Independent Army (Nepal Army Behaves Like Parallel Government)

By brazenly violating the government decisions and policy, the army chief has signaled that royal palace still take the shots in Nepali politics

Based on today’s editoral in Kantipur

The visit of army chief Pyar Jung Thapa along with top army officers to the royal palace on the birthday of king Gyanendra gives the impression that the Royal Nepal Army is still into effect. In addition to that, the army also presented a 21-gun salute from Army Dais at Tundikhel making us forget the historical political change [a few weeks back in Nepal]. The royal palace trip of the army chief and the salute can’t be considered ordinary events. This is the open challenge to the democratic government by those who do not trust the political change and express unwillingness to accept that change.

The SPA (seven party alliance) government had decided no to celebrate the king’s birthday as a national event. As per that decision, embassies abroad didn’t organize formal programs. No public holiday was given inside the country. The cabinet had decided to limit the celebrations in palace by giving holiday to only palace staffs. Cabinet had also decided not to send high level officials to the palace. There is no doubt that Nepal Army was informed about these decisions.

Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Ministers, Ministers, leaders of political parties and secretaries didn’t go to the palace. Ministers decided not to go there and they notified their subordinates. But the same decision has been ignored by the army leadership. This should be an eye opener for the Alliance government. This is army chief’s disrespect and mistrust to the government. This is a severe blow to the feeling that the army is under the government. Both the chiefs of the Police (Armed Police and Nepal Police) didn’t go as per the government decision and, following the government policy, they celebrated the birthday in their headquarters.

Formally celebrating the royal birthday in the army headquarters was not enough for the army chief. It is fine to wish the king for good health and long life but it is not right to ignore the government order on that excuse. The army headquarter hasn’t formally given any notification about the salute at Tundikhel. According to the army officials, guns were fired under the direction of the army secretariat at the palace. This is a solid proof that the royal palace army secretariat is still functional. It is very clear that the army secretariat not only exists but also is actively issuing orders outside the palace. This is all because the Parliamentary Proclamation 2063 hasn’t been implemented.

Immediately after the restoration of the parliament, the SPA had decided to dignify the army by reforming it and making it a national institution there by neutralizing any possible dangers to democracy. That decision hasn’t been supported fully [by what is happening afterwards]. First, the army chief was treated in a special manner while other security chiefs were punished for the mistakes after Feb 1, 2005 [royal coup]. Unwillingness to appoint defense minister is yet another clear example that there is no political commitment to bring about real changes in the army. Similarly, the government hasn’t done homework to implement the historical decision that says the cabinet will oversee the security of the palace. This shows the government is busy trying to kill time without doing work of significance.

The determination of bringing army under cabinet and putting it under parliamentary supervision has not been turned into action and this is obstructing the creation of favorable environment to bring Maoists into mainstream. The government’s inability to dismiss the army secretariat and unwillingness to provide assurance of reform in the army by appointing defense minister has given Maoists good reasons to express concerns about possible conspiracy [against the peace process and achievements of peoples’ movement].

This will continue making the issue of Maoist arms and army management complex. Whatever the form of monarchy [after the April revolution]- be it constitutional, symbolic or ceremonial- the main intention of the Parliamentary Proclamation is to cut off the army’s tie with the palace. Army chief going to a place where no other government officials went and army presenting salute on the orders from palace army secretariat are enough to signal [army’s] mistrust on the parliament’s determination.

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223 thoughts on “Independent Army (Nepal Army Behaves Like Parallel Government)

  1. well said mero nepal idiots like you will forever remain idiots. Nepal is so rich in it’s diversity but all you want to say is ‘ours’ is this and ‘ours’ is that.

  2. As a Christian, please allow me to further diversify our diversity. BTW no missionary paid me to become a Christian. I must have missed that somewhere.

  3. then bideshi,u are an exception and not the rule.I dont think i have to say another word.everyone knows how poor nepalis have been converted in Nepal.

  4. I don’t like the fact of people converting, but that’s hardly the biggest issue in Nepal right now.

    And anyway, if by converting the people get rid of some of their ignorance, then maybe that might even be a good idea.

    Nepal needs reform. If the ideas can come from within, well and good. Otherwise, we’ll have to accept a few foreign ideas.

    There are a few good things about Hinduism, but lots of bad things too. If Christianity can help us get rid of the darker side, then that’s not too bad, is it?

  5. manan,christianity wont take away the bad things,it is trying to take away the whole religion!!…wake up,dont try to see good on everything.

  6. Mero Nepal,

    Don’t be so narrow-minded. We can learn from others. Christianity has some bad features, but some good too. And it depends on Nepalis if they want to follow the dogmatic version or the more liberal one.

    And like Kirat wrote, most of our janjatis aren’t strictly ‘Hindu’ ( and there really is no such thing ). Their original religion is animism. And if you look at Nepali Hinduism, its not the same as Tamil Hinduism or Marathi Hinduism or Bengali Hinduism. There are many more animist practices.

    And look at India. Its been secular since its formation. Has Hinduism been affected in any major way? No. Yes, there are conversions, but many more Hindus don’t convert than those who do.

    And there’s a reason for people converting. The best way to preserve Hinduism is to address the inequalities in society. Why should someone stay a Hindu if that means he/she has is oppressed much of the time?

    People in the Phillipenes were converted to Christianity but Filipinos haven’t lost their sense of nationalism. Their old religions also still survive underneath. And remember that the Catholic religion was imposed on the Phillipenes. Nobody can impose Christianity on Nepal. People are willingly embracing it, either for money or comfort.

    Actually, the only religion that was imposed on Nepal was Hinduism. Successive Kings did that. Now we finally have a chance to choose.

  7. Freedom to choose? I guess it only matters if your own freedom has been impinged on.

  8. Let me tell you manan why i am saying all this.I am studying in US,so many times my friends ask me to go to church.One of the times when i went there i found that our gods,specially gautam buddha was insulted.They have a presentation(natak) kind of thing where actually they insult other religions.My view was that christianity was a open,welcoming religion but i realised it was open and welcoming till u agree with them.I tried to qestion about things they said about buddha,they just didnt let me say anything,when i managed to say they just brushed it off.

    I found them to be dogmatic like the maoists.Aafnai kura mathi.Hami ta dherai sahisnu.We are much more open than them and in our religion we belive in SAHA ASTITWA,its a beautiful thing to teach our kids about.

    Manan ji aaja hamro desh garib bhayera hamro dharma hamro sanskriti dharap ma cha.Our festivities and the history behind it are far better than in anyother religions.

    I dont know if u know the in US,openly supports the church and their organisations though it is supposed to be a secular country.Recetly Bush gave billions to the church in the name of AIDS control!! This is the money which will find its way to our villages. whatever u guys say,its not fair.

    I know there are discrepancies in our religion but its not less but more in others.

    Najik ko duta hela bhanya jasto bhako cha hamro,sampada,hamro sanskriti which is not good. Lets preserve our culture,our religion so that we can pass on our heritage to our children. I will tell it again, there is a real threat to it.

  9. I have traveled to many countries in the world. During my stay I have made friends from different religious background. And I always found out that Hindus are more liberal in thinking and behavior.
    We Hindus never insult other religion and we never lecture other people on the supremacy of the Hindu religion. Whereas other religious groups like Christians and Muslims tend to be very critical of our religion.

    To me there is no perfect religion.

    Hinduism is our way of life and no body can change it. Some Hindus try to become Christian by attending Churches and Sunday Bible School but they will not be able to change what’s in their blood.

    Whereas Christians and Muslims are always trying to convert others, we Hindus by nature do not interfere in their thinking.

  10. So if Hinduism is the greatest religion in the world that’s great. Practice it, no one is stopping you. Just let other people practice whatever religion they want to too. Don’t impose your religious ideas and beliefs on others thats all.

  11. Yeah, of course, take all ur missionary friends and their imported money and let us practice our religion in peace. And if ur frns dont try to impose their religion on us there wont be any problem. We hindus dont believe in attacking other’s religion.

  12. mero nepal, for your info I am an atheist. really you mean to say in Nepal christians are stopping you from practicing your Hindu religion? What bull!

  13. U know U ARE A MORON!! thats all.Only a Moron would say what u are saying after all the discussion we have had.
    Why i am wasting my time,with stupids like you!!…..good luck with ur ” Oh!!I dont follow any religion but i just hate everything around,coz i am sooo frustrated” legacy.
    Cut this crap off moron.

  14. On question of religion- we, Hindus, are liberal to a fault. Christians covert to gain their kingdom in Heaven so does the Muslims and to do this they will incite, show money, and disparage other religion at any cost. The playing field is tilted in their favor due to their institutional religion and practice, and also the big money, INGOS etc.,

    All we ask as Hindus is that there be a level playing field. Conversions should not be allowed by monetary benefitsor take advantage of social weaknesses, or at the cost of other religion. Simply without coercion in any way or form,. There should be proper accounts of all religious organizations & activities, and law & rules to monitor guidelines and seek damages if found guilty.

    So many great cultures and religions have been decimated in the name of Glory in the heavens and son of god. Lets not give that chance here in our own- a distinct society.

  15. mero nepal you are the imbecile, trapped somewhere in the bible belt of the US, who can’t understand what religious freedom means. After seeing the Christian zealots your reaction is to become a Hindu zealot, imbecile.

  16. yeah we are this and we are that. every one else is wrong and bad. I like the way you guys think!

  17. Kirat the reformist- you are one of a kind- once are you are stuck on something there is no way you are gonna be unstuck (Aekore). Its in you.

    Explain to me what you mean by Religious Freedom? Does it mean anyone can wontonly preach against, convert or villify other religion. If that is your concept of Freedom then may Lord Shiva have mercy on you. You are out of sync and time. It shows real you, and it is not good, think whatever but that is what you are-paperthin and hallow of a man.

  18. As an atheist I don’t think much of Lord Shiva’s mercy. Relgious freedom means the fredoom to go ahead and practice your religion unimpeded by the state or civil society.

    If the Christians are villifying other religions it’s too bad. I agree it’s wrong too. But unlike you sicko I don’t go to a church to hear all this. What an idiot you must be going to Christian sermons just so you can hear your own religion being bashed around. Sicko!

  19. Kirat lai sabai bisaya ma sabai kura thaha cha… baaki aru sabai jana usko agadi bekuf ho…yo blog ko dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedia ra britannica ho Kirat…

  20. Yes, I agree Shaman. Thats the malady we have in SPA, Maoist, Royalist, Civil society members, bar members, rights group, student unions. workers union, techers unions etc.,

    The misfortune of Nepal is reflected in Kirat’s attitude and comments.

  21. I don’t agree with conversions, but sometimes it is the lesser of two evils. Look, Nepalis have to come out of their darkness.

    Kerala has the highest literacy rate in India. Mizoram, Goa also have high literacy rates. All these states have Christian traditions.

    And don’t go on about how ‘liberal’ Hindus are. Please. Hindus don’t convert, but in every other aspect, they are among the most backward thinkers.

    Your average Christian in Goa or Kerala is far more ‘liberal’ than his Hindu counterpart. Its a fact.

  22. I have been watching this religious feud going on in this blog.Is it the primary priority engulfing our country right now?? Lets focus on the discussion on the current budget,the allocation to education,health.
    I have worked in the villages in Nepal.Please rest assured our traditions are deep rooted and Nepalis wont convert as some people tend to think.
    Lets not abuse any religion.Last comment by manan is not true.Do you know Kerala has 65% hindus.Goa is about the spanish/portuguese legacy:alcohol,women,money-fun.Do you think that is the kind of liberal thinking you want to instil in this country.
    This whole discussion about religion and all is futile.Lets discuss what we have seen around the world and how can we develop our country.Lets discuss of new ideas,new models.Lets help eachother in developing our country.

  23. human, really there is no feud here. All I am saying is that religion is a matter of personal choice. So Nepal becoming secular is a good thing. If anyone is forcing conversions into one faith or another then they should be arrested.

    I think not being prejudiced or narrow minded is one of the ways for Nepal and Nepali people to develop.

  24. Human,

    Watch what you say. Don’t have me write things that I didn’t write. I said Kerala has ‘Christian traditions’, and that’s why its more progressive. And I wrote that those Christians in Kerala are more progressive than Hindu, or Muslim Keralans.
    In general.

    And Goa…..I don’t think the incidence of alcoholism is any more than anywhere else. Sure, tourists go there to party and smoke pot, but remember, Nepal was the number one destination for that sort of thing in the sixties and seventies. That didn’t make Nepalis more corrupt, did it?

  25. Well Manan i dont know if just a religion and not education makes people progressive.guess u seem to know….so i have to buy into it.
    If u have been to Goa,i guess i dont think u would argue about it.I have several friends from Goa,their attitude and practice is like that of the latinos in US.Have fun,enjoy ur drinks.Do you know beers made in banglore are cheaper in Goa than in banglore.I was amazed when i noted it.That doesnt make them inferior or superior though.Coz i dont like to be judgemental as you seem to be.
    Anyways have fun arguing over nothing.I neither have the time or the energy to do so.CIAO….

  26. Are we looking at issue whether religion impedes progress? It has both positive and negative aspects. Cannot have conclusive resolution … Jews are quite fundamentalists, So are Christans…yet there is progress…Muslims are not able to progress….

  27. A footnote. Gays are more progressive and comparatively rich compared to Hetrosexuals in US- does that mean we should all be gay. See the logic Manana?

  28. Kirat,

    “We were never Hindus, isn’t it obvious from the fact that we don’t fall into any of your varna based caste system?”

    Well, Kirat were mentioned for the first time in one of the greatest epics, Mahabharat. There was no mention of Kirat, as a community, anywhere before that period anywhere. But since you have no faith in religion, you may deny.

  29. Tribalhead-so many non-Hindu communities were mentioned in the Mahabharata-even godless demons and such. What’s your point?

  30. prithvi narayan shah ko hindu bahun haru le janjati haru lai jabarjasti janai lagaunu lagako thiyo, tara pachthar ko limbu haru le tammar khola ma bagai diyo, army use garera jabarjasti dasain manaunu lagayo, maar hannu lagayo, baje haru ko pala ma 1 mana gundruk diyera sabai khet bari lagi dinthyo bahun haru le tesaile sabai lai khukuri le katera jhapa khedai diyo…..

  31. Kirat,

    Unfortunately, all the godless demons worshipped either Shiva or Bishnu or Brahma before they became cruel.

  32. TribalHead, that’s the thing with Hinduism though. They try to absorb everything so even people who having nothing to do with the religion are labelled Hindus, though since they aren’t really Hindu they are given no caste.

  33. Kirat,

    They (hinduism or scriptures) are not claiming that Jesus or Mohammed were parts of Hinduism. However, every asura worth a name have sought boon from every god worth a name.

    I was just pointing out what was written there. I am sure whether Kirati were Hindu or not, but the name comes from Lord Shiva and, perhaps Kirats also worship Shiva in some form.

  34. TribalHead, it’s a long story but they say the same thing about Catholics (how everything becomes a Catholic tradition like All Saints day which is actually pagan in origin). You will have to read a lot about Hinduism to understand that. Remember the demons referred to in Mahabharata/Ramayana were actually humans but from different cultures and usually of dark skin. It is more apparent in Ramayana where Ravanna is considered a demon god though we was just a Dravidian king.

    On the Kirat/Shiva issue do you know that there is a theory that states that Lord Shiva is so different in everyway from the other Hindu Gods that the Indo-Aryans Hindus actually adopted Shiva as a God from the indigenous people of South Asia when they settled here from Persia? It’s only a theory though.

  35. Keep the NA under the Government, but do not weaken it to the point where it is no longer relevent in the present context. If the SPA don’t show maturity and do not understand where the Maoists are taking the country, God help us!

  36. Kirat,

    What makes you think I have not read a ‘lot’ about Hinduism? C’mon, do not come with such assumptions.

    And Dravidians were and are more conservative in their beliefs than we are regarding their beliefs. I did not say Dravidians or asuras were not humans (not my words). Perhaps you need to read those scriptures that mention that ‘asura’ is by nature of a person, not by birth or were separate entity.

  37. TribalHead, don’t get so touchy. Well if you’ve read so much about Hinduism than you must know how the religion has a tendency to absorb almost everything and make it Hindu. Nothing wrong with that but that’s why it so difficult to say what exactly is Hinduism. Take the Mother Goddess of the Harrapans for example-it was absorbed into Hinduism and can be argued was clearly not an original part of Hindu culture with their mostly male gods.

  38. who is that stupid shouting ‘kirants are hindus’??

    But that idiot is not all to blame over.
    Our nation’s education, politics and media are so hindu aryan totalitarian that most people do have no knowledge about the nation’s ethnic population, their religion and culture.

    I remember a woman asking me ‘Is rai Newar?’

  39. Kirat,

    Hinduism propogates that all power flows from female deityty…thats the reason why Shiva, Vishnu or any god is often scripted as worshipping Goddess or Shakti…

    Plus male and female have always been imbibed from early stages…thats the reason why shiva linga has two parts…upper part of the linga denotes male whereas lower part denotes female…

    Taaya, before you open up your trap, read the post carefully…you can shove your smart comments up your ssa (read backwards)…

  40. Kirat,

    I am sure you know that Dasain is celebrated because Ram (representing good) had sought Goddess’ help in defeating Ravana (representing evil). The first nine days (Nauratha) is worship of Goddess Durga for her blessings whereas the tenth day is when Ram achieved victory over Ravana. And this festival is again linked with Shakti (Goddess). The fight between was Ram and Ravana was for Sita, again Goddess.

    Thats the reason why I am not sure I agree with your point that Hinduism did not originally have concept of Goddesses.

  41. Tribal Head ,

    we are non hindus but the lousy chapters on hindu mythology and the worthless holidays like janai purnima, and the way guys like u shout Nepal is a proud hindu country and all those hindu impositions make us know about hinduism more than desired.

    But i ask u how much u really know abt the ethnic people and culture of Nepal than the colorful dresses in cultural dance ???

    Actually I am not angry with u but our system that creates ignorant, prejudiced idiots like u.

    And stop your pathetic sick comments.

    Everybody here are not your brattish breed .

  42. TribalHead, you’re not getting the point. I am talking about the Mother Goddess figure being adopted from the Harappan culture which was long before Mahabharata and Ramayana.

    When I said you need to read more about Hinduism I did not mean Hindu scripts-but on works about Hinduism. Anyway this topic is getting boring. I know about my own culture, our kings ruled their kingdoms in Nepal for a thousand years according to most historians. We certainly aren’t Hindu in the sense it is practised and identified as today.

  43. yeah tribal head we aren’t hindu, we hav our own culture n tradition that we know better than u, don’t bulshit, don’t try to play foul games just like ur ancestors,we know the history n the truth…..

  44. Kirat does it best- that is, wants to check whose is bigger. Get off being a juvenile.

  45. Tayaa and Kirat……….. you [icd] heads are not any racist than any pundits…. bahuns are racists and so are you. [icd]

  46. Hinduism is a philosophy more than a religion. It has been adapted by different ages and different people in different ways. It all probably began with the worship of nature. There are no strict rules, we do not really have a holy book. The likes of the Bhagavat Gita is just a chapter from a epic (the Ramayana), even the Thais revere this book and consider their buddhist King a reincarnation of Ram. I can see why people get confused as to whther they are Hindu or not. But that is the beauty of this philosophy.

  47. Or is the Bhagawat Gita a chapter from the Mahabharata? See even I get confused. Goes to show the flexibility in all of this. Anyway I think you will get my point regarding it being more of a philosophy to life and not strictly a religion.

  48. enough of hinduism and enough of it’s praise or criticisms.

    I am no longer interested to know what is in bhagvad gita or puran ..

    hinduism world’s best religion hola re, then so what!!!

    I now want to know more about my own pagan religion and culture.

    Nepal ma base pachi sanskrit padnai parne, hindu bujhnai parne k cha..

    and hey u hindu nepalese, don’t u feel it’s your responsibility to be a bit aware of the people living in this land before blurting out sth stupid like ‘kirants are hindus’

    hindu dantya katha sangai nepal ko aadibaasi ra janajaati ko chinari ra barnan nepali pathyapustak ma kaile aune hola???

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