Naya Barshako Suba-Kamana! [Happy New Year 2066!]

Today is 01 Baishak 2066
Change they can believe in: America’s new approach to public diplomacy. Hillary Clinton issues a New Year message to us:

Nepali New Year (Bikram Sambat) Message

Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State
Washington, DC
April 13, 2009

To all those around the world who share common Nepali cultural and linguistic traditions, I send best wishes for a happy 2066. I hope that in this New Year, Nepal will continue on the path to peace and prosperity.

As you welcome the New Year, I salute the spirit of tolerance and shared heritage that brings Nepalis together regardless of their differences on this day to celebrate and exchange good wishes.

All New Year celebrations reflect the hope of new beginnings. As the world faces the greatest economic challenges in generations, we all must stand together to embrace the New Year’s promise of rebirth and renewal.

Naya Barshako Suba-Kamana!
[Source:US Dpt of State.]






14 responses to “Naya Barshako Suba-Kamana! [Happy New Year 2066!]”

  1. nepali Avatar

    Thank you! Naya Barshako Subhakamana to you too Hillary!!

  2. Shreemani Avatar

    Thanks Hillary…

    Tapain lai pani nawa barsha 2066 ko shuvakamana.

  3. Bhawesh Mishra Avatar
    Bhawesh Mishra

    Thanx Hilary Clinton….

    We Nepalese too, sincerely hope that America will always share a creative dias in our paths of prosperity and sustained peace…

    And American help, both financially and technically will prove beneficial to us……..

    I sincerely hope prosperity and happiness of the American people and America.

  4. Jay Nepal Avatar
    Jay Nepal

    Happy New Year to all……………….

    Sad thing is that Nepal Govt is hell bent to replace this
    New year date with Newa Sambat.
    Well if you want to replace this Bikram Sambat then why not replace with Internationally adopted A D system rather than
    bringing another controversy.

    Jay Nepal

  5. change (human right, prosperous nepal) Avatar
    change (human right, prosperous nepal)

    Naya barshako suba kamana to Hillary Rodham Clinton and all americans.

  6. Vashir Avatar

    hillary knows how important nepal can become to destabilize asia (india, china, iran, pakistan) which is rapidly making high grounds on the us.
    nice try senora, but it won’t work.

  7. sagarmatha, adelaide Avatar

    Thank you Ms Clinton and we Nepali people really appreciate your acknowledging our New Year and wishing our country and people best wishes.

  8. Prof Suryabahadur Singh Avatar
    Prof Suryabahadur Singh

    Thank You Ms. Hilary Clinton,
    We thank you very much for sending us New Year wishes. Let us hope that, Nepal will enrich its search for excellence and soon become one of the beneficiary of developing nations in the globe.

  9. yescando Avatar

    Nepal could have some of that united spirits believe something ha

  10. visa department Avatar
    visa department

    On Cnn they are saying the twin towers it was not Irak no one did any thing about the saoudis. so our little big neighbour problem with who has elections today and who has maoists problems and hindu fanatics today and also classes, poor and so on hazur do not put it all on just a wonderful woman from usa.
    ok thats all for today happy life to life.
    India is our friend China is our business but we have also maoist ministers and tibetan bosses. something like that on whose payroll you have not been?But Barack Hussein Obama is Buddha.

  11. young nepal Avatar
    young nepal

    thats cool..thanks hillary

  12. New Nepal- Chamatkar Avatar
    New Nepal- Chamatkar

    It is a good news.

    But Hillary should be made aware that there are many new years in our political changed situation.

  13. Red Flag American Avatar
    Red Flag American

    Hopefully by realizing the uselessness of the US of America’s economic system, its negative effects all around the world, its abusing capital for nuclear and other counter productive, inhumane, military productions, soon the democratic party of US will dissolve and its ranks and files will join communist parties, etc. and create the Union of Socialist Republics of America soon, before its disasterous economy collapse on its poor and needy millions.

  14. joti - Scotland Avatar
    joti – Scotland

    Hillary, you are my,… one of the best influential women in the world!!!

    You are great! …God bless you!

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