Independent Army (Nepal Army Behaves Like Parallel Government)

By brazenly violating the government decisions and policy, the army chief has signaled that royal palace still take the shots in Nepali politics

Based on today’s editoral in Kantipur

The visit of army chief Pyar Jung Thapa along with top army officers to the royal palace on the birthday of king Gyanendra gives the impression that the Royal Nepal Army is still into effect. In addition to that, the army also presented a 21-gun salute from Army Dais at Tundikhel making us forget the historical political change [a few weeks back in Nepal]. The royal palace trip of the army chief and the salute can’t be considered ordinary events. This is the open challenge to the democratic government by those who do not trust the political change and express unwillingness to accept that change.

The SPA (seven party alliance) government had decided no to celebrate the king’s birthday as a national event. As per that decision, embassies abroad didn’t organize formal programs. No public holiday was given inside the country. The cabinet had decided to limit the celebrations in palace by giving holiday to only palace staffs. Cabinet had also decided not to send high level officials to the palace. There is no doubt that Nepal Army was informed about these decisions.

Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Ministers, Ministers, leaders of political parties and secretaries didn’t go to the palace. Ministers decided not to go there and they notified their subordinates. But the same decision has been ignored by the army leadership. This should be an eye opener for the Alliance government. This is army chief’s disrespect and mistrust to the government. This is a severe blow to the feeling that the army is under the government. Both the chiefs of the Police (Armed Police and Nepal Police) didn’t go as per the government decision and, following the government policy, they celebrated the birthday in their headquarters.

Formally celebrating the royal birthday in the army headquarters was not enough for the army chief. It is fine to wish the king for good health and long life but it is not right to ignore the government order on that excuse. The army headquarter hasn’t formally given any notification about the salute at Tundikhel. According to the army officials, guns were fired under the direction of the army secretariat at the palace. This is a solid proof that the royal palace army secretariat is still functional. It is very clear that the army secretariat not only exists but also is actively issuing orders outside the palace. This is all because the Parliamentary Proclamation 2063 hasn’t been implemented.

Immediately after the restoration of the parliament, the SPA had decided to dignify the army by reforming it and making it a national institution there by neutralizing any possible dangers to democracy. That decision hasn’t been supported fully [by what is happening afterwards]. First, the army chief was treated in a special manner while other security chiefs were punished for the mistakes after Feb 1, 2005 [royal coup]. Unwillingness to appoint defense minister is yet another clear example that there is no political commitment to bring about real changes in the army. Similarly, the government hasn’t done homework to implement the historical decision that says the cabinet will oversee the security of the palace. This shows the government is busy trying to kill time without doing work of significance.

The determination of bringing army under cabinet and putting it under parliamentary supervision has not been turned into action and this is obstructing the creation of favorable environment to bring Maoists into mainstream. The government’s inability to dismiss the army secretariat and unwillingness to provide assurance of reform in the army by appointing defense minister has given Maoists good reasons to express concerns about possible conspiracy [against the peace process and achievements of peoples’ movement].

This will continue making the issue of Maoist arms and army management complex. Whatever the form of monarchy [after the April revolution]- be it constitutional, symbolic or ceremonial- the main intention of the Parliamentary Proclamation is to cut off the army’s tie with the palace. Army chief going to a place where no other government officials went and army presenting salute on the orders from palace army secretariat are enough to signal [army’s] mistrust on the parliament’s determination.

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  1. jutin the moron-there’s no money because all you royalist blood suckers have pocketed them-you are probably one them. I guess you don’t have enough brains to find out how much money the army received from the budget.

  2. I think SPA should be clear about their government’s security forces, it’s not the toy that child’s play. Maoist definately like to downsize and try to make low profile to their previous enemies, but SPA should understand what effect it will be.

  3. I guess we have bought it on ourselves to be insulted by people like Micheal De veer and likes of Kirat. It is quite evident that the comments posted here are mostly talks about bits and pieces not the whole picture. Some are after the Army, some are after the King, and some are actually maoist sympathizers.

    But if you look at it in whole- this nation of ours is being slowly but gradually carved into fragments on the line of ethnicity, class, religion, and economic divide.

    This situation has given opportunity for people like Mr. Biswas to put out an article, an affront to us Nepali, “Time to consider Nepal Merger with India.” So take it anyway you want it- be it royalist, communist or SPA. The colonial attitude of south block has not changed, may be just the character but “divide and rule” is the policy that has not yet run its course in this subcontinent. It is evident from Sri Lanka to Nepal.

  4. Mark (#98)

    Do you visit this site after drinking alcohol? The parliament has passed a historical proclamation that removes the provision of king heading the army. Parliament recently scrapped all the constitutional provisions that were conflicting against the proclamation. The name of the army has been changed to Nepal Army but the generals who support the king are yet to be removed.

  5. Diehard,

    you are absolutely right, India always prefer the strategy divide and rule. Neither they like to see full democracy nor other rule. Our contry is being pendulum of no where. People are happy with Janaandolan-2 but I am not that much optimistic that our country can run in full democracy without disturbances even in future.

  6. there are so many parrallell governments…it is good that you can choose one……..indibhais kuiredais reds blues greens
    yellows spaz you name it….

  7. Actually Texas Hold’Em,

    If you’re going to be so particular about the grammar and spelling in this blog, then you should get it right as well. It is’nt touche, it is touché (the abbreviated e, makes all the difference). A word derived from the French language if anyone is interested.

  8. What are the two threats to stability and democracy in Nepal?

    a. Maoists
    b. Royalists

    As for the democratic parties voting them in or out is upto the people of Nepal.

  9. Kirat the Reformist,
    Just curious- are you affiliated with Kirat Autonomous Movement? Man, the way you comment makes me wanna puke just for being like a broken record and down right sectarian. By the way, you missed out RNA- your favorite agenda and target. Was it oversight, could not be, could it?

  10. instead of pushing, shoving, being overtly jealous, malicious, and correcting spelling mistakes and grammar in this gizmo , it is best to choose one of the parrallell governments and shut up………….or support one of these governments by giving your reasons instead of puking over annoymous ghosts ranging from 10 yrs old to 85+…………………..

  11. Kirat the Reformist- Are you talking to me?? aka Taxi Driver. Did I hit raw nerve somewhere? See how it feels- so stop calling names and accusation based on your reformist agenda and falicious reasoning. Thats that.

  12. hey d-ard how about u being the guy 85
    and k-at being the 10..haha….its a hell crazy world out here mann….
    …include ramman girizaman thakurmann…..

  13. I think we are never gonna loose the King, not with the current efforts, but pretty sure Paras will not ascend the throne. Either King Gyanendra’s grandson will ascend the throne or the monarchy will eventually disolve. I don’t see the political parties being able to do anything serious. If you don’t realize that the population of Nepal is 80% Hindu, majority of which support atleast a ceremonial monarchy. There are also some hardcore supportors who will fight for the king to retain ceremonial powers, I’m sure that our of the 30% Chettri population atleast 20 will not let the monarchy go without some resistance. The Rai, Gurungs, and Subbas are also not going to let the monarchy go so easily because they prefer the monarchy much more than the maoists and political parties and these days they are equally rising in the army. The Newars are probably the most ardent worshippers of monarchy because except them I dont see any other group trully believing in the king’s divinity. Which does not mean that they are regressive either, they want a democracy but are not comfortable with a Rebublic. That is almost half the population of Nepal and getting them stirred up for a resistance will eventually lead to bloody encounters and I am not sure if the Maoists want to take on a ethnic and cultural group with the political, financial and millitary clout as strong as theirs. The army, be it royal or national, will whole heartedly suppport this group. The best option for Nepal right now is not to go left or right with Monarchy, Army, Secularity, etc. but go forward with Infrastructure, Educations, Energy, Transportation, Communication, etc. This will ensure economic progress and financial stability which is the best cure for violent overtures. A richer and comfortable man is less likely to pick up a gun than a poor and hugry man. He has more to loose but at the same time if provoked to the extreme they will be the hardest gund to silence.

  14. In this blog with the anonymity it allows people should at least admit to the truth instead of carrying on with their bull.

  15. THe following is the news in Nepali, This has brilliantly presented how SPA government is servicing Palace.

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  16. boy! you believe in Nepalkhabar!! the headline today is korala is very sick …bla bla…bla…where as kantipur says he has started walking,Dr.Bhagwan Koirala says he is fine and needs less oxygen.
    Nepal khabar is the same magazine that is sold for 2 Rs by street children.It is sold as khojtalash in the street and on the web they have posted it as nepalkhabar.To sell on the street they have to come up with some extravaganza everyday,so they make up stories like that.
    If u depend on these sources for information.God help you buddy!!

  17. Sumi,

    Thanks for helping me out. I was wondering how I’d convince that joker Mark that there isn’t a “Royal Nepal Army” anymore.

    Hopefully he’ll understand now. If he even knows a little of what’s going on in the country, that is.

  18. God, how pathetic some of these Nepalis are. Some guy called “Mr. Biswas” wrote an article that said India and Nepal should merge and they all get fired up.

    Get a life fellas. That is one guy’s opinion. India is a democracy, where every one has a right to his own opinion ( in theory ). Don’t take that as proof that India is secretly planning to invade Nepal. I almost certainly don’t think that’s on the cards right now.

  19. “As for the democratic parties voting them in or out is upto the people of Nepal.” Kirat, you fail to grasp the reality of the situation. There will be no votes as long as The Maoist Army has guns and they are not going to give them up willingly.

  20. This news is for D. Michael Vanderveer to clear his misunderstanding. I hope this will also clear the confusion to some people in this blog.

    April 12, 2006
    Due to ongoing violence, curfews, and widespread insecurity in Nepal, the U.S. Mission is reducing its activities, including canceling a planned visit Wednesday by an eight-member delegation from the U.S. House of Representatives.
    The delegation, led by the Speaker of the House, J. Dennis Hastert (R-IL), had hoped to visit Kathmandu Wednesday till Friday to review developments here and meet with representatives of the government, political parties, and civil society. In light of events, however, the delegation accepted the Mission’s advice not to visit. The cancellation and the turn of events in Nepal that caused it disappointed Speaker Hastert, the top member of the U.S. House of Representatives, who is third in line of succession to the Presidency of the United States. The delegation, currently in India, is also scheduled to visit Viet Nam.

    April 13, 2006
    At the recommendation of the U.S. Embassy in Kathmandu, the State Department on April 12 authorized departure from Nepal for non-emergency U.S. Mission personnel and families. This authorization means non-emergency employees, their family members, and families of employees who must remain at post can opt to depart Nepal in coming days. The Embassy recommended this step following a week of widespread demonstrations, violence, and growing instability throughout Nepal.

    April 24, 2006
    The State Department ordered all non-emergency U.S. mission personnel and dependents to depart Nepal. This decision, made at the recommendation of the Embassy, was taken out of concern for the safety of U.S. Government employees and their families.
    Ambassador James F. Moriarty, who informed the Mission community of the Embassy’s recommendation, also is recommending that all American citizens in Nepal should consider leaving the country at this time because of the uncertain security conditions.

    (The U.S. Mission to Nepal includes the Embassy, USAID, and the Consular Section and American Center in the Yak & Yeti Hotel.)

  21. This is the article i was talking about

    This was published by the asian tribune and later posted on

    By the way u know what infuriates me more about this [icd] ….is that he is a Christian missinary. And is hinding in the name of being a revolutionary and asking us to destroy our culture and everything. Search his name in google and u will see everything. How on earth is this guy still in our Country!!

  22. Bideshi read my post carefully! I said it is the Maoists and the Royalists who are preventing the functioning of a proper democracy in Nepal. Can’t you understand simple English?

    The political parties have not exactly covered themselves in glory but hey our democracy was less than 10 years old when these Maoists and Royalists started attacking it. They did not give it a proper chance.

  23. We have not had a democracy for ten years. We have had a bunch of corrupt politicians and officials looting the national treasure for ten years in spite of the cries of the people.

  24. Understand that the Maoists only used the SPD to bring down the King. The parties naively thought they could consolidate their power by working with the Maoists. Now the Maoists do not need the SPD any longer and the SPD is powerless.

  25. Bideshi, do you think ten years is enough for a strong culture of democracy and the institutions required to uphold and protect it take root and establish themselves? C’mon most cultures required at least a 100 yrs. Despite all the looting the political parties did in the name of democracy a lot of progress was made.

  26. You said it- why not give 70 years to experiment, just like in Russia and talk about progress. And audacity to equate loot with democracy and then defend progress is beyond me and I guess beyond all most everyone. The reformist is confused all down the line and beyond.

  27. What an idiot. I said most cultures required 100 years to develop a good system of democracy. Why don’t you look at the history of established democracies.

  28. I can hear the silent scream of most of you Royalists-‘raja aau hami lai bachhau’! How pathetic!

  29. Even the coming budget is showing that they are unable to address the major issues.

  30. Mark (#98)

    Hello Sumi,

    I don’t like alcohol.

    Parliament has not amended the constitution. The proclamation was passed only by the old House of Representatives. But none of the members have been elected after thier terms of office expired. As a result “the proclamation ” has no legal force.

    This is why none of the provisions of the proclamation have been implemented. Have you read the Proclamation? I just read it agian. It orders the Royal Palace Secretaries to leave the Palace and report to the government. But this has not been implemented.It also says the king must pay tax, but again the government has not been able to get the king to do so. They also ordered the Army brigade guarding the palace to leave but the king said no and the 4000 troops are staying in the palace to protect the king.The proclamation also says that Army must take no orders from the king or his military secretarys. and that the army must take its orders only from the prime minister and government. But as we have been reading the army is still taking its orders from the palace. Just the other day the House of Representatives ordered the king to make public all of his wealth. Again the king said no and the government has not been able to get him to turn over the information. The prime minister ordered General Thapa to step down but he said he would take that order only from the king. Again the king said no and the government backed down

    The proclumation talks about a lot of things that are going to change, but so far none of them have. Its been over 8 weeks now,they talk a big game but don’t have the power to back it up.

  31. It dumbfounds me to hear Kirat jumble points and comments- I ask all to explain Kirat’s this line “C’mon most cultures required at least a 100 yrs. Despite all the looting the political parties did in the name of democracy a lot of progress was made.” Tell how am I supposed to read this, culturally or politically?

    Beside, Kirat the reformist, do set your clock forward otherwise you are gonna miss the boat big time with your regressive ideals, uncouth comments and assumptions based in heretical doctrine and Innuendoes. I guess your quest is to become heretical. I will give you that for trying.

  32. The real pity is that whether we agree or quarrel it makes no difference. We are only bloggers and have no actual influence on events. If we could, I would have the people drag all the criminals, civil or military, out of their palaces and strip them naked in the street. I would unite all the people to support the army and defeat the Maoists. I would let the world know that the new Nepal will not tolerate corruption and that precious investments would not be stolen ever again. If I could.

  33. Mark (#132)

    Good that you don’t like alcohol because that is not good for health.

    As for your argument that the Parliamentary Proclamation is not legal, you answer me was the April Revolution based on any legal provision? Tell me under which article of the constitution that you are talking about was the revolution launched? That was the historical political decision that democratic people of Nepal took. The people of Nepal decided to halt the movement after the king revived the parliament. That was THE political decisions and political decisions have the power to change the laws of the land and go for the new ones. As per that sentiment, the parliament declared itself supreme and decided to go for new provisions. That was political decision. To say that parliament was elected years ago and does not have right to decide what it decided in the last several weeks to equal to saying Nepali people doesn’t deserve democracy because all people who are living in Nepal were born after (Shah) Monarchy was established in the country.

    Let me also point out that some of the provision of the declaration have already been implemented. His Majesty’s Government is no more and it’s now Nepal Government. The name Royal Nepal Army is no more and it’s Nepal Army. Prime Minister and Ministers take oath in front of the parliament. Yes, you can say that this parliament is not completely representative of the Nepali society (Maoists are excluded from the parliament) it would be childish to question the legitimacy of the House.

    Yes, there are problems in implementing the decisions and Nepali people are taking note of this. (There are a few royalist elements that are trying to fish in the muddy water and once they are recognized people will take action against them.) People will hit the streets and throw away the remnants of feudal monarchy if it obstructs the implementation of the proclamation. Just imagine the situation in Nepal on the 20th day of the revolution had the king not bent in front of the people power. The monarchy would have been history in Nepal if Mr. Gyanendra Shah had acted otherwise. If Gyanendra Shah takes too much time to reveal his personal property and that of the royal palace, he will face the wrath of Nepali people.

    The Nepal Army has clearly two choices: dare to go for another coup or follow the orders of the peoples’ government without asking any questions. I don’t have to tell you that the first option is a big NO for the army. And lingering around is also not a best option for their future. So sooner than later they will realize and will act as per the popular wish.

  34. Sumi,

    How powerful is the ‘King’? Well, he couldn’t save his most loyal pal from getting a thrashing, could he?

    And after the act, I believe he told Simha he could do nothing about it.

    Parliament should really get serious about overhauling the army now. Its time.

  35. Our Nepal is being torn apart by Catholics, Leftists and Muslim fundamentalists who are also attacking India which some people say is secular…Nepal has always been secular but Maobadi are claiming to have secularised our Nepal…what nonsense created by the likes of Kirat…

  36. I dont know about the torn apart part but Nepal was definately much more secular in heart than many counties including the US. Now we have the constitutional facade of secularism but powerfull christian lobbies, grassroot muslim indoctrinasations is bound to intimidate and irritate the hindu, buddhist and animilistic majority religions of Nepal. I still think conversion should be banned, in the sense that groups and organisation with the sole purpose and efforts of religious conversion should be outlawed but people if they want to convert they have the complete freedom to. Religion should be left at home and to make sure there are not forces our in street trying to politicize it there should be checks.

  37. Guys,may be kirat is shouting today but years down the line he will realise what sort of a mistake it was to secularise nepal.You know the idea behind all this is to divide nepal in ethnic lines.So,it will be easy to convert people.
    I will give you an example,in the aadivashi villages of rural gujrat,the christians told aadivashis that they are not hindus because they worship stone idols(unlike other places in india) and pray to Naag.How stupid is that? but they convinced the people and converted them to christianity.Someof them have reconverted and realised they had been fooled.
    Our main lord,Shiva is a Kirat,how can Kirat be non Hindu?? Unlike other religions we believe in lot of gods and we have a lot of variations among people in our faith.And that is the beauty of our religion.But if this secularisation really goes through CA and the christians(mind you protestants more than catholics)go on a conversion drive we will have to do anything to protect our religion,our identity!!

  38. Culture,
    What you are saying is a idealistic world.These christian missionaries are so dogmatic that they will do anything to convert people.Didnt you realise till I found out how that michael bas***d used to rule over this blog hidden in the face of a revolutionary.There are hundreds of people like that creep now in Nepal.We have to track them and deport them.
    Religious conversion was banned in Nepal before also but conversion went on,on the lure of money and much more.
    The only way to stop this is,we must be aware,teach our children about our religion our rich heritage and protect our relgion against the missionary by all means.
    But we should not let politics rule over our religion or else there will only be politics and no protection.

  39. I can see that some of you Hindu fundamentalists are still going mental about Nepal becoming secular. You guys are so insecure about your religion that it’s a joke. Religion is a personal matter and I am glad that the state no longer endorses any one religion. If Christianity is spreading fast in Nepal so what? It is what people have chosen. I am sure they are not converting people at gunpoint. If people are becomng Christian because of money then they really aren’t are they?

  40. Let me repeat again -the two threats to democracy and stability in Nepal are –

    a. Maoists
    b. Royalists

    It is the Truth. I also agree the way the SPA leaders have behaved in the past is terrrible for democracy. But we are a young democracy and we need time to learn without Maoists and Royalists interfering all the time.

  41. Nepal was never a ‘Hindu’ country to begin with. So why are people crying out loud now that its officially been declared not a Hindu country?

  42. Loving your religion and being a royalist are two diff things morons.
    I was in the streets during jana aandolan II and i hate KG probably more than you MORONS do.
    By the way Kirat,Kiratis are the ones who have converted most.In the fold of christianity,ur own identity will be lost.Mind it!!
    By the way Mr.Manan,this earth was creature less to begin with,so should we……

  43. I can see from most of the postings here that very few people are willing to shed their baggage for the sake of their country. Royalists without sounding too royalist want to maintain the status quo. The Maoists espousing their ideals though it has not worked in so many countries.

    Does Nepal need to change? Do Nepali’s need to change their attitudes? Well it is one of the poorest countries in the world. A change from that sure would be good but it ain’t gonna happen if Nepalis don’t change first. If this blog site is reflective of the general population then I don’t see that happening! Well once again please remember that the last fifty years of whatever people or systems governed Nepal they only succeeded in making this country one of the most miserable in the world. Time for a change me thinks.

  44. mero nepal, if people want to choose a certain religion what it is your problem? Kirats were always animists, with the Shah rule they became sort of Hindus but never had a caste within the Hindu structure, now if they are becoming Christian let it be. Tomorrow they may turn into Buddhists or Jews or Islamists. What is it to you?

  45. Well Kirat u did not answer anything that I said about Kiratis.Anyways u have been hounded so badly by everyone that i dont want to continue it and whatever u say from now on i wont comment.

    Gibran ji,By the way i too am impressed with Khalil Gibran.
    Nepal needs a change,yes we need change but the change should come in our economy,health,education.But there are few things that bind Nepalis together,like our culture,history and religion.We should be proud of it and of course they are our identity and there should be no question of discontinuing them.

  46. mero nepal, if you can read my post #147 was about Kirats. We were never Hindus, isn’t it obvious from the fact that we don’t fall into any of your varna based caste system? As for who is most responsible for eroding our culture don’t get me started on it OK?

    Your reply to Gibran shows what a hypocrite you are. You may have read Khalil Gibran but I can see from your reply that you have understood nothing of his teachings. You say that culture, history and religion binds us Nepalis but whose culture, history and religion are you talking about? Kirat, Rana, Tharu, Newari, Brahmin, Tamu, Magar, Tamang, Nyeshang, Yadhav, Kami culture, history and religion or yours?

    We should be celebrating the richness of our diversity instead of imposing the monotheism of whatever you have in mind.

  47. Its useless to talk to you Kirat but one last sentence “ANEKTA MA EKATA NEPAL KO BISESHTA”
    Our religion doesnt say devour one god,he is the one…No!! There may be different gods being prayed by different ethnicities but Sanatan Dharma encompasses it all.Thats why it has survive and will survive forever.
    Well about u,i guess u too could be one of those Michael kind,revolutionary infront,missionary behind.Best of luck to you bro,but whatever u shout nothing is going to change.

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