Independent Army (Nepal Army Behaves Like Parallel Government)

By brazenly violating the government decisions and policy, the army chief has signaled that royal palace still take the shots in Nepali politics

Based on today’s editoral in Kantipur

The visit of army chief Pyar Jung Thapa along with top army officers to the royal palace on the birthday of king Gyanendra gives the impression that the Royal Nepal Army is still into effect. In addition to that, the army also presented a 21-gun salute from Army Dais at Tundikhel making us forget the historical political change [a few weeks back in Nepal]. The royal palace trip of the army chief and the salute can’t be considered ordinary events. This is the open challenge to the democratic government by those who do not trust the political change and express unwillingness to accept that change.

The SPA (seven party alliance) government had decided no to celebrate the king’s birthday as a national event. As per that decision, embassies abroad didn’t organize formal programs. No public holiday was given inside the country. The cabinet had decided to limit the celebrations in palace by giving holiday to only palace staffs. Cabinet had also decided not to send high level officials to the palace. There is no doubt that Nepal Army was informed about these decisions.

Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Ministers, Ministers, leaders of political parties and secretaries didn’t go to the palace. Ministers decided not to go there and they notified their subordinates. But the same decision has been ignored by the army leadership. This should be an eye opener for the Alliance government. This is army chief’s disrespect and mistrust to the government. This is a severe blow to the feeling that the army is under the government. Both the chiefs of the Police (Armed Police and Nepal Police) didn’t go as per the government decision and, following the government policy, they celebrated the birthday in their headquarters.

Formally celebrating the royal birthday in the army headquarters was not enough for the army chief. It is fine to wish the king for good health and long life but it is not right to ignore the government order on that excuse. The army headquarter hasn’t formally given any notification about the salute at Tundikhel. According to the army officials, guns were fired under the direction of the army secretariat at the palace. This is a solid proof that the royal palace army secretariat is still functional. It is very clear that the army secretariat not only exists but also is actively issuing orders outside the palace. This is all because the Parliamentary Proclamation 2063 hasn’t been implemented.

Immediately after the restoration of the parliament, the SPA had decided to dignify the army by reforming it and making it a national institution there by neutralizing any possible dangers to democracy. That decision hasn’t been supported fully [by what is happening afterwards]. First, the army chief was treated in a special manner while other security chiefs were punished for the mistakes after Feb 1, 2005 [royal coup]. Unwillingness to appoint defense minister is yet another clear example that there is no political commitment to bring about real changes in the army. Similarly, the government hasn’t done homework to implement the historical decision that says the cabinet will oversee the security of the palace. This shows the government is busy trying to kill time without doing work of significance.

The determination of bringing army under cabinet and putting it under parliamentary supervision has not been turned into action and this is obstructing the creation of favorable environment to bring Maoists into mainstream. The government’s inability to dismiss the army secretariat and unwillingness to provide assurance of reform in the army by appointing defense minister has given Maoists good reasons to express concerns about possible conspiracy [against the peace process and achievements of peoples’ movement].

This will continue making the issue of Maoist arms and army management complex. Whatever the form of monarchy [after the April revolution]- be it constitutional, symbolic or ceremonial- the main intention of the Parliamentary Proclamation is to cut off the army’s tie with the palace. Army chief going to a place where no other government officials went and army presenting salute on the orders from palace army secretariat are enough to signal [army’s] mistrust on the parliament’s determination.

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223 thoughts on “Independent Army (Nepal Army Behaves Like Parallel Government)

  1. Also,

    Now people like you and me are not safe from the maoists even inside Kathmandu.

  2. Kirat,

    Your lucky that the army was there to be killed and targetted for the likes of pests like you, otherwise the maoists would be swatting flies like you instead.

  3. pl, don’t make stupid comments. The Maoists ruled the country side and restricted the govt. forces to the district head quarters in most of the country before janandolan 2. it seems your memory is very selective.

  4. salam-the army is there do defend the nation against both internal and external threats. i am afraid this army did not even do half it’s job in that respect. so they protected kathmandu-you mean to say that kathmandu is the whole of Nepal? i know how you guys think, as long as one of your own don’t suffer it really doesn’t hurt does it?

  5. Kirat,

    You don’t make stupid comments and try to be cheeky. It’s a fact, the maoists feel safe everywhere now and certainly did not before and was always on the alert and “underground”. Now they are going on with their extortion, murder and propoganda unchecked and unhindered. This was definitely not the case when the army was on the prowl.
    Hell they have an office in Kupondole! What the hell do you mean by very selective memory? I think you’re talking to yourself in the mirror buddy.

  6. Kirat,

    Are you a complete bafoon? Of course Kathmandu is all important, especially for the maoists, if they can swat flies like you in Kathmandu then their war is well won. It’s nothing to do with one of your own blah blah. This is the reality, and even the maoists know it that Kathmandu is the goal. One of your own? Are’nt you from the city?

  7. pl, use your brains. Now that the Nepal govt. has withdrawn the terrorist tag and has invited them to come above ground for peace talks, now that there is a ceasefire in place and a possibility of them joining the interim govt. ofcourse they are going to feel safer. Don’t make moronic comments. Think.

  8. There are an estimated 4 million people who live in Kathmandu whether they be originally from here or not. There are an estimated 6 million people who live and work outside the country. The rest of the country including other cities which hold large populations has a living and present population of about 13 million. Therefore the percentage of the KTm population to that of rest of the present population is about 30%, and these 30% are the leaders in politics,business,professionals etc, all the types that the maoists find it hard to convince, so if Kathmandu is militarily won, the game is over. It is nonsensical sentimentality to suggest that Kathmandu should not be the center of attention especially when it is in the heart of the maoists mind.

  9. salam, you’re just another frog in the Kathmandu well. who said Kathmandu as the capital of the country is not important? but it ain’t enough for the national army to just defend kathmandu and leave the rest of the country to the mercy of Maoists is it?

  10. Kirat,
    Does it entitle the maoists to go about with their extortion and peoples court willy nilly, if the security forces were utilised that would not be the case. The SPA have criticised and condemned and pleaded for them to stop and the effect has been next to zilch. The security forces with their guns would have been much more heeded. I’m sorry buddy but even with your onslaught of personal insults I beg to differ completely.

  11. pl, when did I justify anything about the Maoists? All I am trying to say is that this incompetent army has allowed the Maoists to get away with murder and thus needs to be made stronger and more professional via reform. Get it?

  12. Kirat,

    Don’t change the topic completely. The topic was about whether the presence of the army makes a difference to the maoists or not. We are not discussing the intricacies of army reform or the national budget or the new constitution. We are simply discussing (again I will stress) – whether the army in it’s present form makes a difference to the functionings of the maoists? I don’t care if you have called for the reform of the army, a republic the reform of our entire system or galaxy. All we are discussing here is whether these boys and girls in our forces make the maoists nervous?
    My unshaken belief is they absolutely do.

  13. Kirat,

    I only like the flies with the big bottle green eyes. I don’t think you’re one of them.

  14. pl, that was not the topic i was discussing. my point has always being the fact that the army needs strengthening via reform. sorry pal.

  15. Kirat,

    Tu se! But yes that was the topic we were discussing. It all begun from you questioning the safety of the citizens and me questioning the safety of the maoists with and without the presence of the army. Well if you were intending to discuss something else then Ciao find another sparring partner.

  16. [icd] you should be ashamed of yourselves

    Woman paraded naked

    Himalayan News Service
    Mahottari, July 9 :

    Three persons today stripped a 52-year-old woman of Bagada VDC-3 before parading her naked around the village and raping her. The woman’s only ‘fault’ was that her son was in love with the daughter of one of the three men. Villagers watched as a group of 30 persons led by Siya Sharan Yadav of Bagada-3 stripped off the victim and took her around the village. Yadav physically abused the woman and held her captive, locals said. She was later gang raped. SP Ramesh Kumar Funyal said Ram Babu Yadav and Ram Pukar Yadav have been arrested in connection with the case.

  17. Hey Texas,

    Thanks for being my spell checker!!!
    Since you have the inclination, please correct all my spellings and grammer as well.

  18. hi guys,
    First of all i am sick of this MICHAEL…VANDER..dude.He wrote in some foreign paper(online edition i guess) that the king of Nepal is running away and the americans are packing their bags which created a lot of confusion.I had written that day and i am writing it now too.Kick this guy out of Nepal, he has a hidden agenda,either he is being fed by maoists or is a hardcore criminal leftist.We dont have to encourage such fools to be here and WHO THE HELL GAVE HIM THE AUTHORITY TO CRITICISE OUR ARMY.Go and criticise ur own army bro,u dont have the right to do that.Just because we are poor u cannot do that.
    I have seen generations of army men in my family.There are still 5 officers from my family and I am proud of them.My cousin who was so good in studies went there even as most of the other boys were only keen on going abroad.He told me I am proud to be an army man and proud to give away my life for the Nation.He hates the king as much as we do but of course hates the maoists more.There are many many untold stories of the Pain and suffering of our army in the fight with the maoists.And I know many newspapers will never write that because either they are scared of the maoists or they are just biased agaisnt the army.
    With all out support of Kantipur and someother newspapers in the country maoists have managed to hide their wrong doings and blamed army for everything.I feel sorry to see how ungrateful our people have been to our brothers and sisters in the army who were/are and will always fight to save this nation.
    Last time my army cousin was home,he told me “Dai desh nai narahe hami kasari rahanchau? tesaile ma desh ko lagi jyan dina pani tayar chu!!” I know these guys are saving our country and there are s many fools sitting infront of their computers and criticising without knowing the fact and forgetting all the maoist atrocities and the real threat to our motherland.
    finally,MICHAEL..VANDER…..get lost,go to your own country,we dont need you,go try talking your maoist ideology in your country and see how you own government will treat you!!

  19. Mark,

    You stupid douchebag, there is no ‘Royal Nepal Army’ anymore. Are you so dumb you don’t even know that?

  20. manan, sorry for butting in but they are still loyal to the royal though.

  21. Likhnu aaudaina big word use garna parna! First of all, it’s grammar not grammer, kancha kirat!

  22. Kirat,

    That they are. And that’s what needs to be changed.

    What the hell, lets just do away with this damn king. We’ve enough problems anyway. I won’t say that will bring peace or prosperity, but at least it will be one less problem to think about.

  23. Yeah, I’d really like the army to be overhauled. As they are right now how can we trust them to do anything good? Getting rid of the king is one way-but it’ll have to be via the CA. I bet if the CA votes to end the monarchy the army will revolt.

    Check out Apparently the RNA slaugtered 37 innocent labourers. I am not saying the Maoists are saints they are equally bad-but what can we expect from terrorists right? A state/national army must be expected to behave in a more professional manner than this. If they behave equally bad as Maoists then they are like terrorists too.

  24. I do not know if you can ‘buy’ loyalty by criticizing at every occasion whether they are guilty or not. Just by declaring supremacy, supremacy does not come…Wishing away is Nepalese character…somehow fruitful wish, in this case, is unlikely to come true ‘coz no one has balls…not even supreme Parliament



  26. Breaking News! Breaking News!

    Prachanda goes to Royal Palace to negotiate with KG after the real UN document by GPK is revealed by Oli. Prachanda want a deal with KG to have semi autocratic/socialist monarchy power sharing. Is this the end of SPA and beginning of Maoendra.

  27. BreakingNews, Breaking News, Breaking News!!!!

    Prachanda goes to Royal Palace to negotiate with KG after the real UN document by GPK is revealed by Oli. Prachanda want a deal with KG to have semi autocratic/socialist monarchy power sharing. Is this the end of SPA and beginning of Maoendra.

  28. manan,

    Sorry but according to the Constitution it is ” the Royal Nepal Army ” I just looked at the front of the Army Headqurters building and there is a great big sign on it that said
    ” Royal Nepal Army “. Why don’t you go over there and tell them to take the sign down. Im sure they will. 😉

  29. Mr.Michael the lier, who can enter into King’s heart and say he has plans or running away or not but u wrote in an international magazine that he is indeed running away.Who gave u that info? And after lying so balantly how do u have enough courage to say all this.
    About the US embassy only the consular section was closed the embassy was not evacuated.By the way it opened shortly and most of the diplomats were in Ktm all the time.
    Go on lie my friend,ur masters the maoists do it all the time.but u cannot do it for ever,i hope the day comes very soon when u would be deported from nepal!!

  30. Metro Nepal, You are WRONG ! Even the USIS was closed… This is not about ME bot the Army.
    You Royalist must be desperate to talk about anything or anyone but the Royal Mess this Duplicate King has brought to Nepal..

    As to his “heart”, one would guess his heart, like his Son’s is a Pig-Heart..

  31. Mark,

    You’re exasperating man. There is no ‘Royal’ Nepal Army anymore. I’m sorry I insulted you in a previous post, but if you keep persisting in making a silly claim, I will think that that was wholly justified.

    If there is a sign in front of Army headquarters that says ‘Royal Nepal Army’, then that’s clearly wrong and needs to be replaced. But then there are lots of obsolete signs all over Kathmandu that ought to be taken down as well.

    However, the ‘Royal Nepal Army’ website is now down. I was one of the first to protest about that. So that’s a nice sign.

    Goodness, these royals. The sooner they realize they’re out of the scene forever, the faster the country can progress. Looks like we need to thrash a couple more of these former RNA generals before they get the message.

    I’m sorry if that sounds like a violent approach, but with these pig-headed louts, we seem to have run out of using rational methods to deal with. Nothing too severe, of course. All we have to do is give them a black eye or two, to give the public something to laugh about in these grim times.

  32. One duplicate wild-eyed foreign ‘revolutionary’ talking about duplicate King… What a mockery!

    Stop interfering! Let this blog be purely Nepalese forum…

  33. Gosh!! who gave you the right to say this Mr.Michael?? How can you say so to the King of our country.By the way stupid i was there in Nepal and was a part of the movement.I was involved in giving medical care to the victims too .

    But still i hate people like you.Of course i am not a fan of the King .But as much i as i hate the King i hate you more.

    Its our internal matter between the King and the parties and the maoists or whatever.U keep your ugly mouth and foul hands out of our country.

  34. Refrain from any ugly comments on any of our citizens Michael for radio or whatever.Be it the King or the maoist or anyone.There are limits to saying things and being a journalist your have to know ur limits.
    I have noticed that u act like an ultra revolutionary,i think u can go to whereever from Europe that u have come from and try and sell ur revolution there.We have suffered enough at the hands of people like you.

  35. In this blog I like the jokes from a Khaire joker. Getting US Pension, living like a King in Thamel, and talking revolutions. Hahaha

  36. what the hell is wrong with everyone here?
    if someone has an opinion let them say it. how often do we nepalese bitch and moan about the the US or Britain and makes wise ass comments about its internal affairs. Let’s not become bloody Saudi Arabia just yet.

  37. Wagle:
    get your thumb out of your ass and fix the glitches on this website. When I want to say something serious I get the moderation comment and when I say stupid things it goes through.

  38. “It’s Touche not Tu se…mr. know-it-all! ”

    Maybe it’s Tibetibasha “tukhche”?

  39. manan,

    I am only pointing out a legal fact. The Constitution of Nepal says that the legal name for the army is the Royal Nepal Army.

    ” Article 119-(1) His Majesty is the Supreme Commander of the Royal Nepal Army ”

    If you do not want to take my word for it go get a copy of the constitution and read for yourself.

    By the way: Insultes are never justified they are only rude. Name calling is for children not for grown men.


  41. kirat,!!
    You fcuking stupid baffoon!!!!! How much money do you need to get a computer and internet connection??? you dont need to be royalist or currupt just to get conneceted!!!!!
    You are a big farce.
    ani tero bau le dincha paisa nepal army lai re-equip ra air power dina??? We dont have enough money to clothe them feed them and you talk about equip them????
    That is the most stupidest thing I have read so far in this blog,,,,
    More you open you mouth more we can see what’s in your empty head!!!

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