Misadventure of Bharat Keshar and Heroic Policing of Timilsina

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Abhushan Timilsina Arresting Bharat Keshar Singh

Isn’t this a historical photo? YES. This is what is called democracy perhaps. Police Inspector Abhushan Timilsina drags a brat royal honorary ADC (on June 20) who thought he could do anything he wished on the streets of Kathmandu. This was very much needed to tame these raja sahebs.Pic by Narendra Shrestha via Kantipur

Quote of the Year

“If you can handcuff a person who has become the prime minister of this country twice, why can’t you do the same to [people like] Bharat Keshar? The situation wasn’t such that police could disperse the crowd by charging lathis and firing shots. If we had done so, 15-20 people would have been killed and Hotal Malla would have been burnt to ashes.”

Police Inspector Abhushan Timilsina

This country needs brave and bold police officers like Abhushan Timilsina who brilliantly decided to implement the law without keeping in mind the culprits haisiyet and background. Under pressure from the fading royalist power, big heads of police force summoned Timilsina and interrogated as to why he didn’t reach the venue on time and couldn’t control the situation. Valley DIG Deepak Thangden and Kathmandu Police Office SP Dhak Bahadur Karki interrogated Inspector Timilsina on June 21. Timilsina said that he handcuffed Bharat Keshar Singh and his sons [former Majors of Nepal Army Ajay and Ananta] as they were trying to destabilize peace in the society by taking law into their own hands.

We have seen pictures of Queen Komal visiting a hospital where Bharat Keshar was being treated. We are yet to see the same Queen visiting Aang Dawa Sherpa.

[Bharat Keshar and company have alleged that the bike first hit the car and as they were trying to make their point the Aang Dawa Sherpa smashed the windscreen with his helmet. After the incident, they say, they went to Malla Hotel to take refuge as per the suggestion of a traffic police on duty. They say that they contacted the police from inside the hotel but the police reached only three hours later. They also allege that the crowd burnt their car in the presence of police.]

Finally, Bharat Keshar Singh and his gang has realized the mistake and apologized to Aang Dawa Sherpa. Both sides reached an agreement on Sunday (June 25) in the offices of Kathmandu Police Chief Dhak Bahadur Karki. Singh’s side paid compensation of Rs.. 5 thousands to Sherpa and promised to cover all expenses needed for the maintainance of the bike. Singh’s two sons- second Avaya and youngest Ananta- who were involved in the attack signed the agreement paper. Singh’s first son Amar, a lawyer for the family and tow relatives of Sherpa were present in the Police office. Bharat Keshar didn’t appear as he was reportedely undergoing treatment in Birendra Sainik Hospital. Ananta’s wife who provoked the men to beat Sherpa was also not present. Both the brothers said sorry and shaked hands with Sherpa. “They realized their mistake and said sorry,” Sherpa said. “That’s the important thing.”

students protesting against bharat keshar misbehaving

We can imagine that Bharat Keshar and company didn’t apoligize out of respect to Sherpa. Peoples’ pressure worked. Students protested against Bharat Keshar and his sons’ misbehaving. Pic by Prakash Mathema via Kantipur

What Happended That Day

By Aang Dawa Sherpa

Aang Dawa Sherpa
Aang Dawa Sherpa Pic by Bikash Karki

It was 5:30 in the evening of Tuesday (June 20). I was returning to my room in Jorpati with my uncle’s son Gyaljen from my office in Durbarmarg (King’s Way). There was traffic jam in Lainchaur. A car was behind my motorcycle. That car’s tire went from above my leg. I requested the driver to drive properly. Two people got off the car and started beating me saying, “Don’t you recognize us?” Seconds later, a grey- haired old man got off the car and starting beating me. A woman also came out of the car, pushed me away and scolded me. I didn’t understand what she was saying but she was the one who provoked the men to intensify the action against me. I fell on the road because of their beating. Gyaljen, my brother, helped me get up. Two men who beat me in the beginning dragged my bike up to the [Malla] hotel.

Gyaljen took me toward Thamel. They continued beating me until I we reached Thamel. I was soaked in blood. We reached at Nima Restaurant located between Saraswati Campus and Amrit Science College. I was too weak because of beating. Body and head were swollen. After keeping me for a few minutes in the restaurant, Gyaljen took me to Manamohan Memorial Hospital in Sorakhutte.

I don’t know what happened afterwards in the location where the incident took place. I knew about the identity of people after reading newspapers. It was reported that those people were ‘big heads’ Bharat Keshar Singh, his sons and daughter-in-laws. I didn’t recognize them. [Ultra royalist and Hindu fundamentalist Singh is the honorary ADC to King Gyanendra and president of World Hindu Federation. His two sons Ananta and Ajay are former Majors of (Royal) Nepal Army.]

I also didn’t know that students beat them later but I remember shopkeepers were mutely watching as they were beating me. The crowd might have gathered because the woman from the car was screaming in loud voice. Students might have reached there after hearing the noise. But we couldn’t even ask for help.

I suffered serious injuries and now in the process of recovering. There are wounds on head, neck and eyes. I feel dizzy frequently. I feel pain on part above neck while breathing. I feel pain even if I touch my head.

Aang Dawa Sherpa
Sherpa with his wife

I was riding 250 CC XR Honda that costs Rs. 475 thousands. They destroyed the bike which is useless now. My brother has taken that to a workshop in Chhetrapati for maintenance. It is not safe for me to ride the same bike again because those who beat me can recognize it very easily. How can I feel that these people will spare me who pulled strings and forced the Police to take action against Abhushan Timilsina, the inspector at Durbarmarg Police Office?

My house is in Harisebachle-9, Khotang district. I am working as a trekking and climbing guide and trainer for Himalayan Adventura in Durbarmarg. I live in Jorpati with my family (a three-year-old daughter, a one-year-old son and a wife). I filed complain at Shorakhutte Police Office giving details of what happened on that day. Police has been pressuring me to reach an agreement with those who beat me. I don’t want to compromise. I want security of my life and properties. If anything happens to me and my family, those who attacked me should be held responsible.

As told me Jitendra Sah on June 22.

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149 thoughts on “Misadventure of Bharat Keshar and Heroic Policing of Timilsina

  1. “Powerful and high posts have been easy access for a certain class of families” – True and they are the BRAHMINS.

    The maoists are led by Brahmins, the SPA are led by Brahmins, religion is led by Brahmins, the judiciary are led by Brahmins, the media is led by Brahmins, the beureucracy is led by Brahmins, the police is led by Brahmins, next the army will be led by Brahmins, what do you know – even the King is a descendent of a Brahmin great grandmother (the mother of King Girvan Yuddha is a Brahmin), next the Christian Church and mosques of Nepal will be headed by Brahmins who conveniently convert. All this secular, republic blah blah is just cosmetic changes by Brahmins to have their cake and eat it too. We are tactfully Brahminised, next the rest of us will be categorised as tribals.

  2. Yeah we can comapare Brahmins with Jackals. If you drag them in the grass they will cry and if you drag them in pebbles, thay pretend to feel comfortable. It is almost impossible to create a truly just and equitable society in Nepal.

    We have to keep on opposing Ranas & Shahs on one hand and on the other hand we have to oppose the Brahminism. You can keep the order like this:Shah, Rana, Koirala, Nepal, Acharya etc.

  3. Do not go creating class lines and hatred on ethinicity- it will serve this country no good. Lets not be another Somalia or Iraq. Although, I agree on dominance of Bhramins in all aspect of our society but checks and balance with a proper system will bring equality and justice for all.

    Search your soul to act in the best interest of the nation as a Deshbhakta rather than Maoist or SPA who are busy only in powersharing (power) void of welfare of salt of the earth

  4. The class has become serious issue at the moment and people are not feeling comfortable with the changes and addresses. If that is not changed it will bring our country to Somalia, that is very true. We should have pity to Madheshi, Tamang, Magar, Kirat and other deprived class. They will certainly not agree to stay like second class citizen in their own country. We should take immediate action to bring them up. Otherwise it will bring serious consequence to present political ruling class.

  5. D What do you mean you are for a democratic republic if the present King and son remain? Do you mean you don’t like this King and Crown Prince and would rather see a democratic republic? That would mean if there was another King and Crown Prince you would otherwise be happy. Strange.

  6. By the way- Nobody seems to have a clue what is in store-is it going to be SPA rule, Maoist rule or anarchy rule? May be Indian administered rule.

    Two duo, P & B, are scurrying back and forth embassies and leaders all in cloak of secrecy and we,the people, are left in dark and left to make wise comments and analysis. Welcome to back room deals and decisions in the name of democracy.

    The point is, if we are not included in discussions then why should we, the people, give benefit of the doubt to these secretive operators and accept their verdict.

    Democracy for all but by all.

  7. manan
    m its not the question of support. i am one of the many people who saw what actuallt happened that day.
    as for yr response to all the comments i made, it was absolutely pathetic.
    regarding the bribe, why ask other bloggers, i am sure they all can read my comments. but u m did not give me a satisfactory response. just answered the question by question, is that yr idea of an argument.this just goes to prove that you r a man with limited or no brain cells at all.
    as 4 da WHF, some of the work that it does is SOCIAL WORK!. look up the meaning of the word.as social work in itself is self explanatory.
    lot of nepali people including myself, we grew up with the same kind of circumstances surrounding us. and we have and r working hard and yet there you r who turned out 2 b a total waste of space.
    instead of being a part of the mob, why dont u get yrself a decent education and improve yr life.
    yr another point, concerning my father, he knows exactly how to go about in kathmandu, especially where we live.
    here is yet another point u mentioned. bharat simha being in the army, what makes u believe that he got in the army through his family connection. the comment was to do with whether he took bribe or not, not getting in the army. as u yrself can c, u haven’t given me anything, so therefore yr argument is not quite up to the point, IS IT MR M? infact its DISMAL.
    M i made lots more points then u mentioned,then again understandably given that yr IQ is way below the noramal person’s IQ.
    i think ite clear 4 everyone 2 c what type of person u r and what u do 4 yr living.
    so therefore do not bother 2 respond coz i dont have the time an energy to read yr futile attempt 2 support the mob or whoever u support.

  8. Kirat,

    What is so strange? You mean to say if King Birendra was alive and kicking that the majority of us would be for a republic? What’s so strange? Tell us what you’re stance is on the ceremonial monarchy/republic issue in the present context? Throw in your towel. Let’s hear it. And then also tell us what your stance would be if King Birendra was around. The situtation of the monarchy has everything to do with the King and his son’s personality. You are a fool to think otherwise. Don’t try and divert the issue which is – labelling everyone a royalist just because they set you straight. Also explain what you mean by a “royalist”. Are British people royalist? Are Japanese royalist?

  9. Kirat,

    My suspicion is you will probably say republic even if King B was around, just to argue for the hell of it. Don’t bother to answer my queries.

  10. Layman,
    True, but beside the royal family who are Shah, I think the argument with regard to the Ranas/Shahs is outdated. How many Ranas do you know of that hold powerful positions? I can’t think of more than a handful. I think this argument of attacking the Ranas/Shahs is itself a Brahmin conspiracy so that the public eye can be diverted from the real scoundrels – the Brahmins.
    It is an endless task to list all the Brahmins in powerful posts because they are everywhere but let me try and see how many Ranas hold anything that can be called powerful –

    Pashupati Rana – leader of a minority party
    Om Bikram Rana – IGP chosen by SPA
    I think there is ONE Rana in the judiciary, approved by SPA.

    Royal government had a couple of them, but they are all gone.

    Can’t think of anymore. Not enough would’nt you agree to made targets of?

    Let’s check out the business tycoons –

    Amongst the endless Marwaris I can think of only Prabhakar Rana.

    I don’t know where are all these Ranas/Shahs that are supposed to be in powerful positions?

  11. anarchy,

    Eventhough Rana Shashan is believed to be ended in 2007, till Jnan Andolan II, country was ruled by Shahas and Ranas under the threat of Military with a brief lull period of 1990 to 2002.You can also count in this the 18 months period of BP Prime Ministership.

    Have you heard that all security forces are still reporting to Sainik Sachibalaya ?

    When you make really an objective observation, actually whether they are Rana or Shahas or Thapa, country’s power was enjoyed by the descendents of Judhha Shumsher. I expalin how ?

    King G is the great grand son of Judha.Like wise, Srish, Nikshya, Prabhakar (grand son),Prazwol,Madhukar, Prabal(grand son) are all great grand sons of Judha. Bharat Keshar married the grand duaghter of Judha.Nir Shamsher is another one.

    Even PJT is the descedent from the daughter of Jung Bahadur.Let us talk about Bir Shamsher:

    Damodar, sachit,Prabhu are from Bir Shamsher.Even Deuba married the grand dughter of Judha, whose father was born from a servant of Judha.

    Actually there was no real democracy from 1990 to 2002 too. All powers centres were captured by these culprits and were trying to discredit democracy.Deuba was very proud Royal congressi to be related to the King. Before Sher B Deuba came to light, have heard any other Deuba in your life time ?

    So if you want to have a good lessons in political history of Nepal, you can contact me. About Shahas, all I can say is that they were made fools by Ranas and fully exploited by them. Actually Ranas were proxy ruling in Nepal in the name of Shaha for 160 years (1903-2063 B S). You can still see Rana Shashan in the Army.

    Who will not like to enjoy power in the name of others ? Now KG must take all responsibility of all the mess in Nepal. Monarchy is paying the heavy price.KG discredited monarchy to its lowest ebb.Actually KG is not an institution of Monarchy but he discredited it so badly that it seems both Ranas and Shahs would go to dark period in the future. people have already started hating Shahs and Ranas.Paras factor is also an important contributotr to this downfall.

  12. layman,

    Give it a rest. Your litany is nothing but a grind because you have a mentality of a maoist. Maoist despises rich just because they are rich and in the same vein you seem to go after Ranas and Shahs. If you carry on like this then next stop will be Adam and Eve- for populating earth with Mankind.

    You seem regressive enough to pull out all the genealogy, now the question is by happenstance, any of your forefathers had masters as Ranas or Shahs?

    For me being Thepchu Nak- want to be more progressive and move forward not live in or hate past. You should do the same, join to live in present and work for future.

  13. Layman,

    It’s easy to make sweeping, generalised and populist statements. The same ones used ever since 2007, by the likes of King Mahendra in the Panchyat regime, the post 1990 democrats, the maoists and now still speing used by the SPAM. I think this dead donkey should bve beate n o more. It is so old news, so stale, that it has decayed so much that even the stink is there no more. With the corruption in the Panchyat, the corruption in the post 1990 era and all the bad governance under whichever regime till date, I think this Rana bashing has gone way past it’s sell by date.

    You cannot give one shred of evidence to back your views as we stand today. I have listed the so called powerful amongst the Ranas, I’m afraid there are too few (count them on your one hand) to call it any sort of “sashan”, I doubt you can even call it a morselfull.

    There is only one sashan left to be toppled and that is the BRAHMIN SASHAN. I’m afraid all other sashans are old wives tales as we stand today.

  14. Layman,

    Let me not even embarass you by listing all the Brahmins in very,very, very… powerful positions (and I’m not talking about people in comparison with the likes Bharat Keshar, who are nothing but BIG MOUTHS that’s all, all bark but no power to speak of), and their inter relations with each other, UWB will run out of space.

  15. No? No, Anarchy you are mistaken. Do not try to purify Ranas so easily. Eventhogh there are a few Ranas in power at present, the Rana regime so inherent today also, we can not escape from it. Yeah Brahmins are there but you can not put all Brahmins in the Ranas basket. We Nepalese know the history and geography of Rana. We are still trying to come out of Ranas spiderweb in Nepal. Do not try to support Ranas and try to present them as cow. Thanks.

  16. I agree 100 percent with the views of Layman. We Nepalese must not forget the atrocities of Ranas and Shahas for 240 years. I can tell Anarchy that if you still support the Ranas like any Mandale, you may have the fate of Bharat Keshar. Believe me.

  17. Limbu,

    Unfortunately for the likes of hot headed people like you, telling it as is and supporting a clan is a different story. I have nothing to give and take with the likes of Ranas. But, making them scape goats when they are not at all a force to reckon with in the present context, is nothing but senseless, stupid and clear signs of cluelessness.

  18. Layman,

    Why are you acting like a broken record, are you a Ranaphobic or what? You sound defending Bhramins, imploring not to put Bhramins in same basket as Ranas- what gives? To tell you the truth, its Bhramins evil of all. They started Caste system, they instigated sati partha, all the political or social injustice you see is because of Bhramins. For their good they did cajoled the rulers and benefitted- not only from Ranas regime but from the very start-say Mahabharat.

    Now the beef eaters are Bhramins, communist are bhramins, and wanna be rulers are bhramins. The sly and shyster- thats what they are. They change colors and creed in an instant. They even edified that killing a Bhramin is a pap- tell me who made this rule, not bhramin? hear, hear.

    So if you start this class thing there is no end to this- better stop and wise up before it flares into something which you will have no capacity to control it- think of common good and be a class blind.

  19. Should read like this Killing is pap but killing a Bhramin is Bhramahapap- pap of higher magnitude.

  20. Layman,

    Stop your pontification. You yourself have admitted that there are few Ranas in power. No one is trying to make out the Ranas of the Rana era as holy. For heaven’s sake give me a break. But unfortunately for you my dear chap, you cannot put Ranas from the days of Rana sashan as the same as Ranas today, most of them were not even born in that era. Next you will be saying the British of today should all be punished for the colonisation of centuries ago, or the Germans of today should be shot because of Hitler and the Nazis, or Italians today should be all killed for the atrocities of the Roaman empire.

    You have no eveidence of a “Rana sashan” as we stand today, you base your prejudices on decades of Rana bashing, the bashing used by all regimes after the Ranas to cover up their many weaknesses and blunders and their rule. Talk about brain wash. The sashans which are dangerous for Nepalis today is that of the Brahmins and of the totalitarian mentality of the maoists. Why don’t you wake up and smell the coffee?

    And besides Layman, the “Rana regime” or Shah regime or any other regime we have had is nothing but the regime under the guidance of powerful Brahmins. You could call them the power brokers of Brahminisation. End Brahminisation, then you will end all this sort of regimes and all of it’s influences.


    Press Release-27 June 2006


    At a meeting with the CPN-M leadership on 23 June 2006 and in a subsequent letter of 26 June, OHCHR raised its concerns regarding a series of abductions and killings attributed to CPN-M cadres in the Central Region, which have resulted in the deaths of nine individuals since 3 May 2006. It also raised the cases of two individuals who were reportedly abducted in Kathmandu and severely beaten in Kavre. In most of the cases, the victims were accused of “crimes” or “offences” and were apparently under investigation. In some of those cases, local CPN-M leaders had accepted responsibility and had apologized. OHCHR remains concerned, however, that civilians continue to be abducted and held by the CPN-M in spite of repeated expressions of concern by OHCHR.

    During the meeting with OHCHR, the CPN-M leadership gave assurances that such killings are not CPN-M policy and that the CPN-M takes these cases very seriously. It also stated that investigations will be carried out and that any CPN-M cadres found responsible will be punished.

    OHCHR has continued to emphasize in its meetings with CPN-M leaders that abductions of civilians for any reason are in violation of CPN-M’s commitment to international human rights standards. These abductions and related investigations and punishment fail to provide even minimum guarantees of due process and fair trial. As a consequence, victims of abductions are vulnerable to other violations of their human rights, particularly their right to life and physical integrity, as in the noted cases. OHCHR concerns in this regard also apply to CPN-M cadres accused of crimes.

    Speaking as Officer-in-Charge of OHCHR, David Johnson said that “Civilians and CPN-M cadres suspected of criminal activity should be turned over to the relevant State authorities so that they can be investigated and where appropriate, prosecuted in a timely manner in accordance with international due process and fair trial standards. In the meantime, OHCHR urges the CPN-M leadership to set up an internal oversight mechanism at the national level to ensure that thorough investigations into allegations of abuses by its own cadres are undertaken in order to prevent such abuses in the future.”

  22. Anarchy,
    You did not understand my points. You must be a Rana pretending not to understand my points. I am talking about just before Baisakh 11, 2063. We nepalese have a very short memeory. May be we have alhzymer. You may ask now when KG took power ? Before entering into any discussion on politics, I suggest you to read about the history of Nepal.

  23. The Bhramins have distorted the Hindu religion to suit their own selfish greed. They tax you when you are born, during your whole life, and even after you die.

  24. Bahuns are clever and they outmanuovre others but they are not dangerous like Royalists and Maoists.It is Brahmin who is spearheading our movement for Republic.Many people don’t know how much of hardships they have done to arrive in this situation. they are the largest community in Nepal if we put them in one Group such as bahun/chhetri as is done by the Bureau of statistics every year. They are about 34 percent of total population of Nepal.We should not imagine that all chhetris are Royalists except a few.

  25. Dont Give any CRAP about BRAHMIN HARDSHIP..what were they doing when Prithvi Narayan Shah established Nepal Kingdom…BRAHMIN agents have misguided all the Kings..Even in India..Today they will misguide our democracy…A brat of a policeman dragging an old man in handcuffs is BRAHMIN DEMOCRACY….this is GOONDA RAJ..MAOBADI and BRAHMINs are hand in hand in clever sercret collusion with INDIAN BRAHMINS…..

  26. Let us talk about who misguided KG. Was it a Brahmin ? KG himself was a fool. KG thought that he was the most intelligent King. He thought that King Birendra was stupid. In Nepali, there is a saying LAATO KHANCHHA EK BALDYANG BAATHO KHANCHHA DUS BALDYANG.

    So if the advice of several Brahmins were well taken, your beloved King would not have been a JHARIKO MUSO today. Don’t blame Brahmins for all the problems of Nepal.Don’t even blame India. NAACHNA NAJANNE AANGAN TEDO.

  27. Yeah Layman,
    Always the easy way, if I did not understand you then I must be a Rana. Unfortunately for you I’m not. But, in the same tone since you completely missed my point you must be a 100% Brahmin, and one who is on the top if the food chain as well. It’s your history ehcih is haywire. A history conveniently written by Brahmins to glorify Brahmins and endorse Brahminisation. It’s time to rewrite your pro Brahmin history.

  28. Hallo
    Abhhusan it is a great job by you. Please keep on coninue.
    I am remembering these days, when you are in Hunger strike in NSU central office with Keshab Paudel for the organisation improvement of NSU in Tribhuvan University. I hope you will be success in your duty in every aspect.

    Postgraduate Student

  29. There some still some Mandales in this blog loke Scoop, diehard and ck2. They are confusing the people. Kirat is young and democratic. But he is not opposing the Mandales I don’t know why. I am not supporting Brahmin but who is the bigger culprit, Rana or a Brahmin ? So you know the answer.I think Ranas should be reeducated like in the times of Stalin in Siberia. We have to put a new chip in their brain. Otherwise, they do not change.

  30. Limbu, what do you mean ‘so you know the answer’..dont reduce the role of the scheming cunningness of the Brahmins and Bahuns that has landed us in this mess and they are messing up further….who set up the caste system? Who declared the King to be the avatar of Vishnu?? Obviously Brahmins..

  31. LIMBU, If you read my previous posts I have stated that the Royalists are worse than the Maoists-I depise both of them but Royalists more.

  32. Kirat,
    I was surrounded by three Mandales from three sides. So I wanted your help.I also thank Layman. Thanks

  33. Argghhhhhhhh……..


    Seriously the only good comments in the 84 posts have been by Manjil and Live wire. Let me put this as simply as possible.

    It is a make it or break it world, nepali people are too scared to confront the reality so they rather linger in the possibility. Rather than go to class and study for their future, they got o net cafes and rant around in blogs abour how the system is failing them. OHH not the fact that their asses are never in class, dont even mention that, that would be regressive. F u _ck kkk you alllll…. you know why I can say that because I’m in class and will be done with school and making a living while you rant around about the system failing you. Matter of fact is you failed. Now stop waisting time and complaining because if you were fortunate enough to have access to the internet i am sure your parents will pay for your college too and they probably are while you are wasting their hard earned sweat money. I wish i could just collect all the students skipping class to blog here, then impall them in steak and burn them alive. I df think that would make history class more interesting and future student would attend it more often.

    Peace out sss uckers.

  34. In theory, the royalists are worse than the Maoists. But if the Maoists keep butchering people, forcing them to do this and that, I might change my mind.

  35. manan, the reason I detest the Royalists in Nepal is because of their attitude towards the common Nepali people-they don’t care. Also their arrogance and pig headedness is repulsive. I can understand when people who are intelligent and competent become arrogant but I just hate dumb, incompetent people who are arrogant-their arrogance has no basis. Nepali Royalists are like that.

    Ofcourse I greatly detest the Maoists too. One, they are espousing a political philosophy that, in my opinion, just doesn’t work. Two, the Maoists readiness for violence to further their cause is plain wrong. However the Maoists have raised some genuine issues in their movement though.

  36. I agree with the views of kirat. Royalists are dumb and arrogant. They do not have any logic. For example, Sachit said that it was his duty to activate the King. But why ? he does not have any answer. Because they think the King is Vishnu Avatar ? They have the logic like this.

  37. brave shah and clever brahmin united Nepal, they keep East India Company out of Nepal, make the brand Gurkha a name of bravery and loyal. now people are after shah. clearly they want to disintegrated the country. look at limbuan, khumbuan and hell kiratland. remember you are known to international community as brave Gurkha, not as limbu or kirat and its shah and rana that made dumb bhote the brave Gurkha.

  38. Sharma, you are idiot to believe that dumb bhote were made brave gorkha by Shah and Rana. It was the compulsion of Nepal and imposition by British Empire to enroll them in British army after the Treaty Of Sugauli. Not Shah and Rana who made them brave. Still Nepalese King is enjoying perks from British Gurkha as Royalty annually of their service. I think Nepal Government must also investigate in this connection.

  39. About the Maoists and Prachanda I could not understand many things as yet.These are the following points:

    1. Why maoists never could attack or kill Royalists or corrupt politicians in a decade of war ? Why they killed only poor villagers ?

    2.If Prachanda and Maoists are declared by the Indian government as terrorists, why the Indian Ambassador met Maoists leaders recently in Kathmandu at his office. (yet the Indian Govt has not lifted the terrorists tag.)

    3.Why Prachanda can not speak in clear terms with the people about the laying down of arms ? Why he can not set the deadline ?

    4. How a armed gang of say 20,000 can be integrated with 90,000 trained National Army on equal footing ? Is not it rediculous ?

    5.It seems that Americans are clear in mind than the Nepalese leaders.Our leaders are still confused.They are further trying to confuse people. But Americans have catagorically said that they would not recognise the Interim Govt.with the Maoists without the laying down of arms by them.

    If anybody can clarify above points, I would be most obliged.

  40. yes, prior to the Sugauli treaty, its just dumb Bhote. its shah, rana and of course the British Empire that made the same dumb Bhote the world famous Gurkha. thats why shah king enjoy the royalty from British Empire

  41. Sharma,
    You are imposter using Sharma. You are a diehard Roayalist Baaje. You go to save the King by doing tantar mantar.It is the need of the hour to save your beloved king. Yes I agree if there was no King, Bhote would have remained Bhote till now. They can enjoy the British citizenship by the “Nigaha” of the Nepalese King not by the sacrifice of blood and sweat of their own.

  42. m p sharma the day of reckoning is finally nigh. I know you are shitting in your pants. Run away to where you really belong.

  43. Royalists and Brahmins have turned Nepal into one of the poorest countries of the world. There is no denying that.

  44. Majhi ko Sallah le Saat Gaun Dubyo. This is what is happenning to the King and monarchy in Nepal. Actually KG was too greedy and power hungry. He took advice from Sachit, Sharad Chandra, Bharat Keshar, Tulsi Giri, Kamal thapa, Badri Mandal, Prazwol etc. Now at his Diamond Jubilee Celebration he has nobody near him. There is no celebration committee even. Now they are talking about nationalising all the property including foreign bank accounts.”Chauta khana gayeki budhi Jhol dubera Mari” bhanne ukhan charitartha bhayo.

  45. Limbu,
    You asked “I am not supporting Brahmin but who is the bigger culprit, Rana or a Brahmin ?” My answer of course the Brahmins you fool, why else do you think your people have been marginalised? Thanks to the Brahminisation of this country. These Brahmins put people like Shahs and Ranas on a pedestel to serve their ends. Shahs and Ranas are the same gurkhalis like the rest of us, it is the bloddy Gurujus, who came up with the idea to make them “above” the rest, to serve their own interests and ensure their defacto rule. If your great great grandad ran up a hll faster then a Shah guy, these same Brahmins would have made your family the avataar of Vishnu and you would be in the firing line today. Limbu, you must be under serious Brahmin influence to think that Ranas (especially of today) are the main culprits. Who can blame you, the Brahmins are everywhere, and are already succeeding in doing what they are best at, grabbing power, under whatever situation – Shahs, then Ranas, then Panchayat, then prajatantra, now loktantra and maoism, next if India take over they will be telling us how it is good for us.
    Seriously Limbu, are you really a Limbu or another one of those cunning foxes posing as one? Or is the myth of the “bhote buddhi” fully realised in you?
    And yeah Limbu, carry on with your best defense – “so and so is a royalist”. Is that all you’ve got in your aresenal? Keep on witch hunting and in a few months time it may end up being a good thing to be labelled a royalist.

  46. Go on label me a Royalist, do you think I care. When dumb sog like Kirat and Limbu talk like a sheep in a tight rope with a logic which is twisted and turned to the hilt to speak and see only things that they are supposed to see, damn right I am a royalist and proud to be one. Why you may ask? Just because you made me so. I ain’t a flotsam which just drifts because river flow is downwards.

    The duo thinks with prodding from Layman “bhramin” that they are above and will be insulated if Maoist take-over just because they come from Kirats and Limbu caste. An illusion indeed.

    The very same thing that is prevalent in Maoist camp is evident in this site; Layman “defender of Brahmin” prods and compliments Kirats and limbus, they carry the sword with term like “so and so royalist, and worse then Maoist..” and the duo gleefully carry on the tirade of comments that has no bearing on the subject matter. So much like what we have seen the Maoist outfit. It just fits like a glove.

    My advise is, if you cannot verbally and mentally combat with logic and intelligence then take a break, read a book but do not go bashing people with illogical and inflammatory rhetoric- it serves no good,looks downright ugly, and shows your real intellectual competence.

  47. Kirat,
    You’re a joke. You are the self admitted motorist riding around town in a car, and you tell sharma to go hide. Talk about a joker in the making. I suggest you pack your bags, or maybe you are one of those who already has his property outside car wallah. Hope you don’t bang a bike and get into a mess with us pedal wallahs.

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