Naya Barshako Suba-Kamana! [Happy New Year 2066!]

Today is 01 Baishak 2066 Change they can believe in: America’s new approach to public diplomacy. Hillary Clinton issues a New Year message to us: Nepali New Year (Bikram Sambat) Message Hillary Rodham Clinton Secretary of State Washington, DC April 13, 2009 To all those around the world who share common Nepali cultural and linguisticContinue reading “Naya Barshako Suba-Kamana! [Happy New Year 2066!]”

Sujata Koirala Daughter's Big Fat 'Illegal' Wedding Mocks Nepali Law

Nepal Army Chief Pyar Jung Thapa (extreme right, with Nepali cap) along with Mrs. Thapa congratulate behula behuli as the mother of the behuli Sujata Koirala (Jost), left, looks on. Nearly two months ago, General Thapa hit the headlines for organizing the illegal and lavish wedding party for his daughter. Pic by Bikash Karki TakeContinue reading “Sujata Koirala Daughter's Big Fat 'Illegal' Wedding Mocks Nepali Law”

Misadventure of Bharat Keshar and Heroic Policing of Timilsina

For the record: For latest on this case, see inside Isn’t this a historical photo? YES. This is what is called democracy perhaps. Police Inspector Abhushan Timilsina drags a brat royal honorary ADC (on June 20) who thought he could do anything he wished on the streets of Kathmandu. This was very much needed toContinue reading “Misadventure of Bharat Keshar and Heroic Policing of Timilsina”

Women Reservation in Nepal: Flawed Policy Prescription

This Bill is biased towards narrow-band of urban-based women, in terms of the government jobs, and fails to address much larger and more deprived rural-based women population. By Chattra Bahadur An Analysis. UWB received this article in email. Within few weeks of popular uprising, the reinstated Parliament passed the Women Reservation Bill unanimously reserving 33%Continue reading “Women Reservation in Nepal: Flawed Policy Prescription”

Celebrating Holi, the Festival of Color

Holi in Nepal has become a new game of egoism between boys and girls. Yes, sexual appeal is there. Pics by Bikash Karki Words by DW People of Nepal with Hindu religion celebrated Holi or the Fagu Purnima, the festival of color (and these days dirty water as well) with full enthusiasm. People in KathmanduContinue reading “Celebrating Holi, the Festival of Color”