Dolpa (although Ktm also has the same problem)

    Or, maybe I am totally wrong. Maybe this is the growing pains of democracy and we need to go through these bastards SPAM in our lifetimes and eventually things might get better…..in another 100-200 years.

    I am totally disgusted, especially with the so called rulers of Nepal who are cowards falling at the whims of the maoists. 13,000 people dead and NO ONE is to blame, but rather be rewarded. This simply re-enforces the fact “Might is Right”. IF, (sorry for wishing), the maoists had been defeated in the insurgency, how would Prachanda or Babu ram be treated. Not with 83 seats and garlands, but JAIL and maybe even the gallows. BUT, unfortunately, our army did not have the mettle in it to beat them and now they are getting beaten up everyday. I would now like to see Katuwal saluting Prachanda, and even Badal, who he was out to shoot just a few months ago. How times change things…..

    I don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel…….

  41. SilentRocker Avatar

    Federal or no federal, that is not the question Mr. Bom. The question is what are the consequences? Nothing in your article convinces why we should go for federalism. Try next time. For some food on your brain, please refer this:


  42. replytoall Avatar

    Mr. Bom change your name to prakash “BUM” or shoot it straight that you are one of the terrorist maoist.
    Be a little sensible and talk a little sense.

    First thing i dont understand is who gives the right for these people to propose and approve any rules whatsoever. Whom do the maoist represent is still a mystery for me and may be for a lot of the pople in Nepal.

    But the most strange thing for me is how are the maoist in the Interim parliament. The parliament has asked and thrown a number of questions to the State Army chiefs and officials whereas not a single word is uttered about the maoist army/thugs.

    Under whose command did they kill a protestor in Terai????????? I just read they had a fight with the local people on citizenship debate……. Captured the house of Dhirendra Shah.

    Man Nepal is by all symptoms seem to be going only one direction and that is DOWN.

    People only GET the government they DESERVE and Nepal is no exception. Nepalese fascination of the big communist talk will eventually show its color if it has not already.

  43. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Nepali: are you the same Nepali that I have been thrashing? If you are, you must be one moddy MOFO.
    Anyway, I don’t think its that Nepal isn’t ready for democracy. Sure it is. But we need good leaders who want to work for the country and put petty politics behind. Too bad we don’t have anyone like this.

  44. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    moody i mean.

  45. Lahure Avatar

    2 reasons to save the king aka mahilo sahu turned Mahilo kangal

    reason 1: Bhudai Pundit licks Mahila’s as.s, without which he goes hungry
    Reason 2: If someone else talks about turning Nepal into a republic, refer to reason 1

  46. Suntali ko Pooe Avatar
    Suntali ko Pooe

    Bom has just damaged my Lego sword giving my Lego skeleton an erection. Now he’s using a Lego paddle for the phallus of a Lego man humping a Lego cannon and he’s making really strange sounds. Schlake scares me sometimes.
    Afterall he’s got six balls. Two if you count the ones that are attached.

  47. g Avatar

    The bully ‘replytoall’ & ‘Suntali ko Pooe’ other spoilt brats are the chellas of gyane. I like to feed you with [icd] of shah regimes. You [icd] chora ho you belong to the suckers of Nepal. You are only one who are left to be hanged by the Maoists.

    Who are online blogs these [icd] chora haru. What you are trying here to ‘dhal me kala’ – you are true [icd].

    Sooner or later your dad will be gone and the Federal Democratic Republic either by the declaration of the SPA and the Maoists will become true (with the civil rights movements) or through Constituent assembly elections.

    You are the ones who have instigate Tarai voilenence, you are the ones who have killed people in the protests and you are the one who like to have democracy die hard. This is what you want I will see how I will crush you blood in coming days.

    One by one from you pc we will drag you to the streets and you will see it.

  48. shekhar mayavi Avatar
    shekhar mayavi

    comrades are out on a hunt. this should also ensure that the freedom loving great nepali people will vote for their maoist liberators during the CA elections. It’s amazing how conspiracies are openly at play, but the media is determined to overlook it.


  49. savingnepal Avatar

    I think the next step in the conspiracy is “Girija Dies”

    THATS when the real civil war starts.

    Too bad the bastard is so old … we have no hope but to submit to Moriarty who will truly “conquer” everest.

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